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Facebook Ads In 2019 | From Facebook Ads Beginner to EXPERT In One Video

Facebook Ads In 2019 | From Facebook Ads Beginner to EXPERT In One Video

Hey, John Crestani here. And in this
video, I’m going to be going over Facebook ads in house they can drive a lot of more
leads and sales to your business. And I’m going to work on taking you from beginner
to expert. Showing you the ads the whole set up on my computer. Now, I’ve made
millions of dollars in my business from being able to advertise on Facebook and
I’m show you how you can – and the best set up how to get started. And we’ll be
going over a lot of stuff. From the ad setup and I’ll be explaining some of the
most important vocabulary to you about how the campaign, the ideal campaign
setup as well as using some of the more advanced techniques such as custom and
look-alike audiences and pixels. So, get excited for an action-packed
video that’s going to be long. And take notes. But it’s going to be fun. I’m going to
bring you into my account and show you some cool stuff that I’m doing. So, hey.
John Crestani here. I’m going to be showing you Facebook ads beginner to
expert. I’ll also be showing you a little ways through the video one of my ads
that actually made me hundreds of thousands of dollars as an affiliate
marketer for a product that I don’t even own by putting those ads on Facebook to
drive sales for a product that I was an affiliate of. But first, I want to go over
or we need to go over some basic vocabulary first. So, what’s important to
know is these terms up here are absolutely necessary to know. You need to
know these terms before we get started. And then I’m going to go over three other
vocabulary terms which are more advanced terminology but it’ll help take your ad
campaigns to the moon if you understand how these 3 terms factor in to your
business. Now, the first important term to know in Facebook advertising is what a
campaign is. Now an ad campaign… Campaign is a word that comes from like war
campaigns. They would launch a… You know, basically a… Campaign is a big march. You
know, like, people would focus on taking over a country from a certain direction.
An ad campaign is focusing on getting revenue for its particular product or
product category or whatnot. Now, a campaign is the fundamental kind
of structural element of launching your ads. This is kind of the the folder where
all of your ads will fall under is the campaign. So, when you first set up a
campaign, I’ll be showing you on my computer in a second, we’ll start with a
campaign. The next is an ad set. An ad set is where all the magic happens. It’s
where you to find the targeting for the ad. And you define who the ad gets shown
to. Now, if I’m selling markers for instance, I’d need to target people who
are interested in markers or who you know, use whiteboards or what-have-you.
Who do presentations. You know, maybe I target teachers. But that’s where you
define who sees your ad. And if you’re showing your ads to the wrong people, if
you’re showing ads for dog toys to cat people. You’re not going to make any money.
In fact, you’re going to lose a lot of money if you’re doing that sort of advertising.
So, a lot of stuff happens on the ad set level as I said the targeting. And last
but not least is the ad. The ad is the actually the you know, the picture. The
video in the text at the end user sees on Facebook when they’re browsing on
their newsfeed or they’re browsing throughout Facebook. The ad needs to be
well crafted. It needs to be something that captures people’s attention in
order to get them to click and buy on your website or input a lead form
whatever type of advertising you’re doing. So, let’s get right on to things.
I’ll go over some of the more advanced terminology in just a second here. So now,
the first thing that you need to do when you’re going to start advertising on
Facebook. And I want to make clear. Facebook is one of the most wonderful
place to advertise. You can reach billions of people. I mean, it’s insane to
me how many people I see… I see entire families sitting at dinner. And every
person in the entire family is staring at their phone. And oftentimes people are
staring at Facebook. Facebook has taken over the minds and souls of people to a
scary and frightening degree. But it’s a great place to advertise hence why it
makes so much money. I’m going to show you how to turn that attention that
people have unfortunately turned away from their families into money for your
business. Leads or sales, etc. Now, the first thing is you need to go to
business dot facebook.com. And if you can zoom in on my screen, you’ll see business.facebook.com. You can go to Google and you can type in Facebook ads, okay?
And Facebook ads, the first result will be taking you to where you can advertise
on Facebook, okay? So, to start, you’ll need to either login to Facebook or create an
account. So, if you haven’t already created an account in Facebook, most
people in the world have. So, here we are in my Facebook Ads manager. And you’ll
see you know, you can set up multiple accounts. You can set security. But we’re
going to go into one of my ad accounts. Right here and we’re actually going to
look at the ads. So, here we are in one of my Facebook ads account. And you’ll see
