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Facebook Ads Manager Technical Glitches? Here’s How To Solve Them

Facebook Ads Manager Technical Glitches? Here’s How To Solve Them

Facebook Ads Manager Technical Glitches? Here’s How To Solve Them Hey, what is up guys, it’s Jamie G back here again Thank you very much for joining me in today’s video. What I’m covering today is a couple of simple tips You can use on the Facebook Ads manager. If you ever find yourself with a couple of technical glitches There is a few things you can do to basically alleviate things without having to rely on they’re not always Super helpful chat service at the office. So anyway, if you are new here, my name is Jamie G I cover internet marketing affiliate marketing how to get started online and all things digital So if any of that’s of interest to yourself Feel free to hit the subscribe button and the bell-like on to stay up to date with everything I’m going to be putting out what I’m covering. Like I say is just a couple of simple tips Now the way this came about for me is because I run Facebook Ads all day every day. That’s pretty much my main gig Needless to say when a technical glitch does come up which you know If you work on enough out accounts you are going to experience those from time to time You need to work out how you’re gonna solve it. So for me, I’ve had some experience and I guess customer service and Working on a I guess a trading platform so I am sort of familiar with the processes that they do suggest you go through so clearing your cookies in cache and Restart your computer and try a different browser all that sort of stuff. So that was my first point a call I went through those processes nothing work. I thought okay Facebook chat, you might have something to help me. So maybe ever do need to access Facebook chat. Just come up here Click on the little question mark they’ll probably offer if you do search that offers some guidance in terms of the articles and things to access but we want to do is scroll right down to the bottom and You’ll have this button here still need help and either click on the add Center or still need help that’ll take you over to this charming looking page over here and From here again. They’re just going to run through a couple of different things that can potentially help you out. So for me what I Basically what I tend to do is because I’m usually pretty sure by this stage what that I can’t fix the issue you’re going through those Normal routes that I would like I say clearing cookies Restarting different browsers all that sort of stuff. So what I tend to do is come up here to Where are we sorry? support my bad click on support and They do have operational hours for the facebook chat service So what you can do is just click scroll right down the bottom there and again, you know If none of these are your problem this is their top questions that they have why is this happening blah blah blah if you still need help contact the support and that will open up a Facebook Messenger and You start liaising with some of this stuff now just a word of caution and warning on that You’re not always going to get the best. I guess guidance You do need to be somewhat patient with your issues because in my experience the conversations are usually fairly drawn-out Sometimes there’s a bit of a language barrier. You don’t always get straight to the point directly and Yeah, I mean obviously those doing their best. I probably got multiple chats on the go so Be kind to them but you know, we’ll try and help you out and then if they can’t then they’ll escalate it and They’ll basically just be able to send you an email once something has been resolved But in this occasion, I wasn’t even aware of this and it’s my own ignorance. I’ve been working on Facebook ads for years So I should have known about this, but if you’ve gone through those processes that I mentioned So like I say clearing your cookies in cache Trying a different browser When I scan do a restart, you know all that sort of stuff It still is an issue and it’s likely by that stage. That is probably an issue with Facebook What you can do is these three magic little buttons just up here You can actually click reset your ads manager Now if we just go through this process is just a test account that I don’t really use at all Do you really want to reset it? Are you sure sure there’s nothing there that you want to keep nah Man, get rid of it. Whoa reset that and then it’s British resets it and I know it sounds like a simple fix because it Actually is but if you go through that process I’m gonna say probably nine times out of 10. That’s gonna fix your issue if it is a Facebook issue So you’re like I say, I’m a little bit Little bit gutted I was we’re of that previously. I probably could have saved myself a lot of heartache from Contacting the the chat service there numerous times when something goes AWOL But yeah That’s it. This today’s tip and then obviously once that loads hopefully it would have deleted the drafts it ahead which is fine like I say this is just a test account that I use and yeah, it’s it basically You know something to consider if you’re ever getting stuck with your ads manager. So anyway, my name is Jamie G Thank you very much for joining me in today’s video and I look forward to seeing you guys in the next one Thanks for joining me. Bye. Bye

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