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facebook ads spy tool free

facebook ads spy tool free

Brandi: 00:00 Have you been thinking about
running a facebook ad campaign, maybe your competitor are and you love to see what they’re
running so stick around because in this video I’m going to show you my favorite hack for
spying on your competitors in their facebook ads. Do you love digital marketing and online business? If that’s you? Go on and hit, subscribe and click that little
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Brandi and Co. Show. Are you about to run a facebook ad or are
you currently running facebook ads? Before you run another facebook ad? Watch this video because I’m going to share
with you my number one facebook ad hack and how to spy on your competitors. If you need inspiration for your ads or you
just want to see what the top dogs are doing in your industry. Brandi: 00:53 This is the one tool I use before
running any facebook ad for myself or for my clients, and this is the one you’re going
to want to use before you run your next facebook ad campaign. Okay, so you’re thinking about running facebook
ad or you’re currently running facebook ads, but you know someone in your industry that
is totally killing it and you want to know what are their ads look like? What are they doing? Well, I’m going to show you how you can spy
on your competitors and get ideas inspiration on running your next facebook ad campaign
with one simple trick and the best thing is it’s built into facebook. This is one of the things I do for myself
when I run facebook ads and for all of my clients before we started a campaign. So it’s definitely something that you’ll want
to implement into your facebook ad strategy after you watch this video. Brandi: 01:44 So we’re going to have, okay,
so let’s head on over to facebook. Okay, so now we’re on facebook. So let’s head on over to Amy Porterfield because
pretty much everyone knows Amy and because she’s currently running them. So let’s click now. Here’s the thing. If you want to use this tool, you can only
use it on business pages because that’s where you run ads through and it will only show
you if they are currently running an ad. So if they’re not currently running an ad,
this is not gonna work. So what you’re gonna do is when you come to
someone’s business page, you’re going to go down here on the side to info and ads and
you’re going to click and this is going to pull up all her active ads that she has, which
is really cool. So you can see the copy, you can see the photos,
you can see everything what she’s linking to and so this is really cool because it’s
showing you every single ad she currently has running. Brandi: 02:49 It also is going to tell you
the people who manage this page, where they’re from, it’s going. This is a really tool that I love, is that
you can go over here and see which countries she’s running ads in. So these are all the US countries, but let’s
go to Australia and this is the ads that she’s running in Australia. So a little bit different, some of them are
the same, some of them are different and you can see. So that’s really cool. And then let’s try one more country. Let’s do, I don’t know, let’s pick cypress
and see what she’s running. So you can see these are a little bit different. So not all of hers are targeted everywhere. Some of them are very specifically targeted
and so that is how you can kind of view or you can do ads for inspiration but I like
using this because you can see if her wording is different, not necessarily with her but
some of your competitors. Brandi: 03:52 And then you can also see if
your competitors are a local business and they’re running them in the UK. That doesn’t really make sense. So you can kind of spy on your competitors. And so I love this. You could see exactly what her ad copy is. And so this kind of just shows you some really
good examples of ads because if amy Porterfield’s doing it, it’s probably performing pretty
well because she probably has a specialist that runs her ads. So you can kind of bet they’re going to be
awesome. Now if you go to someone else’s ads and you’re
not really sure how they’re performing, just because they have ads running and you can
see him doesn’t mean that they’re good ads. So it’s Kinda one of those things you just
look inspiration, use the people that you admire, like Amy Porterfield or Gary v or
things like that. Brandi: 04:46 And you can check out what their
ads look like and see. Now this is just for the ad copy and the design. You’re not going to see they’re targeting
or anything like that, but it kind of gives you a little cheat to see what your competitors
are doing. So it’s a pretty cool tool and one that I
use before I run any ad campaign. Okay? So that is my favorite, favorite facebook
ad hack and one that I used for every single client and myself. So if this is something you’re going to use
before you run to your next facebook ad in the comments, go on and put. Heck yes. So I know that this is a trick you’re going
to use. You love this video. Go ahead and give it a thumbs up so I know
you loved it. Comment heck yes. So I know you’re going to use it, and then
if you still need some facebook ad inspiration, you can go on and download my facebook ad
swipe files for creatives in the description below. I’ll link get and you can go in and grab that. And that’s going to give you some major inspiration
for ads that are already performing amazing and it has copy and designed for you. So go ahead and download that Gimme a thumbs
up if you liked it, and then leave me any comments below. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Are you excited about finding out what ads your competitors are running? Tell me in the comments if this is a tool that you will be using for your next Facebook ad campaign!

  2. Woah! This is fantastic information! I had no idea you could do this. Thanks so much for sharing these tips Brandi. This will definitely help me in the future!

  3. I can find competitors interest targeting and groups your audience are in. Been at this for a year a cracked it finally.

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