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Facebook Ads Secrets For 2019: Insider Secrets For How To Make FB Ads 2019

Facebook Ads Secrets For 2019: Insider Secrets For How To Make FB Ads 2019

Hey, what’s up is Rafael here and today? I’m gonna teach you the Facebook ads targeting secrets that nobody shows you Let’s go in my computer and find out let’s go All right now that we’re here in my computer What we’re gonna do is essentially go over the exact things the exact experts secrets now you need to target Better than anybody else right? So if you watch my other targeting master class, which is a lot longer video It’s about an hour an hour in 30 minutes you will learn that obviously you target interests demographics ages genders and Behaviors in your ads right? That’s the first thing you’re gonna test and target. You can do $5 to $10 a day on that But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, right? The next thing that you do is create Look-alike audiences, right? So what Facebook is gonna do? After you target all these interests and graphic ages and behaviors. It’s gonna start to Kind of compile who are the people that add to basket on your website on your store Or the people that purchase on your store Or the leads on your website, right? If you if you’re just doing like lead generation, right? They’re going to start to create a Persona for each of these events right these people that add to basket they are let’s say women 20 to 30 years old in south of the US Right. So those like this is one of the examples in my company, so essentially those are the people that add to basket on your store, right Facebook is Profiling those people as the ones that add to basket and then purchase let’s say women 25 to 28 in Texas that’s the state that you get the most purchases, right? Let’s say that’s a persona That is the profile that Facebook creates as a purchase on your store now after you have 500 events of each Um pixel trigger. So for example, obviously the pixel triggers View content at the basket initiate checkout as well. Let me Adam here initiate checkout Purchase and then you can also have like payment information payment info payment info ads And then view content Not Facebook is gonna have a profile for each one of those events based on the first test that you do with age gender behaviors demographics and interest right that you did with my targeting master calls after that now after you have 500 events for each pixel trigger after you have 5 interview content firing that cart you’re going to start to create look-alike Audiences and look-alike audiences are very easy to create right? All you have to do is go on your audience section There’s a demo account. So obviously When you create a custom audience, what you’re gonna do is essentially go and create a custom audience website traffic You are going to pick your pixel and then you’re going to pick the event in this case We’re gonna do view content in the last 180 days Me you’re gonna write view content 180 days Now when are you going to create your ad See custom audience was creating that was populating. Right? Will you create your ad you create a new campaign? And you go to conversions which is you know What I obviously taught you on the other master class go and watch it or you have it linked in the description below conversions and Now, let’s do a campaign about look-alikes look-alikes Kenyon and Now in this case we’re gonna do us So in this case we are going to do view content here and Now You’re going to choose and see the custom audience right here. You don’t choose it here You’re going to create a new look-alike audience From that custom audience right from the hundred and eighty days From the view content hundred eighty days you create that and now that one Let’s create it in the United States Leave out Germany and now one percent is the closest it can get To as similar as the people that view content on your site, right? You’re telling Facebook Give me people that are very very like The people that view content on my site and the same thing is once you create a custom audience for Add to Cart Purchase is gonna be the same thing, right? You’re going to test these percentages Test one percent versus two percent at first and then start increasing two three four Five until ten right we test of up to ten. Um but essentially you’re gonna tell Facebook give me people that look like that behave like that act like The people that add to basket that initiate a checkout that purchase Add to Cart is usually the top performer Look-alike audience But you know, you have to test it for yourself right now. That’s the first level now the second level is Look-alikes plus interest now. How do you do this? Let’s create a Localized audience In the United States Right. We create a look 1% local audience from you content in the United States We’re gonna leave this as it is and now the next level you create one app set like that Now the next level is combining interest with Look-alike. So you’re telling Facebook. I want people that behave and look like that people have your content on my site and I want them to like let’s say Home Depot if you’re selling like a do-it-yourself tool Now this is even more targeted. This is where the money is combining interests With look-alike audiences and right if you’re a beginner first watch the targeting master class because that’s where you’re gonna start to get your first Couple visits as as soon as you have 500 view content 500 visits your site You create a look-alike audience. And then you test just to look at Gardens alone and Look-alike audience with interest with behavior. You can even do narrow the audience So let’s say I want people I like Home Depot and Dia. Dy DIY, sorry Uh-huh. Yeah, Do It Yourself? Now you tell me Facebook I want people that look like the people of your content on my site that like Home Depot and I like do yourself There’s not a more targeted audience in this Period there’s not a more toyota audience in this and this is where the big big money is This is where you’re gonna go from essentially the first level, which is interesting graphics a Jason Chen their behaviors then next level which is look-alike audiences and then next level which is Look-alikes, press interests, right other things you’re gonna do is create multiple look-alikes So as I said 1 2 percent 3 percent 4 percent from each event after each event hits 500 after each event hits 500 triggers and then the last supports that I’m gonna talk about in this video is Retarget every step of the sales process. Are you gonna do that? You’re essentially to create either Dynamic product ads which you can learn to do If you join my inner circle program my course, but for now, I’m not gonna talk about that You’re gonna retarget you content Add to Cart and initiate check out all and even payment info ads like all of those steps in the sales process We target them with different ads and then retarget latent buyer intent. What does that mean people that? view videos people that engage with your page like you can even do Create a custom audience here custom audience From Visitors buy time spent so you can pick the top 5% of people that spend time on your site, right? Let’s say how your people go five percent spend more than a minute Then you can target on top five percent and then the other thing you can do is essentially people that visit specific web pages Right people that let’s say you have multiple products of multiple niches in your store. And then you wanted to invite that Per category or per product. That’s how you do it you put An audience of people that visit us Pacific web page and then you targeted based on What page they visit and one product they visit and what a product category did it’s it right? That’s essentially how you do it Go ahead and start testing that First do the interest demographics and so on Then after each 500 do the look-alike audiences and then after look-alike audiences you look alike audiences plus interest and you’re going to absolutely crush it and we target every step of the process and Then later buyer intent, which is people have Bisset, you know people that spend time on site Video views, you know, you can create look-alikes of a video views you can create look-alikes off of engagement so all of these are opportunities to target better and let facebook do the work for you that Facebook give you the data that you need to make more money, right? This is dangerous. So go ahead and absolutely crush it with this knowledge that you have right now Thank you so much for watching this video If you enjoyed this video in this knowledge Give me a like in this video down below any thumbs up subscribe and comment below if it helped you, you know Join my group send for your ecommerce groups. So here he comes group. And what’s the webinar that? Seven-figure shop.com webinar. Thank you so much for watching this wish you a great day, and I’ll see you soon

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