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Facebook Ads Targeting 2019 – Facebook Targeting For Beginners & Experts

Facebook Ads Targeting 2019 – Facebook Targeting For Beginners & Experts

What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here. And in this video we’re gonna be covering Facebook ads targeting for 2019 and we’re gonna cover several different scenarios So if you’re a complete beginner and you have no business no, like existing business you want to get started with Facebook ads I’m gonna show you exactly how to get started with that route Or maybe if you’ve been in business for a little bit and you have a list of leads You’ve got a little bit of a database I’m gonna show you guys how to effectively Leverage that database with your Facebook Ads targeting and then also if you’ve been in business for a while now You’ve got this big list of leads. You’ve got this massive database not only leads but also this database of customers I’m gonna show you how to effectively leverage those databases for your Facebook ads targeting and guys the great thing about this is this is all up to date with all of the new algorithm updates that Facebook just announced just a couple of days ago So if you guys watch my video just the other day and you’re like man How do I go through and do all my targeting this video is gonna be able to explain everything step by step for you? No matter if you’re a complete newbie or in that intermediate stage or even an advanced business owner advanced marketer and how to go through and effectively target people for your business with your Facebook Ads now before we dive into things too deep if you guys give this video a thumbs up, I’m gonna share with you guys my 100% free facebook ads cheat sheet You can see over here on the side plus my 100% free facebook ads mini course Which has hours and hours of content that I’ll be able to share with you guys so if you give this video a thumbs up and Stick with me here at an end of this training. I will be able to give all this to you guys 100% for free. Alright. So with that said guys, let’s jump over here into the Facebook Ads manager Let’s make this big and I want to show you guys each one of these steps So let’s say first and foremost that you are a complete newbie You’ve got a new business or you’re completely brand new to Facebook guys or like man Jason I don’t know how to target you saw my video that I launched on Monday, which I’ll also link up here and you’re like Oh man, this Facebook Ads really dead. Like how do I actually effectively target the audience? I’m trying to go after with my Facebook Ads without getting penalized by Facebook Well for this we’re going to go through and if you’re a newbie We’re gonna break down if you are a local business or even if you are a national business So you’re targeting people outside of your state and you want to go and hit everyone So the first one let’s say you are a local business Because I know there’s a lot of realtors on my channel that follow me. So let’s just break this down So first what we want to do Is go over here and we’ll click create a campaign and we’ll just whizz through this really quick We’ll hit start over and for this one we’ll just hit traffic Which I’ve got a lot of other videos talking about which campaign objective you should use but just to get to the specific ad targeting Spot I want to just go in here and what we’re gonna do. Let’s say you are a local business You’re like Jason. I have no leads. I have no no Facebook followers. No, no one’s visit my website. No customers nothing well, if you’re a local business all you’re gonna do is gonna come out out and here to the locations for your facebook ads targeting you’re gonna exit out of the United States and Let’s say that you live in let’s say Eugene, Oregon. Alright, so we’ll say Eugene, Oregon Boom, we select that Okay, and now over here it’s gonna give us an audience size now typically depending on the size of your city I usually like say Eugene Oregon with a 10-mile radius okay, so now this is gonna bring us down to about 240,000 people which that’s a pretty good size of an audience when you’re running your Facebook ads now If you live in like a super small town in Wyoming or something like that and within a 10-mile radius There’s only like twenty to thirty thousand people you might want to expand that to twenty-five plus miles Now another thing I like to do in here is on locations instead of saying everyone in this location I like to do people who live in this location now with that said though if you are like a Restaurant or a business that doesn’t matter if the people actually live in the community then you want to do everyone in this location Okay, now you can see right here how it dropped to? 220,000 people now if I’m a realtor I probably don’t care about people just passing through maybe visiting, Eugene, Oregon Right because they’re probably not looking to buy or sell a home. But if I’m a restaurant, okay, or maybe even I don’t know like a massage parlor or something like that somebody like it. Just just visiting might still come into my business Then I might just do everyone in this location now all of Facebook’s new targeting updates and changes they’re making which I shared this article just the other day on that video and They talk about discrimination a lot discrimination based on age gender income a lot of different things so what I typically do and this Honestly guys I’ve been doing this for way longer than Facebook’s even made this announcement and it’s been working extremely well So this is not some new theory that I’m just creating just to go through and get you guys to watch my videos, right? So