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Facebook Ads to sell your food online My experiment

Facebook Ads to sell your food online My experiment

– [Damian] Hey guys, this is Damian from Marketing Food Online. I hope you guys are
having another great day. It has been a little while since I’ve had an opportunity to do some videos. We are in fourth quarter
right now and our shop is extremely inundated with orders. Probably about another
week or so we’ll be, hopefully, wrapped up before Christmas. So, I wanted to show you
guys this specific video. You may or may not know
about them, and if you’re not very new to them or
understand them I’ll explain to them, briefly, what they
are and what they can do for your business. But, Facebook ads, I actually
did a kind of a partial experiment, if you
will, a couple weeks ago and I was shocked at what was able to do. We, of course, as you know
have six stores online. We are on numerous
platforms with our products. (coughs) Excuse me, I’m also trying
to get rid of a cold. So, here’s what I did. I took a $40 budget, I
went to my Facebook page, one of the pages that we have,
Marketing Food Online page. I went ahead and posted a
URL link, very simple link over to our Facebook page. And, I ran that ad for
$40 and it generated nearly $900 in sales for
one particular product that we have. We hand make over 400
different candies, cake balls, pretzels, cookies, and a
whole bunch of other items. But, I’m not doing this
video to explain to you how much money I made. I’m using it as an example
to show you that if you have a product, your food
product, one of the greatest ways to promote your food
products is running Facebook ads. And, I’m gonna show you
very briefly, actually, one of the most basic
elements of the Facebook ads that I was able to run in
a manner of seven days. We generated, it was close
to 900, I think it was 870 something dollars, if
I’m not mistaken from one of our platforms. And, I’m gonna show you how I did it. That’s the whole purpose
of this video, it is not a video, trust me, to brag
or boast about what we make I’m only explaining to you
the power of Facebook ads is mind boggling. And, when you can do it
over and over and kind of fine tune it to know exactly
who your customer base is and you can pinpoint those
people and you can present your food product in front
of them you will sell a ridiculous amount of product. This was literally an
experiment that I did with $40 which is not very much. It was seven days, so over
the span of seven days that comes out to a little bit
under, I guess, six dollars out of the math off the
top of my head, but about five dollars, six dollars
a day worth of advertising. Now, let me explain something to you. You can do this with
any platform you’re on. Of course, the product
you see in front of you right now is a product
from our candy shop. It’s just a chocolate covered
Oreo box, it’s got some special poker chip things
covered in foil as we put a little label on top. We make each one of these by hand and we ship them out, okay? So, as long as you have
a URL, which is the link to the top of the screen,
you copy that and put that directly onto your Facebook
page for your account. I’m just using Marketing
Food as an example. Okay, so if you have Susie’s
Chocolates and you have a Facebook page that says
Susie’s Chocolates, great. You wanna take that link, you
wanna paste it right there and you wanna give it a second. If you have a shop on Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, or your own shop this can work
perfectly fine as well, okay? So, a lot of times I’ve
actually recommended this to a lot of subscribers
and some of my clients who are working off of Etsy. This is a great way to drive
traffic to your Etsy shop. Etsy is a bit of a
challenge to get traffic because it’s just so inundated
with so many different sellers that are selling a lot of products that are very similar. So, I’m gonna go ahead and
publish this and I’m gonna get right back to what I was saying. So, let’s get back over here really quick. So, if you happen to
make chocolate products, let’s say you make cookies
or you make hot sauces, barbecue sauce, it doesn’t
matter what you’re selling, it doesn’t matter the product. But, if you’re on Etsy and
you’re having a challenge getting traffic, if you’re
on Amazon having a challenge getting traffic, if you’re
on Ebay wherever you may need a bonanza, whatever
site or platform you’re on it can be difficult to be found. But, the beautiful thing about
Facebook is that on Facebook I can find people, I’m gonna
use this as an example, guys, people who are either
