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Facebook Ads Tutorial 2019 – [Day 1 of 6] Getting Started With Facebook Ads For Your Local Business

Facebook Ads Tutorial 2019 – [Day 1 of 6] Getting Started With Facebook Ads For Your Local Business

What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here and in this video I’m going to go through breakdown a Facebook Ads Tutorial on how to go through and get your small business your local business up and running honestly guys I’m gonna be breaking down a lot more than just Facebook ads and this is just gonna be stepping back And if I were starting completely brand new from scratch if I have a local business small business And I was trying to get the word out these are the things that I would do so I’m gonna actually be rolling out a six part video series, so this is day 1 video 1 I’m gonna add a link right above to the actual playlist and in the playlist as I go through and shoot all the videos I’ll have all the videos in that playlist so you can just go through and watch so if you’re watching this in a week or A month or two weeks or whatever from now you’ll be able to go through and binge watch all the videos into playlists just by Clicking that link above that’ll add here for you But basically I’m gonna be breaking down what I wish I knew just getting started in the business world especially right now in 2018 because we have so many different social networks we have so many technologies so many ways to communicate with our customers Of things that I would do if I was starting out we’re completely from scratch now the reason why I’ve got this pulled up Right here guys is I would first make sure you go through and start a facebook business page now I’m not gonna cover that in this video I have another video which I will also link up above so you guys can go through and watch that training show you step-by-step how to create you know a Nice-looking cover photo right here profile picture get all this set up even with your custom. URL. You can see facebook.com/ 4/4 jock Jason Jason wardrobe has already taken, and I think it was by me But I actually forgot the password to that page So you do what you got to do right ok so first things first? I would set that Facebook page up now the Next thing that we want to do and I’m this is what this video is all about is go through and leverage your existing audience your existing network now It doesn’t matter if like let’s say you’re a real station right you if you’ve been in real estate for some time you probably build Up a little bit of a leads database or if you’re a local restaurant a gym owner or whatever it is you probably have some Sort of database and even if you like our brand new starting completely from scratch right now you have your existing contacts in your phone or on Outlook We’re on some sort of system where you have them, and if you don’t then what you can do is actually go to LinkedIn And I will actually drop this link down here For you guys because this is actually kind of a hard link to find on LinkedIn You can see I’ve got eighteen hundred and six connections Now what I can do from here is I can go down to Advanced Options I can click export contacts and this is where we can go through and leverage a lot of our existing network are the Existing database so you might be thinking well Jason. I don’t have any database I don’t have any audience some brand new start completely from scratch Well the people that already know like and trust you those actually are gonna Be your hottest warmest best Customers to go through and market to whether that’s from facebook asks from email marketing or text messaging or phone calling whatever it is I’m gonna throw show you guys how to set that all up, so what we’re gonna Do is just come down here so you come over here? You just click on the works, or you kind of pick and choose what type of contact information? So just the profile information or whatever size through the works I request the archive and then LinkedIn will actually send you the archive or that person’s name their phone number their email address all that content that we can have to Use for later parts of this video now guys remember LinkedIn is just one source you’ve got Outlook You’ve probably got your your phone your contacts right you maybe have Contacts on Facebook you have a lot of different contacts a lot of different places Where now once you get those contacts you can notify them about this Facebook page So it’s all coming kind of full circle you see this Facebook page So you can start getting some likes and followers now obviously yes They’re just your family and friends are probably not your ideal target audience But when your ideal target audience comes to your Facebook page And they scroll down and they see you have zero likes that’s like zero credibility so you can see right here I’ve got about 31,000 likes I built that up over the last 18 months or so so obviously it’s taking some time But even starting out and just having a hundred and two hundred likes That’s gonna. Help you out dramatically with your business, okay, so now what’s like. Let’s say We’ve got all of our data in place right the next thing we want to do is actually upload this into our Facebook as manager and we can actually set up a campaign for just like 50 cents per day, which is super awesome super beneficial to you and Actually very affordable so what we’re gonna Do let’s say we go and get a file that has like this type of data right here, okay? So let’s just blow this up a little bit, so you guys can see this a little bit better Okay, so you see like we got this data. We’ve got their first name We got the last name their phone number their email address, and then we can even add tags And this is actually going to come into play a little bit later, but let’s say for right now We’re just gonna grab people’s email addresses. Okay, so what we’re gonna Do now is come over to the Facebook Ads manager, so we’ll click on ads manager right here and I’m gonna show you how we can actually create a custom audience of Coming back here. You see have eighteen hundred and six connections We can actually tell Facebook saying hey, these are the