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Facebook Ads ROI – Turn $100 Into $1,000 Knowing Your Facebook Ads ROI

Facebook Ads ROI – Turn $100 Into $1,000 Knowing Your Facebook Ads ROI

What’s up guys Jason Wardrop here and in today’s video we’re gonna talk about your Facebook Ads ROI so I was actually going through and I I just got a new sales page for my business and I was gonna go through and set this up and I thought you know what? This is probably beneficial to show everyone here on YouTube how to actually go through and set things up When you want to go through and calculate your Facebook Ads ROI So for every dollar you spend on advertising, you know If you’re making $5 $10 $100 how much money you’re making back out? So with that said if you guys are brand-new here to the channel I just want to let you know if you guys comment Facebook advertising down just below this video I’ll share with you guys my a hundred percent free of Facebook ads mini-course It’ll run you through the Facebook Ads manager how to set up ads how to set the pixel All this kind of the basics that you need to know and how to get started with Facebook guys So give this video a thumbs up also drop a comment down below say Facebook advertising and I will share that with all of you Guys, so let’s just break this down right here. Okay So this is my main webinar registration page so this is where I’m generating my leads from my facebook ads, so they click people will click on my facebook ad and they’ll go to This landing page right here, and they’ll come in they’ll opt-in put in their email address Sometimes they’ll put in their phone number and I generate a lead, right so a great golf find dandy But then we want to know like okay if our cost per lead Let’s say is $5 or $10 when we actually make a sale Okay, how do we know like how profitable our facebook ads are so I’m going through and I generate leads for this This webinar that I do on Thursdays, I do it live every single Thursday and then on the webinar, I basically am going through showing Real estate agents how to generate more leads and how to grow their business and leverage our software by doing that So then at the end of the webinar I send them to this sales page right here. So they come in here We’ve got a ton of different testimonials and this is god, this is alive. This is the brand new sales page I just created like I’ve shown you guys we’re telling you about a little bit earlier and so you can see all this and So when they hit and rule now, it’s ready to go get started. They’ve got an option between the full payment plan the payment plan And they go through and they can see this. Alright here. Okay, so you got PayPal as well as an option So basically what somebody hits this page, I know that they’re a super hot customer I know that there’s somebody that you know, I can go through and set up retargeting as to which as I mentioned earlier guys If you guys comment Facebook advertising down below, I also cover Facebook remarketing Retargeting in that mini course, so make sure you guys grab that But once I come over here if I come over here to my clickfunnels account Okay, once they hit this page right here This is a little confirmation page meaning that they purchased the order so they come in here They first register for my webinar. I generated lead right here And then I’m send them emails reminding about the webinar on Thursday They show up to the webinar at the very end of the webinar I say okay to you know get started go here to this URL and so they come in here they hit the sales page or checking everything out and they hit and roll now they come over here to this order form and then if They they actually buy they’re gonna see this page right here Which is basically the confirmation page so I know that everyone that’s hit this page. So this specific URL right here If they hit this they are an actual buyer. Okay now I’ve got two different payment plans right here so you can do a full payment from 997 or 3 payments of 367 which Equates to a little bit more money overall in the long run It’s kind of like you think about a car payment Right you either pay cash all upfront or if they loan you money or you know home loan same type of thing And so I know that once somebody’s hit this page the value of that person is at least 997 dollars Right. So now I know and I’m gonna show you guys how to set this up here in just a second I’m just kind of going through the basics or hitting this all so you guys can understand why I’m doing what I’m doing but if I go over here To this landing page and I’m generating leads for let’s say $10 a week Okay, $10 a lead And let’s say it takes me 50 leads before I go through and make a purchase right here. So Ten dollars a lead times fifty leads. I’d be $500 and then if they hit this page right here then I’m making 997 basically $1,000. So I’m in essence doubling my money So I want to be able to track how much it costs to generate a lead and Then for every X amount of leads that I’m generating How many sales that I’m getting and so I can know my cost per sale. So maybe my cost per sale it costs $300 let’s say okay $300 to make one sale then I know that I’m basically tripling my money there. All right So now what we want to do with Facebook Is we want to go through and tell them that anyone that ops in so let’s just opt in right here. We’ll just throw in This is my old email address from college will sit save my seat We’ll just exit out that say my seat for the training. So, we now know that anyone that’s hit this page right here Okay, so we know if anyone that’s hit this page they have become a lead So we want to go in we wanted to tell Facebook that so if we come over here And I’ve actually this this webinar registration page I’ve been using for a while now So I’ll just show you guys that I have it in here. I call it the a B for the split test Webinar a be live registrants see right here. Okay. So in the last little bit, you know, you’ve got about eighty six hundred and Okay. Yeah a be live registrants. I think I might have