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Facebook ads opportunities

Facebook ads opportunities

Mukul: So Brad I know you have done a lot
of media buying online um so can you tell us a little bit about that?
Brad: Well ya um you know over the last couple of years my company has done a lot of experimentation
in media buying and ah we burned through a lot of cash and I probably know a lot more
about what not to do than what TO do but for for for our clients most of which want the
most bang for their buck and there have been a few cases where we have had companies that
have been willing to blow money on any kind of branding but ah for a company that wants
to get the most bang for their buck we found that the best money spent on ads was on facebook
um facebook ads is one of the few platforms left that allows you an amazing amount of
branding and what I mean by that is when you buy traffic from google ad words you are only
getting that text placement of that ad and a lot of the time you don’t really get a chance
to put your name in it because the ad has to be so captivating that you need to capture
that click so putting your name in it actually devalues your click through rating
M: Okay B: The difference on facebook is that google
is a portal google is a site that we go to to leave
M: Yeah B: We literally want a one step process I
want to enter a search, land on a page and leave google. Where facebook is more about
retaining people. So on facebook someone will visit dozens of pages on that website and
they may never click an ad and so the great thing is the facebook ads platform allows
you to generate a rediculous amount of branding for very little money for yourself so you
can put an ad of facebook ads that has your domain name in it that has your phone number
in it all these things that would be counterintuitive in a google ad will work really well on facebook
and facebook if you are buying traffic on a CPM basis on facebook they don’t even care
if you do that they will allow you to get away with that so um on average I think that
the numbers for us has been you know one person in every 1,000 will click on the ad which
means you are getting 999 eyeball impressions of your ad for free.
M: Okay so I know there is pay per click and there is impressions on facebook which one
do you recommend? What has your experiments told us?
B: For the longest time we were purchasing on a CPC cost per click basis and ah the average
price was anywhere from 50 to 80 cents per unique click that we generated on facebook
M: Okay B: And I recently went to the Affiliate Summit
in Vegas and there was a facebook ads panel there and all the big advertisers that work
with facebook agree that CPM which is for those of you who don’t know what CPM means
Cost Per Mil basically every time a thousand every time your ad is seen a thousand times
you pay a fee M: Okay
B: Now on facebook that could be anywhere from 12 cents to 50 cents per thousand impressions
so if you are getting one click per thousand impressions you are paying 25 cents than your
price is a lot lower per click than if you are paying say 75 cents per click
M: So you definitely recommend you’ve experimented with both and you would recommend to go by
impressions? B: CPM Cost Per Mil impressions is definitely
more is ah cheaper in the long run yes M: Have you experimented with any other ways
of marketing on facebook? B: Ah no for us it’s all been paid advertising
we have done some work with facebook groups and facebook fan pages but for the most part
the real money we made came from facebook ads
M: Ah that’s pretty cool now with facebook ads let me ask you a question here, um I know
you can narrow down onto certain topics how does that work?
B: Well they have a platform which you log in to and it allows you to target who you
want to see your ad so if you can literally just like when you sign up for facebook and
it asks you how old you are what your hometown in what your occupation is ah what your hobbies
are all those other things ah the advertisers don’t see all your information but what they
are able to do is they are able to target you so as a for instance on my facebook one
of my hobbies that I have mentioned is yoga and so I get a lot of ads for yoga videos,
meditation products, things that fall into that niche because marketers know that if
I’ve put yoga into my keywords as a hobby they know that those specific products will
sell better to me. Another example of another good example is my assistant Megan lists herself
on facebook as engaged and so a lot of the ads that she sees is for wedding photographers,
wedding planners, you know ah ah ah event oh um sorry ah
M: Nice B: Locations for them to hold their wedding
all these wedding related ads are being explained to her because they have targeted her as engaged
M: That’s pretty cool so a good example of this would be that real estate agents can
target a certain city right or a local business can target a certain city and people are seeing
it over and over and over again so now your name is basically in their mind
B: Yup and we have done that ourselves with local clients like a really good friend of
mine owns a day spa in my small town and I basically do her internet marketing in exchange
for spa treatments um but she ah was having trouble selling gift certificates and this
worked out really well for her. She came to me in November and said you know gift certificate
sales are way down from last year what am I going to do? We put a facebook ads campaign
together and I’ll never forget it because she came to me in January a little bit scared
because we generated a lot of business for her she said tons of customers were coming
in buying gift certificates “I saw your ads on facebook” and she came to me and I could
see the look in her eye and she was like where is the facebook bill? And I went on to facebook
and I logged in and she had spent $44 in total on traffic
M: REALLY? B: and it generated a ton of business for
her it turned around her gift certificate sales that year so um because she was a local
business the key here when you are in a small town especially if you are advertising your
business everyone knows who you are already you know if you she has a corner business
she is a big company in our small town everybody knows the name The Body Bar so and so when
her ads were all over facebook people didn’t have to click even they just knew that the
body bar was selling gift certificates and they would show up the next time they were
driving by they would just pull in and buy a gift certificate
M: That’s very interesting. One more question let me ask you I know the approval process
is a little bit tricky on facebook B: Yeah
M: and uh so could you give us any tips for the approval process?
B: Uhhm yeah a point of frustration for us has always been the approval process uh facebook
has a really stringent approval process because they want to ensure the best user experience
for their users which is more than fair ah in many cases they don’t want you promoting
affiliate products in many cases they don’t want you promoting anything that is diet or
health related um in many cases they don’t want you um ah take them to a page that has
a pop up window or ah you know how a lot of marketers use these these um call to action
when you exit there is these little window that pops up that says are you sure you want
to leave or something like that they won’t accept any of that kind of stuff but one of
the things that I have also discovered is that if you are promoting something on facebook
that has got an opt in box or has some sort of registration you will need to write into
your ad “Register for your free…” whatever it is if you don’t if you just say um free
download of a video game and you don’t say register for your free download they will
kick your ad back because there is a registration step that you didn’t spell out so and what
is good about that is that will actually lower your clicks but also your quality of traffic
because people know when they get to your page they are going to have to fill out a
registration form so there’s some little tricks like that I would probably say that whatever
you’re doing on facebook it’s always better to be up front and to spell out to the user
what they are going to have to do when they get to your page and usually that gets you
through the approval process but it also improves your traffic quality
M: Yeah you want targeted traffic no matter what the source you want you want traffic
targeting. Do they have a problem with you putting your website name right on your actual
picture? B: um nope as long as the domain is yours
and the product you are promoting on that domain belongs to you they don’t have a problem
with that M: So what you could do for impressions is
put your domain name or your phone number and all that if you are a local person
B: Yep M: Right on there and you are actually paying
less money B: Absolutely
M: And make more yourselves B: And a local business could even just say
drop by and visit us or something like that in the ad the call to action doesn’t have
to be click the call to action could be call us or drop in or one of those other things
M: So that is pretty cool getting an advertisement for free pretty much and people are seeing
it over and over again B: It’s as close to free as it gets
M: Alright well thank you very much Brad for explaining advertising on facebook

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