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Facebook Ads vs. Instagram Ads (What’s Best For You?)

Facebook Ads vs. Instagram Ads (What’s Best For You?)

Should you be advertising on the Facebook Ads platform or on the Instagram ads platform? Or maybe you should be advertising on both, right? So in this video, I’m going to break down what’s work best for my business? I’m gonna break down some of the split tests that I’ve been doing and when I advertise on Facebook when I advertise on Instagram and when I advertise on both and Kind of give you a rough idea of what you should do for your business Depending on what business you’re in, right? So as we’re going through and thinking about ok, the Instagram platform or the Facebook ad platform the the key thing that we need to remember is Who is hanging out on these different platforms? And who is your ideal target audience? Who is this customer that you’re trying to reach right now? typically if you have a younger demographic a younger market that you’re trying to reach I would probably be focusing most of my efforts on Instagram, all right whereas Facebook nowadays is becoming a little bit older demographic However, you can still find your demographic on both platforms. I mean Facebook Scott over a billion people on their platform Instagram is massive and growing and Facebook bought Instagram because it was appealing more to that younger demographic So to make sure that they’re staying relevant That’s why they wanted to go through and buy Instagram so they could keep their massive umbrella over pretty much everyone alright, and also if you guys do do international targeting then you got to keep in mind that some of these social networks that here in the United States or even Canada that we feel like everyone’s on and everyone has Some are not as big in other countries like maybe Brazil or Australia And you got kind of go out. So I mean, I know a lot of you guys probably are not advertising internationally, but if you are that’s one key thing to keep in mind is you’re going through and Setting up these different Advertising campaigns. Okay. So first foremost is audience, where’s that age demographic? Where do they live? What are they into all those different things which obviously if you guys have watched some my other? Facebook ads videos on my channel here You kind of get an idea of that interest targeting and all those different things which comes with it Come to think of it if you guys want my hundred percent free Facebook Ads cheat sheet as well as my Facebook Ads mini course where we dive into all things Facebook the pixel custom conversions all that stuff What I’ll do is I’ll leave a link down in the description As well as in the top comment for you guys so you can go through and grab that To help you get started with Facebook Ads. And also if you guys are brand new here to the channel Make sure you guys hit that subscribe button and that notification bell because we launched new videos every single week on how to generate more Leads make more money and grow your business, right so enough of that little side tangent there. Let’s talk about which Advertising platform. I like to focus most of my advertising efforts on and some of the tests that I’ve gone through and done okay, so I’ve been advertising on Facebook now for several years and once Instagram, this was even before Instagram was even an option to go through and throw ads on and as soon as Instagram allow do you go through and throw ads I was like man I got to try This is a new advertising platform. And for those of you guys know, they’ve been watching my channel I market to real estate agents I help real estate agents generate leads and qualify those leads so I’m running ads to these real estate agents trying to get them on to a Training to be able to help them with their business So obviously this demographic it’s not a super super young demographic If you’re gonna be a real estate agent, you’re more than likely at least in your 20s Usually 25 and above 25 is kind of even that the younger Range right there gonna be more in their 30s 40s 50s or in even older than that So my facebook ads they were always working fairly well because that’s obviously a little bit older mature demographic so Instagram opens up their advertising platform lets everyone go through and advertise and originally they didn’t have Instagram stories this is before snapchat through the story option and Instagram went and copied them So it was just being able to show your ad in the newsfeed on Instagram okay, so I went through and I did that but the thing to keep in mind is that newsfeed ad on Facebook is going to be different than a newsfeed ad on Instagram because if you guys have seen this whether you’re on your mobile phone on Facebook or on desktop on Facebook The the way that the ad is structured that way the ad looks is a lot different than what it looks like on Instagram So I couldn’t just copy and paste the same exact ad over to Instagram and just hope and assume that was actually gonna work What I had to do is optimize it so that it was gonna fit along the lines of what the Instagram ad platform allowed and looked like Now this is a key thing that people don’t do a lot because once you get into that targeting options within the ad set level Facebook they