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Facebook Ads vs Instagram Ads 2019: Which is Better? | Advertising Tips | HBHTV

Facebook Ads vs Instagram Ads 2019: Which is Better? | Advertising Tips | HBHTV

right. A lot of people have questions around
whether they should be doing facebook ads or instagram ads. What is the difference between the two, when should we be using one versus
another, and hopefully this is gonna help you get
better results when it comes to your ad campaigns for your own business. Hey guys,
this is Kamila Gornia. I’m the founder of Heart Behind Hustle In this channel,
I help impact-driven entrepreneurs – mostly coaches and experts – to grow,
scale and align their business with their heart so they can make their hustle way
smoother. If that is you and you’re looking for
more support to grow your business, go ahead and make sure that you hit the
subscribe button. I’m going to be releasing lots of new
videos to help you grow your business this year. I get a lot of questions around facebook
ads. What I want to share with you in this
video is just some of the things that I’ve noticed when it comes to comparing instagram and
facebook in terms of the cost per lead or just effectiveness when it comes to
reach and things like that. Most of the people that I actually work
with are coaches, course creators,
agency owners, or freelancers. You know those types of people. People who actually want to share their
gifts, talents and skills with the world versus necessarily selling products,
but if you sell products, that’s fine too. I’ll share a couple of things on this, but I want to talk about facebook ads
first because facebook ads is typically what I
recommend for most of my clients to start out
with. Pretty much everybody is on facebook. It’s really like even if you’re not on
facebook that much, it’s likely that your ideal clients are
on facebook. They’re using the platform to connect
with friends or maybe they’re entrepreneurs or
professionals as well, so they’re staying connected with their
own colleagues or their own prospective clients because you know,
facebook groups and it’s just a great way to connect with
potential people. Facebook ads obviously has gotten a lot
of competition lately because facebook ads are actually super
easy to set up and you don’t really need to be a genius
to be able to set up a really high converting ad campaign. A lot of our clients, and I’m not even talking about done for
your clients, I’m talking about coaching clients or
even our course clients are getting incredible results like paying less than a dollar per lead…
Even today. And it’s because it’s really not that
difficult to get effective ads up as long as you know what you’re doing. Now.
I have found that facebook tends to be a little bit cheaper for most clients. Now I am saying most,
I’m not saying every single client’s obviously I don’t know what your
business is like and I don’t know what you’re selling so
it could be completely different for you. But for most of our coach clients,
facebook tends to be a little bit cheaper. And the reason why is because you can do
a longer videos on facebook. You could actually run an ad for a very
long video Share a lot of value in that video It’s just a different strategy when it
comes to reaching people. Your brand awareness sequence ad
campaign can be a lot more effective because of how people are engaging with
your stuff on facebook. You know,
people are more willing to share comments, people can share a video or an image
that they see on facebook on their own profile,
and that’s getting more reach to your ads. It’s quite not as easy to do that on
instagram. There is significantly more amount of
text that you can share on your ads and not every single ad has to be moving
into like a link like you need to go and click over to
this website to sign up. You can also have just textual based
ads. You can have just video ads,
you can have ads that are going to your messenger,
which is super easy. You can do a whole lot of things when it
comes to just directly facebook, so I personally love facebook. It’s what I tend to use the most for my
clients and for my own business and it tends to work really well in terms of the cost
per lead. Now I will say that sometimes using
instagram can also be a very effective tool and you always want to make sure that you’re
split testing because you never know which platform is
going to be actually more effective for you. Don’t just say that Kamila is saying
facebook is better, so I’m just gonna focus on facebook, Do your own testing,
see what works better versus not. Instagram tends to work super,
super well, especially if you’re selling products like physical
products. I have a couple of friends who sell
beauty products on instagram and that performs super great. Now I will say on it on facebook it
performs really well too because they can do longer videos,
but overall instagram is killing it as well. Anything that is a retargeting based can
work really well on instagram, Whether it’s a story ad or just an ad in
the feed on Instagram, it can be very,
very effective to do that. Now I will say anytime that you are
running instagram ads, you want to make sure that the page
you’re sending traffic to is mobile optimized. I can’t tell you how many times I see
people running instagram ads and then you’re clicking over and the
website that they’re sending traffic to is just like a mess. You can’t see anything. It’s just looks really difficult to
navigate. So that does have to be your number one
priority if you are going to be using instagram
ads, and I mean,
even if you’re running facebook ads because most traffic is actually going
to come from mobile, or leads are gonna come from mobile, especially nowadays. So actually that’s a blanket thing for
everybody. Makes sure your webpage that you’re
sending traffic to is mobile optimized. Another thing that’s really important is
you want to make sure on instagram your ads are looking native
as much as possible. So you can have good amount of text. It looks like an engaging image,
or if it’s a video that’s even better, video works just pretty much anywhere, whether it’s on facebook or on
instagram, especially on instagram. So you want to make sure you’re being
really engaging. The video is bright,
you can actually, you actually want to watch it if there’s captions even better,
that performs super, super well, but you do want to make sure that
because instagram is a very visual platform, your videos or images do have to be
visually appealing, right? It can’t just be a picture that you take
of yourself in a closet and you can’t see anything,
that’s not really going to perform very well, so you want to make sure it’s well lit. You want to make sure that,
you know, the image of the person or you,
looks pretty decent and that’s not to say that you have to
be like the most beautiful person in the world. It just has to…
Like the quality of it has to be pretty good. Or if you’re using a designed image like
a designer did it. I don’t know I did this for designer. The designer did it. You want to make sure it’s like fun and
just stands out and it’s something that people would
actually want to stop scrolling on and engage with.
Because the biggest thing that people do on instagram is: they’re scrolling.
They’re double tapping – doing a little heart, but just because they’re double tapping
and giving you engagement doesn’t mean that your ad is going to
get more leads. What you want your ad to do is to have
people stop and actually either watch a video and
read the caption that is attached to that video or image, and if they’re not doing that,
they’re just double tapping and giving you some love, well,
that’s not why we’re doing the ad, is it? We’re doing the ad to get leads or to
get clicks to the site, so you want to make sure that you’re
doing that. If you’re using instagram,
it’s just a little bit trickier to get that work done because people are just behaving a
little bit differently on Instagram, so if you’re a coach or if you’re a
course creator: really good for retargeting, you do have to be a little bit creative
when it comes to instagram for your course launches,
so just work with a strategist ideally to get some ideas flowing. If you can’t get your instagram ads to
be super effective on your own, that’s totally fine,
but overall, I mean you have to just test it yourself I know you’re capable of making amazing
things happen. So go ahead and test it and I can’t wait
to hear how it goes. If you have any questions,
obviously let me know and if you aren’t subscribed to my youtube
channel quite yet, make sure that you hit that subscribe
button and hit the notification bell so you can be notified of when the next
video is coming out because I have plenty more to share with
you around business and marketing strategies to
help you grow your impact driven business to that next
level. See you in the next video.

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