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Facebook Ads

Ha, you have sleep apnea. Oh, right, my vacation picture. No, your Facebook Ads. Everything you search for on the internet. Facebook then takes that information and puts it through a magical, mathematical
algorithm and bippity-bop – Facebook Ads. Really? Isn’t that invasion of privacy? No, it’s genius. It’s 100% accurate. It takes everything on the internet and
distills what you’re interested in, so you can click on the things that are there. And it’s 100% accurate? It’s 1000% accurate. It’s brilliant. Why don’t we check out what you’re interested in? Let’s not do that. That is wrong. I think it’s a great idea. Let’s see what you’re into, Danny. No. Let’s not do that. This is a private personal thing. We should not get into. I guess it does know you. I’ll have you know that those ladies are compassionate and open-minded. I don’t doubt it. I wanted giant roosters. The Estonian
girls, you pay for them in chickens and roosters. This is just a misunderstanding. Sometimes they assume, because you’re in an
office, you want to know. Who knows? Math. Math. I was math. That was mathematical. What is that? My phone. It’s on vibrate. It’s on vibrate. I’m pretty sure it’s a pocket vibrator. Nope. You’re mistaken.
That is a phone vibrating. Let’s not do this anymore. No, no, no. I’m learning a lot about you. This is interesting. That’s Matin. Matin! You’re on my computer. That’s what this is. When I’m at lunch, he hops on to my computer
and orders his medication. Same order, Danny? Your credit card information and name and address are right here. It’s the girls in Estonia. I’m not going
to lie. They’re open-minded. You probably have it, you just don’t know it. No, I know it. No more Facebook for you. No more Facebook for you. This is interesting. We’ve shared a wall for all these years. I have important work to do. How are your love bumps doing? Right. See? And that’s how feelings get hurt. No more Facebook for you. They’re fine, thank you. It’s normal. It’s perfectly normal. Danny, what do you want me to do
with all this meth? This is Danny from the Gradual Report. And that is Jeannie from Sketchy Chicks. Please subscribe. And comment. And share. And don’t forget to like us. And don’t forget to like Jeannie. I can see like three eyes. I see myself in your eyes.
So you have beautiful eyes. I don’t feel offended.

100 thoughts on “Facebook Ads

  1. Meth, no its math. Well if you think about it. Selling meth will lead to a lot of math. The first is this #1. You'll make a lot of money or #2. You be in debt with a lot of money and jail time. >=D

  2. @Internetkiddy "How are your lovebumps doing?" and "Danny, what do you want me to do with all this meth?" Hard to tell with that Estonian accent…

  3. She says, "Hello Danny, how are your love bumps doing?" We like to write a lot of callbacks to our jokes.

  4. That's not "quite" how facebook ads work. Although, facebook is taking interests and will be doing much more with post information to target your ads. Fun video though :).

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  7. Lol, very interesting….. Seems either he is using Monster Cocks and Pocket Vibrators for either himself or the Estonian girls….. Btw, if you live in Tennessee you automatically know how to make meth. xD

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