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Facebook Ads Tutorial For Beginners 2019 – [Day 2 of 6] Facebook Ads Retargeting For Just $1/Day

Facebook Ads Tutorial For Beginners 2019 – [Day 2 of 6] Facebook Ads Retargeting For Just $1/Day

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you guys Jason Wardrop here welcome back to Day two of this six-part video series of how to go through and set up your Facebook ads tutorial and really get started with your local marketing for your small business so if you guys missed Yesterday’s video make sure you guys go back and watch I’ll actually link out to that video so we covered how to go through and get your existing contacts your existing network on LinkedIn Outlook Gmail like all these different places how to take those contacts how to import them into the Facebook Ads manager So you have that custom audience then we’re gonna be able to go through and show you how you can remark it We target them with just 50 cents per day, so we’re going to cover that in this video today And then I showed you guys also how to get that facebook business page up get those contacts load into your CRM Blast out your first initial email, so let them know that you are starting this new business venture Or if you’re not starting completely branding from scratch that you are What book business you’re in and let them know to like your Facebook page So you can start to gain that credibility and gain that following on facebook all right? So let’s dive into this guy’s so what we’re going to do is we’re gonna use that custom audience that we created yesterday So like basically that is your existing network your existing market people that already know like and trust you okay? and then we want to go through and we want to run a post a video ad or some sort of ad towards these people Because this is gonna be our lowest hanging fruit right this is gonna be the best way to get success right out of the gate For the lowest cost per lead okay, so the first thing I would do is think of okay? What business are you in and? What do you want them to do? and how do you want them to interact with your business so like let’s say you are a Realtor, and you’re gonna be running an open house, okay? What I would do is I would probably shoot a video or a live video saying hey, I’m gonna be holding an open house It’s this Saturday at 10:00 a.m.. 10 a.m.. To 12 p.m.. We’re gonna have cookies. We’re gonna have fruit We’re gonna have all this good stuff. Come check it out. It’s a four bedroom three bedroom home Whatever so kind of give you some of the details About this and then maybe even a link out to your landing page right so here’s a quick example guys right here So this is a video you can see this is just letting people know about A another training that I was doing so I jumped on I did a Facebook live and the great thing is guys if you’re wearing Like Jason, I don’t want to do a facebook live I hate being in front of camera 1 When I first started this guys I was super shy I hated being in front of the camera I thought I sounded weird all these just little insecurities but guess what there’s not a better time than right now to go live and get that practice because guess what you probably have Zero likes on your Facebook page you have no one following you so no one’s actually gonna see your video or your content So it’s really good time to get that practice in okay And if you don’t want to go live you could just shoot a normal video And the reason why I say video guys like video, I think is so important is because one people can kind of see your personality and engage with you and also We’re going to show you how to actually create a custom audience here in just a second People that have watched maybe 10 seconds your video 25% of your video 50% of your video and so on and then we can start to build this warm market of people who know like and trust you Okay, and then also just like if you’re already going through it you’re gonna run This post is add to the existing network people already know you are if they see you in the video. They’re more likely to Connect and interact with that video and your brand okay guys so once you go through you decide okay What you want to do what you want to promote with your business, okay? And then you go through and you shot this live video on your Facebook page or you can shot a video maybe how to edit it a little bit and just Make sure you’re saying the right thing you upload that as a pulse on Facebook Just like this one right here, and then what we’re gonna. Do is we’re gonna actually run this exact post right here Towards that custom audience that we built yesterday. Okay as I mentioned before guys the reason why I want to do This is because we’re going to see our lowest cost per lead our lowest cost per sale or crap cost per acquisition With this warm market so what we’re gonna. Do is come over here to the Facebook Ads manager we’re gonna click on ads manager right here and Then we’re gonna go through and we’re gonna create a campaign Okay, so we’re just gonna click on the screen krei button right there, and this is gonna say. Hey. What is your marketing? Objective, okay, so based on what we want them to do like maybe this one it might be for video views We just want people to watch our video initially okay Or we want to generate leads so when they go click on the video We’re gonna have a lead form pop-up. They put in their name phone email address Conversions, I’ve got a whole training on this of how to go through to set up website conversions with your landing page to get someone’s Name phone number email address to generate leads or we can just say hey we want Engagement engagement is people liking your posts or comment on your posts or sharing it, so Depend on what your your main objective. Here is your marketing objective it depends on what you want to choose so Just think about it if you’re willing to go through and put a little bit money Just towards some likes and comments to kind of then get that that viral exposure because your friends are comment on it They’re liking it and then their friends are gonna start to see it That’s great if you just want people to watch your video and know a little bit more about what you’re doing what you’ve got going on or If you’ve got want people to go through an opt-in to your landing page choose Conversions if you’re going to go through and you can even use a Facebook Messenger With this messages icon right here so for this one. Let’s just say we’ll choose engagement on this one right here Obviously just be aware that depending on which marketing objective you choose It’s gonna go through and hit the different people that are more likely to like and comment on a post People more likely to opt in people more likely to view your video and so on okay, so we’ll just say engagement here And we’ll say engagement Demo, okay, and