we come down here I just leave the age the gender all this stuff just as is and I don’t even worry about it Okay, so if you’re a local business, this is exactly how I would do this. Now. Let’s say you’re a complete newbie You don’t have any existing audiences to work off of? But you are going through and targeting across the entire United States or if you live in another country Across your entire country, so we’ll come over here we’ll say everyone in this location webs out of here and we’ll say we’ll go back to the United States just Like it was from the get-go. Now, what we want to do is actually add in some interest targeting over here Okay Now if we pull up what’s called audience insights Which all you got to do is to search up here in the top You can see this audience insights got a pulled up right here You can score and find people that you should be targeting on Facebook to really help you out Discover who the audience are that you should be targeting Okay, so you can either go everyone on Facebook or people connected to your page? Now this first scenario obviously is you’re completely brand new and you’re going nationwide with the campaign so you don’t have an existing audience So we’re gonna go everyone on Facebook now over here. You can see we have the different targeting options So like let’s say that we want to go through and target an interest of let’s say people interested in basketball Okay, so we come in here we type in basketball and it gives us the statistics on this Specific interest right here. So people in United States Really any age any gender that like basket ball? You can kind of see like how many women versus how many men on? Facebook the relationship status lots of single people lots of married people Education level and then you can also see like the typical job title in relation to the people that like basketball now one that I like to use what I’m going through and choosing my targeting is I come up here to page likes and What I will do up here is it’ll actually give you what’s called an affinity score So it’s going to give you a score over here. So like Dick’s Sporting Goods This is an 18 times affinity score Which means that like people that like Dick’s Sporting Goods are very closely related To people that like the interests or are interested in basketball So when you come over here with your targeting you can say hey I want to target Dick’s Sporting Goods or Academy Sports Plus outdoors or Under Armour. Look, those are all eighteen times Okay in the 17 times you got NFL memes book VIP UFC Team USA Planet Fitness. Okay, you’ve got all these ones over here So now what we can do Is we’ve got Dick’s Sporting Goods. We can just copy that and I’m just gonna come back over here and type in Dick’s Sporting Goods Okay. So right here, we’ve got the interest there’s 8 million people and this is closely related to The basketball topic if we’re gonna be going through and trying to show our ads to people that are interested in basketball now Let’s say if you’re in the real estate space Which a lot of you guys are we come back over here and let’s say basketball really doesn’t matter So we’re gonna come in here and we’re gonna do let’s say Trulia Ok, so we’ll say Trulia right there and then it’s gonna update it’s gonna take a second update here But it’s gonna give our page audience. So we’ve got the affinity score of Trulia. We’ve got Zillow We’ve got home goods Pottery Barn So all these different things words, like if people are interested in Trulia, they’re probably also interested in these different items over here So this also can work like if you guys are going to go target just your community specifically so like we Eugene, Oregon With a 10-mile radius and if you want to get more specific and say hey I also want them to be interested in Pottery Barn and home goods and zillow and trulia You can do that The only thing is why I usually don’t say size 1 I say don’t do that Is because your audience just gets too small over here and then the ads just are not as effective Okay, so that’s basically guys if you guys are completely brand new whether you’re a local business You want to target your specific city with the ten mile radius doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in Or if you’re starting completely from scratch and you’re a nationwide business you want to use the audience insights tool Type in in this interest category over here Whatever. The topic is is related with your business that you’re selling and then look at the page likes over here and then when we’re Coming over here to the interests You want to go through and type those in to be able to start creating those? Initial audiences from scratch now one last thing you guys can do right here Which I highly recommend is going over and creating a what I kind of like call an introduction video So this is a video I have on my Facebook page I don’t remember if I it looks like I would run Tunde. So this is only one point five thousand views right here But what you can do is you can create a video just like this just a couple of minutes long telling about you your business what you do and why people should work with you and then you can promote it to either your specific community or if you’re doing a nationwide campaign to people interested in that specific topic and The great thing about this is that you can get video views for just one penny per video of you Okay So like this one point five thousand people that have viewed this video That cost me probably like fifteen dollars to get those people to watch this video now the great thing about this when it comes to your audience targeting with your Facebook ads is You can create a custom