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Facebook Ads On Steroids (Social Proof Strategy)

Facebook Ads On Steroids (Social Proof Strategy)

What is going on guys my name is Joaquin Corrales welcome back to the channel and in this video we’re gonna talk about something that is super important when it comes to Facebook advertising and that is having social proof in the Advertisements that you show to your target audiences whoever that is social proof can literally turn a faming campaign Right a campaign maybe for an e-commerce item that you think is failed into a winning product Simply due to the power of social proof and to people’s perception of the value of what you’re showing Just because other people have either engaged with it have liked it have viewed the video or things like that so in this video We’re gonna literally go straight into my ads manage your campaign in a couple of minutes I’m gonna show you guys one of the campaign’s that I’m running for for it for social proof to build social proof and one of my campaigns and What that has been able to do for the business and also how you’re gonna be able to go out there and start doing this For your campaigns as well, but to start things off I want to talk a little bit about this study that I read once in this book called the science of selling and it just emphasizes the importance of social proof and how it could make the difference in Everything right like people want to follow things that other people are doing right because if they’re doing it It’s for a reason, and they’re just attracted to it That’s how the human mind works And so this is how this study worked so basically What they did was that they did a science study where they had three different sized? Lines right so imagine that this is a small line. This is a the biggest line and this is Actually, this is a small one This is a medium whatever so there’s three different lines And the sizes are obvious in the sense that this is a medium one This is the long one And this is a short one and the study that they did Was that there was I don’t know how many people in the room I think like a thousand people or a hundred people or something like that it was a certain size a certain subject size for the test and What happened was that in one of the trials? There was a very high majority of people or just maybe like ten twenty people or something that were part of the Experiment and what those people did was that they said oh, this is the longest line right here look there’s medium line They didn’t call it the medium line But they were like no this is the longest one like that is the longest one right there even though It was obvious To everyone in the room that this was the longest line, right? Obviously those people were in on the experiment that were the control or whatever I’m not too good at science But the bottom line is that those were the people that were a part of the experiment? And they were testing to see if what they suggested made any change in And what other people said was the longest line, so they were like okay? This is the longest line That’s it like that’s the longest line. Just because it is like it’s obvious. They said that and the results to that experiment was that everyone else or like 98% of everyone else in that room Even though the longest line was obviously the one in the middle right everyone in there said agreed and said yeah You know that that is the longest line right there? And that is the power of social proof right and a perception of social proof people didn’t want to go Against the crowd people didn’t want to go against what everyone else was saying So what happened was that they they said something that they knew was wrong? But the bottom line is that they took an action just because other people around them Said that so we’re gonna jump into my ads manager. I’m gonna show you guys exactly I mean able to go out there and do that but before we do that Let me kind of explain the idea behind it and then I’ll show you guys How it’s implemented so the idea behind it? Is that a lot of your? advertisements Should be video should be in the form of video because it’s better for you to tell a story through video people love stories It’s better for you to show how a product is used through video right so if you have an e-commerce product talk to your Aliexpress supplier if you have a course or whatever it could be a quick selfie video. Talk to your Aliexpress Person ask them for a video of the product or if not just go on YouTube and Pick up like five different videos that are using your product or whatever and then send it to someone to kind of mix them together And create your own version of it. I don’t think you’ll have any issues doing that We’ve done it at tons of times before so it’s not a big deal But the bottom line is that what you want to do when you release this campaign other than starting a website convergence campaign Which is what almost everyone does right? How almost everyone test whether their product is going to make money? Whether a campaign is successful or not is running a website conversions camp They want to see if people are adding to card if people are buying whatever and what they fail to do is back this back this post up with some social proof And they’re gonna like it’s gonna be obvious to you guys once you start doing this how much more you’re gonna make from every single advertisement And there’s also a strategy to doing it because you could do it wrong and then you’re putting social proof on one advertisement But you’re you’re you’re advertising your website conversions with another one But the bottom line is that what you want to do is that you want to target third world countries right or very poor countries? For either paper engagement or video views I usually do video views, and I’m going to show you guys that in a second But that is the trick right there you’re gonna have one campaign with video views. There’s a certain way to set that up I’m going to show you in a second And you’re gonna have another campaign with website conversions or whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve So let’s jump into my computer and get right into it alright guys, so we’re inside of my computer We’re gonna dive right into