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Facebook Ads Targeting in 2019 | How to Target for Real Estate Agents

Facebook Ads Targeting in 2019 | How to Target for Real Estate Agents

What’s up? Guys, Jason Wardrop here in this video i’m gonna walk through facebook Ads targeting now this one is gonna be specifically for real estate agents but Honestly i’m gonna be able to break down and share with you guys a lot of different things whether your real estate agent Mortgage broker you’ve got a local business whatever business that you’re in and just share with you, guys
Some of the things that have worked for me and i’ve seen work for other businesses that i’ve worked with so right here We are in the facebook, ads manager let’s just Jump into, this kay, also real quick actually before we jump in if you guys, want my facebook Ads mini-course just drop a comment down, below Thumbs up, this video and i’ll share that with you, we walk through the facebook Ads manager in detail we walk through the facebook pixels lead forms all of the different components to the facebook Gas management really, how I’ve gone through and seen success the the success that i’ve seen with other business owners So that will help you get a really good jump start with all this stuff so anyway drop a comment down, below Give it a thumbs up and i’ll share that link with You, so anyway guys, let’s just jump in and start creating a, new, ad campaign now Since this is more specific to facebook, ads targeting it really doesn’t matter like, which you know Type of campaign objective we’re choosing here obviously, each campaign objective if you watched My other videos it really depends on your end goal like traffic is obviously bringing people to your website or your blog engagements getting likes or comments video views is obviously getting people to watch your video and So forth so for this one let’s just keep it basic and use traffic Because this is more focused on the targeting and how we’re gonna set all that up So we’re just gonna say traffic. And then we’ll say targeting demo Okay, so what does it continue and now coming in here If i have something in mind like as far as like how. I want to set the audience target And all that i’ll name it right at the beginning if i don’t Then i’ll kind of go through i’ll build it out. And then i’ll name it afterwards so i kind of remember what This, adds it’s all about obviously if it’s like towards My warm market or towards like a cold market or if i’m trying to target a specific Type of people or interests or whatever it might be now If you, guys, want kind of like the warm marketing stuff that’s not gonna be necessarily in this video this is more for like Facebook, ads targeting for that cold audience like, people that don’t already know who
You are and so this one’s gonna be specific to real estate as i was talking about a little bit earlier But a lot of these same concepts and strategies apply even if you’re just a local business Owner so if you got a. Local restaurant. Jim you know. You’re a chiropractor Dentists a lot of these things, still will work, okay so if we come down Here this custom audience this is more going through and targeting your warm market or even look, like audiences but, what we want to, do select let’s say, or we’re, we are a real estate agent in Where should, we be from denver we’ll say we’re from denver okay? So like on this locations part right here we’re gonna exit out of the united states Okay, and we are gonna type in? denver colorado And live there for a few years when i was a kid so we’ll type that in so Now, what we like to do what i like to? do if i’m a realtor i like to choose on this locations by Default it says everyone in this location now This could be people visiting the area it could be people just passing through and we don’t want to necessarily Target those people with our ads if you know We’re to say we’re targeting homeowners right so i like to go through and say hey only people, who live in this location Whereas like if you run a travel based, business obviously you can, have like people traveling, this location people people recently in this location I don’t know, why you really use that i don’t really have, any exact examples for you right now or if you’re Like let’s say your restaurant You, would may probably, want to do everyone in this location, so we’re gonna do some people Who, live in this location for the real estate example and then look at This, guy’s we’ve got two million people because denver is a fairly large market right There’s decent size and this is going out twenty-five mile radius So this is probably a little bit bigger market than, we really? Want to work with So what we’ll probably do is come down here and we can take this down to just a ten-mile radius And we’ll see this this is 1.3 Million which you know it depends on the area, how Well you know it like from littleton the it’s in like That’s a pretty good distance so you might not want to have that big of an area of that big of a market If you, live in more of a small town in rural area you might Want to do like that 10 20 25 mile radius just to get that number up right But we’re, not really considered about number like the audience size right here because we’ve got 1.3. Million people so i might even come down here and click on this arrow And just click current, city, only, ok, cuz. You’re, still gonna have 1.1 Million because denver is obviously a very large area, okay so that’s kind of like the difference there were choose location if your realtor, choose people Who, live in this location and then based on how big the audience size Is it’s like, you’re in a rural area do a 20-mile radius if you’re in a Big area i’ll try to get that number down Like if you’re in a rural area i would try to get this number up to a hundred thousand if possible if it’s not possible It’s just the way it is and i would just stick to you know the 70,000 80,000 people fifty thousand whatever that number is right Now scrolling down here if we got to just think of like our ideal target audience right so if I am a realtor, and i’m looking to Generate leads of people looking to buy or sell a home People that are 18. Years old typically the ones hit least i know, like i’ve got a Younger, brother that’s 18 he’s not looking to buy or even sell a home right so i would probably Bump this up to about minimum age i would, say 27 28 obviously you know Your area a lot better than i do but you can, see here this drop, this down to 810 thousand people right there now Obviously the market of people looking to buy or sell a home this does go up to 65 Plus so i would just leave it there gender really it doesn’t matter male female like it my guess is the same right Both male and female are gonna be all looking for to buy or sell a home and all that stuff so just leave that there Languages once again if you, want