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Facebook Ads In 2018 | Lower The Cost Of Your Facebook Ads FAST

Facebook Ads In 2018 | Lower The Cost Of Your Facebook Ads FAST

What is going on guys is Joaquin Corrales welcome back to the channel in this video I’m gonna talk about what you guys need to be doing when the cost of your facebook ads start getting too high So what you guys are gonna notice is when you first set up your Facebook ads your cost is gonna Be at a certain number whether that’s your cost per registration your cost per lead your cost per add to cart’ your cost per purchase Eventually you’re gonna get to a certain number that you get to that But there are certain things that are going to happen with your advertisements sometimes for unknown reasons right and what those are at the end of the day make it so that the cost of the ad Becomes a lot higher, okay, so before you were paying $3 for every single person that bought your product now You might be paying $6 for every single person to buy your product and there are some certain key things that you’re gonna be able to do as far as The power editor and as far as different strategies that we have Tested to be able to go out there and lower the cost of that advertisement again We’re making a lot lower than it currently is so we’re gonna dive into my computer and get right into some of the things that I think that you guys need to be doing and looking at to make sure that your facebook ad prices not get too high Alright guys, so we’re inside of my computer now We’re gonna dive right into it so the first thing that I want to talk about as far as lowering your Facebook ad cost and these are things that could be done even at the beginning of your campaigns even before you start your campaigns To make sure you’re thinking about these things and that you’re focusing on them as you go through the process So the first thing is to focus on the ad relevant relevancy score, okay? so when you guys create your Your campaign with your ad sets and the different ads you guys are gonna notice that in the last tab okay the tab that says Advertisements the ads all the way at the end you’re gonna see a relevancy score And what this score is is a score that Facebook gifts to your ads based on the positive and negative feedback? Of the audience that you’re showing the advertisement to okay so basically what it means is that if there’s a lot of positive feedback? on your Advertisement based on the audience that you’re showing it to then the relevancy score is gonna be a lot higher Than if there’s negative feedback, okay? And now the reason why you guys need to focus on this score is because the higher score Tells Facebook that the ad is a lot more relevant To the audience that you’re showing it to and so what’s gonna happen is that your cost per reach is going to go down okay? so you’re gonna you’re gonna be paying less money to show the Advertisement to more people which is going to lower the cost of your of your advertisement right so this is actually a super important It’s something that at the beginning of running advertisements I didn’t focus on a lot and so what are some of the tips that you guys could could follow to make sure your relevancy score is is as high as Possible so first of all you guys want to make sure that you you focus on your audiences right that you’re not showing for example a dog Advertisement and you’re targeting people that hate dogs right like maybe that was a bad example But you guys get the idea you need to make sure that you’re showing advertisements to people off of things that they’re interested to and another thing is that for example the landing page that you’re sending people to after the Advertisement or the product that you’re sending people to after the advertisement is Exactly. What what they expect it to be right. I’ve seen a lot of times. There are advertisements That are promoting a certain thing or they’re promoting a certain product And then you might go to the actual page after that and and it’s something completely different So obviously this is gonna lower the relevancy score because people are gonna come back and they’re gonna have they’re gonna comment something bad or they’re gonna dislike it or they’re gonna be angry at the post or Report it which brings down your score or tremendously right and at the end of the day what a lower score means is that you’re gonna have to pay a lot more money to reach a The same amount of audience that you would have had to pay very little to reach if you had a high score so you want To make sure you focus on this actual score But obviously you need to start running your ads first right you need to start running your ads first So that you could get a score And then you could start working off of it from there another thing is that as your advertisement runs longer and longer? What could potentially happen depending on your audience size is that? The the amount of people that see it like the frequency is gonna go up Which means that people the same people are seeing your ad? multiple times so it’s another thing that you guys need to look at in conjunction with the relevancy score because making sure that you’re not repeating on the advertisement to multiple people and that your Advertisement is staying as relevant as possible is key to lowering the cost Another thing that’s related to this is that for example if you’re running an image ad and the relevancy score is is high but then it starts getting lower then maybe you want to start running a video ad and you want to go back and forth and switching out your advertisements every once in a while To make sure that the cost are stays lower now the second thing that I want to talk about is Whether you are splitting your audiences, okay? And I talked about this in one of my other videos and the idea about splitting your audiences Is that for example if you create a campaign on facebook? And then you create your ad set are you putting every single if