you can even choose like what type of engagement you want post engagement So you want people to like and comment your post do you want page like so you want to get more likes on your page? Which quick note guys? I don’t ever do that because I think it’s a waste of money because there’s other ways they’ll show you guys here in just a Bit of how to actually get more page likes Absolutely free well. I guess it’s kind of free you’re spending money on other objectives But then you could just invite people that engage with your posts to like your page ok, so what’s coming here will say continue Okay, so if we’re running a local campaign like for example. Let’s say we’re doing an open house. Okay. We’ll just say right here We’ll say Dallas demo open house Okay And I also typically like to say hey, I’m doing this to my warm market Okay, so that custom audience that we’ve already chosen, so now what we do in here see this custom audiences right here we don’t have to mess with the Location the age the gender any of the interest targeting because all we’re going to do is say hey this custom audience so you see All right there look like custom audience so this LinkedIn contacts one right here This is the one that we went through and created in yesterday’s video so as I mentioned guys if you haven’t watched that yet go back and make sure you watch that and so we were we don’t have to mess with any of this other targeting because Facebook’s only going to show it to these contacts that we’ve already uploaded so we know Those people are already in our ideal target market Kay like they might not be our ideal customer But they’re people who know like and trust us and that those are the people we want Initially engaging with our post so we come down. We can skip all this I like to do just automatic placements because we’re gonna use such a small budget with this that we want it to be on Facebook Instagram we want to be all over the place and probably you’re gonna Have a small enough audience that with even just like 50 cents or $1 a day, you can reach all these people just fine Okay, guys so right here on your budget Literally just come in here And I was wrong guys you actually can’t put in 50 cents you have to do at least a dollar a day Which is totally fine? Honestly like a dollar a day? That’s 30 bucks for the month and If you can go through and get your your ad get your your audience knowing about what you’re doing for just 30 bucks a month That is unbelievable right and is very target It’s very specific to people you want to see that okay, so now we’re just gonna come down here, and we’re gonna click continue Now there’s a couple ways that we can do this Okay, so we got to create ad right here or use existing post so what you want to do is choose your Facebook page So I’ve got several Facebook pages right here But I’ll just come down here and make sure I’m using the right one so Jason Wardrop and Then what you can do is come in here and select a post or if it’s not your most recent one what you can actually View is come over here And you can grab this big number right here Copy that and then come in here put enter post ID we just paste that in there hit submit And then it’s gonna pull up that exact Facebook post so this one right here Is this exact Facebook post right there that we’re gonna go through and mark it to this custom audience, okay? So now we can come down here. We can say hey well call-to-action because if you see right here. There’s nothing right there We can add a button we can say hey learn more and you can throw in your website right here So let’s say our websites Google com just for this demo will that right in there there And we say update post okay? So come down here is this learn more and go to your landing page Ideally right you don’t want to go to your main website You don’t want to go to your blog, so it’s not really gonna Do you anything? What you want that to do is go to a landing page where you can have them put in their name phone number email address? So you can actually go through and generate a lead alright? So just keep this in mind to that if your video is longer than 60 seconds It won’t be able to show up on Instagram so if you do choose the Instagram thing and you wanted to show up on Instagram Just make sure you understand the capabilities what Instagram has right? Or if you want to go through ideally you could go through and set up a different post a different video for Facebook for Instagram for Instagram stories for all the different locations Which is pretty cool to go through and be relevant right up in front of everyone’s face right so now all we would have to Do that guys is come down here? This is all done. You don’t do mess with any other seller stuff We would hit confirm And you are set you are ready to go and that’s gonna go through and run for a dollar a day to that very targeted custom audience and so all your friends all your Network are gonna. Be able to know exactly what you’re doing about your open house about a new listing about hey I’m now a real estate agent where I’m now on a fitness business right now And whatever business you’re in and so it’s really good marketing really good exposure for literally just $8 a day now depending on the size Of your guyses audience like let’s say, it’s maybe a thousand people I would say every 14 days I would actually go through and change this video and update the video to keep it fresh And maybe I would use a different background so it’s pretty obvious that it’s fresh like maybe you do one inside Maybe you do one inside your kitchen one outside, so you can kind of see like okay? These are different videos different content because with this audience of a thousand people even spending as little as a dollar a day You’re gonna go through and you’re gonna get you’re gonna be reaching that whole entire audience Okay, so you want to be able to go through and keep that fresh so you’re always staying top of mind But you’re not getting annoying with the same Exact content the same exact post so depending on the audience size if it’s a thousand people I’d maybe changed it every 14 days if it’s about 500 people I maybe change it once a week if it’s a little bit larger than that maybe change it once a month Just kind of depending on what your goals are and what you to go through and make happen Okay guys so one more thing I want to show you all before we wrap this up, so let’s just come back over here to the ads manager So all you guys do over here is just hit confirm, and you’re set up You’re ready to go, okay, so we’re gonna come back here to the ads manager and what we’re gonna Do is we’re going to go through and create another custom audience of? people who have watched 10 seconds or 25 percent or 50 percent of this video because If people are gonna go through and watch like let’s say 50 percent of that video Okay That shows that they have more