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Facebook Ads Relevance Score – How To Get a 10/10 (in 2019)

Facebook Ads Relevance Score – How To Get a 10/10 (in 2019)

hey how’s it going in this video I’m
gonna show you exactly how you can get a 10 out of 10 relevance score for all of
your Facebook ads we do it all the time it’s the mystical 10 out of 10 now I’m
gonna show you exactly how to do that right now just go ahead and like
subscribe and stick around till the end because I’ve got something that’s gonna
help you get that 10 out of 10 pretty much automatically so let’s get
right into it if you’re tired of your five six seven relevant scores and you
know you can do better I’m going to show you exactly the strategy that I
personally use and I use for my clients all the time and it absolutely crushes
it or if your ads aren’t performing like they should be you know they can perform
better you have a good product good service good app whatever and you’re
just not getting that relevant score that you want and maybe you’ve you’ve
tried every trick in the book Yatta Yatta and this and that to get your
relevant score up but it’s just not working well good you’re here
finally you’re gonna learn it so once you’re able to use this strategy to get
10 out of 10 relevant scores or maybe nines then you will your business will
change forever you might be running an e-commerce business or an app business
or a SAS business or you might have clients or lead gen whatever at the end
of the day if you keep your eye on that relevant score and it gets to nine or
ten you will be making money so it’s really really awesome when I first
started Facebook ads I actually even look at the relevant score simply
because there were so many numbers to look at right I didn’t know which ones
to look at but now I keep a very keen eye on it because when I see my relevant
score at 5 or 6 I know I’m wrong I’m doing something very very wrong
I’m not relating to my audience I’m obviously not getting the cheapest
impressions and all that stuff so I always always shoot for a 9 at least but
hopefully a 10 relevant score and the way I do that is simply I focus on these
three elements audience creative and offer so your audience may be interest
or probably look-alike audiences or your creative your videos and your probably
not images videos are always the best and then your offer I should change that
to a cc because it’s creative and copy but offer same thing
right so you can kind of offer your product in multiple different ways by
using your words using your copy you can say hey 50% off hey today only hey you
know this feature this is your this feature hey yeah yeah whatever right so
those are the three things that you have to you have to nail in order to get a 10
out of 10 relevant score and you have to commit as well to testing those things
religiously like testing every single day and I’m not testing the saying like
test 1 or 2 ads you know we’ll sit down and with all our accounts we’ll take a
hundred ads launch them over 7 days figure out which ones work which ones
don’t obviously stick with the ones that work
and kill the ones that don’t right so the first step is nailing your audience
right so go into audience insights go find your customers face book pages go
find your competitors customers face book pages and look at the interest look
at the page likes they like go take those page likes you know put them in an
excel and then put them in audience insights or add show and figure out what
other high affinity interest you could target this is just gonna open you wide
up and give you so many ideas in order to allow you to test more audiences like
I talked to entrepreneurs all the time that say hey yeah we tested a few
interest yada-yada and then I look at their accounts when I bring them on as a
client and I see yeah you literally tested a
few interest when there’s there’s hundreds of interest you could test
there’s thousands of look-alikes you can test so test them all kill them quick
and you will crush it then you want to start moving on to more engaging
creatives the first step is if you’re using images obviously you want to start
using videos because Facebook Instagram YouTube everybody everybody’s very
bullish on video for one reason and one reason only and if you’re at this point
of this video you can understand this they’re more engaging if I were to write
this into a blog post then it probably wouldn’t get as many wat I read all the
way through and since videos are more in
gauging Facebook is gonna give you cheaper impressions because you are
helping their platform grow opposed to just like spamming him with image ads so
always make videos and even if you make a video from your iPhone you can use an
inch shot app you could record it with your your phone whatever you do to make
videos make videos even if it’s slideshow videos of a slideshow of a
bunch of images that’s gonna convert better so just just make sure to focus
on your audience and then focus on your creatives because those two things if
you’re showing the right creative to the right audience you will work your way up
to a ten out of ten relevant score and one thing I really love about the
relevance score is it’s it’s sometimes hard to get a ten out of ten on on some
accounts but that gives you this thing to chase and if long as you’re always
chasing and you remember a CEO audience creative offer and you’re always testing