it’s separated by those 3 main setups that are structural elements that
I said. Campaigns ad sets and ads, okay? You can do an account overview as well.
But we’re going to focus on this. Now, to get started advertising on Facebook, you need
to go into this big green button, very visible that says “create”, okay? So, we go
there. And here you’ll be taken to a screen where you can create ads. Now,
there’s a ton of different… This is where most people get lost because there’s
about 10 different objectives that you can choose from and you know most people
get overwhelmed by options. But you aren’t my dear jet-setters. Because we’re
gonna go over what the best way to set up is for making money and getting leads
or sales to your business, okay? So our marketing objective is very simple. I
always start with the most basic one which is traffic, okay? So, I suggest you
do traffic as well. Again, if you’re doing, you know, if you’re going for app
installs or videos or leads, you can try these other things. But even if you’re
doing leads. Leads allows you to do the lead forms which means you can capture
people’s information via Facebook. But to really use that, you need to have some
sort of integration with your CRM. So, if you’re running… Most of you are running
small businesses. The probability is you’re running a small business. You
probably just want to go for traffic because integrations take time and
technical experience. Now, another really good feature which I like is Facebook
messages. And you can actually send people messages or try to get people to
message you using their messaging feature. This is a real good way if you
are a solopreneur running a business. You can encourage people to send you
messages. So, you can interact with them in real time. Now, I do affiliate
marketing. You know, I sell other people’s products and earn a commission because
you know, frankly, I don’t want to always be at my desk answering
messages. So we’re going to go with… We’re going to go with traffic right here. Now,
once you click on traffic, you can scroll down here and you’ll see there’s you
know some different elements. Now, all you really have to worry about
is doing the name of the campaign here. So, I would just name it
whatever you want. You know traffic test. You know, one or whatever. And then click
the continue button right here. Don’t worry about these elements for now. I
just always go like that. Okay, now once we click on our traffic objective and we
set that, what we come down to is our ad set, okay? So, I’m going to zoom in here so
you guys can see it. And what’s interesting to note is that you can see
the audience size that you’re targeting. This is something that we’re going to keep
in mind for later. Now, this brings me to some of my advanced vocabulary which is
helpful to know. This advanced vocabulary will help you when you’re setting up
your targeting in this step. The first useful piece of vocabulary to know is
custom audience. Now, a custom audience, what that is is it means it’s an
audience that is really custom to your you and your business. Now, what you can
do is if you have a website that people are already visiting, you can put
Facebook’s pixel which will explain in a second. But basically, you can have
Facebook send ads to the people who were already
visiting your business. Or if you have a fan page or a group or something like
that set up, you can have Facebook advertise to people that are already
fans of your page or who are already liking or following your page or your
group on Facebook. This can be a real powerful sorts of traffic because you’re
showing ads to people who are already engaged with you. Now, the other use for a
custom audience which is really exciting is you can actually upload a list of
people who have bought your product or if you’ve put the Facebook pixel on your
site. You can just have Facebook create you know, they track the buyers of your
product. Or if you’re advertising for another company, you can upload a list of
people who have bought their product. And Facebook will automatically match up the
people who have already bought the product you’re trying to sell with other
people that will be interested in buying the product through their artificial
intelligence algorithms. It’s really advanced and works extremely well. So,
what I just mentioned about matching up the buyers of people who have bought
your product or have bought the company who product your marketing with new
buyers, that is called a look-alike audience. You can build look-alike
audiences are contingent on custom audiences. So, if you upload a list of
let’s say a hundred people who have already bought a product. Let’s say this
marker. What Facebook will do is Facebook will look for who looks like those
people who have bought this marker. What similarities do they have in common? Are
they all teachers? Are they in school? Are they out of school? Are they in the top
10% of earning? Are they in the bottom 10% of earners? Are they, you know, are
they of a certain ethnicity or they white, black, Asian, Hispanic. Do they
identify as Republican or Democrat. Facebook will look at all of the
different demographics and information about that person
or those people. And they will magically create an audience of people that will
be interested in buying whatever product you’re selling. Pretty neat, huh? The last
