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Facebook Advertising In 2019. Should You Use Facebook Ads To Get Traffic?

Facebook Advertising In 2019. Should You Use Facebook Ads To Get Traffic?

– Still trying to use Facebook ads to grow your own business? Yeah, thought so. Most people do and most
people probably encounter the same problem you’ve had. First of all they realize that
Facebook is really expensive because it’s gotten really competitive and what Facebook does is
they squeeze so many ads into the feed and the
bidding algorithm has now so many bidders for the same traffic, that inevitably, just like
it happened with google ad words, the price keeps climbing up. Now the second thing you’ll
probably realize is just how time consuming this
so-called automated traffic source really is. Because what you’ll end
up doing is spending the whole day watching your numbers, trying to you know, create placements, trying to, you know, watch your statistics maybe you know find out why
your pixel isn’t working, you know, and just do a bunch of stuff that I’m pretty sure you’re
not as passionate about unless you’re a super techno-geek, which again most people aren’t, I sure aint. So what I would like to suggest to you is a different way to achieve exactly what you want assuming that what you want is having a thriving online business, that’s automated and that
is scalable on demand. If that’s you, if you’d like a business that you can automate, if you’d like a business that can grow without you having to put
40 hours a week on top of your day job then listen
up because this week, I’m conducting a free workshop at igor.cx where I’m gonna reveal to you
the exact three step system I used to build an email list
of 4.3 million subscribers without losing money. In fact, I am using this
exact same traffic source right now to automatically
drive nearly one million clicks a month to my website, where I promote my own products
and other people’s products and as a result I’m able to
build a really thriving business but most importantly for you, what’s really important for you is that I’ve been using this exact same strategy, by teaching this strategy as
well as using the strategy to help other people build
their online businesses. In fact, when you visit that workshop, when you attend this
workshop I’m gonna show you a bunch of case studies of people who I took from a standing start, to what we call top earner status in the online marketing industry, really really quickly. For example there’s one
client, Nancy Shuper, who I have helped, she was a stay at home Mom
living with her parents in Germany, and she was literally starting
over with her online business because she lost her full
time job and she really didn’t know what to do. So I told her the traffic source to use, how to convert this traffic, the products she needs to promote, and as a result within just two weeks she made 30 sales with one product she didn’t even own and turns
out during that particular timeframe they were running a competition, so she won that competition
and they bumped her to 200% commission. Now obviously Nancy’s
results or my own results are not a guarantee of income right? So nothing that I say here
guarantees that you’ll get the same results, but what I can show you
is the strategy that I’ve been using for the last several years, the strategy that I’ve been
showing to other clients, the strategy I’m using
right now to help my clients as we speak, build
their online businesses, you can take that and you can implement it into your business and you can see how that works for you. At the very least, you walk
away with a brand new strategy to get lots and lots of
rapid, quality traffic and if you’d like to
find out more about that, then go ahead and visit igor.cx right now and attend my free workshop
that’s taking place this week so… I’ve included the link, somewhere in this video frame. I’m also making sure you
can click on something here like either in this or that corner. Well whatever the case, I’m pretty sure you can find that link and you should find that link, you should click that link, because it will take
you to my page igor.cx will allow you to attend this workshop, where you’re gonna find
out exactly how I’m driving traffic while not having
to be next to my computer, in fact as we speak right now
as you’re watching this video, I am probably chilling or
reading a book or something while my business is getting
consistent flow of traffic leads and automatically
converting those leads into subscribers on my email list and as a result customers, into my business, so… I’d like to share with you how I do this so for that, attend my free workshop and I’ll break down the
whole system for you in about 60, 90 minutes or so. OK? So again the link is igor.cx Go ahead and open a
new tab in your browser type in igor.cx or click
somewhere in this frame, and this strategy is yours, for free. OK so this is Igor, thank you, ciao.

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