Interest as opposed to somebody who may watch this like 3 to 5 seconds right so what we’re gonna Do is come over here to this audiences, and we’re gonna create another custom audience, so we’ve got our LinkedIn contacts right here And then we can just create a second custom audience of people that know like and trust us or who are potentially? More of a hot market for us, so we’re gonna. Do is come over here to create audience go to custom audience I’m gonna come down here to engagement okay, and then we have this video 1 So this is gonna be able to go through and show Choose who has watched a certain percentage of your video and same thing here you can say hey I want to create an audience of people who have liked my Facebook page, right? Or this one with the Instagram business profile. You’ve got all these different options so for this one Let’s click video right here, and then we come down here And we say hey People who view 3 seconds of your video 10 seconds 25 percent 50 75 95 percent now I don’t usually like to do 3 seconds because a lot of times the video is gonna autoplay and You know it might not even be someone who’s actually paying attention or watching it I like to do at least 10 seconds depending on how long your video is like if it’s just a minute long You can do 10 seconds 25 percent or 50 percent now Just keep in mind if you want a bigger audience if you want to cast a wider net I would go with either a 10 Percent or 25 percent if you want it to be a little bit more qualified But less people I would probably go with the 50 to 75 percent Okay, so and obviously you can create a 95 percent audience of people have watched 95 percent of your video Which even if somebody’s like interested engaged like the chance of somebody watching your full video Just because Facebook is like they specialize in Getting people just to go on to the next thing Like the chance of somebody watching the whole video even if it’s a minute long are not very high okay so I probably let’s just say 25 percent of your video so 25 percent of 60 seconds is gonna be about 15 seconds and guys So I mentioned here the video does not have to be super long like look at this one This one’s a minute and 19 seconds, okay. I’m just dropping in letting them know. Hey guys I just launched a new training just want to let you guys know about it drop a like comment Let me know if you guys want it I’ll shoot it over to you so something just as simple as that then we come back over here We can choose the video, okay So we want to choose the Facebook page so this video is on my Jason Wardrop Facebook page down right here now We want to like find that exact video So I think it is I believe it’s this one right here the Google AdWords one so we just click on that And we hit confirm, okay, so we say people who have watched 25% of this video And then we could say in the past 365 days That’s the maximum number or you can even say like hey, I just want people in the last 14 days who viewed this video So I want it to be fresh right and then we could say hey the audience name is watched 25% of Open-house video or whatever the video is that you’re running right and then we go through and we create this audience And now we got this this audience as another option Okay, see I was populating where it might take a little bit of time to go through and fully populate But now when we go through and we create another ad right here We can choose this, so we’ll just hit continue right there. We can choose this we could go back to the ad set level So we’ve got oh, this is another campaign, but let’s come in here We can go through and say want the LinkedIn contacts, and we want viewed video the 25% right there, okay? So we go through and we can choose those specific people in this ad campaign Which is really really cool is we’re going through and starting to build up that warm audience because that’s where we’re gonna have most of Our low-hanging fruit most of the people they’re gonna take action for the least amount of money spent and once again guys We could just be spending a dollar a day on this, okay guys So just as a quick recap here what we want to do here is want to go through and we want to take that custom Audience we made yesterday, okay, we want to shoot a live video on our Facebook page which we don’t need to be worried about anymore because absolutely no one’s gonna probably watch it until we know it’s good and we Once we decide is good. Okay now We can run it as an ad or you can just shoot a video and upload that Inviting them to go through and interact with your business somehow it depending on whatever you want to go through and promote Okay, then once we have that video that live video done, then we’ll go through. We’ll create an ad campaign We’ll choose that custom audience that we made yesterday from our LinkedIn contacts or Outlook contacts or phone contacts wherever it is And then we’re gonna go through and promote this video that we created Towards that warm market for just a dollar a day And then we’re gonna keep it fresh by creating a new video a new piece of content every 14 to 21 days and then on top of that we can create another custom audience of people who have watched this exact video Right of 10 10 seconds 25% 50% and then when we go through and we launch our next video to keep it Fresh we can include as our custom audience not only our LinkedIn contacts or whatever contact we uploaded But we can also include people who have watched 50% of this Previous video so now we’re going to go through and we’re gonna start to go through and really build this audience of this warm market Of people who already know like and trust you And this is before we’re even getting to the cold market k we’re gonna get to that in a later video Later this week later in this series be able to go through and show you how to really maximize And take your market to the next level, but literally guys This is just a dollar a day this like if you cannot afford this in your business You really are not in business Kay like I hate to break it to you But you’re not in business if you can’t spend you can’t invest a dollar a day into marketing and advertising Because this is the number way that you’re gonna be able to go through and grow your business Right guys, so hopefully this video was helpful today If you guys like to go ahead give it a thumbs up also drop a comment down below Let me know what you guys thought Let me know if you guys have any questions on love you’ll address those in later videos in this series to be able to help You guys go through and market your business if you’re brand-new here, my name’s Jason Wardrop I launched a new video Nearly every single day on how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business so make sure you guys subscribe Hit that notification bell, and I will see you all tomorrow

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