go through and they recommend all Placements now if you guys have watched some of my past videos, you know that I don’t ever recommend clicking that all Placements that’s because if you go through and you’re showing your ad on the Facebook newsfeed and on the Instagram newsfeed it’s just gonna be different right and so You want to be able to go through? Ideally if you have the time and the energy and actually want to go through and do this Ideally you want to go through and create a different ad creative for every single different placement alright so back to kind of my experience with this all I went through and I started Going through and for showing ads on the Instagram ad platform and what I found this was you know back when of his first launched that those the target actually was not Super narrowed down like they for some reason they didn’t have it all nailed down. Like they had the Facebook ad targeting So even if I said hey I only want to target like real estate agents or these specific people or this specific age range It was still showing my ads to like younger people or people that like dim and fit the demographic Whatsoever. And so I usually like to spend at least $1000 on my tests just to make sure that there’s the physically Significant and I saw a lot higher cost per lead and the quality of these leads weren’t that great So it’s like you know what I’m just gonna put Instagram on the shelf for right now And then I will come back a little bit later and see kind of what’s going on So then probably I’d say about nine to twelve months later. I was listening to his podcasts all these people are like oh Instagram It’s great You know and they’re like talking about how it’s gotten a lot better since from when the time it first launched and so I went back and I started advertising again on Instagram and Definitely the targeting was a lot better They had proved a lot of things compared to when I first started marketing on the Instagram ads platform The only thing is I was still seeing a higher cost per lead on Instagram Compared to my cost per lead on Facebook Now if you guys have seen some my other videos The only things that I really look at is what is my cost per lead? And then what is my conversion rate to sale? So basically if we know we’re spending X amount of dollars So let’s say a hundred dollars on advertising and we’re making $200 back out. It’s great We know that we’re making money so we want to make sure that our cost per lead is in a certain range that we can be okay with So that on the back end when we are actually making our sales that we’re gonna make at least break even or make some money when we’re going through and collecting those leads so although Instagram like the the cost per lead was in a range that it was still profitable It didn’t really make me want to go through and spend more money on Instagram because it was still 50% higher cost per lead on Instagram as opposed to that what I was getting on Facebook So although I was I was still profitable was like well if I put an extra let’s say thousand dollars a week or a month Or whatever it is into Instagram that thousand dollars is going to go a lot farther if I keep it all on Facebook so I kind of just stopped me know again and where I do still run Instagram ads Kay because like I still haven’t really fully gone back to Instagram ads as far as going in trying to bring in tons more leads because every time I try to test Two to three months and I’ll see kind of like where it’s converting at and although it converts fine It still hasn’t compared with my demographic my market on Facebook So with that said guys keep in mind that if your audience is obviously different than mine Which I’m sure is if you’re watching this video Then you want to go through and you still want to test the Instagram ads platform and test the different ad Placements and testing like you know, what does the story ads look like? And obviously you can only have your videos so long on the story ads You can also only have your videos so long on the Instagram Newsfeed compared to the Facebook newsfeed. There’s the different video lengths so you got to keep that in mind there Okay, and obviously, you know If it’s a younger demographic or you’re selling something on Shopify more on the e-commerce side of things That might be a better platform Instagram might be a better platform to go through and mark it on so with my business I still will advertise on Instagram and the reason why I Advertise on Instagram and the way I will advertise on Instagram is going through and setting up retargeting campaigns and the reason why I want to go through and Advertise on Instagram is because usually with the retargeting campaign. Your audience is a lot smaller So it’s people that have visited your website Or people that have opted in become a lead or their past Clients or purchases or customers or whatever you call them in your business, right? And So this audience is a lot smaller Let’s say it’s a thousand people and all thousand of those people are not going to be jumping on to Facebook every single day So because it’s such a small audience That’s where I do choose the all Placements targeting option on the Facebook Ads manager when I’m setting up my ad set because if they jump on Facebook or on Instagram or both Facebook