you’re doing it based off of interests Are you crumbling up a whole bunch of different interests? Into one ad set right are you putting a whole bunch of different interests into one ad set as opposed to splitting them up Okay, so for example Let’s say that you have a campaign running right now for $50 a day, and you have 10 different interests inside Inside of that campaign so the bad thing about that is that when the cost starts getting higher Then there’s nothing to shut down like there’s nothing to optimize I guess you only have one advertisement to optimize which is actually really bad So what you want to do instead is that instead of having for example 10 interests? And in one ad set at $50 a day what you want to do is for example split it into 5 different ad sets with every single ad set having 10 dollars per day right so you’re still spending the $50 but now each ad set is gonna have two different Interests right two different interests are in the end the options as opposed to having 10 interests in one advertisement and then what that’s gonna do is That then when the cost starts getting higher you’re gonna be able to see exactly which ones are getting the higher cost and be able to optimize those as Opposed to having to only work with one huge ad set right and the cool thing about this, too Is that for example if you have that one campaign that has 10 different interests in there? You can only raise the money on that one campaign But if you have 5 campaigns each of them with a different with different interests Then you’re gonna be able to see which ones are outperforming the other ones and be able to spend more money there right so Instead of spending ten dollars on each you notice that the the ad set targeting something in specific is doing much better So you start spending 15 on there, and you take five away from one that is? Underperforming right so it’s super important to split your audience’s not only at the beginning of your Facebook advertisement But when the cost starts getting higher And you want to bring it back down The third one that I want to talk about is to focus on the average cart value and the lifetime value of your customers Okay, so basically what this means is that? Sometimes your Facebook advertisement is completely optimized right like you’ve done everything that you possibly can to get the costs as low as possible So what you do at that point? is to focus on the average cart value like how can you get people to spend more money in your Actual store in your actual business and whatever it is and so a couple of different strategies to do that are what’s called for example a One-time offer and so what that means is that when someone adds a product to their cart They’re gonna get in the next page or maybe as a pop-up or something they’re gonna get an offer to add something else to their cart that may be related to what it is that they just added and And you see this a lot in for example Amazon like when you add something to your cart on Amazon at the bottom of the screen you see oh would you like to add this and send this for this price or whatever and and obviously they do that because it works and so although not everybody is going to take advantage of That offer that you made a small percentage of them will And then when everything is averaged out you’re gonna be making more money from these people which is gonna Which is gonna make it so that the higher cost on Facebook? No longer hurts you so much right because if before you were spending $5 to get a $30 sale but now on average you spend $5 and you get a $36 sale right because you have these you’re increasing the average cart value Then obviously it makes sense and the other thing is the lifetime Value and the reason why a lot of people love contact flow which is my email marketing software is because you’re able to very easily calculate the lifetime value of every single one of your customers over the Periods of time so for example you’re able to see that customers are worth to you $40 each right and so now if your Facebook Advertisements are costing you $5.00 They’re costing you $6 $7 they’re continuing to go up Because you know the lifetime value of every single one of your customers, then you’re able to Understand that it’s going up and that you’re optimizing it but that it’s okay because you’re still making money on the backend and the Fourth thing here is to segment your contacts and promote more items to them so for example Let’s say you have a Shopify store you have a regular business online offline whatever you need to make sure that all the contacts that you’re getting all the customers that you’re getting obviously you have some sort of weight to reach out to them and So what you’re gonna? Do is that let’s say you have a Shopify store, and it’s a general Shopify store, and you sell all different types of items But some of the items that you sell our fishing items And you notice that out of your 500 customers a hundred of them have bought something That’s related to fishing So what you need to do is that you need to go out there and find another item that’s related to fishing you need to Add it to your store And you need to send an email send a text message call these people do whatever you need to do to let these people know That you’re promoting this brand new item and you need to promote skaar City and Urgency rates car city and urgency or one of the big things when it comes to Shopify to getting people to buy that they’re running Out of time and that there aren’t that many? Left so you could do something like that But the cool thing about this is that you know that these people are interested in specific products And so you’re offering them products that are very similar or maybe products that go with something that they bought right. That’s something That’s actually pretty cool And a lot of people don’t do this what a lot of people do is that they have their Shopify store that have their business Whatever, and they’re always