it so again. The strategy is that you basically want to first Create a you could either start the website conversions or the video views first It’s not a big deal But there’s something very specific that you’re gonna have to do after that and that’s what I’m going to show you guys here So what you’re seeing right now It’s a video view campaign, okay And I’m targeting a look-alike to people that completed registration Right so I created it so I have an audience of people that have registered to a webinar I basically created a look-alike audience not a big deal, and then I look at like audience of my email list But it doesn’t matter really what I’m targeting here It’s just that I’m targeting India right so I’m targeting India because it’s gonna be a country that’s gonna give me very Cheap video views so as you can see right here, I’m paying 0.002 cents per video view right so every five video views I’m paying one cent which is awesome right, so I’m paying $10 a day per each It’s not a big deal if you guys are gonna start these you don’t have to get really fancy here with the With the audiences, just like I am like look let’s edit one of these and see what I’m doing there You don’t have to get fancier invalid audience what? All right, I’m gonna have to look at that But anyways you don’t forget fancy with the audience’s you could just use Like an interest like you don’t have to put a custom on use you could just put an interest here that has to do with What your video is about and the the video user are still gonna be super? Cheap right like I don’t have to target. I look like audience. I’m just doing that I’m not even sure why I like I should probably take that off the video views are really Always going to be super cheap which is awesome because we could were able to start building up that That social proof so then once we run our conversions advertisement to places like the United States, Canada or whatever Then those people are like what the hell this thing has a lot of engagement a lot of views. I’m gonna I’m gonna pay attention to it okay now Here’s the thing whether you decide to create the video views campaign first or the website conversions It doesn’t matter but pay attention to this when you create the video views campaign What you’re gonna do after is that you’re gonna click right here where it says ads manager And then you’re gonna click on all tools to expand this and then you’re gonna click on page posts Okay, you’re gonna create your advertisement right. Let’s just do one from the beginning, okay, so I’m gonna create a campaign here Let’s say I’m gonna start off with the beauty with the video views So I’m gonna click on video views then I’m gonna click OK whatever here. I’m gonna name My ad set whatever that ad set is then here. I’m probably gonna target India you could also do worldwide and then just narrow it down to whatever I Always, just do India because I don’t I don’t want to think about this whatever Languages, I’ll put English not a big deal who cares what you put here and detailed targeting. Let’s say, I’m doing like I don’t know Let’s see like something to do with clowns. I don’t know put your clown Okay Awesome people that like clowns great Scroll down your daily budget doesn’t have to be high at all you could do ten dollars You can do five dollars you can do three dollars It doesn’t matter because you’re gonna get a bunch of people anyways okay now You’re gonna go down the bigger the audience the better like I’m not sure why this is only 240,000 people the bigger the better So yeah, so we’re gonna scroll down okay continue. Not a big deal. You could add multiple you can add multiple um What do you call it? interest in there doesn’t only have to be one interest you can mix and match the bottom line is that the interest and the the Audience targeting in this case is not super important so what I’m gonna. Do is. I’m gonna come down. Yeah I’m gonna select my Facebook page my Instagram account perfect, and then I’m gonna upload my video, okay I’m gonna put my video in here. I’m gonna put my text. I’m gonna add a website URL You definitely want to add a website URL Make sure that you create this advertisement here as if this is going to be your website conversions add because it is okay I’m gonna show you what I mean by that right here, so you’re gonna write the text. You’re gonna add a website URL You’re gonna add the learn more button is really Not scientifically, but I guess scientifically But it’s been proven right they’ve done a whole bunch of different Tests through trial and error and whatever that the learn more button is a lot more effective for everything so leave the learn more button Sometimes I’ll use the shop now but most of the time I’ll just leave to learn more and then what I’ll do is that I’ll click Confirm right and then after I click confirm here This is gonna create the video views campaign so now all of India is gonna be looking at your video and you’re gonna be paying a Freaking quarter of them sent to to get a video of you, which is awesome because you’re building social proof But here’s where the real Tricky part comes because what someone would normally do after this is that they’ll go and they’ll start a website conversions advertisement But they fail to remember to use this same exact post so you just created this advertisement here And this created a post That people are looking at and the more people that look at that post the more video views It’s gonna have but now when you create your website conversions Advertisement you’re gonna have to click on used existing posts because you want to use the same exact one that is getting all these different Video views, and this is how you do that, so you’re gonna click on ads manager up here You’re gonna click on all tools, and then you’re gonna click on page post alright now after you do that. It’s gonna Take you to this page right here, and this page right here is basically gonna have every single advertisement that you have ever ran and the only thing that you want to pay attention to is obviously the the Posts right here like the picture or whatever so that you know? Which one it is and then the second thing that you want to pay attention to is this ID here, okay? This is I this is the idea you’re gonna have