and Instagram I want to make sure that my ads my messaging is out in front of all of these people So a quick recap guys of everything that I’ve talked about cuz I’ve kind of I know I’ve given you a lot of different Examples with my business of what I’m doing first and foremost with my business I’m still focusing all of my marketing efforts as far as bringing in that cold traffic that look like audiences all that on Facebook it just fits better with my demographic with the audience that I’m trying to go through and target Whereas if obviously you have a different audience different demographic Instagram could be a lot better with that said though I’m still gonna continually test the Instagram advertising platform and see you know Every couple of months to see if my cost per lead drops down into a range that I’m ok with So I like to shoot with my ads I like to shoot for an eight dollar cost per lead and that’s usually about what I average on my leads Sending people to my free webinar my leaves training, but if it goes up to like ten eleven dollars You know ten is usually the high if it creeps up to 11 But it’s converting into sales and then I’m fine with it. And then if it’s 12 and above It still is profitable within the 12 to 18 range. But if I’m averaging an $8 cost per lead Yeah, sixteen dollars. That’s double the cost per lead that that’s double the lead costs. I’m getting on Facebook So it just really doesn’t make sense and I was kind of seeing that fourteen fifteen dollar average cost per lead on Instagram All right. So then also as quick recap recapping all this I so I focused most of my advertising efforts on Facebook I’m gonna continually test Instagram see you know when it’s gonna convert and connect as that improves continually gets better and also as the market slightly changes from year to year on the Instagram platform and then also as far as my retargeting goes I’m making sure I’m targeting everything that Facebook has the power the audience network. The Facebook has platform the Instagram ads platform Everywhere we can go through and show My ads to get my messaging out to those people to get them coming back to my different products and offers and opt-ins and everything That is just because obviously it’s gonna be a lot lower cost Even just retarding campaigns on Instagram you’re able to see those leads for even the you know, the 2 to 5 dollar range So it’s it’s definitely worth it very significant So with with that said look at your business Make sure you split test both Facebook and Instagram and split test the different placements So you’re not showing the exact same ad on? Every single placement like in the Instagram story as in the desktop newsfeed on Facebook, right? There’s two very different types of placements So you’ve got to make sure that you’re interacting With that odd with your target audience in the right way for that placement for that platform and then once you go through and test out the different platforms Facebook and Instagram if one is converting a lot better than the other Go through put your money put your dollars into that specific platform And then as far as retarding goes Just go and make sure that you’re on all different placements all different platforms so that you can go through and just grab that Low-hanging fruit and get them coming back to your different products and offerings, right? So anyway guys with that said hopefully this video was helpful and comparing the differences between the Facebook ads platform The Instagram ads platform which one you should be using for your business And once again if you guys want my free Facebook Ads cheat sheet as well as my free Facebook Ads mini course that I dive Into the Facebook ads platform a lot deeper There’s going to be a link to that down in the description as well as pinned in the top Comment and if you guys are brand new here to my channel I talk a lot about Facebook marketing how to generate more leads make more money grow your business So make sure you guys hit that subscribe button and that notification bell, so you’ll be notified every single time I launched a new video and also give this video a thumbs up if you found it helpful drop a comment down below Let me know what you guys thought let me know what you guys would like to see more of on my channel so I can give you guys the best content the Best stuff to help you grow your business. So with that said guys Thanks so much for watching and I will see you in the next video

11 thoughts on “Facebook Ads vs. Instagram Ads (What’s Best For You?)

  1. You are in the same niche as me. I am growing a FB ad agency for Real Estate Agents. I will be watching everything you have!

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  4. Hey Jason, congrats for the video – high quality bro!

    I just have one question.

    You said that it's better to create a different ad for each placement but you also said that when you are doing retargeting you select all the placements. Then I got confused.

    Do you think it's okay to have an ad that doesn't fit a specific placement if it's retargeting?

    BTW my cost per lead is much lower on Facebook even though my target audience is younger than yours (people interested in tattoo)

    Best regards bro!

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