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Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads?

Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads?

– Hi guys this is Ben
Heath here from Lead Guru. In this video I’m gonna
discuss what’s better, Facebook or Instagram advertising. A lot of you know that when
you advertise on Facebook you can also advertise on Instagram. It’s one of the placement options of where you want to place your ads. Obviously we run lots of
campaigns for our own business, for our clients and we’ve come to some, for the time being at
least, some conclusions on really which one is best to focus on. Before I get into that I wanna quickly talk about the demographics. You won’t be surprised
to know that on Instagram you’ve got a younger demographic, you’ve got a much younger demographic at the moment at least, so
I’m gonna put that up there. On Instagram, in general, their users are younger. In fact what we’re seeing is
that the teenagers right now, they’re not opening Facebook accounts. There’s quite a few theories of why this might be the case. A lot of people think
it’s because their parents have already got accounts on
this social media platform and teenagers are reluctant to
join a social media platform that their parents are already part of. It doesn’t seem cool. They’re gonna go on
Instagram at the moment because their parents are in their 40s and 50s might have Facebook, in fact quite likely do
have Facebook accounts, they probably don’t have
an Instagram account so that’s where they’re migrating to. That’s how social media
platforms are going to evolve over time is
that in 10, 15 years time when the teenagers today have got, they’ve all got Instagram accounts, the younger people won’t
wanna be on that platform, they’ll find something new. That’s how things will evolve. First thing is that Instagram
has got a younger demographic. Facebook for the most part
has got an older demographic. So you can think about
who is your products, who’s your target market in terms of your product and services. Who are they, who are you going after. The other thing that you can often see is that on Instagram you
can get a lot of engagement and that it’s very, very cheap. You’re gonna be paying less to advertise on Instagram than you are Facebook because less advertisers are interested. Instagram is also cheap. You can get a lot of engagement, what I mean by engagement is clicks, social proof, things like that very cheaply. If you really want to
improve your brand awareness, really get your message
out about your product, service, about your brand, and your target demographic is younger,
then you can definitely think about advertising on Instagram and look to test it. Now even if your product or services are targeted at a younger demographic, we’ve done a lot of tests and just about every single time we’ve
seen that advertising on Facebook produces high conversion rates or lower cost per conversion. Which at the end of the day
is what we’re all after. We’re all looking for
people to take an action from our advertising. What we’re still seeing
is that Facebook has higher conversion rates. So for the time being, whenever
we start a new campaign, we will focus exclusively on Facebook and look to add in Instagram
once we’ve established that it’s working on
the Facebook placements. So we’re talking desktop
newsfeed, mobile newsfeed, things like that. I think this will change. It’s almost definitely
gonna change at some point. For the time being people are really more likely to take the action
you want on Facebook. But as I said, as this Facebook demographic gets older and older and the teenagers that are
mainly on Instagram now become the 20 somethings
and the 30 somethings, they’re going to start
to have a bigger impact on the market place,
they’re gonna be making purchasing decisions and
this is going to change. Then they’ll be another
social media platform for the young people in
say 10 to 15 years time. But for now, obviously we
always test these things, for now I’d really recommend
sticking with Facebook. Okay, so just before
you go I wanna quickly mention something that we’ve got for you that’s completely free which is our Five Part
Facebook Ad Template. This is something you can
download on our website right now. Just click on the link
in the video description. That’ll take you through,
you can download it, you can obviously model from
the ads in that ad template. Includes some of the best performing ads we’ve created for our clients. You should find it really, really useful. If you enjoyed this video,
please like, comment and share. I would really appreciate that and I will talk to you soon, bye bye.

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