term is Facebook pixel. And a Facebook pixel, it’s a piece of code that you put
on your site so that Facebook can understand what the demographics of
people who are visiting your site and also so that Facebook can build a custom
audience around the people who have a tendency to visit your site. It also
allows you to track, to see if your ads created any buyers or leads. This is very
helpful to determine if you spent a hundred dollars did you make a hundred
dollars back? Very important to have these. But not fully necessary just to
get started. If these go over your head, please type in the comments “Over my head.
Too complicated.” If all of these terms are understood and I explained them well.
Type in understood in the comments. And also, if you’re getting value from this
video already. And if you’re excited to learn Facebook Ads, please slam that
subscribe button. Slam that like button. And get notified of future videos that
I’m doing because I’ve been doing advertising for over 10 years now and I
can go over this stuff all day. And I’ve made millions of dollars in my business
because of the wonderful wonderful advantages that knowing advertising has
given me. So, here we are back on my computer and we can define an audience
right here as you see where it says, “Create new audience and custom audiences.”
So, you can click create new audience and you can upload a new custom audience. Or
you can use a saved audience. Now, in my case, you know, I have a bunch of saved
audiences that I can use. So, I can use people who have already visited my
website right here if I wanted to, okay? Now, I’m not necessarily going to do that
right now. I’m just going to walk you through… I’m going to assume that you don’t
have any audience so far that you’re just getting started in your business.
Maybe you want to reach more people in your business. Or maybe you’re just
starting a business and you want to start selling products but you don’t
have anybody coming to your business yet. Facebook Ads is a great way
to reach them and I’ll show you how. So, the first set up is location, okay?
Location, your locations and generally speaking, I sell digital
products. So, I can sell anywhere in the world. And my favorite locations to start
with are Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and sometimes I like to add in other
countries that are pretty you know good countries that I know that convert well
from my product. Such as Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Seychelles, Hong Kong and
Singapore. So, that’s the audience I’ll start with. Now, as you may have noticed,
my audience size went up, okay? My audience size is now almost 300 million
people. That’s a lot of people. Now, I’m not going to do very well on advertising if
I’m advertising to 300 million people nor do I have that sort of money to
advertise to that many people. So, I’m going to work on getting that down. So that
I can focus on only the most important people that have the highest chance of
buying whatever product I’m selling. Now, for this example, let’s say I’m selling a…
Let’s start with a Woodworking product. I’m going to pick a random product from an
affiliate Network I work with called Ted’s Woodworking. So, we’re going to search
for the top products here. And as we’ll see, we see Ted’s Woodworking, okay? This
is one of the top products on Clickbank. And I can make about $55 per sale
and I can also make (if you notice) about $90 from recurring subscription
revenue. So, that’s pretty good. I can make about a hundred and forty five bucks
just by selling this woodworking product. But I’ll need to find people who are
interested in woodworking. So now, for our example, I’m actually going to… I’m just
going to advertise an affiliate product. I’m just going to find a random product by
going to Clickbank which is my fave Affiliate Network. And its place where he
can find digital products to sell. And I’m just gonna click on the affiliate
marketplace right here. Okay, then I’m going to click this search button. And we
notice that the number one product right here is one called the flat belly fix,
okay? So, what we’ll notice is it pays about $40 per sale. And you
don’t make a lot of recurring revenue. As you can see right there. But we get that
$40 per sale. I’m going to focus on the weight loss niche. Now at this
point, we kind of have 4 different ways we can figure out the targeting for
our ads. And this takes research. Now, the first option which is the worst is just
guess. Just blindly guess of what you think the ages and the demographics of
people looking to lose weight are. Well, we might figure you know they’re women,
they’re older than 35. You know, they’re interested in weight loss or something
like that. But thou be guesswork. And we want to go about it a little more
systematically about that. So that brings us to the second and third methods which
would be looking at the actual JV page of the affiliate product of the product
that we are marketing. Or you could substitute that for if you’re working
with a client of actually asking them what sort of people you know, they see
converting for their product. Now, the fourth method is the one I like the most.
And the fourth method is not guessing, is not even going off of what the product
owner thinks their audience is. It’s actually getting a custom audience of
