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Facebook Ads Shopify: How To Turn $5 Into $1000 Over and Over

Facebook Ads Shopify: How To Turn $5 Into $1000 Over and Over

Hey, so you have your Shopify store, it’s all set up you got your products inside you’re ready to go But yet nobody’s buying your products. Nobody’s coming your store. What are you gonna do? You’re gonna go off and you’re going to find Targeted traffic and you’re gonna send that right into your Shopify store and that’s when you’re gonna start earning income That’s when you’re gonna start to become very profitable with your Shopify store. So what is that? My name is Tyler Pratt And I like to help entrepreneurs just like you go out there have success and we can do it right here on the Internet so for me Shopify is one of those things that as soon as you know, I would put up stores and I would struggle to try to find traffic as soon as I started to find really Targeted traffic as when my Shopify stores really started to take off and that’s what I want to show you in this video So if your drop shipping if you’re new to shop Shopify if you’re finished Shopify before you’re just struggling to find the right traffic That’s what I want to do for you, right? Here before we do that though there’s gonna be a subscribe button and a bell make sure you hit both of those and smash that like button so that way You know that it’s gonna help this video get out to more people so that way more people get this targeted video Training for their Shopify store. So let’s jump right into it So if you have a Shopify store, most likely you’re going to be drop shipping products Okay, you’re going to be using the you know The plugins to help you drop ship your products from Shopify and out to your customers. So for me, what I like to do is some of the products that I use are gonna be geared towards women the reason why is because I feel like Women are always shopping more on online. My wife is always shopping online. So I want to target people that are buying stuff online So women always gonna be the people that I’m going to target with my Shopify store. So what I like to do is Start with something. That’s very basic and very easy We’ll start with jewelry. So With Aliexpress you look I’m gonna so I typed in jewel right here. And so I’m gonna do orders so the reason I like to do orders is because of the reason that When you look at orders you look at if there’s a ton of orders on Aliexpress, let me see here You go at the beginning here and make sure I got the right Go all the way back to the beginning let’s type in jewelry Undo by orders okay, so the orders are basically when I see a ton of orders for a product that means that there’s a lot of dropshippers a Lot of people using it. I’m always going to go after Products that are shipping. Well, they’re that you know that are sending out To a lot of people and a lot of you know products So the thing is is when I look at different products like this I’m always looking for the really inexpensive products. Like this one here is fifty eight cents a dollar dollar forty five that way I can ship these out and make it ton of profit so I can sell these for Ten fifteen twenty dollars I can sell them all day long and I can just turn these over and over and over again And make it really really big profit on these Rings are always going to be really big when I find really good rings jewelry, you know rings for women I really jump on those. The necklaces are always going to be really good And so I just look for good products like that So then once you find your good product like that What you want to do is we’re going to use Facebook ads to target your particular audience okay, or just find the audience to to target for your Shopify store So when you come in here if you haven’t used Facebook obviously you want to get a business account get inside of your Facebook account and you want to go over to audiences and You want to type in audience insights and then from audience insights you’re going to go to I’m going to type in the jewelry right here under interest Okay. Now Facebook gives us all this data. That’s why Facebook is a great place to to start Advertising because you can get you can really zero in on the target audience that you want it to target So right here is when I type in jewelry 77% are women and then twenty five to thirty four? so right then in there we’re going to target women and we’re going to target the age group of twenty five to thirty four that Means this is the biggest percentage of group that we’re going to target right here So if the women are out there, what pages do they like? What are they searching for? What are the things that they’re most you know active with? So right here you got women’s clothing store. You got the mint Julep boutique and then you got cosmetic stores got uLTA Beauty. There’s Shopping they like coupon. They like furniture stores IKEA clothing They got like adore me nordstrom’s Old Navy American Eagle. So these are the pages