interested in just gambling or playing cards or who enjoy Las Vegas, who enjoy chocolates, people
who enjoy unique gifts, anything that would be
associated with this particular product I can
literally find the demographic for it and pinpoint those
people and sell this. And, I can get it literally
for pennies per click. So, this product is 22.99, correct? On my site, let’s go back really quick, and I’m trying to prove a
point here, I’m going to show you something. 22.99 is what we charge, and
I’m going to go to Facebook and I’m going to pinpoint
thousands of people that will cost me pennies to click on this and it will take ’em directly to this link right here in the Brittle Box, okay? And, by me spending, if it
happens to be 100 people who click on it and I
could spend five to 10 to 20 cents per person. 100 people times $20, let’s
say, just round it off, you’re making two grand
worth of product sales off of a very small investment. Now, I was a bit taken by
the fact that I was even able to (clears throat) excuse me, I was even able to sell
nearly $900 in just a couple of days off
this little experiment. So now, let me show you how this works. You wanna boost the post,
so I wanna go over here. So, the first thing you
end up doing is that you wanna find out what is your objective. What are you trying to do? So, one of the first things
you wanna see is objective. And, you want to end up,
obviously you wanna get clicks. You want people to follow
through, click on this, and then get more website visitors. That’s what I’ve been trying to do. So, this actually comes
up automatically because all of the ads I’ve run so far
are actually for that, okay? I just wanna get more
people to click on this, take ’em to my site and have them buy it. That’s what you’re looking to do. You can change this, and I’ll
show you, you can change it. You can get more engagement
if you’re looking to show this post to people
who are likely to react or comment, maybe not
necessarily purchase a product, but you can do that. If you want to show this
post to people who are likely to send you a message or ask
questions about the product, well you can do that. Well, particularly for this
I just wanna sell my stuff. I don’t wanna really get
any engagement, I don’t. I wanna get them to engage
in clicking the link and buying a product. So, now here’s where the fun starts. Now, the audience, people
you choose through targeting, now this last one here, let me edit this. These last couple of ones that I’ve done, the particular product
that I sold, by the way, really quick side note,
when I did the experiment for the chocolate pretzel
rods that I sold almost the $900 worth, most of
my sales I’ve noticed over the past several years,
they go to New Jersey. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea. The bulk of my pretzel
rod sales are always to residents in New Jersey. I don’t know for sure why,
but I paid attention to that. You need to do the same thing. If you have a particular
product and you sell it goes to Texas, you
have a barbecue sauce and you’re selling it to Texas like crazy you need to focus your
Facebook ad on Texas, whatever it is. If you’re selling chocolate
chip cookies and sell them to Ohio, well if that’s
the place that sells them you need to focus your Facebook
ad specifically on Ohio. And, you need to find
people who are gonna love chocolate chip cookies in Ohio. Now, for this particular one
I’m gonna show you a trick. Obviously, most of the
people who are interested in gambling are actually
located in Las Vegas, for the most part. We’re gonna, for this
example, we’re gonna use that. So, I wanna make sure that
everybody in Las Vegas is gonna get an opportunity
to see my product because it’s chocolate covered cookies with poker chips on them, right? Okay, so you’ve narrowed
that down, fantastic. So, now here’s the
radius, within Las Vegas, it’s not Nevada, it’s
specifically Las Vegas. It’s gonna give me a 25
mile radius of people around that, and that’s fine. Now, let’s go down here. Suggestions, okay, well this
is a chocolate covered cookie, right, so their interest,
I want people who are interested in chocolate, okay. Also want people who are
interested in cookies. So, I’m gonna browse. Hold on one second here. Here we go, so cookie,
yes, somebody’s interested in chocolate and cookies, great. All right, and bakery sounds
good, and even maybe desserts because all of these things coincide with what I’m trying to sell. You need to do a little brainstorming. Think to yourself, let’s say
you’re doing a hot sauce, probably people who enjoy
going to sporting events, people who enjoy going to NASCAR, people who enjoy food,
