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Facebook Ads vs Instagram Ads

Facebook Ads vs Instagram Ads

What is going on so today I want to talk about
which are better, Facebook or Instagram ads? Now that is the question. Make sure to subscribe if you’re not already
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comment, or whatever. Now, if you wanna grab Adchill there’s a free
trial below. It will not last long. But other than that, what are better, Facebook
ads or Instagram ads? Now, there are two different styles of ads
in my opinion. You definitely have to test both. As with everything within Facebook. Ads, you know, even Instagram ads, you want
to test everything. Now all the other ads. The audiences building sites all that stuff. They don’t really work. Especially if you’re dropshipping or selling
a product online, it’s not very good. So focus on Facebook and Instagram. Now let me tell you the difference between
the two. Facebook tends to be an older generation and
I don’t mean like old old, I mean there are a lot of old people on Facebook which is cool
because you can sell to them. They’re not really on Instagram. But I’m saying like you know, 25-30 years
old and older, while Instagram is more kids. So what does that mean? If you have a product that is pointed at like,
like this one right here, this one is pointed at probably, I would say men 25+. I would definitely use this on Facebook but
I would test it on Instagram because there are a lot of men 25+, like myself, on Instagram. So you never know what’s gonna happen. You have to test both. But the key is to test them separately. In different campaigns so you can clearly
see what is my cost per purchase on Instagram and what’s my cost per purchase on Facebook? That being said, from our testing we usually
get better results from Facebook. But there is you know, every once in a while
there’s a product that just goes super viral on Instagram and that’s the power of Instagram. If a product does you know, hit with the Instagram
crowd, which is usually younger crowd. It could go viral. And that’s how you’ll make your sales is you’re
getting so many you know likes and tags from friends. So it’s always worth it to test especially
if your product might resonate with a younger crowd. I’ve seen overall though, you know people
under 25, they don’t really like to spend very much money online. That being said you never really know you
could have the product fit perfect for it. Now, one more thing to know about Instagram,
it’s much more of an artistic app. So make sure your videos and stuff are kindof
artsy. Like this one’s cool, it’s on a rock, it’s
tilted, there’s like some effort put into it. So something like this would be probably good
for Instagram. While Facebook, people are more scrolling
pretty quickly so you have to grab their attention really quick. That also goes for Instagram you have to grab
their attention very quickly but which ones are better at the end of the day? It’s really up to you and your product. If it’s a younger product, Instagram might
work best. But if it’s something that is targeted at
people you know, 25+, definitely use Facebook and definitely test both if you have that
in your budget. I always start my ads with only Facebook so
that being said, let’s go ahead and show you the power of Adchill.

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