email address, so these are the phone numbers So these are the addresses of these connections And these are the people I want to show my ads or my initial Content to so coming back over here to the Facebook Ads manager. We’re just gonna come up here to the search bar, okay We’re going to type in audiences, or you can see it’s recently used, so I’m just going to pull that up right there So we click on that and then what we can do is come over here and click create audience now You’ve got the custom audience look like audience what we’re gonna do here in this video getting started is the custom Audience K. And this we’re gonna use a customer file Okay, because we’ve got the file right here with their phone number their email address all that information which is cool because we can actually Go through and later on in a later video in this series We’re gonna create custom audience based off our website traffic so basically people hittin our website or a blog Or a landing pages or whatever it is and we can actually create custom audiences based on people who have liked our Facebook page We’ve watched the videos on our Facebook page and different things like that so for this one. We’re gonna click on customer file I’m going to say add customers from your own file or copy and paste data Okay, so now when we come down here if you can’t upload a file and use their template right there But what I like to do typically just because it’s easier is I just copy and paste the data okay, so I’ll just come in here, and I’ll paste all the email addresses and Obviously these are just bogus email addresses right here, so it’s not going to go in and have them match But when you export your LinkedIn contacts over here as you can see I’ve got 1806 obviously Maybe you only have 500 right and it’s probably not going to be a hundred percent exact match But basically Facebook will take those email addresses or the phone numbers And they’ll go through and find all the accounts in their customer database and see okay Which email which pro while Facebook profile has the same email as this email that we gave him okay? Now typically it’s only about I’d say a 70% match But still you’re starting off with a base audience People that know like and trust you when you go post about your business about a new offering or product Whatever you’ve got They’re more likely to like and comment on your posts and share that so you’re going to get more Exposure more reach for your business and with your advertising dollars, so if you come back over here You can see right here. We can give this an audience name, so we can say linked in Contacts okay, or this could be your Outlook contacts or your iPhone contacts whatever it might be and then we’re just gonna hit next Okay, so it says okay. These are emails. It’s kind of like automatically store that out, and we’re gonna say upload and create, okay So now it’s gonna go through it’s gonna upload it, and we’re just gonna hit done Okay, so you can see LinkedIn contacts custom audience, and it is updating the audience now? It takes typically a couple hours It could even take up to 24 hours to fully update that audience But we don’t necessarily need to wait to go through and create an advertising campaign, which that’s actually we’re gonna cover in tomorrow’s video So make sure you guys if you’re brand new here The channel make sure you guys subscribe and turn on that notification bell for when we launch that new video tomorrow Showing you how to set up an advertising campaign spending just 50 cents per day which is $15 for an entire month and Reaching this hot audience of contacts that Already know like and trust you so your lead costs are gonna go down your cost per sale So how much it cost you to actually make a sale in your business goes down dramatically? And then it’ll actually by tomorrow You’ll have like this this audience size kind of all populated, and it might be only three four or 500 people But that’s okay, we’re gonna go through and through this next six days in this series We’re gonna throw to show you how to go build up this audience. Okay guys so at this point We’ve gone through we created our Facebook page, right I had that links in the video that you can go through and create your free business page and Then what we went and we went and got our contacts from LinkedIn We got our contacts from Outlook or phone wherever you store your contacts We upload them into the Facebook as manage and have that cusp custom audience to go through and market to Now the next thing I want to do is we want to be able to hit these customers on different platforms and use leverage Right so really what Facebook Ads is is just leverage for your business instead of you having to go through and call up all eighteen hundred and six of these contacts right here You can go through uploading them the Facebook Ads manager and be showing your ads on Facebook on the newsfeed on the Instagram newsfeed on the Instagram stories on all these different locations And so they can be aware your potential contacts and customers can be aware of your business and what you’re doing so Now our president of Facebook were present on Instagram another place where we want to be present is Inside someone’s email inbox so we’re gonna take that same list of customers the same data right here And I’m just going to save this really quick Okay, so now what we want to do is we want to go upload this information into our CRM So I use the our celebi’s CRM right here, and I’ll drop the link down below if you guys want to get start with a free 14-day trial so what I do is come over here to this lead section and You can see this is just a demo account so I’ve got some leads already in here But we can just hit import And if you already like let’s say you already have an Arsenal account or you already have a CRM You can typically export all these contacts and also use those contacts upload that data into the Facebook Ads audience as well Okay, so for this example. I’m just gonna come over here to import. I’m just gonna choose the file, so we’ve gots Where is it the demo file right there? we hit open and they say I have approval because we got to make sure that we have approval