foodies, chicken wings. Those are the things you wanna brainstorm because those are people you
want to get your hot sauce in front of. So, (coughs) excuse me. So, now that I have my audience picked out so here’s my potential reach, okay? Now, by the way, keep this
in mind, you don’t wanna have a reach that’s too broad. You see the mark here
where it gets a little bit kind of red, if
this needle goes to red and you’ve got like 150 million people that’s just way too many. Just be realistic that
there’s not 150 million people who are gonna react to your ad, okay? And, you budget’s not
gonna pay for 150 million. You wanna be between
100 and 500,000 people, 100,000 to 500,000. That’s decent and it doesn’t
mean you’re going to get 500,000 eyes to look at
your ad, but you don’t wanna go over a million,
two million, three million because you’re just, it’s a broad stick, you’re way too many. So, narrow it down and
keep it around that range. This is actually pretty good, okay? So, hit save, now were set. So, the age is 18 to 60, Las
Vegas, Nevada, 25 mile radius. Who, people who like chocolate, cookies, baked goods, et cetera, okay? And, let’s go down here and you’re gonna check your budget, okay? So, hypothetically I like to do maybe 30 to $35, okay? The one that I did recently
was $40, just because I knew that pretzel, chocolate
pretzel rods are pretty broad and there’s a lot of people who like them. This is a little more specific, okay? So now, every day how
long are you gonna do it? Okay, so $35 is my total budget. I would reach approximately
120 to 600 people a day of 300,000. How many days do you wanna do it? Ah, seven days is good. Okay, so everyday it’s
gonna run from the 23rd, I mean, I’m sorry, from now
which is the 16th till the 23rd. You’ll spend about, it’s
about five buck a day, okay? Now, keep in mind your ad
normally goes within your budget, it may go a little bit
less, you know 34 or 35. But, out of 150 to 820 people
a day for seven days straight this ad is gonna be in
front of those people with the interests. At $22, I’m selling
this product for, right? 22 bucks, if I on a low
end got 10 people a day that’s 70 people, right
10 seven days straight, 10 people a day and
they’re gonna spend $22. So, out of $35 I just made $1540 on a set of chocolate cookies, $1500. That’s pretty impressive to be honest with you, that’s amazing. So, as you scroll down a
little further you basically set up your account, it’s got
my Paypal account on there. I’m not gonna show that,
but you can get an idea of what this can do,
correct, pretty crazy. And, it actually gets in front of people with those interests as you specified. Now, remember again all you need is a URL, you just need a website link. You can do this with Etsy,
you have a listing on Etsy copy the URL, go to Facebook. (coughs) Excuse me again. You wanna create a Facebook
ad with your Etsy shop and then start posting the link. Once you post it on
there it’s gonna ask you if you wanna boost it and
you can simply do that. And again, this is for
experimental purposes. You can tweak this and refine
it and get more precise with a certain demographic,
but even if you wanted to spend $10, $15 play with
it over two or three days, see what kind of reaction you get, see how many products you sell. If you see that you’ve hit
something that makes sense increase your budget and go from there. So again, I wanted to show you guys this, and again, it’s not for
purposes of bragging, but turning $40 of an
investment into nearly $900 in sales in seven days for
one product, one particular product actually, that’s pretty amazing, it’s pretty awesome. So, I wanted to share this with you, guys. Take some notes, if you
have questions about how this works please ask me down below, but again if you also
need some consulting, you wanna work directly
with me, you wanna do it on the phone I have phone
consulting available. But, I also have it, you can
get a monthly consultation via email and it’s a month to month. You can either subscribe to it or get it for just one single month. But, check this out, I’m telling you guys this is an amazing way to
turn a very small investment in advertising into a lot
of money for a product. So, if this helps you out
as always I appreciate if you’d give me a big thumbs up. I do thank you for listening
this was a little bit of a longer video than I normally do. But, I wanted to explain
to you how this works and the amazing sales that I had from this in just a short period of time. So, do take care and I’ll see
you guys on the next video.

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