that we want to target So people like these pages. Those are the ones we want to target it’s so important that you understand that when you’re tarp when you’re Finding a target audience That you have to really zero in on the people that are gonna buy your products If you’re just thinking we’ll all women from all over the world are gonna be one in your product Then you’re going to be spending a lot of money and you’re not gonna be able to turn that over So all we have to do with Facebook Ads you just have to create ads that are like 500 you can spend like $5.00 a day on these now if you’re really turning over profit then you want to increase your daily spend But you want to just start off with $5 because if you’re just starting out and you’re just trying to figure this out $5, it’s not going to really hurt you that much and it’s going to give you some data to let you understand what’s working and What’s not working? so when you go into your Facebook Ads manager and you you create a you know an ad right here an Ad set okay, so I’m not gonna go into more details about the ads I just want to really zero in on the targeting for you because that’s if you can nail the targeting Then your ad can kind of suck. You’re right if your ad sucks But you nail the targeting you’re definitely going to be rockin them with conversions Okay, so you want to with your conversion you want to find your? You know find it find your pixel code and you want add your fixed pixel code into your website You always want to do conversion ads on these. So what you’re looking for is somebody that when they buy the product or You know, they get into your cart and things like that conversions is always gonna be the best for Facebook ads and Then you come out here to daily budget and you can set this to $5 And you can start it. I just started, you know from the date of you know, getting this You know, whatever. I’m just gonna start that date right then. I don’t usually set any dates on this I just go $5 start date. Boom when I hit publish and it goes so custom audiences You don’t really have custom audience for this yet. But what you want to do right here is an age group You got remember our age group is going to be Demographics. It’s going to be 25 through 34 So here we go, let’s go 25 Through 34 okay. So and then we’re going to do women And what I like to do so we’re gonna do United States United States is gonna have the most Income for women they’re gonna be shopping languages. I’m gonna put in English. I’m gonna put an English US now here’s the detail targeting so we have Let’s go to page likes so we have mint julep not really sure what that is, but let’s go the mint Julep see what pops up the mint julep boutique Okay, so there we go 606 So you got six hundred thousand people. These are women between ages 25 to 34 that you could potentially target But let’s increase this uLTA Beauty Let’s build it right? Is it old? Uh, let’s just type it Alta ULTA Beauty so you so you got uLTA Beauty Employers you don’t want to do that one. There’s also beauty interest That’s the one you want to do right here says size twenty seven million on that Okay, so seven, we’re up to seven thousand six hundred Potential people that is a pretty good number. I like typically like to do anything from like Maybe two or three million and under seven is gonna be a little high But it’s super targeted right now if you wanted to if you’re in looking for your target And you’re not to the maybe two or three million? Potential reach then start adding more so like ad group on or IKEA ad Nordstrom’s Old Navy American Eagle just add any of these into that. Okay, you can see that Like if we come back here and we type in old Nate old Navy So old Navy so you have Old Navy interest right here so that’s 11,000 people that can be added to that So if we add that to that so now we’re at eight point nine Let’s see here. Let’s go with IKEA IKEA is big 72,000 so now we’re at 9500 see if we can get to ten thousand or ten million Let’s see home goods is a really really good one Home goods Interest So right potential reaches 10 million right now, okay. So right now a potential reach of Just women between the ages of 25 and 30 for 10 million people in that range United States We’re only gonna put up a fight our ad and Then another thing you want to do is you want to edit the placements? Okay, so we’re gonna do both mobile and desktop but I’m gonna take out everything else everything else except the feed a lot of this other stuff is You know, I just don’t like to use it because I feel like that People use their their fee the most and that’s where the most eyeballs are at. So I’m gonna use the feed Always so I take that off but now see what a potential reach and went back down to 7.1 million, which is fine. So you have edit placement and then I come down here to Come here. We’re mat this one right here. So I’m gonna go one day click Okay, so seven, we’re at 7 million 100,000 people that we’re targeting right now Okay, so we got our website