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Facebook Ads Not Converting | 2 Key Facebook Ad Mistakes (MUST WATCH)

Facebook Ads Not Converting | 2 Key Facebook Ad Mistakes (MUST WATCH)

Today I wanted to talk to you guys about
the two keys to a successful Facebook Instagram YouTube any of those campaigns
any social media marketing or social media advertising campaigns Hi guys! Roxanne Ray here. Today I wanted to talk to you guys about the two keys to a
successful facebook instagram youtube any of those campaigns any social media
marketing or social media advertising campaigns these are the two keys to its
success and a lot of people overlook these two things it really surprises me
and it typically comes from people who are either just starting out or don’t
have a whole lot experience running advertising campaigns but really i want
to get this message out there because it’s so so important and it’s really
what you have to focus on in the beginning it’s like the first two steps
of setting up and structuring an advertising campaign that a lot of
people tend to skip over or they gloss over or they really don’t spend a lot of
time in energy figuring these things out and it’s really to their detriment
because i have people who will message me who will send me emails you know
question me ask hey can you help me with my campaign i can’t figure out what’s
going on or they’re struggling to get results and i jump in you know ask the
questions well what’s what are these two things and they tell me and i said well
that’s why it’s not working i mean it’s so simple to me but i understand cuz i
didn’t know this in beginning and it took me a while to really hone in on
these two things so let me share with you what these two things are so the
first thing is you have to have a compelling offer and i know that sounds
so simple and you’re like well duh but think about it a compelling offer what
does that mean it means what is it that you are sharing with the marketplace
that you were saying hey I had this thing and I know you want this thing so
come and get this thing right but what is that thing a lot of people
overlook what that thing is and that thing is so important like it literally
is what it gets people’s attention it’s what makes them do an action takes an
action right the call to action to message you or call you or buy something
it’s it’s so important to figure out what the offer is
and it could be as simple as a discount or a coupon or a BOGO buy one get one
free or a limited time offer of some sort or it can be even like you’ve seen
checklist or our video trainings like things like that your offer has to be
compelling for your audience and so the second thing is your audience who are
you showing your offers to and I again I know that sounds so simple and you’re
like well duh that’s like duh and when I’m telling you
it’s tough but I can tell you how many people skip those two things it’s like
mind-boggling to me but you have to hone in on a good compelling offer and
sometimes it takes a couple tries to figure out what that is but you have to
have an offer and then you have to present the offer in a compelling way
right you have to have certain energy behind it it has to look attractive you
can’t just say hey you know you got this free thing come and get it unless it’s
like a super great free thing yeah they’re gonna come and get it but the
point I’m trying to make is you have to have a good offer and you have to have
have to show it to the right audience and so you have to spend some time on
figuring out who that audience is and if you never like say for example I’m
working with an orthodontist I already know who the audience is because I’ve
worked with many orthodontists to know who the right person is and I also know
what offers work I know what offers don’t work because again I’ve tried that
we’ve tested these things out so any orthodontist that comes to me and says
hey Roxanne I want to do an advertising campaign I say okay great
are you willing to do this offer um if not it’s okay well then we can’t work
together that’s not it’s no big deal it’s fine
you can find someone else me try it yourself but I know what works so I’m
telling you we’re gonna do this offer or we’re not gonna do anything all right
there’s a number of offers but if they’re not willing to do any of them
then we can’t work together since the same thing for you when you’re talking
to your clients and you’re trying to come up with a good offer I actually
hone in on what the offer is before I sign them up and because I want to know
what their tolerance level is you know some clients are like okay well then oh
you want it I can I’m not a magic magician I can’t just make things that
I’ve been there but it’s the same thing you need to do with your clients or
really your prospects when you’re trying to figure out you want to work with this
client or not and you need to determine okay do they have the infrastructure
they have anyone in office so they have what it takes to make those campaign
successful and part of that is determining a good offer and then if
you’ve worked with that industry before you pretty much will know who the
audience is but if you haven’t it’s gonna take some time to determine what
the audience is and you can make some educated guesses and do some you know
industry research and market research and things like that but I’ll really
encourage you when if you don’t know see about what audiences are have already
been warmed up from that client you’d be surprised especially with all the
metrics that face what gives to us I mean you can even get into who has
viewed the latest posts from that page if they’re active and posting on the
page you can say if they’ve had the pixel on their website you can say you
know anyone who has visited specific pages more than three times in the last
month you know show these odds too so there’s a really there’s an easy way of
finding out who the audiences are just you have to get a little some education
on it to know and learn but the point is these two keys offer an audience make
all the world of difference and your your campaign and your Facebook your
Instagram YouTube campaign if you don’t have those teens if you don’t spend the
time on those two things in the beginning you’re gonna be spending and
spinning and spinning your wheels in the back end because it’s not gonna get you
the results that you’re looking for and or you might get some results in
beginning but it’s gonna fizzle out real quickly so if you take anything from
this video make sure you have a really good offer and show it to the right
audience all right you’ll have a good one talk soon

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  1. It took me several months of running facebook campaigns to truly understands this!!

    I'm curious, is there anything else you would like for me to share after running a social media marketing agency for 2 years!? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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