another one right here So yeah, I’ve got it kind of actually a couple times in here, but basically, okay So this is the a be live registrants and I know for every time somebody, you know The conversion happens with a be live registrants that I have a lead a webinar signer So when we come over here to our actual ads campaign You can see we’ve got the results and this is the a/b live This is a new URL that I just started a few weeks ago You can see your cost per results or cost per lead those a few of those are pretty high I need to go and tweak those a little bit got the budget mounts spent and then this is the 4097 purchase as I mentioned, I updated the sales page I need to go through and that’s why these numbers are a little bit lower than normal But what I can basically do is say okay how many leads my generating? How much does it cost per lead? What’s my budget? my cost per 1497 or 997 dollar sale and so you can see my cost per purchase right here it cost me five hundred and twenty-two dollars to make a fifteen hundred ollar purchase, right so although This cost per lead is actually a little bit higher than I like if the cost per sale So for every person that buys the $1,500 product is only five hundred dollars. I’m tripling my money there So I’m actually fine with a little bit higher cost per lead. Whereas we come down here. Let’s say for this one sometimes it’s a little bit skewed and obviously that’s why I’m setting up this this new kind of columns and data because my my tracking is a little bit off because I’ve got up some new sales pages recently, but you can see the $7.38 this isn’t always the case But sometimes your lower cost per lead can actually not necessarily result in sales Okay, so we want to go through we want to set this up And so this is all aligned and accurate with the writes, you know lead generation with the right sales page everything So we’re all set up and ready to go with this. Okay? So what we want to do is wanna come over here and create a custom Conversion so you can see right here this a B live W W So this is the actual webinar registration so I know leads are being generated right here You can see the last seven days has been fired 1.1 thousand times And so basically I’ve generated about eleven hundred leads right there, and it was last active about 20 minutes ago That’s when I last generated lead and you can see this is kind of my older 1497 purchased last received six minutes ago, but I need to go through and update that with this new sales page Of going through and saying, okay This is a 997 or three by 367 payment because I’ve changed up a little bit of the strategy when people are watching my webinar live They’ll have a little bit of the discounted price, but then later on it won’t be that discounted price So that kind of gets that incentive to really buy live on the webinar when I do not Thursday So if we come over here, I want to create a custom conversion. All right Now I’m gonna say anyone that hits this URL They have actually bought either the 997 or the 3×3 six so over the course the time They’re gonna be at least a nine hundred ninety seven dollar value to this to this whole advertising campaign So what I’m gonna do is come in here and I’m gonna copy this URL I’m gonna go over and I’m going to paste it. So I’m gonna say all URL traffic and I’m gonna say the URL contains This URL right here and the reason why I’m going to say contains instead of doesn’t contain or equals or whatever is because as soon as somebody buys There’s gonna be a unique ID. So this like you see how this is. There’s long strand right here There’s gonna be in a longer strand basically identifying who that person was as a purchase So I don’t want to say it just equals this because it’s not gonna equal that exactly just like you see up here You see this unique identifier. So you’ve got this UV ID equals this long strand right there That’s because each individual lead is actually gonna have a different strand right there. That’s why I took Just the webinar confirmation and everything before In which we could given that a lot of details there, but we won’t hit that today. So we just want to take this URL Okay, and then we’re gonna go say URL contains and then we can say this is the real estate 997 purchase Right there and then we’ll say select a category And it is a purchase and then the value you can actually put in a value So then when you’re looking at your advertising columns with Facebook you can see okay like I spent three hundred dollars and that one purchase equated to 997 dollars so we’re gonna go through and do 997 and it’s kind of weird you see right here It says nine nine point nine seven Two zero and make sure that this number down here Equates to what you’re wanting to go through and set up so I don’t know. Why does that? Um, see if you put a zero there or a period it just kind of post it up It’s kind of weird, but we come down here and we’ll hit create Okay, so now it’s okay created but now what’s gonna happen is this is going to be down at the very bottom Okay, and this is no activity yet. So what I want to do is I want to refresh this page And you can see if you’ve watched my past videos and you’ve gotten that Facebook Ads mini course We’ve got the pixel installed up here So that’s what it communicates back with Facebook and knowing that okay, somebody actually did purchase So now that we refresh this right here and told Facebook look this conversion is live It’s set up ready to go we come back here and we refresh this page And this will pop up to the very top if we did this right which let’s hope we did Okay, so now what’s this loads it says? Okay real estate 987 purchased last received in the last minute Okay, so conversions receiving last sunday zero Because this is just barely active barely live right there So now if we come back we want to go through and set up our Facebook Ads columns to be how much like the budget was right then we want to see like what the cost was per lead and Then how much it costs us to generate a sale how many leads we got? How many sales