to go through an email and Send out text to their phone numbers as well, so we’re gonna hit import Says leads uploaded successfully And we’ve got Jane Smith or email John Smith email Jayson Wardrop email all the phone numbers And we have even tags you can see that we added tags right here, so this is a potential lead a customer This is a hot lead and so we can go through and sort out our Marketing right here now the cool thing is one thing that you could do with the Arsenal system is you can go through and create? These automated email sequences And so let’s say I’ve already got some created over here in this messages section and so you can see all these different sequences So if we got bimonthly update I work with a lot of real estate agents, so we’ve got first-time home buyer seller lead emails So we can come back over here to this lead section, and we just hit the Jane Smith John Smith and Jayson Wardrop Or if you got a ton of these you just hit that you can select them all right there Go let’s hit these three right here for this example And then we’ll come up here and we can even add tags to those leads so we can say hey these ones are also Linked in and so we can say hey tag these leads you can see it out of that tag right there as well so that We can know okay, these are also from LinkedIn, and then we can go over here And we can enroll the leads into an automated sequence, so those message sequences that I showed you a little bit earlier We can come in here, and we can drop like a bi-monthly updates okay, and roll the leads in this sequence Okay, so now when we click on like Jane Smith for example We’ll come into her contact profile and we can see hey the contact was created Just to kind of see a little history right here, and we say hey enrolled in sequence by monthly updates And then it’ll show when she open emails clicked on the links and all those different things okay now what I like to do to This is the last thing that will show you on today’s video will wrap up. Here is those new leads So I like to come over here. I like to create an email, so we’ll say create an email and say hey like my Facebook page okay the Facebook page with right back to the beginning that we created so we want to tell our Contacts people to already know us we’re more likely to actually like that page to get exposure get the likes and comments and engagement right So we have like my Facebook page obviously. I’m not gonna say that right there, but we can come in here do that? We’ve got our little signature right there Let me say Facebook page, then we say choose recipients and schedule delivery okay. I’m just gonna send this immediately we’ll hit next and then I tagged all those people as LinkedIn right so we just come down here we choose, LinkedIn, and so instead of sending it to all my contacts It’s only gonna send it to people from LinkedIn, so we’re just gonna hit send email right there, it’s gonna Go through send the email to those contacts of hey by the way I like my Facebook page you can have a link to this new Facebook page right so guys just as a quick recap on day one of the Space as tutorial and kind of like small business marketing lead generation 101 for 2018 of how to get your business rolling into the next level Number one create a facebook business page 100% free I included a link to that video You can go through and start that then go get all of your contacts from LinkedIn from Outlook from your phone from Wherever you have those contacts could be from existing CRM Upload those into the Facebook Ads manager okay, we’re gonna create this custom audience that we will be able to go through and Mark it to those people specifically in tomorrow’s video, okay So I’m gonna show you guys how to set up retargeting remarketing ads for just 50 cents per day So that’s like nothing right and then we want to take that same user database upload it into a CRM, okay So we have that their contact information and then create an email blasts out an email say hey I just started in X business. I just started as a real estate agent. I just started a restaurant business I just started this or that let people know what you’re starting or what you’re getting into and Invite them to like your Facebook page, okay? cuz those people are gonna be more likely to go through and like your Facebook page and Then on all of your leads a cool thing is you? Can see okay, which leads are actually okay? So you can see all of these emails that are sent being sent out in the future because I rolled them in that sequence, but obviously it says dropped email on that one because It’s it’s a focus each email right, but we can go back into this history section and we can see okay which leads are actually interacting with our content and with our stuff because You’ll be surprised a lot of your friends a lot of your existing contacts are actually going to be very Interested in your business and what you have to do alright, so anyway guys if you guys found this video helpful today Go ahead give it a thumbs up drop a comment down below Let me know what Business you’re in also make sure you guys subscribe the channel because we’re gonna be this is day one of a six-part series I’ve got all six days already mapped out right here for you, and so we’re gonna be covering You know how to set up retargeting ads how to set up ads to your cold audience in your local market how to keep your ads fresh how to branch out on the other platform So you’re not just using email and Facebook where you branch out into Instagram we can branch out into face messenger And so we’re gonna cover a lot of cool topics so make sure you guys subscribe also I’ll add a link to the playlist where I’ll include all these videos so if you’re watching this in the future sometime You just click on that playlist I’ll have all the videos right there in the playlist for you So you can go through and get a massive jump start with this Facebook ass Tutorial this email marketing tutorial on how to get your business going into the next level right so anyway guys Thanks so much for watchin a with that said I will see you all tomorrow and day two of the six part series

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