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Facebook Ads vs Google Ads 2018 – Which One is Right For You?

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads 2018 – Which One is Right For You?

-Facebook Ads versus Google Ads. Facebook knows everything about you Google knows everything
about what you want right now. Both very, very powerful
platforms when it comes to marketing but which one is the best for your business? Well, let’s compare the two. Let’s look at the shortfalls
and the benefits of both, and let’s get into it. [music] -Hey there, guys. Darren Taylor
of the bigmarketer.co.uk here. My job is to teach you
all about search engine marketing. If that’s what your [?], you should
consider subscribing to my channel. Today, we are looking at the differences between Google Ads and Facebook Ads and which one your business should focus on
or indeed, which one to turn away. Well, let’s get into it. Could you imagine
if Facebook and Google merged? That would be crazy,
because as I said in the introduction Facebook knows everything about you. It knows your life’s milestones,
it knows about what you like what you dislike, what you eat,
where you went for dinner last night. It knows every minute detail about you. Whereas, Google don’t have
any of that demographic data. The demographic data they do
have is a bit of connecting data points and of course,
a bit of guesswork as well in terms of who you are and what you like as well. But Google’s advantage
is they know exactly what you want right now. There’s never a differentiating factor between the two than
Google knowing what you want now. If you go to the search results page
and you type something in there is no doubt that
you definitely are interested in that proposition you’re looking for. If Facebook and Google merged,
it will be a dangerous day for all of us because they’d know everything
about us and what we want right now. The data points connected would be
invincible in the world of marketing. Luckily enough,
I don’t think we need to worry about that. However, let’s get back to the main question and say which one is best for your business. Well, like many, many things in
the marketing world, it completely depends. Let’s start off with a very obvious B2B
service like an accounting practice. Now, if you’re an accountant the chances are you will want to be
on the Google search results page over the Facebook newsfeed. Now, of course, that’s
a B2B service based business and people are looking for an accountant,
will go to Google and do a search. Therefore, spending money on Google Ads to find new clients is a very good idea. However, if you flip that around and start to think Facebook
knows I’m a business owner therefore, they might know
I’m interested in having an accountant. Facebook may have the timing completely off. You already might
have a brilliant accountant. You might have a great relationship with them. You might do your accounting
yourself using accounting software. Facebook can’t connect
the dots in that scenario. Whereas, Google knows exactly who’s looking and what to put in front of them, and when. That’s a perfect example of where
Google Ads wins the first round. Let’s flip this around and look at
the consumer goods side of things. Fast-moving consumer goods. If I’m a perfume company, say, I am CHANEL and I want to bring a new perfume to market. Now, which medium am
I going to choose to do that? Am I going to want to
appear in the Facebook newsfeed or do I want to appear
in the Google search results page? Now, this is an obvious one. Definitely, the Facebook newsfeed because you’re going to reach people
who you know have an interest in your products. You’re going to reach people who you
know fit the demographics of your customers and you’re putting
your product in front of them. If you compare the number
of people searching for perfume on Google with the amount of people
who use perfume as a demographic there’s going to be a massive difference. The people looking on Google
will be a very small part of people and the people who are actually on Facebook who are interested in perfume anyway they’re going to be a much bigger part. When I bring a new product to market and I want people to discover it,
Facebook is a better option for me. Of course, CHANEL will probably do both,
which is the right thing to do. Now you know the two different
scenarios of when to use both. Let’s talk about perception and sex appeal. Yes, sex appeal. Facebook
and social media, in general, is sexy. People love the idea
of being a social media marketer. They like the idea
of being good on social media. They like the idea of saying,
“At work, I play with social media.” However, if we look at
the unsexy part of things in marketing Google Ads isn’t a sexy product. It’s very mature,
it’s been in the market for years and it’s not something
that will appeal to people who want to break into digital
marketing as the first port of call. Normally, it’s social media,
and that’s what brings people in. The problem is, that this mature product
is a very, very, powerful product and it can have so many
advantages over social media. Let’s not forget the advantages
social media has over Google Ads. In terms of cost per click
or cost per thousand impressions Facebook is so much cheaper than Google Ads. Again, it goes back
to being a less mature product unless people are using it
than using Google Ads at the moment but that could all change,
and that shift will start to happen where Facebook Ads
becomes really, really expensive. Start learning about it now because now is the time
to take advantage of the platform while it’s still cheap and people are
still moving their money onto the platform. Google is still a very mature
product and it’s very expensive. Another thing to note is the learning curve
of Google Ads, is very, very, very steep. If you want to really understand
how to use the product from start to finish, understand
all the functionality available things like scripts,
going through how to optimize and automate your accounts,
all of these things in Google Ads are very complex and can take years to learn. When you look at Facebook Ads as a platform yes, it’s a complex platform, yes,
you can do quite complex things with it and complex audiences and targeting but in terms of product sophistication and the learning curve to learn the platform Facebook Ads has a much more
shallow learning curve than Google Ads. It might be a great first
attempt as a business owner to get into online
advertising because you’ll find it a lot more easy to set campaigns
up than you would on Google Ads. Yes, I know some people
will probably disagree with what I just said. People that are in
Facebook Ads day in and day out would look at the products
and get the most out of it and are very high-level users of the product but compare that to how high level of a user you have to be to utilize AdWords scripts for example. Something like that within
the product is a very steep learning curve. Something as myself as
someone who uses PPC in AdWords on a very consistent basis,
still can’t write a script that can do anything advanced. I rely on very, very, clever people
to do that and I use their scripts. That tells you how complex the product is
if you lose it to the maximum overall. Like many videos I create,
there’s a ton of nuance involved. There’s a lot of opinion around
which scenario to use each technology in. Let’s answer the question,
which one should your business pick? You should have the answer by now. It depends, and if you can, use both because both can
reach very different audiences and have different parts
to play in the marketing funnel. When you look at a marketing funnel,
at the middle of the funnel Facebook Ads could play a really
key part in a service based business. Of course, if you have a fast-moving
consumer goods products you can ask for the sale directly
on Facebook Ads themselves as well. Like anything, it used to be SEO versus PPC. Now, we’re looking
at PPC versus Facebook Ads or Google Ads versus Facebook Ads. Like anything like this, use both where you can. Thank you guys
so much for watching this video. If you liked it, please leave a like below. Let me know in the comments which platform you think
is the more difficult to master. Facebook Ads or Google Ads? More important than that,
don’t forget to subscribe. Check out the other content on my channel. Tons of marketing tips
and tutorials in there. I’ll see you guys on my next video. [music]

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  1. Hey great content! What do you suggest is more effective for a private doctor/dermatologist – Google ads or FB ads?

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