audience of saying hey I only want to target people who have already watched 10 seconds of this video or I want to target those people that watched 25% of this video which there’s a four-minute long video that’s about a minute of the video and you can create these custom audiences Right out of the gate. And then from those custom audiences. I’ll say let’s say of the 1,500 people have watched this Let’s say 200 people have watched 25% of the video Now the cool thing is what we can do is we can create a look-alike audience From the people who have watched this video or a portion of this video Now what a look-alike audience is is we can say hey Facebook the 200 people that have already watched X amount of the video We want you to find other people that have the same interests the same income the same Like online shopping behavior as those people and we want to target people just like those people now there might be some pushback now at this point many people are the saying like well like Facebook doesn’t allow you to discriminate against certain people Well, that’s true but the truth is Facebook still has all this data on all these people and they can secretly Go through and give you this data through these look-alike audiences And that’s what they do and these look like audiences and these custom audiences work extremely Well, so the quick recap if you’re completely brand new if your local Target your city with the 10 mile radius If you’re in if your national target your country that you’re going after with the interest targeting found in audience insights and then a great way to go through and create your first Custom audience of people that hopefully know like and trust you is running a Facebook Video ad just like this Getting people to watch it for just one penny per video view and then creating a look-alike audience off of this initial video Ok, so let’s say at this point. We are like an intermediate business. They’re like, okay Jason. I’ve already got the initial Groundwork done. I like I’ve got people this is my website. I have a list of leads I’ve got that initial database, but maybe you don’t have a ton of customers or buyers Let’s jump over here. And what we want to do is we want to go into this audience tab So if you guys are not sure how to pull this up All you got to do is type in audiences up here at the top go to this audiences tab And that’s what we’ll pull this up where we can create a custom audience so this is exactly where we create the custom audience that I told you about people who’ve already watched your video and then we also create the look like audience of people that look like people who’ve already watched our video to expand our audience and then now if you guys already have a list of leads this database what you want to do is you want to upload this database in This audience section now just to show you guys this this is act like actually what I do So right here, we’ve got this video right here Theresa. This is people who’ve watched ten seconds of this video So we’ve got about 16,000 people right here So just like I was showing you guys a little bit earlier we have this audience of 16,000 people That is a very specific audience We can go in target now and then we can even create a look-alike audience off of this audience right here So we just click right here and then we do is go up to actions Create a look like okay So when we go to create a look like we say 10 seconds of the Teresa video view and we choose a location so we say in the United States and then what I like to do and what I recommend anyone spending less than 1500 or 2000 dollars per day which is a lot of money is about 50,000 to 60,000 dollars. Every single month is Just stick with a 1% audience this is a big enough audience that you don’t have to go to 2 or 3 or 4 percent now if you get beyond the $2,000 a day mark, then come back and talk to me We can talk about more of the 2 to 3 to 4 percent But at this point most people are gonna just be in this 1% Look-alike audience you hit create audience and all it’s going to do is just drop down in your customer audience list Now the next thing is you want to go through and upload your list of leads K So this is that second that more intermediate type of marketer or business owner So are you going to do is come over here to create audience? Create a custom audience And then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna upload a customer file Now if you think about this whole process you’ve got like the customer lifecycle Okay, so you’ve got people that have maybe engage with your Facebook page. They’ve watched your video. They visited your website That’s kind of like the initial like checking out your business and then they move to the next step Okay. So this is like beginner they move to the next step and they have become a lead So you have their name their phone number their email address you have their contact information, but they haven’t actually become a buyer yet Okay, so we have these three stages like searching out your info they’ve given you their info because they’re very interested And so this is obviously a much warmer better prospect than over here And then we have the the end stages of somebody that’s actually a buyer Like if we have a thousand people visit our website over here we might have 200 people that have given us their contact information and from those 200 we might have 20 or so people that have actually bought our products So the idea is if you’re a new business owner is with 20 people over here. That’ll buy our products we want to get to the point where we have a Thousand people that bought our products just like we have over here of the thousand people