buyers to upload to Facebook and then create a look-alike audience off of that.
Now, I’m going to assume that you don’t have a custom audience. That you don’t have
buyers for whatever product you’re promoting it. So, you can’t create a
look-alike audience. But I’m letting you know this. So that in the future when you
do have people buying your product or when if you’re working with a company
who does have buyers for their product, creating that custom audience, creating
that look-alike audience is very powerful. Now, I’m not going to spend time
going over how to create those on my computer right now. But this is the most
powerful form of Facebook advertising. It’s a bit more advanced. Most people
not in a position to do this but it works very well and it’s how I’ve been
very successful in my marketing efforts. But since we don’t have a custom
audience of buyers, we’re going to have to guess. Well first, we’re gonna go to the
JV page of the flat belly fix. And we see the JV page right here or called
affiliate page. We click that and we have the flat belly fix right here. We’re
going to go here. And they don’t have information on the actual demographics
of people right here. So, I’m going to actually… I’ll click for the email swipe.
But I’m going to find a similar product to do my research on. So, I’m just going to look
for other products in the weight loss niche. And in this case, I know of a
similar one. Fat decimator system. That’s right here. And let’s look at their JV
page. Or affiliate page. So, here’s a little better affiliate page right here.
And we see a bunch of interesting information right here. Here’s the
product creator Wesley virgin. Wesley billion-dollar virgin. That’s what
he goes by. But what’s interesting right here, we see customer demographics, okay?
So, we’re going to click on that. Now here we are in the customer demographics. And I’m
going off of the assumption that the people buying this weight-loss product
are similar to people buying the other weight-loss product that I’m going to be
advertising. So, we see that the market is 80% female, right? 80% female. So, I’m going to
go to my Facebook ads. And what I’m gonna select is I’m gonna go under gender
right here. I’m going to click Edit. Then I’m just going to click women. Easy. We just
reduced our audience by half. So, that’s pretty good. So, we’re getting it down. Now,
let’s see if we can go further. We also see that the audience is 60%
between the ages of 40 to 59. Whoo! This is going to help us out a lot. So, I’m going to
go back to Facebook and I’m going to click age right here. 40 to 59.
Boom! We just reduced our audience by over two-thirds. Let’s keep going. Now, if you
you’ve been getting value from this so far, please make sure you subscribe. Hit
that subscribe button. Hit that like button. And type in the comments “Value.”
Value baby because we’re going to keep going. We’re going to keep bringing this
down. And we’re going to get this targeted until we have a working winning campaign
right here. So let’s keep going. So here we are looking at the top converting
countries. and we see United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand are on the
list. But here’s what’s even more interesting is the top converting states.
We have some of the top converting states here. So, if we want to really get
narrowed down, we can actually just target the top converting states and
give ourselves an additional advantage. So, let’s let’s try to do that. California,
Washington, Colorado and Texas. So, let’s go right here. So, we’re going to go up here
and we’re actually going to click “x” to United States and we’re going to type in
California, Washington, Colorado, Texas. And we’re just going to do a couple more.
Florida, New York, South Carolina. Okay, so I added in a number of US states that
are the top converting states in the US. And we’ve got our audience down even
further to 21 million people. So we’ve got a much more specific targeting of
people who are more likely to convert. Because we know we got this data from
the advertiser. So, let’s keep going. So, what’s interesting here is that most of
the… Most of the people who are buying over 50% of people are on desktop
computers. So, one interesting statistic that I brought up that I know in my head
but I’m gonna let you know is that mobile versus desktop traffic more
visits come from mobile devices in the entire world or out just on the internet
than from actual desktop computers. So, given that information, I find it kind of
surprising that desktops send more sales to this weight loss
program van mobile devices. Now, the way my mind goes is that if more people are
using mobile devices, then desktop computers yet more people are buying on
desktop computers than mobile devices of these weight loss programs. Then it must
be much better to advertise on desktop computers. Because you’d think if more
people are using mobile devices, you’d want to advertise more on mobile devices.
But that’s not the case. So, given that really simple information we’re going to
advertise on desktop computers. We’re going to focus our ads there. So that we
only get people who are going to have the best chance of actually buying the
product that we are selling here. So, given that information, when it comes to
selecting what devices, we show our ads on. I’m going to change it to desktop