looking for cold clients right they’re always looking for cold customers They’re always running advertisements to to new people and they’re they have a customer list that they’re not doing anything with okay If these people already bought from you you need to Continue selling to these same people right And so how you know what to sell to them if you have a general store for example is that you segment them? Based on the items that they bought so you know what to offer them right this person that bought something related to fishing Yeah, sure you could offer them something That’s not related to fishing But the chances of them buying are much lower right and so if you’re able to segment your customers And then promote these different items to them then that could be a way for you to increase the lifetime Value of every single one of your customers so once your Facebook ads start going up in price and you start Focusing on the relevancy score, and you start splitting the audiences and you optimize them You know that you’re still generating more money and figuring out ways to make more money from your actual customers So so it makes total sense Now the fifth thing here is to generate leads like for example a lot of businesses in a lot of different stores What’s happening to their stores? Is that you’re running your Facebook ads right like you’re spending a certain amount of money on Facebook ads and And you’re getting a lot of people coming to your store, but the people are not buying okay And I’m gonna make another video on what you guys need to do when like when that happens either with your webinar with your Shopify store with whatever Before example what you should be doing on top of everything is generating leads inside Of your store so for example you should have some sort of pop-up or some sort of something that grabs their contact information So even when you get these visitors coming to your store you give them a reason to give you their contact information so that you could then reach out to them and And sell them more things. I mean it makes obvious sense it’s it’s awesome and so many people don’t do this like for example Let’s say you’re running an advertisement for a fishing product and someone comes to there’s gonna be a there’s gonna be a lot more People that come to your website than the amount of people that buy right like obviously there’s gonna be like a hundred people that come To your website, and maybe I don’t know five are gonna buy ten are gonna buy if you have good conversions But out of these a hundred people that came to see your product Obviously they’re interested in something related to fishing or something related to whatever it is that you’re selling So imagine that you figured out a way to have a pop-up come up when they’re leaving or have Some way to capture their contact information in a creative way that makes people want to do it right not like what everyone’s doing That’s like oh here How about 3% discount give me your phone number email social security all right like you figure out some creative way to Get people’s contact info and this person these 100 people are gonna come to your website But now five of them are gonna buy and 30 of them are gonna. Give you their email Right you see how that’s so much more valuable because the same amount of people that bought we’re going to buy But now you have 30 people’s emails who are interested in in that specific Item that you’re selling so what you could do is that you can now start emailing them you can start getting in touch with them You could offer them different products you could offer them products that are very similar to that one. Maybe the same exact one Maybe you send them an email and you’re like hey, I noticed that you like this product. Why didn’t you buy it? Here’s a discount whatever. I mean. It’s so obvious that that this is a One of the best ways to make more money in your store to make more money in your business And it’s focusing on lead generation And an email marketing and so this is this is what these are some of the things that you’re able to do Once the cost of your Facebook Ads start going up and it’s focused on the ad Relevancy you want to make sure your ads are relevant to the people that you’re showing them to and that you’re constantly switching them in And out to make sure that it stays up there Are you splitting your audiences right don’t bundle a whole bunch of different in our interest into one advertiser and split them up So you’re able to optimize appropriately and then three four and five instead of focusing directly on Facebook Ads three four and five here Focus on increasing the value of every customer to you because if every single customer is worth a lot more money to you then Not only are you gonna? Have a lot more revenue And whatever your business is but you’re gonna be able to withstand A higher Facebook Ads cost right because not only now Do you know how to how to optimize your Facebook Ads? But you also know how to generate more money from these customers and guys we’re doing a 180 day video challenge We’re releasing videos every single day. We’re like on day 34 or something I’m gonna link up in a card a video on how to do Shopify email marketing And I’m also gonna put in the description some Facebook ad tutorials if you guys want to go ahead and check those out And that’s awesome. We’re also doing giveaways every single week of software and $1,000 worth of entrepreneurship courses and all you have to do to qualify is hit the subscribe button hit the Notification bell like this video and post a comment down below on what you guys think of these four things or you guys Or these five things are you guys I’m focusing on these things in your business. What do you guys think about them? Do you need any help with anything here? You’re supposed to comment down below and we’ll be in touch, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow on the next video

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