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Facebook Ads Vs. Instagram Influencers For Dropshipping, Which Is Better For Beginners?

Facebook Ads Vs. Instagram Influencers For Dropshipping, Which Is Better For Beginners?

What’s up everybody it is hunter welcome back to a brand new video today So I am back ready to give you guys some more content so they were to be discussing something that I Think needs to be discussed right now just in terms of the whole YouTube landscape with influencers shout outs and also their stuff They’re hot right now influencers And I want gonna compare and contrast Facebook Ads what’s better for a beginner? What you guys can actually go do and what I would go do personally if I was starting over two days so that being said Let’s just dive right into the video today guys. I hope you guys enjoy the value Please click that like button and subscribe button motivates me to keep making more free value and content for you guys And that being said let’s just dive right in So number one and thing that I want to kind of dive in and explain how as we go forward is that the entire? Landscape where people say that you should go out there and do Instagram influencer posts first Then go do Facebook Ads after you’ve got some momentum is actually very like whatever. It’s just someone’s strategy It’s not really by the book. It’s not what you should be doing in my personal opinion Because if I don’t have any money, let’s just let’s just throw this out there But on any money to spend on influence your ads or I don’t I’m not prepared to do the elaborate testing and really learn my audience and what they respond to and really build up enough money and Impressions for data, that’s I could make a statistical proper choice with if you know what that kind of money you really just say it’s like literally like How do I put it it’s like it’s like shooting a half-court shot and being like oh, okay. Did it work, okay? I just made some money did it not work and even then if you find an influencer and you pay them those of those audiences can become Saturated as time goes on very very quickly quickly than you think so if I don’t have any money the first thing I’m gonna be doing is to go out there and what I would do is I’d go to an influencer And I’d say hey, can I help you monetize your audience, and then I would manage their store for them And I would say hey we got this package for you. I criticize like kind of explaining our services I create a service based business around dropshipping where we could go do like print-on-demand for them We manage them we take ten fifteen percent a meager amount and go do that for ten different people and then I would build Income that way And then I’d go build my own store and use that money as time goes on to actually create Steady income first then use that income to reinvest test my audience and build out my own store now once I have money to test am I going to do that with Instagram influencers or am I going to do that with Facebook Ads and The easy answer for this is Facebook Ads people telling you right now to go out there and do Instagram influencers to Facebook Ads you can make money doing this There’s definitely some science to like understanding how much of pages value that but this is like a sleazy you’re not building a business You’re essentially just taking traffic Like dirty traffic. I don’t need something that dirty traffic, but it essentially just like saying yo, bro Just go shopping you out, and then we go good sale. I don’t know, but I just don’t like it I’m in my case in point you can make money with it I know people making money but like Why not just learn Facebook Ads like why not get to learn exactly? Who’s like you learn where your money’s being spent well if you like here’s the thing if you go spend money? And you fail with Instagram influence or posts you don’t get to see any Any of the data really about who’s buying who’s actually clicking? You don’t get any hints no hints no data, and that’s just for me I want to always at least get something in return if I’m gonna be investing money and advertising So that being said, so I’m gonna go out there And I’m gonna create a $5 Facebook ad and I’m gonna look at that relevancy score And I’m gonna go like test a bunch of $5 ads on different interests See if I can get that 10 relevancy score, and then you know what I’m gonna Do I’m gonna go out there, and I’m gonna create a little like audience. I’m gonna manual bid I’m gonna go Just scale that crap out and build up the back end post sale sequences with the emails and that’s what I’m gonna do so In terms of one side you can see exactly if you’re gonna do influencer shoutouts don’t pay for them If you’re brand new don’t pay for them if you see someone who could be a strategic Ally. That’s really worth it You know as you come like here’s Influencer shoutouts in like the mainstream of business in terms of outside of dropshipping are used to gain clout and what I mean by that Is to actually build up a brand’s value so by? Associating themselves with some influencer like let’s say a pro skater that skate brand looks better now as a drop shipping company unless you’re doing That that’s not worth the investment Because most of these people aren’t even putting on their page didn’t even want to promote you they just want your cheap money on their cheap page And it’s not worth it in and of itself In the long run goal learn how to create ad campaigns that convert you can obviously go do like that that skill set is infinitely More valuable especially like right now 2017 especially going to 2018 2019 Facebook Ads is in high demand for other businesses, too So if you say hey my Shopify store is doing great. I’m making tons of money out I don’t really feel like starting another one But I hey I’ll go do some service work for other people you know how to you Have a skill set that’s actually valuable as opposed to me like yeah, bro. I know how to go go I know well value in an Instagram page just was about 25 kid followers Well look at its engagement is 3 percent. Let’s let’s try it out now. That’s stupid It’s simple and it’s not like I don’t know I don’t know I’m making fun of it, but like obviously you can’t make money with it, but still it’s just it’s not my cup of tea I’ll be honest but I’m going forward. I just want you guys if you’re a beginner Invest money safely you don’t need to take I mean you no reason to take risks you’re gonna burn yourself out and you’re gonna be Like oh, I don’t want the business alright, so just I wanted yeah That’s exactly what’s gonna happen people get this loss this thought of loss so Learn marketing with paid traffic and you’re gonna have a long-term business if you don’t have money to go test that Then go get a job or create steady income stream with a service based business now I can do a video on like what I mentioned earlier about going and kind of contacting influencers and getting them to create a service business to monetize their page do a video on that but Other than that keeping it short and sweet today. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video more on the way as time goes on My name is income hunter, and I will see you guys later

8 thoughts on “Facebook Ads Vs. Instagram Influencers For Dropshipping, Which Is Better For Beginners?

  1. notification squaad.
    Hey man mind if I ask you some questions. How exactly do I scale a PPE video add? I know it will win but no idea how to start with the retargetting of the ad. Do I make a new video add for the retargetting or use the same one? And at least how many impressions do you recommend for a retargetting audience.

  2. Thanks for keeping it real. Instagram is not a long term staragey at all. However, Knowing your customer avatar is.

  3. still trying to learn FB ads. I know the basics but I feel like i need more data to convert. Ive only had like 30 sales

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