we got and set all that data up once we come to the ads manager? we’re gonna click on our Campaign where we’re driving all of our traffic for this webinar registration page and what we can do is come over here to this Column section, we’re gonna hit on performance. We’re gonna go down to this ad webinar live Okay, and I’m gonna update these columns. So I’m gonna come over here. I’m gonna say customize columns Because it’s got mostly the things that I want. However Some of these things are not exactly what I want to go through because this is all based off of the 1497 purchase Which I don’t necessarily want the 1497 purchase I want the new 997 purchase because that’s kind of what I’ve set this up for So what I’m gonna do is I’ve got the ad webinar live that’s basically the name of my leads just gonna show me how many leads I’ve gotten and then It’s gonna say the cost per lead, which is good to know and then the purchase this is actually gonna be a different purchase So I’m gonna actually come exit that out the cost per purchase. This is gonna be the old one as I mentioned earlier So I’m just gonna exit that out the amount spent. I kind of like to know how much was spent link clicks I don’t really care as much for this exact Layout of the breakdowns and then I’m gonna exit out of this this and we can leave relevant score for right now So we’re going to do is come down to the website Conversions so you can see right here. We’ve got the real estate 997 purchase so I’m just gonna click on this and I’m gonna drag this up right there. So that’s gonna give us just how this one’s gonna give us the number of leads This is gonna give us the number of purchases So it’s gonna say like 1 2 3 4 5 whatever the number is and then we want to find the cost Per purchase. She’s just gonna scroll down here. So you can see now here down here is the cost per Custom conversion and if you guys are lost I apologize But this is basically I’ll show you guys here in a second the breakdown of why this is important why this is helpful Okay, so we got the cost per real-estate 997 purchase we come in here We throw this up there and then we’ll just for this example. We’ll just hit apply on this. Okay? So now this is a look at the new setup and not you can kind of see like why I’m doing this So now if just because I just created this new sales page and everything There’s not gonna be any data tracking this but you can see right here now okay this ad set it Generated 41 leads and then it the cost per lead was 1275, which these numbers are a little bit high I gotta go in and tweak these as I mentioned earlier and then we can see from this how many purchases at the 997 dollar price have there been so Ideally in a week or two weeks or whatever This number would be one or two or three however many of those Purchases and then we could say the cost per real estate purchase right here Which would be let’s say $300 and then there’s actually one more thing that I would like to go through and add just so I can kind of see How much money I’m making based off how much money I’m spending? Okay, so I just went through and I just added that really quick So you guys can see this example here, but you remember how we added the conversion value? So as soon as somebody buys that it’s a nine hundred ninety seven dollar value every single time somebody buys so now if we come over here and once time passes and once we get some more data in here, obviously This is brand new That’s why there’s no data here, but it’s gonna say, okay. You’ve got 41 leads right here And then if we say okay there was one purchase the cost per sale Was so if there was one you can see the mouse spent was $522 so that would be there was it was cost 522 dollars to get that 997 dollar sale and then we have this would be since there was one Purchase of the nine hundred ninety seven dollar product that would show nine hundred ninety seven dollars right there So now it’s just a very easy format to see okay Which ad set is really? Generating my leads case of which audience is generating my leads which ads and then how much it costs to generate that lead How many purchases are actually coming from that ad set from that audience? how much it cost to Get that purchase and then how much money we are making from the amount of money spent? So this is very helpful. Especially right here these last two columns. It’s like let’s say these are all ones right here So it’s like it’s like one purchase. I’d be 997 all the way down so you can say okay I doubled my money double my money Down here basically tripled my money triple my money double my money So then you’re able to go through and easily see your Facebook Ads ROI how much you’re getting on your investment? into your advertising dollars so I like do this and then what I typically will do is I’ll come in here and I will save this and I’ll say re For real estate, right? 997 and then I’ll say updated and then I might Even delete some of these other ones right here because they’re not necessarily Being used right now Okay so
that’s basically what I’ll do and then now Once I go through and I want to go through and break down the columns and see like different Different views on this you obviously have the basic standard ones but then you have some of your customized columns of things that you can go through and filter and sort through to see the Exact columns and the exact values and exact things that you want with your advertising campaigns. Alright So anyway guys, I know this is probably a little bit more advanced a little bit high level So if you guys were lost on that you do want to get started with Facebook advertising Still go ahead drop a comment down below say Facebook advertising Give this video a thumbs up And if you guys are brand new here Make sure you guys subscribe because we launched new videos every single week on how to generate more leads Make more money and grow your business, right? So anyway guys, thanks so much for watching a and with that said I will see you all later

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