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Facebook Ads Manager Tutorial 2018 and 2019

Facebook Ads Manager Tutorial 2018 and 2019

hey this is Andre from Andre Elvin
dot-com and hey today we are going to do a very quick tutorial on face on the
Facebook Ads manager the Facebook Ads manager is a pretty much as a dashboard
where all of your ads are stored where you can edit your ads you can actually
create ads within Facebook ads manager actually wrote a blog post about it and
you could click on the blog post somewhere down in the description you
should find a link somewhere in the description or somewhere on the screen
so um to go into it real quick I’m going to show you a couple of things actually
the in order to find the Facebook Ads manager you can go to your business page
you see my business page right here if you scroll you put on a couple of things
like as I scroll down also the sign up button area where you can actually you
can actually promote your sign up button you can promote your website your your
page for likes see the promote website button down there and right here this is
going to be real quick or not when I hover my mouse over the promote button
down here the lower left hand corner as we should say you see this crazy-looking
guy right here that’s me see where it says ads manager you can actually click
on that but you have to be real quick otherwise you’ll get this here come and
and here’s where you can also like I said promote your sign up button your
website promote your page as well so on on your home screen your homepage of
your business page your fan page whichever you you like to call it
there’s multiple multiple ways to create ads but I’m going to go into the
Facebook Ads manager hey another thing with the Facebook Ads manager if by any
chance you click on this here and it goes too fast and you can’t click that
just either you can either go by the two ways you can actually go to Google you
can Google Facebook as managers just make sure that you’re logged in to your
Facebook account and they’ll lead you to it also you could let’s see there’s
another way of doing it also click that button down here or you can google it
there’s another way I was gonna I was gonna lead you to it
Oh actually the other way I was gonna say I was gonna say you could go to
facebook.com slash ads slash manager and you’ll see the Facebook ad manager
should bring up your account and just click on it and get into the Facebook
Ads manager that way as well okay I’m in the Facebook Ads manager or at least my
Facebook Ads manager and there’s a lot of information right here as you can see
um in the my blog posts I spoke about all these different buttons and the
different purposes for them but the one the one thing on this this page here
that I want to show you is the create campaign buttons there’s two of them
there’s one right here to the left and there’s one upper right-hand corner here
to create ad and they serve the same purpose whenever you create ads you can
see how they stack up right here and you can scroll down and see more of my ads
but I’m not gonna do that I’m actually gonna click on the create campaign
button right here so you can see the ads set I’ll show you
see the different ads that’s what this is this first part here that I’m going
to go through just like I said before on the previous page there’s a lot of
information there’s a lot information right here but this page here you can
create a new audience so the new audience that you like the target um for
my sake or if you’ve already used Facebook ads you can see the difference
it’ll save it autosave the your previous audience so I’m going to spend too much
time on that on the scroll scroll down a little bit make sure you put in the
different locations you can target the age target the gender basically what I
normally do is I’ll go to the insights tab on my business page and you can
there’s a place where you can find who’s visiting your page and kind of see your
target audience that way and if you have a website which I highly recommend you
can actually go into your going to your Google Analytics and see your target
audience see who’s been visiting your site as well let me move that off that
thing is jumping a little bit so I’m going to scroll down a little bit here
make sure you enter a language of your interest so here what you want to do is
you want to you want to make sure that you enter something like like my say cup
if I want to target bankers if I want to target um whatever profession that you
want to target our type of people or if you want to target a page you can enter
that into that box right here as well all right I want to show you this and
this is very important here you see the placements these are actually where you
wanna where you want to add the show what’s what sticks out to me is
Instagram so make sure that you connect your Instagram page with your Facebook
page and there’s a there’s a way to do that um you probably can google that
process I should I ought to make a video about that so should make a video about
how you can connect your Instagram account so that that’s some that I may
do so you can see right here see it tells
you the daily reach and on Facebook and a daily reach for Instagram and also
that depends on your daily budget so I usually keep it $1 $2 depending on what
ad that I’m running $1 or $2 and mainly what I’ve been doing lately is testing
so I’ve been running like dollar a day or two dollars a day and you can really
really get some engagement on Facebook another thing that I want to talk about
as well be sure and I speak about this in the blog post make sure that you
split tests if you if you’re starting out and you don’t have a safe audience
make sure that you split test just run two ads and make sure you keep your
budget low I believe Facebook requires you to at least run $1 a day so you
might let’s say if one of your ads you had a video another one was text-based
so and you know whatever little tweaks you want to make in those ads just make
sure you do that so you can see which one performs the best one of the things
that I want to speak of real quick is these columns here you see the results
is the engagements – like shares comments is what this is the thing that
sticks out to me look at the video views this is a great indicator in where the
content is going on Facebook video is huge and it’s going to get better and
before you know what I believe in a couple of years the majority of the
content that you’re going to see will be video based on Facebook and Facebook is
as you see here they’re giving you a pretty pretty good deal on per video
this campaign I paid under one cent so two-tenths of a cent if I’m saying it
right as you can see just look at the video
video view here video views right here they perform
far better than some of your some of your other campaigns video is huge video
is huge it’s it’s only gonna get better on not only on Facebook but all the
other platforms especially the platforms where the video is auto plan places such
as Facebook and Twitter and Instagram so video is already huge but it’s going to
be bigger in the years to come hey download my free ebook the 13 online
marketing tools that local businesses can utilize that give that away for free
and you can find the link somewhere on this video and of course make sure you
subscribe to my youtube channel you should find that somewhere I go to the
my YouTube home page if you don’t see a link somewhere on the screen or
somewhere down below to subscribe to my channel for any of my upcoming videos
and of course thanks for spending time with me thanks for watching and I hope
to see you in the near future and hey make sure you like share comment this
video thanks for watching once again I appreciate it thank you

10 thoughts on “Facebook Ads Manager Tutorial 2018 and 2019

  1. Great Video, can you don one on the Terminologies used with in the Ad manager page. You breafly did some in this video and it was helpful

  2. Question for you, my friend and I are wanting to work on an ad campaign simultaneously. He made me an editor for his fan page and gave me all permissions but…..how do i access the ad campaign we are building? Do I need to go to the business manager?

  3. Thanks Andre L. Vaughn for your awesome "Facebook Ads Manager Tutorial 2016" video.
    I also use this to manage facebook ads which works great for me: http://www.clkmg.com/clickngo/createfacebookads

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  6. hello Andre i have a face fb page and am lost in the way how to set it up to work properly i need help please advise my fb page is ouchiepowder www.ouchiepowder.com

  7. PLEASE like and follow me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/andrelvaughn1 Thanks so Much and I hoped that this video helped!

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