only. But let’s keep going down. Now, we can get more detailed targeting here. We
can say all demographics interest in behaviors. But given this, I’m going to
actually see if there’s more information on how I can target these people. So,
let’s see if I have particular interests that people are interested in. So, we have
a lot of data from people… From this affiliate program that tells us about
these customers. But nothing that specifically tells us the interests. So,
I’m going to type in is… I’m just going to type in weight loss, okay? And I’m going to say
interests in extreme weight loss. And what we see here is we moved our
audience down to 28,000 people. We can add in more weight loss related things.
We can add in weight loss, fitness and wellness,
you know coach Mindi weight loss. So, we can add in different sects of people
that are interested in weight loss. So now, our targeting is getting much more
defined. We’re only targeting high converting states. We’re targeting people
in the only the age ranges that are more likely to buy. We’re targeting people in
the gender likely to buy. Excuse me, that was weird. So, we’re going there.
Let’s keep going downwards. We will only want to target people who are speaking
English. So we’ll go in here and we’ll target English. Now, these are all
targeting options. And again, it depends on what you’re selling. So next we come
down to placements. And we’ll see placements. Now, you can select all these
different placements. I generally keep my ads to just Facebook itself. Now, the
audience network a little bit about that. It just means Facebook will go far
beyond Facebook. They’ll go all over the internet to advertise. Which I don’t
necessarily trust. And Instagram and Facebook Messenger are just… They’re just
very different. So I don’t trust those as much. I tend to start my ads on Facebook
and then I expand them to these other elements, okay? So, we’re going to keep our
ads here. We’re going to scroll down. And you can… You can turn off certain ad units if
you want. You can learn more about these ad units by you know just googling them.
Use Google. But generally speaking, you want to keep your ads to the newsfeed,
okay? I’m just going to turn off stories as well. So, let’s scroll down. And we have
more options here. So, let’s go in more options. And I’m going to select only
desktop devices. So, I slip this then I go into devices. And then I’m going to select.
Sorry, the devices is right here. And it’s right below edit placements and will deselect mobile so it’s only advertising on desktop devices. Now,
you’ll notice our audience is actually very well defined at a 180,000 people and it’s in the green zone right there. So, that we’ve got
pretty solid targeting for people who are interested in weight loss they’re
the right age group all of that stuff they’re in the right locations. So, we’re
going to go down here. And the next step is to actually set the budgets. Now,
generally speaking, I keep the budgets… I just let Facebook set the budgets. It’s
kind of scary. I didn’t grow up doing this. But this is an optional thing so
you don’t actually need to fill this out. I think a good budget to set per day is
what Facebook recommends. At $20. Or what you could do is you could set a
lifetime budget and say you only want to test $100,
that would be fine as well. We’re just going to say daily, okay? We’re going to watch
this, okay? So, that’s how you set up a Facebook ad targeting. The next step is
to actually set up the ad. And that’s where we come to we set up our campaign.
We set up our ad set which as you see takes a lot of research and there are
some advantages you can have if you have custom audiences and look-alike
audiences. By the way, if you become a student of mine, I have a six-week
training course on how to do affiliate marketing. I actually give away buyers
lists in all of the different major verticals to help you create your
look-alike audiences. So you have a head start against really anybody else doing
marketing in any category to get started on Facebook advertising. But moving on,
we’re going to start with our ad. So let’s get into our ad. So, inside your ad,
what you want to do is you want to scroll down here. And I generally like
doing single image or video. I prefer doing video ads over anything else. Video
ads are… You know, if a picture tells a thousand words, a video tells a thousand
images, right? So, it’s like a million words. So it’s pretty useful and this is
what we’re going to focus on. So, we go down here and what we’re going to do is we
want to upload a video if possible. Now, generally speaking, I like taking videos
that are already public. That are already in kind of public use somewhere. Because
you know, if they’re on the internet, I like using them. One place that I go to
to get videos is pond5. And you can buy videos on pond5. And you can you
know just type and weight loss. And you can you know get a video from here.
You know, I’ll just download this one with the with the logo in it. And we’ll
upload it, okay? So, I just downloaded it. And just for your information, I’m
using an extension for chrome called fvd downloader. flash video downloader right
here. And I use that to download videos from really anywhere on the internet. So,
this is… This is what I’m using. So, I should have got this video by now and
