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Facebook Ads Tutorial [2018] For Absolute Beginners

Facebook Ads Tutorial [2018] For Absolute Beginners

hi i am Ayaz Malik. In this video I will teach you how to create a very targeted facebook ad campaign from scratch so let’s start. To get to add manager you can click on this drop down here and manage ads or create new ad if you’re going to create the ad from scratch it will show you this screen, an ad campaign have three levels campaign or objective level ad set level and ads level. We will get into details in a little while so let us pick an objective from our ad campaign facebook have listed all the objective types under these three categories Awareness, consideration and conversions. Objective type under awareness as it sounds like are for increasing the brand awareness or increasing your post or page’s reach simple as that the first option under consideration is traffic which is used to take the visitor to your website in simple words Then we have the engagement type ads which will help in increasing the engagement of your post which can be in form of comments or likes or maybe shares. After that we have app installs and video ads. I don’t think it needs any further explanation. the last one under consideration is my favorite. It is called the lead generation ad type. You can use this one to generate leads which can be used to get email or any of the contact information of potential customer so let’s move on to the the conversion type ads the first option is conversions this type of ads are used to increase conversion which can be in form of email signups for any of the form needed to fill a specific objective or action. ads like this require facebook pixel to be added so the conversion can be tracked then we have the product catalog sale this ad helps you pull the entire catalog from your web store and helps in sales then there’s the store visits if you want to increase the visitors to your store. ok let’s begin with the traffic type ads which is the most commonly used ad type so click traffic and fill in the name of your campaign let’s name it test website traffic and click here you see the first option either you to generate traffic to your website or app so stick with the website or messenger option. second section is audience in this section you can create a new audience and save it for future use or you can select from the drop-down if you have already a custom audience created. you can do that by clicking on this create new custom audience and then click the type you want we will leave it like this for now and let’s fill in our ad audience demographics and targeting ok first option here is location choose either you want to target everyone in this location. people who live in this location. People recently in this location or people traveling in this location then you just type in the location you want to target, it can be the country name or the city. You can refine it as much as you can to reach highly targeted audience. so i will select target everyone in this location option and add two to three countries let’s say canada, united kingdom and united arab emirates so just like this you can pick your target country or city. Next is selecting the age group of your audience by that i mean you can define which age group should see your ad only so let’s go with 22 to 40 years of age after that you can select which gender should this ad be shown to. you can go with both men and women or any one of them so let me just select men only for this test campaign then you have the language option you can also target people speaking a specific language i’m going to select the English. ok so the next is detailing targeting. Detailed targeting is that the most important part of your ad campaign. Here you can add demographics interests and behavior of people you want to target.just click on browse and there are multiple options i suggest that browse them and get an idea of what are the possible targeting you can do here so i’m selecting random targeting like generation, let’s say millennials interested in. could be anything, and then relationship status is let’s say engaged can be really specific by targeting income range, education, industry and so many other options this is why i love facebook’s ad targeting it is the best available online if you want to really precise about an interest you can simply type it, like let’s say cars. let me clear it up a little so it will make sense ok so now i’m targeting millennial who are engaged and have interest in cars and automobiles. then we have the option to exclude people with certain interest or behavior. so I’m going to exclude people from my list who have interest in motorcycles. i can even further narrow down my audience by clicking narrow audience and adding one more interest. let’s say cruise so my audience targeting is that engaged millennials, who like cars and cruise but don’t like motorcycles. you see how specific we can get here in our targeting. ok the next option is connection type. you can set a connection with one of your page or app in targeting your ad campaign. here are the options: if you’re adding a fan page as connection your ad should only be shown to people like your page, friends of people who like your page, exclude people who like your page. so you can select any one which you prefer to let me select my fan page here it is and I want my ad to be shown to people who haven’t like my page. means i am excluding those who already like my page. then you can save this audience if you want to use this same targeting in future. alright, then you have the placements section, i