to copy like for example This is a video right now that I’m running video views for and whatever It’s me talking free training free online training awesome and look it has 90,000 video views and that’s awesome because when people are scrolling They’re gonna be like wow this has 90,000 views Let’s check it out right where otherwise if this would have no views at all then they would not watch it It would be a lot more likely to not watch it So here’s the deal now that I have this post right here that I’m running on a video views campaign I’m gonna copy this ID right here, okay? Now the next thing that I’m going to do and the next thing that you’re going to do as well is that you’re going to Create a new campaign right you’re gonna. Let’s let’s imagine that I’m creating a new campaign, but now instead of video views I’m gonna do like conversions right because I want people to add this thing to cart to complete registration To purchase whatever it is that you’re doing, so let’s say. I don’t want people to register for a webinar in this example I’m gonna do a campaign. I’m gonna name it whatever I’m gonna press Continue now in the audience obviously. This is not a video It’s gonna be focused on What are the best audiences to target but in your audience you’re gonna well first at the top you’re gonna select whatever so complete registration great In your audience you’re gonna select What what you think is going to best be targeting a group of people that are interested in whatever you’re doing we’re gonna talk about Audiences in another video more specifically, we’re gonna pick your audience. You’re gonna set your daily budget I’ll use this started my new ads at like 40 bucks a day because I don’t really care about losing Some money to get it right faster This right here. I’ll put one day click review again This is not the important part about this video right here the important part comes here so after you press Continue And you’re in the advertisement section. Here’s the mistake that most people do even though they’re running a video views Advertisement they’re gonna go ahead right here and upload another video and that is bad And that is wrong and the reason why that is wrong is because you’re creating a whole other Advertisement so when people are seeing this ad right here They are not seeing it with the Social proof that you’re paying for so that’s why when you came here to add posts what I did was that I’m gonna copy this ID right here which is the ID of the actual advertisement that is running video views I’m gonna come back to here I’m gonna click on use existing post I’m gonna click right here on enter post ID I’m gonna paste it And I’m going to press submit okay now what this is gonna. Do is that it’s going to start running my convergence campaign on my already existing advertisement that has a whole bunch of views and a whole bunch of Comments and likes and the whole thing you guys see that and if that confused you a little bit or whatever I know that maybe I went a little fast just watch through this video again and again I’m gonna recap it real quick for you guys, so you first want to create either your versions advertisement or your video views slash Paper engagement not a big deal, which one is different since this is a video I’ll create a video views’ advertiser overviews campaign but let’s say that I decided to create my conversions at first then I would do it through here because the ad doesn’t exist yet the bottom line is that after you create your advertisement the first time Then you’re gonna go to ads manager You’re gonna click on a page post and you’re gonna look through this list here to try and find it now after you find it you’re gonna copy the post ID and next time you create an Advertisement instead of it being on this tab in the create ad you’re gonna click on use Existing post and after you click on that you’re gonna click on enter post ID You’re gonna post that post ID and submit it and guys. I hope this helps this helped me a ton I learned this a while while back and I always use it especially when I realize the importance of social proof and everything that we do okay if your publishing of your testing ecommerce products or your testing webinar registrations, or you’re selling a training program Or courses or or anything anything at all that you’re selling social proof cannot hurt it It could only make it better okay Remember the study that I spoke about at the beginning of the video how but whole bunch of people they basically said that a line That was obviously not the longest one was Just because other people did right and that just shows us the importance of social proof and everything that we do and It’s definitely something that you guys need to start taking into consideration when it comes into your advertisements right especially Let’s say some of you guys are listening to this right now And you have a winning product right like you’re making some sort of money on a product or something like that What you need to do right now right, and how you start scaling that campaign is you add some social proof to it and how you do that is by following the strategies in this video and going out there and literally paying a Quarter of a cent for engagement and for video views right and then later on we could do more advanced things Which I’m gonna briefly mention here and basically what that is is that later? I’m able to create an audience that is made up of people that saw 95% of the video obviously if somebody saw nine ninety-five percent of this video right here Then they’re gonna be interested in whatever it is that you’re offering whatever type of product It is that you’re selling and then you could create a look-alike audience Based off of that and all that but that’s a little bit more advanced and we’re gonna save that for another video But this is just a strategy for you to be able to go out there and build Social proof on your Facebook Ads which is gonna allow you to make more money because you’re gonna be getting more sales and more interactions and more of everything so guys This is Joaquin Corrales 180 day challenge picking it right back up, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow on the next video

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