let’s upload it to Facebook. Okay, so then we upload our video. And I’m
just going… Uploading the videos having a little hard
time downloading right now so I’m just going to upload random. Random video
right here. And well… the uploads going to take a little time. So that’s the
annoying part. But basically, the video process is… Then you go down here and
enter your text. Now, what I prefer to do for affiliate marketing texts is I like
to take information straight from the advertiser. So, we can see here on the
page we were originally advertising which is the for the flat belly fix. They
give us… It says, “Click for email swipe”. And I would just click there for the
email swipe and I would get some information on what to write on Facebook.
Okay? Now, keep in mind just the disclaimer is that Facebook doesn’t
necessarily like weight loss products to be advertised anymore.
I actually advise against advertising weight loss products on Facebook.But I’m
just using this as an example. If you’re looking for other niches to advertise
and affiliate, I suggest you use a pre-sale page and I suggest you
advertise non weight loss niches. If you want more information on getting presale
pages or if you want to get presale pages, you can either create your own, you
can rip them from an affiliate. Or you can join my six-week training course and
you will get over a dozen high converting presale pages that are
compliant with Facebook advertising. Okay, but for this we’re going to put our
headline right there. And we are going to use some of the email copy that we get
here. And we would put this in the primary text. See what I did? So, just… I
just want to go over. I’m in the swipe file for the flat belly fix, okay? And I’m
getting copying one of their emails. I’m copying one of their emails. Copy to
Facebook, okay? I’m in Facebook. My video which should be my weight loss videos
uploading and I’m going to paste my text here, okay? Now, what I would do if I were
really doing affiliate marketing for this product, okay? And again Facebook
does not like affiliate links. But what I would do is I would put my
pre-sell page link here. And we would do a link sort of like this. So, to put my
pre-sale page link here “Weightloss secrets.com” And I’ll put my link in
the description there. And I would also take this link. Because let’s say this is
the website I registered. I’d place this link right there, okay? And
that is how I would do my ad. Now for fast purposes, I’m just going to browse
the library. I’m going to find a stock image. And here we can preview what
our ad would look like. So, let’s wait for the preview to load. So now, we have our
ad fully set up. We see we have our page which I already set up which we’re
advertising on. We have our ad copy, our text. If we click see more. We can see
that our ad kind of has the… You know, it has a beautiful image. It has one cup.
Tomorrow morning burns three pounds of belly fat. That’s a great headline. These
are obviously extremely high converting headlines in the email swipes. And all we
would do now is we would launch our ad. We would click confirm to launch our ad.
You know, we weren’t advertising a weight loss product which I’m using in the
example. Now, there are plenty of niches you can advertise and affiliate. But once
again, you need a pre-sale page. Now, there are plenty of products you can advertise
as an affiliate marketer if you want to get into my industry. But again, you need
a pre sell page. Now, if you’re doing e-commerce or Amazon, you can put in your
amazon link there. Your Shopify link there. You can put in your own
website link. If you’re selling consulting. Or if you’re working for a
client, you can put their website link in there. But that is the soup to nuts
Facebook advertising. There isn’t much to it but there’s a lot of ways you can go
wrong. I suggest you get very targeted and you target audiences of anywhere
from 100,000 to 250,000 when you get started. As you saw, we narrowed down our
audience quite quickly through the process of research and looking at what
our competitors are doing, advertiser wise.
So, it’s really quite easy. So, I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, give it a
big fat like and subscribe button. Hit that notification bell. Looking forward
to seeing you in future videos. And comment below if you learn something
from this, let me know what was the most useful part of this video. Was it
the ad set targeting? Was it the… You know, wasn’t the ad and the creative process?
Was it the research process? Or was it understanding about look-alike and
custom audiences or Facebook pixels? Let me know in the comments below what you
found the most interesting. And also let me know if there are future subjects
that you’d like to see me teach on on this channel. And for those of you who
are looking to take your life to the next level, I have a six-week course I’ve
created multiple millionaires from. And I get fully transparent showing you how
I’ve been able to make these stacks of cash that I’ve been keep it on my desk to
motivate you to show you how much money you can make as a marketer. As a
marketing professional, you can make the sky is the limit.
And I hope to see some of you become students of mine so I can help you out
and take your life and career to the next level. Talk to you soon.

