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Facebook Ads Secrets – How To Spy On Your Competitors Facebook Ads 👀

Facebook Ads Secrets – How To Spy On Your Competitors Facebook Ads 👀

What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here And in this view we’re gonna break down some cool Facebook ad secrets some new updates that Facebook made to help you out with your business Okay So many of you guys know I’ve been away from youtube for probably about three maybe even four weeks now I had ACL surgery on August 1st and it is now August 17th And I think I didn’t even make a video about a week before that So just prepping for the surgery because I knew it was gonna be down and out So if you guys been following me beginning of June I went through and I was at the lake was wakeboarding Came down wrong. I came down hard on my back leg and my meat just went so that was unfortunate and then I Waited to do my ACL surgery because I had some fun trips I was going to Dallas for the fourth of July and Then my wife took me to San Francisco for a weekend for my birthday I also went visit my brother over in New York City also had some business all on those the mix between there So I waited until August first and I just got that done It’s nice to have it done that first week if you guys have ever had ACL surgery, man That was that was pretty killer, but I’m now somewhat mobile. I’m in a decent mental state So that’s I was like, you know what I’ll jump in start shooting some more YouTube videos for you guys and share some different things that you know, this one actually this is fairly new This is something that’s I I stumbled upon probably it was probably like a week ago so it’s a new update by Facebook be able to help you guys with your Facebook ads and anything else so This is basically how to spy on your competitors Facebook Ads now the key thing here guys is you do not want to straight-up copy your competitor’s Facebook ads and the reason why is because It’s just it doesn’t help you doesn’t help that like it’s just like who say who’s to say that they actually have a good converting Facebook ad and You know how you’re all like if the second place person if somebody goes through and does a cool concept and you just copy them Everyone already knows that you’re copying them. They already know they’re more familiar with the original concepts So you want to take a look at it see what their kind of marketing – maybe check out their landing pages see what their offers are and You know as Russell Brunson says funnel But just check it out and see how you can go through and make your own spin on things because it doesn’t mean that their ads are the very best or their landing pages that are offers I go through and you know I’ve checked out a couple I don’t I don’t really worry about it too much anymore but I’ve checked out a couple people’s ads and stuff and Honestly, I’m like, well, I feel like they could probably improve on a few of these things right here So these are just to get some different ideas If you guys are you know? fresh out of ideas for Facebook Ads fresh out of ideas for landing pages for offers or Where to send people to see like, do you send them to a landing page or a webinar registration? Or maybe like a five day challenge or just whatever the offer is that you want to send people to? You can check out what some of the big dawgs the successful people in your niche or whatever are actually doing So what we’re gonna do and you probably already have a list of competitors of yours in mind right now I like a majority of you guys that follow me are real estate agents And so I’ll just give example for the real estate community came So if we come up here and I’m not gonna I’m not gonna pick anything It’s specifically in my but let’s just type in real estate At the top here. So we type in real estate. We’ve got some different pages groups posts What we want to do is want to come over here to actual pages Okay, and then you see we’ve got all these different pages cave real estate worldwide Voto or however you say that the Duncan duo realistic markings you to all these different ones So if we come in here and we click on let’s just click on this top one 33,000 likes to someone obviously he’s got a decent following right here, and we’ll click on real-estate worldwide and Let’s just check this out Okay, real estate service marketing consultant investing service, okay so this would be like he’s probably very similar to what what I do and Let’s see. Okay. Yeah, I recognize this guy right here. Okay so now what we want to do if we want to spy on our competitors Facebook Ads is There’s this new tab over here on the left hand side on the left hand column which some of you guys may have already seen It murmee you’ve already noticed it I’ve met with or talked with some people That have stumbled upon it just like not even wanting to they just kind of figured it out but if you click on this info and ads Facebook ever since their Facebook data breach remember that a few months ago. I did a video on that They’ve wanted to be a lot more transparent with the ads that every business owner is running So what they’ve done is you guys know, they’ve taken a lot of the demographic targeting away Okay, which I’ve covered another video on that of what to do. If you can’t do any demographic targeting that’s totally fine I never do any demographic targeting in my ads work. Just alright, and Also, they want to make it more transparent What businesses are actually running as advertisements case? So they like you can’t go and do like a little hidden ad and like kind of hide behind the scenes they want it to Be a lot more transparent because you come this guy’s Facebook page, you know Ideally and you don’t have to have this obviously on a Facebook page, but you got the phone number You’ve got the website you probably could go through search around find the email address. You can find that contact information So it’s just a lot more transparent and so you can’t really hide behind the computer in essence, right? So we come over here when we click on info and ads We can check out Your scene as that real site is currently running in your location. They aren’t running ads in any other country. Okay Let me just refresh this There should be ok. This is kind of weird. I literally just pulled this one up and just to make sure that they were running ads and it’s Looking like they’re not they’re not running ads. So that’s not true. Cuz I just was on their page Let me just try to click in this again So info more ads obviously, this is amazing when you’re actually shooting a YouTube video, right? Ok guys, that’s really weird. That that was not working. Of course when you’re filming a YouTube video crazy stuff happens Right. It literally was working like five minutes before it’s probably a little bug on Facebook’s and that happens from time to time It happens in the facebook task manager. I’ve experienced it a number of times but they usually get it fixed fairly quick So let’s just try. Let’s try another one of these pages like the Joe Taylor group. Let’s try this. They’re out of Vegas, I believe Okay, so if we come over here we click on phone ads. So these are actual real