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to talk to you about the new features
Facebook that allows you to schedule timing here acts this is a really great
feature better you things that you need to pay
attention to when you start using it so what is an schedule like well it just
says Facebook is gonna allow us to decide when we wash our ads and when we don’t
want them to show say you have much more control over
who’s gonna see down and here’s a really great thing
Facebook incorporated and that is defaults to local timezones so if you set your ass to run at 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. no matter where your
customers are all wear your target audience ins in the world the actual
automatically default to the local time zones and you
don’t have to worry about what time it is our country you just say I want the ads
to run from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. and Facebook takes care
of the rest so how do you go ahead and set up at
scheduling and Facebook well let me go ahead and show you you
have to be in power editor in order to use the at scheduling
feature it doesn’t work in ads manager so you have
to be in power editor so once we get to power editor you see the
campaign ad sets and ads in order to use the ads
scheduling you have to go into the ads set within
a campaign the ad scheduling is being set up
based on each of the ad sets because it allows
you to change the time day that each ad set might be running and you may only have one ad in each ad set so you just have to look at it and say i
right what time of day do I want each individual ads to be running and that is set time day is scheduling
portion of the ad set so let’s go ahead and take
a look at that so we click on ad sets and this is what
you normally see in power editor the name the daily budget when you
wanted to start unit schedule well here’s where the added that feature
in a and your option is to run the ads all the time or run them on a schedule well the only
way you can run the mile schedule is if you change the budget from daily
to lifetime so once you click on a lifetime it opens
up the ads scheduling function and this is what
it looks like and this is how you use it you might no that lost in your customers were fans
are online while at work so you might schedule your
ads to run problem say 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. or you might assume that you know most
people are checking your Facebook pages let’s say 7:30 in the morning
until nine o’clock because the rest the day they’re working see you could choose to run your ads
just from 7:30 in the morning until 9 and call it a day until later in the
day when people are at home and probably check
your Facebook pages later in the evening see my happen start running Senate from 7:30
until ten o’clock or eleven o’clock at night
so that way you can be pretty confident that your ex your ads are reaching the people you
want to reach only during those times that you’re
really confident that their online, now let me go back
to something i think is really important for you to pay
attention to and has to do with one you change the budget for the ads set at from daily to
lifetime now what I want you to notice here is
when I click on lifetime the number over here changes pretty
dramatically so it went from ten dollars today to a
lifetime of three hundred fifty dollars then it’s not cost that is just a default that Facebook has set so what you can do is
say well I was gonna lie my ads for five days I wanted to spend ten dollars a day so that’s fifty dollars so you’re saying
Facebook; I’m willing to spend fifty dollars and I previously spend fifty dollars over a five-day period so what you are telling
Facebook now is I’m willing to spend fifty dollars
I’m just going to let Facebook spend that fifty dollars now now they
can spend that all in one day, but presumably what it means is because you’re allowed
schedule now you’re telling Facebook look this
is the only time I want you to run those ads and therefore like you to
spend that money during most times only which means
you’re ads are most likely going to be much
more effective and could potentially costly less yeah but potentially generate higher
conversions on your ads because you’re finding the
right people based on the time day this scheduling
feature is really really helpful in making it
possible for you to minimize your ads spend increase your conversion rate and be targeting people who are most likely
to want what you have to offer based on what you understand about your
fans and your customers and the time of day
that their online checking Facebook so I hope this has been
helpful to you and I’d love to hear your feedback your
comments or questions about this so just so just post below and let’s talk about that


  1. Some good information here. Time zones are very confusing when posting or running ads. Having problems in getting the right ad at the right time to potential customers.

  2. Hi! my ads was only in "scheduled" for 2 days. I think its not activated, what can I do to activate by ads? Thanks

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