conversion you want to setup your conversion and you do that through the pixels You have the pixel on your your Shopify store And then you’re gonna have to use the conversion settings inside of Facebook in order to make sure that conversion shows up in your stats because they’re gonna what what’s gonna happen is your ads gonna run and Facebook’s going to go out there and it’s going to try to get your ad out there to the most people and it’s going to try to Find the right people that’s going to convert to so The better your convergence is setup the better your ads are going to be it’s going to give Facebook the data that it needs in order to get the conversions coming in to your to your Shopify store, and then all you have to do is you set up your ad and hit publish and you’re ready to go Now what you’re going to be doing here is you’re just gonna be tests and things. Okay, you’re gonna be testing different you know interest if you think that you’re not really getting a lot of You know data from any of these then maybe start taking some of these out. So just go like HomeGoods take out archaea Go Old Navy Maybe you want to take out the Jubilee boutique and maybe you just want to target Ulta So now we’re down to four people. Okay. So what you want to do is is Don’t just come in here and change this one up Duplicate this want this Ad set and then take that ad set and then publish a new one So never want to you know inside of your ad sets. You never want to create a new one So let’s look at let’s take it out here. So if you look right here, so you got An ad set right here. Okay, so the ad set that we have set up right here And sets So the ads that we have set up interest we have so we have alta we have jewelry And then what you can do is just duplicate this so you can see a duplicate link right here Duplicate the ad set and then change it up. So if you want to just do like Ulta if you wanted to do Old Navy target those specific groups And then you can save those as an ad set and if you wanted to take those the other ones off like, you know And just you know, unplug the other one and so you’re only doing five dollars ads, but you want to test these all the time As soon as you find a winner, okay, then you’re going to just expand from that Now what you can do though is as people are coming to your Shopify store. You should be building a custom audience from that So all women that that click on your link go to your Shopify store there browse around your Shopify store maybe they buy stuff start building a custom audience from that now what that custom audience you can expand that to Look-alike audiences and all that good stuff But when you’re first getting started you have to build up the data and that’s why you have to spend you know as little as possible in order to get that and once you get that data rolling you get that pixel rolling and you start building custom audiences Then it’s gonna start to grow and you’re gonna be able to really target even better and you’re gonna get cheaper ads from that Okay, you’re gonna be able to spend even more and you’re gonna get cheaper cheaper ads coming from Facebook. Okay. So, there you go That’s all you got to do to turn five dollars into you know, a very profitable Shopify income stores Just target the right audience. Okay, use the audience insights and just target exactly who it is that you’re targeting Okay, if it’s women if it’s men, maybe it’s older men. Maybe it’s younger man. Maybe it’s younger women Maybe it’s whatever it is You want to come in here to your interest and just find out what is you know? Who’s who’s using the most stuff inside of Facebook Facebook? It’s gonna give you all that data and you’re gonna be able to run with that day But just match what Facebook tells you to do run your ads on that run your ad sets and you should be good to go There you go. It’s all you gotta do go out there take action on it. Let me know in the comments Let me know how you can get some success going. Let me know how you’re going with your stores Let me know how you’re you know Making them profitable and they just let me know if you have any questions about this ad set and this targeting Hey, so if you like this video make sure you hit that like button share it with your friends Also, make sure you comment. Let me know how I can help. This is Tyler Pratt I hope you enjoy that and we’ll see you on

12 thoughts on “Facebook Ads Shopify: How To Turn $5 Into $1000 Over and Over

  1. 5$ to 1000$ damn. Just like bitcoin. But all in all, the information and tricks are all very simple, easy to follow, and I think will give you leads if you followed it.

  2. 5$ to 1000$ damn. Just like bitcoin. But all in all, the information and tricks are all very simple, easy to follow, and I think will give you leads if you followed it.

  3. Yeah without traffic you can’t really sell much, but I like free traffic and that’s what I just talked about in my latest video. Thanks so much Tyler!

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