normally go with the facebook recommended but as per your requirement you can edit the placement as well here you can choose which device type should see your ads and what facebook platforms should the ad be displayed like Facebook, Instagram and audience network. you can even select within Facebook where you want or don’t want your ad to be shown like newsfeed sidebar, instant articles and in-stream videos ok so in the advanced options you can also target specific mobile devices with their OS versions or exclude categories for audio networks where you don’t want to show your ad next is the budget and schedule section. here you select daily or lifetime budget for your ad campaign. you can change it from 20 to whatever you’re willing to pay for the campaign. after that you can schedule your ads to either continuously run from today or manually select a start and end date and time. then we have the optimization for ad delivery. since we’re using this ad to drive traffic to our website i strongly suggest keep it for link clicks but if your requirements are different, you can set one of these options. after that we have bid amount. recommended is good enough if you ask me, but but you can ofcourse choose an amount yourself or you’re willing to pay for each click. then within the delivery type you can go with standard which will show you ads throughout your selected schedule or you can go with the accelerated which shows your ad as quickly as possible lastly you just have to name your adset you just planned and click continue. now here we are in the third and final section of ad campaign. where we are going to select our ad format, media and ad copy so you can either create a new ad which we will do now in a minute or you can select an existing post from your fan page. to do that you click this drop-down to select your can blow that from the drop-down you can select the post you want to promote. click review orders and you’re done that’s it! ok so now back to creating a new ad here are the few options you can utilize carousel ads, single image ads, single video ad slide show ad and canvas ad in carousel ad you can create an ad with two or more scrollable images or videos and in single image ad you can create up to six ads with one image each and no extra cost in single video ad you can create an ad out of the video in slideshow ad, you can create a looping video ad with ten images. Lastly if you select canvas, you can create an immersive ad by combining videos and images. i’m going to go with the single image ad I strongly suggest that you use your own well designed ad image, if not you can ofcourse search and select one from free stock images provided by facebook, so let’s see i will search for digital marketing and find something related. ok there are some good options but i guess i’ll go with the social icon one so click on it and hit done oh wait. ok got it now, now select your fan page. this is what your ad looks like for now. now fill in the URL where you want the traffic to go to once clicked on the ad. let me do it again okay fix now it will automatically grab the title and the information from the URL you just added. now let’s fill in the headline It will show up here and then add text which will show up above the ad image then you have the call to action button which is optional you can choose the one you want or leave it like it is newsfeed link description will show up below the headline in the ad then there is the display link. you can leave it blank or put in your website’s URL it should show up below the ad link description okay great, all done now let’s take a look at ad previews in different facebook areas here is the default newsfeed preview we have been watching then there’s the mobile newsfeed preview then here’s a feature phone preview instant article preview and desktop right column preview so once everything is finalized click review order and you ad is submitted for review great you have successfully created your first facebook ad now let’s head to the ad manager so i can show you how you can edit your ad sets and ad after your created them. so click on your ad campaign name here is the ad set level as you can see here you can make multiple ad sets with different targeting for example if you want to create ad set for United States and a separate one for united kingdom you can do it by creating one more set here the same we just did a few minutes ago if you go further deep in the ad set you will be able to see the ad you created and the same way you can create multiple ads and see which one performs better under an ad set by clicking on create ad, so back to ad set. To edit the ad set, you can hold your mouse here click edit ad set here you can edit anything related to targeting an audience and just like that you can do the same for your ads by clicking edit ad once you’re done editing click Save and close. like i mentioned before you can click on create ad and create as many ads within the ad set to test which one performs better the same way we create are ad. Thank you so much for watching this video if you have any question related to SEO, social media marketing, blogging, affiliate marketing or content planning simply ask me on facebook or twitter by using this hashtag #askayaz and i will get back to you as soon as possible and don’t forget to like and share this video.

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    Your ad account has recently been flagged because of unusual activity. For security reasons, any ads you're running will be paused until you can confirm your account information. Contact Facebook.

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