to target Specifically like the hispanic market or Just english speakers honestly, i wouldn’t really, worry, about just like targeting english and the reason Why i’m gonna get this to this a little bit more here in a second is the more specific You, get with your bargaining, what i’ve seen, is just an overall higher cost per lead, okay so honestly like What i like to do is sometimes sometimes i’ll actually set up ad campaigns and i will do absolutely, zero targeting i’ll just let The pixel go to work, and find the right people to go through and opt in as leads for my My, advertising campaigns and honestly a lot of those have been some of my, better performing campaigns Which i know it’s very hard to believe but sometimes the more data you give facebook the more specific You, try to be it like complicates it too much you’re trying to get like, narrow down in just a few. Specific People and then there’s so many other people trying to compete with, those, same people but then There’s some other ones that are not in that audience that are being left out but they’re Like, your ideal target market right so that’s why, i don’t like to get too specific with this now Some people may disagree with me In my experience of the amount of money i’ve spent on facebook Ads that that is what i would highly recommend for for you if you’re just getting started or kind of that intermediate level Okay, so language i would just leave it and then depending on whether you know. You’re looking for buyers for sellers or? like people interests in your restaurant or whatever it might be You can, go through, and mess around with the targeting here just like for example if you’re looking for for let’s say home owners Okay, so you got like Homeowners right here homeowner association demographic homeowners right there you click on that So that would be good audience probably if you’re looking to work with sellers right now once again i would put this for sellers a solo these campaign but if you’re looking for buyers i would actually probably leave this open-ended now i Would leave this open-ended for probably the first week or ten Days of this advertising campaign running i would get the results and i would get some leads and then i’d call These leads and kind of see like okay are they Qualified leads like What what’s kind of been the overall feel of all these leads and then i would tweak things after i run it for a Maybe a week or two right the reason, why is because? once i’ve gone through and i’ve gotten, some leads for you know, two to five dollars, per lead whatever the lead cost is Facebook’s kind of a little bit better trained as to who are the people more likely to opt into our landing page okay So it’s it’s called training the pixel so that facebook pixel is basically facebook’s tracking mechanism and so that’s what We want to go through and use and the more data We give facebook just the better it works just it just does and so the less detailed targeting We have right out of the gate it actually works better for us and then as i mentioned Earlier guys if you know it’s not working super great and a week or two i’d come in here and tighten up that’s that detail Targeting there so maybe throwing homeowners maybe throw. In like something like they’re interested in trulia or zillow or Realtor.com because if they’re, like into those sites that there’s high Potential that they are in the market to go through And buy or sell their home right because if they’re surfing on those it’s just that’s just kind of how it is so now we come down and That’s pretty much it as far as like the targeting but part of the targeting is knowing, where to place your Ad and where people are hanging out, okay so Depending on your budget if like if you’re just starting out like, if i’m targeting a warm market so people have already visited, my website People are already on my, email list, people that have already watched, my video i just typically do the automatic placements Which is recommended they say? Which will idle put it on facebook instagram like pretty much all over the place any place that facebooking can put it your ads They’ll put it there but if you’re Just doing strictly, like, you’re wanting to target a cold audience the best performing one is the news feeds okay So i would just uncheck everything here just coming down uncheck instagram uncheck audience network Uncheck messenger if you, do like if you, do want to use instagram and you Want to try to test that out i would create another, ad set with this exact same format And then make that one to just Instagram news feeds and then uncheck the facebook newsfeed so i would keep them separate so you know Which results are coming from, where cuz Like i’ve, had some ad sets, where like instagram works actually better than facebook news feeds but, overall majority Facebook news feeds will work better than instagram news feeds right now coming down here The budget obviously this, is kind of up to you starting out i typically recommend for real estate agents to start with ten Bucks a day obviously that depends on how much money you really have to invest into advertising If you, don’t have that much you know, go down, to five bucks a day or you go as High, as twenty bucks a day or you can even go, like this instead of a daily budget Do a lifetime budget, okay, so let’s say, maybe we’ve got $100 to spend and we’ll spend it over the next month so may 24th to june 24th and that’s kind of how We’ll put that together, okay, so so that’s pretty much it then, we just hit continue and we set up the? ad and that’s Pretty much it i mean it’s pretty simple right if you guys have questions on how to set the ad once again that facebook Ads mini-course 100% free my gift to you is you got just as a subscriber my hook You, guys, up with that training there so just comment down below Thumbs up video whatever’s asked for it we’ll give it to you, no problem, okay so anyway hopefully this helped with the facebook, ads? Targeting and knowing how to go through and segment the audience’s how Big the audience size should be and just some different things as far as like not Getting too targeted with our interests but being able to go through and after we get some data in? Being able to like kind of like tighten that up a little bit so anyway guys if you, guys have any questions make Sure you drop, them down, below i try to answer all the questions here on the channel Also if you found this helpful go ahead give it a Thumbs up and because we’re brand new here make sure you guys Subscribe because we launch new, videos every single week showing you how to generate more leads make more money and grow Your business so thanks, again, for watching guys, and with that said, we’ll see you all later

100 thoughts on “Facebook Ads Targeting in 2019 | How to Target for Real Estate Agents

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