estate agents, right? We click on in phone ads. There are no ads showed. This page is currently running no ads Okay, let’s find one that actually is running ads. Okay, we’re gonna find one. We’re gonna we’re gonna stick it out We’re gonna actually find a page that is running ads here. So let’s say the Duncan duo real estate Okay in phone ads? There are no as the show. Well Facebook just does not like me today. Okay, let’s just jump in here Okay. Will it see? Okay the Jill’s this their big in Miami, right? So we’ll click on in phone ads I would assume they’d be running ads right now. Okay? Finally we got this. Okay it was Kind of a little bit of a runaround there, but this is what it should look like I think I honestly think that was a bug because I’ve never given me that issue before so if you guys look at this a little Bit later shouldn’t have a problem. But these are the ads that they are running And ideally I’d love to go through and show you guys an AdWords actually going out linking to a landing page But it looks like they’re only running ads to get likes on their Facebook page Which if you guys have followed me for some time now, I highly recommend do not do this the biggest waste of money But let’s see. They’ve got Okay, all of their ads they’ve got about 8,000 likes which is good it’s decent but I Want to do that guys? I would not run that so if you guys go through and still upon a page just like this that’s running Just to get more likes on Facebook. Really there’s no point the reason why is I’ve got over 30,000 people that follow me on Facebook and When I go through and making an organic post if nobody like likes and comments and shares and all that stuff I’m only gonna get maybe a hundred people to see that So there’s no real point of you spending money to go get more likes On your Facebook page and get more followers because if you spend that money to go boost the post that you want to other people to see That’s money just a lot better spent because you’re getting more exposure Right and you’re gonna be able to get people to a landing page. So let me just be able to go through Let me just find one that is actually running some ads that I think would be worth looking at king So let’s see real estate investment Network. This is obviously real estate investments. So it’s a little bit different Let’s just check out here the in phone ads select a country Canada Okay, so it looks like they are running ads in Canada. Okay So like right here is let’s see Tuesday Looks like they’re running an ad for an event So you can kind of check this out for an event and then you could say hey interested And and this is so like the event September 5th and six right here And if you click on get tickets You can see what page they’re actually taking you to so the performance clinic register now you can kind of check out the way they’re doing things so Let’s see get tickets. So they’re they’re really an event based business So if you have a business that you want to go through and throw event This is something you want to find other businesses that do similar types of things and then maybe model them, right? Now I actually have never heard of these guys. So I don’t know how successful they are I don’t know if those ads actually work. So I’m not promising you anything I want to I usually want to find someone who’s already Successful and go check out what they are doing so case so let’s check out. Let’s go to Jordan Dennis says real estate professional right here. We can check this out see in phone ad see what as he’s running Usually when they’ve got bigger followings guys that they more likely to have ads running sometimes some of smaller pages they might not have adjoining all the time like bigger pages are usually gonna have ads running most of the time so you can see this is very similar to the listing leads Model that I use I show I’ve shown you guys before Okay, so they’ve got right here for sale being offered at this price and he’s got several pictures He’s not actually linking out to a landing page, which is interesting So he says ok, call me or message me directly for more information. So that’s the way he’s going about doing this same thing here and then Okay do check out this rad House out. You send a message So if you click on this looks like it’s probably gonna send him a message Okay, dude, check this rad house. And so obviously the idea is to go get to you to go through and message him Which you know, I’ve seen that work fairly well, but lots of times too It’s a little bit more expensive that people are not logged in to message Just what I’ve seen in my experience, so I don’t always love doing that But anyway guys, I just wanted to be able to go through and show you as you guys know, we had some Technical errors or something. I don’t know something going on with Facebook, but normally it does not do that that’s never happened to me before But go ahead Check out your competitor See, what ads they’re running kind of check out the model like the ones we saw that our event based This guy is the straight-up real estate agent. He’s not sent him to a landing page He’s having a call or message him directly which you know, you can test that out as well. See how that works for your business if you know someone’s running webinars, if someone’s running to landing pages or whatever it is, you can check out what they’re doing and See the exact message Call-to-action and just kind of like test out a variety of different things for your business So with that said guys if you guys enjoyed this video, I’m sorry. I Guess it’s the you know, three weeks off. I got to get back in the game I got to get better with these videos and get a more crisp and clean for you guys But hopefully guys this was helpful. If you guys found it helpful. Go ahead. Give it a thumbs up Also hit that subscribe button If you guys are brand new to the channel and hit that notification bell cuz you will be notified every single time We launch new videos, which it will be more consistent now that I’m back from surgery I’m still like I’m guys I’m in this knee brace it’s from my hip down to my ankle still I’ve gotta wear for six weeks, which is kind of annoying especially to sleep in but I mean I’m pretty much hooked up to an ice machine all day long every single day I’ve got it shot right now, but that’s usually my the story of my life right now. So it’s fun but anyway guys to subscribe hit that notification bell hit that thumbs up and also comment down below if there’s any other things that you would like to learn about Facebook as well real estate marketing about about whatever, you know, obviously if I don’t know what I’m not going to share it but With that said guys. Thanks so much for watching and I will see you guys all another time

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  1. Running ads just to get likes definitely helps gain social proof. There is some psychological trigger that goes off in a potential customer's head if they land on your page and you have a lot of likes, followers, ect. Instantly legitimizes a company. Though I agree with you that majority of those likes will never result in a "sale". Thoughts?

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