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Facebook Ads Tutorial: Getting Started With Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Tutorial: Getting Started With Facebook Ads

(upbeat music) – I’m Amanda Bond. Owner of the Ad Strategist
where we help people stop guessing and start getting
results with Facebook ads. There’s so much information out there in the marketplace about Facebook ads and it’s hard to know
what works, what doesn’t. So we’re a company that is actually in the trenches testing
all of these things that we’re then educating
the marketplace with. So not all Facebook ads
are created equally. We find that when people
go to amplify a post, or hit that boost button, but sometimes they’re not thinking about that overall objective of what
they’re trying to accomplish. So they’re putting a post out that might be a branding post and
they’re expecting sales. So when you’re first getting
started with Facebook ads, I really want you to ask yourself, what is the objective of this ad? And then choose an ad conversion type. Whether you’re doing
page post engagements, traffic ads, or conversion ads. Choose that objective that really helps you get the results
that you’re looking for. (upbeat music)

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