45 thoughts on “Facebook Ads In 2019 | From Facebook Ads Beginner to EXPERT In One Video

  1. Great video, got alot of value man! Started my YT channel on affiliate marketing and you're inspiring💯

  2. Hey
    How are you ? 😉

    How exponentially are your subscribers growing, soon you will reach 1M mark !
    I dont know why but I feel really happy about it!
    Best of Luck 🙂

  3. I got tons of value from this video John and will be looking to implement what you've taught…. thanks for sharing.

  4. I thought overall it was a in depth step by video. It shows exactly how to get to your target audience which is extremely important to be able get the clicks or leads you need. Thank you for sharing another great video and yes I'm staying a subscriber.👍👍👍 ALL IN

  5. Thank you for the information, been researching for about 6 months now. Your information is great & appreciate for sharing so much of it. it’s time to take some action !

  6. well i am not rich enough to pay u 76000 rs to join ur network, if i would had just 20000 rs then i would used it to fix my house roof which is leaking. well tq for your inspirational video John Crestani
    . carry on the good work. stay blessed.


  8. Hi, how is the campaign budget devided on ad groups in google ? And is there a way to put a separate budget for each ad group ( as we do in FB sutuation ) ? Thanks

  9. Excellent video John. I've purchased FB ads courses but your free video here on YT is better than all the ones I've watched. You dumbed it down and make it super simple. Thank you!

  10. Hi John great video but is it true that facebook and google sort of don't like people promoting affiliate products? Thanks

  11. I found most interesting the process of decreasing the size of your target audience. Specifically, going to the affiliate page and getting the info strait from the horse's mouth.

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