these three things to get to that bar you you’ll never not have anything to do
and you’ll always have this point you can get to that you know you’ll be more
successful once you do get there so keep chasing that ten and then lastly you
know focus on your offer focus on your copy go back to those Facebook pages see
how they speak see how your potential customer speaks you know if they talk to
their friends and some sort of slang or they use different words to identify
their problem use their actual words in your copy and that will relate better to
them that’s one segment of copyright another segment could be showing off all
your features hey you know my app or my it’s my product does this is this is
this that’s gonna relate to some people and then another type is like hey you
have to have this this is gonna fix your problem you know be a little pushy you
know there’s only one day left to get it yeah boom and then another time copy it
could be you know one feature and so on and so on and you have all these baskets
of different type of copy you can test you have unlimited test when you start
to multiply your audiences near hundreds of audiences you can test your hundreds
of creatives you can make and your hundreds of type of coffee it’s like
literally in the thousands the tens of thousands of variations you can test and
you’ll literally never have enough time to test them all but that’s good because
you’ll run through them and keep testing keep testing keep testing until you get
to that nine or ten relevant score and that’s the secret behind Facebook out
it’s like if you want a 10 a 10 irrelevant score you have to test more
than your competitor if you test more than your competitor you will crush them
you will get the tens they’ll get the fives the sixes and so on and so on so
just keep chasing that 10 out of 10 I’m here to help if you have any questions
please do post them a look below I talked to entrepreneurs business owners
every single day and then you know once we do bring them on as clients as we do
do that sometimes I look at their irrelevant score and they you know –
what they told me they’re like yeah we’re crushing it with Facebook Ads well
we’re doing pretty well or or whatever they say and then look at their relevant
scores and they’re like 5 or 6 is so just that right there shows me hey you
know you’re not you you might be doing well and that’s great if you’re doing
well you know if you’re making money off
fives and sixes well you know come to us and we’ll give you nines or tens and
then you’ll really be making money your business will explode so it’s always a
fun metric to look at is it the number one metric no but it’s a great one to
follow and to chase and just use a CEO test as many ads as possible and you
will absolutely crush it so in review a CEO is everything audience creative an
offer test those things commit to testing every single day even if you
just spend one day a week and you know scheduling it out for weeks on end boom
right there kill you losers and scale your winners you know focus on your
audience look like audience’s interests and look at your customers actual
profiles see what they like what their page likes
are and then target things like that or those pages pages exactly right very
very simple and it just takes a little bit of effort and then you’re creative
in your coffee those are two two huge things but at the end of the day if you
want a 10 out of 10 or 11 score test more and if you want something that
actually does all this for you it’ll test it’ll make your audiences create
your creatives your videos and help you write your coffee and then just launch
it into your ads like before this I want it’s like 300 ads
just like that with all different types of audiences different types of coffee
different types of creatives and then tomorrow I can say hey ad Joe
boom anything over my CPA turn it off anything under let’s scale it so if you
want something can do that for you in your business whether you have one
account or 50 accounts you might be an agency you might have a Shopify store
you might have an app whatever you’re running Facebook Ads for if you want
something that will test you’re a CEO automatically go ahead and click the
link below there’s a free demo and you can talk to myself or my team see how it
works for you strategize a bit and then absolutely crush it together so other
than that I hope you have a wonderful day
there’s also a group an exclusive group I want to invite you to I got promised
to the side of this video and what else like this video just helped me out a
little bit and to help yourself out because you’ll see it more and then
subscribe if you want it you want to see some more of this even hit the bell if
you want to but other than that I’m making videos every day trying to share
as much information about Facebook guys as possible with you so I hope you have
a great day and I’ll talk to you next time thanks for checking out my video I hope
you enjoyed it got some gold nuggets out of it if you liked that check out the
other ones hit the like button and subscribe see you soon

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  2. thank you bro its so helpful) i make 10 on some products, but not at all, some are very tricky

  3. this is the video's nutshell
    test too much
    Create more audiences, and be closer to your audience.
    and use videos not pics
    enroll into my agency.
    9 min of bullshit

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