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Facebook Advertising for Small Business [BizIQ & You Ep. 1]

Facebook Advertising for Small Business [BizIQ & You Ep. 1]

hey everyone I’m Lexi St. Laurent, Director of Marketing here at BizIQ today we’re going to be talking about
Facebook advertising. let’s dive in Welcome everyone to our first episode of
BizIQ and You, a series of educational videos to help you, a small business
owner learn to market yourself online and grow your digital footprint. Each
episode you’ll meet a different marketing expert who will dive into a
subject that impacts your small business’s online presence and today
we’re talking about advertising on the book of faces. Facebook. It says so right
here on the title. Let’s dive in. One of the most common questions were asked is what is the difference between Facebook marketing versus Facebook advertising?
They kind of both sound like the same thing, but the key difference here is
that facebook marketing is a lot like SEO – it’s an organic effort, whereas
Facebook advertising is actually a paid effort a lot more like Google AdWords. So
which should you invest in? Well it depends on your goals. Facebook
advertising, like a lot of paid strategies can often bring in instant
results that can get customers in your door almost right away, and that’s great,
but Facebook marketing is also really important for building that brand
awareness. Now that being said, there should always be some level of
management happening on your Facebook page even if you’re running ads in order
to create an active community. You don’t want your page to be dead if you’re
running Facebook Ads sending people there. Now we’ve established that Facebook advertising is a lot like Google Ads in a way, but what is actually the
difference between Facebook ads and Google ads? Well it all comes down to
searchability. With Google ads people are actively searching for the products
and services you provide and you’re paying to display your ads in front of
those people. With Facebook on the other hand, people are typically scrolling
through their feed and will only stop to pay attention to content that’s
interesting and eye catching. Creativity goes a long way when trying to reach
your target market on Facebook. Ask yourself if your product or service is
searchable. If you were shopping for the product or service that you provide
would you go to google and type in something like shoe store near me for
example? If the answer is yes then you’re probably better off using your budget on
Google ads. But if your goal is to gain exposure to people who might not even
know that your business exists or that they even have a problem that needs to
be solved – we call this top of the funnel marketing – then Facebook is a great place to do that. Almost any business can benefit from Facebook advertising in one
way or another/ Here at BizIQ, we’re currently executing
successful campaigns for a wide variety of small businesses. Ecommerce businesses, local retail businesses, things like yoga studios, pilates studios, hair
salons, high-end products or lifestyle products; all of these are a great fit
for Facebook advertising. There are a few kinds of businesses that are not a good
fit for facebook, for example if you’re selling drugs, pharmaceuticals, alcohol,
firearms, or anything else that might be considered sensitive or controversial;
you won’t be able to run Facebook ads Also some local service area businesses
whose services are geared towards meeting an immediate need like for
example towing companies or locksmiths probably would be better off investing
in Google Ads. To make sure your ads are reaching the right people first and
foremost you need to understand your audience, and that means understanding
your customers. Have a grasp of the basic demographic data about your clients –
their age, their shopping habits, their approximate income, are they married. All
of this information will help you build a campaign that’s successful and well
targeted. If you don’t have access to that kind of information, consider
running some surveys in your business to get a little bit more information about
who your customers really are. You can also use a tool on facebook called
Audience Insights. It’ll help get you this kind of demographic data for your
current Facebook following, and usually your Facebook following are your
customers. One of the steps to creating a Facebook campaign is to choose your
targeting options, and you can use this demographic data to target your ads and
make sure that they’re being delivered to people who are most likely to buy
your products and services. In addition to demographic targeting, you can also
target people based on interests Facebook allows you to search and choose from a list of a wide variety of interests – everything from parenting
topics to your favorite magazine, movie TV show and everything in between. When you understand your customers you understand who you should be targeting
on Facebook. Another way to make sure that your ads are reaching the right
people is to make use of custom audiences. I cannot stress this enough.
Use custom audiences! Facebook allows you to do things like deliver ads to
people who have recently been to your website you can even upload a list of
your highest value clients and deliver ads to them to encourage them to
re-engage and visit your business again most of all, use lookalike audiences. I
can’t say this enough. Seriously use look-alikes. Trust me. So what are
look-alike audiences? Well basically Facebook will allow you to take that
custom audience that you’ve created like for example your page followers or that
high-value list of clients and look for people who behave just like that. It
sounds a little bit weird, but basically what it means is that you can take a
list of your highest value clients and Facebook will help you find about a
million to two million other people who behave just like that, meaning they’re
more likely to buy from you Here at BizIQ, remarketing to a custom
audience of our website visitors along with a look-alike audience is
consistently one of our best performing targeting options. Also called the
campaign goal, when you set up your Facebook campaign Facebook will ask you to specify what your desired end result is. What do you want to achieve with this
campaign? And just like with Google Ads there are a number of different options
though they do vary quite a bit from Google. Some of the most commonly used campaign goals are things like brand awareness, reach, page engagement, clicking over to your website, or my favorite – lead generation, which could include things
like ticket sales, registering for an event. Lead generation allows people
engaging with your post to do things like book a consultation, request a quote,
or basically fill out a form that’s submitted to you right on Facebook. This
is a super powerful tool because it allows people engaging with your ad to
reach out to you right on Facebook without ever leaving the platform. Number one coupon codes and special offers Facebook offers you the opportunity to
create coupon codes that can be redeemed in your store or online. Number two: advertising events, As you’ve probably seen after getting five invitations to
five picnics all for this weekend facebook allows people to create event
posts. You could, for example, turn these events into ads and invite potential
clients who are within your geographic area. if you have an online store with a catalogue that’s connected to Facebook
you can display dynamic ads that will display the exact product that your
potential customer was recently browsing on your website. You can even remind
online shoppers to complete the checkout process by showing them the products that they left in their shopping cart with shopping cart abandonment ads. Now as
awesome as this all sounds there are some things that you need to watch out
for. The penalties for violating Facebook’s Terms of Service are severe – you could even get your ad account suspended and you might never get it
reinstated, and honestly those best practices can change at any time just
like the algorithms so it’s really important to continuously
educate yourself. We’re really only scratching the surface today with some
of the great things that you can do with Facebook advertising. You can find lots
of additional information on Facebook advertising over on our website at
BizIQ.com What other questions and comments do you have about Facebook
advertising? Don’t forget to leave your comments below, like this video and of
course, subscribe to our Channel. I’m Lexi St. Laurent, and thanks for
watching BizIQ & You.

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