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Facebook Ads on A Budget (The 3 Campaigns You Need To Know In 2019)

Facebook Ads on A Budget (The 3 Campaigns You Need To Know In 2019)

What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here and in this video we’re gonna talk about Facebook ads on a budget So I’m gonna cover the three top Facebook ad campaigns That you need to know and implement into your business and also talk about a fourth campaign that I like to use as well Depending on what your budget actually is and I’ll break down my favorite Campaign objective here in just a second Now before we dive in if you guys want my 100% free a Facebook Ads cheat sheet and mini course You can see all this stuff I put together for you guys covering everything Facebook Ads Facebook Ads manager ad sets campaigns ads all that stuff Just give this video a thumbs up and at the end of the video I will show you guys where to go through and get that All right So let’s jump over here and open up the ads manager so I can show you guys these three Important Facebook ad campaigns that you need to know about so you can implement them into your business now If we come over here and click on create a new campaign You’ll see you’ll hit just start over right here You see it says what’s your marketing objectives now, there are so many different marketing objectives So if you’re brand new to Facebook Ads, you’re completely beginner. You might be thinking Oh, man, which one should I actually go through and implement and use for my business you’ve got Awareness brand awareness reach traffic engagement of app install. You’ve got all these different things Well, the ones that I like to use especially if you’re on a budget and you don’t have unlimited dollars to go through and spend On all your Facebook ads is the first one I would say is going through and using video views The reason why I say this is because it’s able to go through and build your brand in your local community or in your specific niche for just pennies on the dollar now if you go through And I’m not gonna actually set up this campaign right now because I’ve got all these other videos that detail out targeting How said the Facebook ad I just launched one just the other day. Actually I dive deep on how to actually Target with your Facebook ads and how to nail down your exact audience but the reason why I like the video views is because if you don’t have a big budget Let’s say you’re in a small town. There’s only 50 to 100 thousand people Well, you can go through and record a video of yourself or your business whatever it is and promote that video to that small audience of whether it’s local or people interested in whatever niche your business is in and Get people to watch that video for just one penny per video of you now The reason why this is important is because one it brands you and brands your business but then Facebook’s able to collect data on every single person that watched your video and create a custom audience and So once again guys I cover all about custom audiences look like audiences and targeted all this stuff in my video I just launched the other day, which I’ll link out to but this custom audience is huge because now you have collected this audience of people have already watched 10 seconds of your video or 25 percent of their video and so when you go through and show your other ads to these people They already have a pretty good idea of who you are what you do and how you can help serve them so this is the first Facebook ad campaign that I would highly recommend using is this video views one right now the second one and This is not my favorite. I get they’ll get to my favorite one here in just a second The second one is this lead generation. So this one’s all focus on generating leads So if you’re a local business like a real estate agent or anything like that This one’s really important because you need leads to help you grow your business Every business needs leads and the cool thing about this one is Facebook will actually create what’s called a lead form So when you create your Facebook ad and someone clicks on that ad it will pop up a little form right within Facebook they don’t even have to leave the Facebook app whether on their desktop or on their mobile phone and then it’ll also pre-fill the Contact information that Facebook has on file with that person into the lead form. So all they have to do is hit submit So the quality of your info goes up dramatically the chances of you getting bogus info put into those fields It goes down big-time. So I really like this lead generation marketing objective right here and but the only thing is with this you got to make sure that you connect it to a CRM some way that you can be notified when new leads are generated And also a way that you can actually follow up with every single of those leads because the alternative the way facebook does They just put them all into a downloadable csv file inside the Facebook Ads manager So you got to manually check and see if you got leads you got to download it and manually import into your CRM to follow Up with those people and it just can be pretty time intensive, but there are massive benefits Especially if you get it all Set up with the right CRM and if you guys want a more detailed video on how to set up all the lead generation Campaigns I will also link that video up here at the top Because I have one that goes step by step how to create the targeting the ad set everything to help you guys out with that Okay. So now the third campaign actually I’ll squeeze in the fourth one right here So this really depends on what you are budgeted So if you really want to get the Facebook Ads, but you’re kind of restricted by a budget What you want to do is run a traffic campaign to a landing page Okay Now a landing page if you guys have seen as to my previous videos It converts a lot better than sending people to your website Your website will typically get about one percent of people visiting that website to actually become leads whereas a landing page it’s a very simple page and there’s just basically one clear focus of a headline sub-headline and call to action and That can typically get between 10 to 25% of people visiting that page to actually become lead So whereas with your website gets less than 1% This is 10 to 25% So it’s 10 to 25 times more leads and If you’re gonna go use a landing page you want to use the traffic? Campaign if you have a small budget, so like five dollars a day or less but my favorite campaign and this is the third campaign that I actually want to talk about today is the website Conversions now this takes a little bit of extra work because you have to go through make sure that your Facebook pixel is installed Which I will also link out a video to that and also set up a custom conversion to basically tell Facebook Hey anytime somebody visits it visits this page right here. That means they become a lead or anytime somebody’s visited this page That means they have purchased one of our products now the reason why I like Conversions is because at every step in the funnel just like let’s say you’re selling like econ Mercer products online or something like that You can track and say okay how many people have converted to become a lead? How many people have actually bought this product or if they’ve gone through and you’ve got multiple products in your sales funnel? How many people have bought each and every one of your products and you can see what your cost per sale is? So basically, let’s say it costs $5 to actually generate a lead But only 10% of your leads actually buy your product then you can see okay $5 per lead 10% buy so my cost per sale is $50, so hopefully you’re making at least $50 or more back out from that sales funnel with the products that you’re selling now the conversions I think is like the number one because You can go through and you can just customize all these things with every part of the funnel But if you’re not getting like 15 to 25 conversions every single week, then it’s actually better to use the traffic campaign That’s just the way that the Facebook Ads algorithm works So if you got a decent size budget and it cost you let’s say $5 per lead and you’re getting you know Five leads every single day. Maybe you’re spending $25 per day. Then conversions is definitely the right way to go But if it cost you five dollars a lead and you’re only spending five dollars per day Then the traffic campaign is probably the one you want to go with now there’s obviously use cases for all these other marketing objectives Right here, which you know depends on your business, but as far as most businesses they’re all going to fall under these categories of wanting to get the video views lead generation and conversions and then as you get more advanced probably the next one that I would expand into is this message is one and start using Facebook Messenger bots because it’s just a great way to communicate with your customers So hopefully this help for anyone that’s on a budget to know what campaigns that you should actually focus on and like I said guys I have videos showing Step-by-step how to get all these things started So if you wanted video views, I’ll link these videos up If you want lead generation to use Facebook’s lead forms If you want to set up your website custom conversions get a custom conversion set up set up your Facebook pixel all that stuff I have videos that will show everything on how to go through and do all this and once again guys if you guys do want this Facebook as cheat sheet which will Write down all these things in more detail and in that Facebook Ads mini course I dive deeper into creating all of these different Facebook lead forms just go ahead give this video a thumbs up and then I will add a link to get this in the Description as well as in the top comments. So anyway guys, thank you so much for watching today I hope this video was helpful when it comes to your Facebook ads and setting up the right campaigns for your business Even if you’re on a budget, so if you guys found this video helpful Go ahead and give it a thumbs up drop a comment down below if you guys have any questions I’m here to help I respond to every single one of the comments on all the videos on my channel and if you’re brand new Here make sure you subscribe Hit that notification bell and I look forward to seeing you in the future

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