that visit our website Now in order to do that What we need to do is we need to get more people Onto our website more people to become leads and more people to then buy and this is exactly how we do that. So, Initially get more people to our website or watch our videos We’re gonna use custom audiences like the Facebook engagement the website traffic that’s over here Okay, then the next customer file is going to be lead So we’re gonna come over here customer file and we’re gonna import a file of people’s names phone numbers and email addresses That they’ve given us their contact info, but maybe they haven’t bought a product yet from us Now you typically want at least I would say about 300 to 500 even Leads before you actually go through and do this step the more leads You have the better the quality the better the bigger the audience and even the better the look like audience you’ll be able to create So all you’re gonna do is just say add customers from your own file or copy/paste file You can download their file template or you can copy and paste your contact info right here Give it a name and then hit next and you’re gonna complete it and it’s done now I’m not going to go through and do that. So let’s just come back out here But I’ve got it’s like this audience right here this new buyer audience right here We’ve got about below through 1,000 what I would do is just come over here now that I’ve created the audience and then once again I just go through create a look like audience of my leads Okay, so we cover basically step one If you’re a complete beginner how to get started step two if you’re kind of an intermediate stage, you know, like hey I’ve got a list of leads I’ve got you know A couple hundred people on my leads database you want to upload those and then create a look like audience of those people But the thing is if you’re at this stage, you also want to be doing the beginning stages things as well okay, you still want to be going through and targeting people either in your local community to Expand that list of leads that you’re getting right here And then the third step that you want to do is go through and do the same Exact audience import but just of your buyers so create an audience custom audience Customer file and then come over here and add Customers and so if you’ve got stripe or PayPal or like maybe you’re in real estate So you just have the contact information of past clients pass by or sellers Whatever it is and just upload their information in here. Now. You can go through and upload their email phone all this info Okay, but like you only need their email or just their phone or just any of that set You don’t need all of the different data points, but obviously the more data points You have the more precise and more accurate Your custom audience is gonna be and then you give it a name hit next go create it once again You want to create a look-alike audience of this audience? All right guys, so I know that was a lot So hopefully you guys were able to stick with me here throughout this whole video So first if you are a complete beginner go through and if you’re a local business Target your specific city with a 10-mile radius Or if you’re a nationwide business target your country or the country you’re trying to go after with the audiences or the interest based off of the audience insights that you found and Then from there you’ll also want to create the custom audiences once you get to the point of anyone who’s viewed your original introduction video and once again, This is optional is not something you have to do If you’re not great on camera, or you don’t want to be on camera But then also you want to create an audience people who have visited your website so you can see right here This is in the last 28 days got about 13,000 people so you want to go through and start collecting that and then what you’d ideally want to do is create a look like 1% look like audience in your country based off of that audience and then once you kind of get to that stage where you’ve got you know 3 to 500 leads you want to upload those leads you want to create a look like audience off of those leads and you want to be able to target those audiences as Okay, and then once you get 300 to 500 plus buyers you once again you want to upload that as a custom audience create a look like audience based off of those buyers and then once again You’re able to go through and target all those people with your Facebook Ads and as you can probably tell The more you move up this way of, you know, people visit your website versus leaves versus buyers These people that you’re gonna be targeting are gonna be a lot higher quality Contacts because obviously they’ve already paid you money and Facebook is finding other people that are just like them They look just like them and so they’re more likely to pay you a lot of money as well so anyway guys with that said once again if you guys do want my Facebook ads cheat sheet right over here give this video a thumbs up and I also add a link down in the description And the top comment that you guys can just go and download this 100% for free And also if you have any questions like anything like man Jason that was like crazy. That was way too much stuff Just drop a comment down and below the video. I respond and answer every single one of the questions So just drop your question down below. I’ll be able to answer that for you No problem, but hopefully this helps you with your facebook ads targeting moving forward with your marketing your advertising in 2019 with your business. So once again, thanks so much for watching and I will see you all later

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