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Facebook Ads in 2018 | Going From Facebook Ads Beginner To MASTER

Facebook Ads in 2018 | Going From Facebook Ads Beginner To MASTER

In this video we’re gonna go from being an absolute beginner in Facebook advertising to completely mastering it. If you’ve never done Facebook ads before, but maybe you had some information about it We’re gonna touch on absolutely everything that you guys need to know and these are the same strategies that I was able to apply within the last couple months to take a brand new business from Absolutely zero to over one hundred and fifty Thousand dollars in sales, okay guys. I truly truly believe that knowing digital advertising is the key to growing any business Okay
Imagine being able to take any company putting it in front of the right audiences and being able to generate money doing that is what Facebook Ads and digital advertising Allows you to do so in this video We’re gonna take you from beginner Okay to a complete master Make sure you guys stay all the way into the end my name is Joaquin Corrales subscribe to this channel. We’re releasing videos daily We’re gonna hop into my computer and get right into it Alright guys. We’re gonna. Jump right into it and the first thing that we’re gonna Do is we’re gonna go to the business manager, okay? And we’re gonna create our ad accounts through the business Manager because it’s gonna make everything a whole lot easier and later on in the future Let’s say we want to give access to someone to come to our ad account and check it out or something of that sort This is going to be the way to go so you’re gonna create an account in the business manager obviously you need a Facebook account So after you have your Facebook account created you’re gonna come to business dot facebook.com you’re gonna click on create account here And then it’s gonna ask you for a business name just enter the name of your business or enter your name Not a big deal And it’s going to head and it’s gonna go ahead and create an account now after you create an account with the business manager You’re going to you’re going to one create a Facebook page right and it’s important that you create a Facebook page for your business Because that’s what’s going to show at the top left hand corner of your ads okay So once we start creating the different ads And going through the different strategies that you need to apply then these this your profile your business It’s what’s going to show up there So it’s important that you guys create that the second thing that you’re gonna be prompted to create Once you go in through the business manager is an ad account so just it the steps are gonna be right there in your face You’re gonna hit one two three and just go through them and so after you have all of that set up Okay, which should only take about two minutes you’re gonna come to a screen that looks like this And this is the start of creating our first advertising campaign And we have a whole bunch of different marketing Objectives that we could choose from but we’ve before we go into the marketing objective that is right for four specific types of campaigns let me kind of explain the hierarchy of Facebook ads so you guys could kind of see here on the left-hand side, so we have a campaign We have an ad account. It’s already made at set and AD so let me draw it here so that it’s easily Understood so here. We have at the highest level. We have a campaign okay, and at the campaign level We’re gonna choose our objective, okay? What is gonna be the objective of this campaign do we want people to? engage with our post we want people to come to our website right that would be a traffic do we want people to add certain items to cart so at this level we choose the objective now a Level under the campaign are gonna Be what are called ad sets okay, and what ad sets are going to do is that ad sets are going to target different audiences? Okay So as we create campaigns we’re gonna be testing different These are ad sets we’re gonna be testing different audiences with different characteristics and different interests And that’s what these different ad sets are going to do and now every single ad set also has different ads right They could be the same ads or they could be different ads and those ads right at that end level at that end goal are the ads that people are seeing so this thing all the way at the at the Far right hand side is what people are seeing what they’re interacting with in their feed and what they’re giving feedback Based off of okay, so you guys are gonna see that as we create advertisements for this sample business, okay? And this sample business is gonna be a coffee shop you guys are gonna. See that we’re gonna create advertisements We’re gonna create ad sets we’re gonna create campaigns, and we’re gonna do it in a way where we’re going to be testing What is the most effective way to run advertisements for this business, okay? And that’s how you do it in real life in real life. This is how you do it You create you choose your campaign so what’s gonna be the objective of your campaign then you choose You create different ad sets that are all targeting different audiences, and then you point different ads to it And then we see okay this ad set is not going to work this ad set works this one does not the Does not and so we start spending more money on this one because this audience is the one that is Responding to these advertisements, and maybe that’s a little bit confusing Maybe you don’t understand 100% how all of that fits into play but it’s gonna become a lot more obvious right now once we start actually drilling into the platform and creating these campaigns these ad sets these different ads and so that that kind of Acknowledge is a very common misconception about paid advertising which is that it’s a black hole, right? This is a red hole, but it’s just imagine a black Hole where you just throw money down and you’re not sure what your ROI is going to be how much money you’re going to make Back or how it all works and paid advertisement is not like that okay? It’s the key to growing any business because if you’re able to have a product. Okay, especially a product That’s good, and put it in front of the right audiences. Okay, then they’re going to pay you for it, okay They’re going to come to your offline business your online business it does not matter And how you do that is by testing so you’re not spending actual money on advertisement Until things are working okay, you could spend on these ad sets one from one to even five dollars Let’s say obviously you could spend as much as you want, but you only have to spend from one to five dollars So see if this ad set is going to work at all, and if this one works then we’re gonna We’re gonna put we’re gonna close all the other ones, so we’re not gonna spend money there anymore And we’re only gonna spend money on the ones that work, okay But before we get into that I also want to talk about something else That’s super important, and that is the Facebook pixel okay, and the Facebook pistil pixel is gonna Be essential to our success in facebook Advertisement and the reason why it’s gonna be essential is because the Facebook pixel is gonna allow us to track everything Okay, it’s gonna allow us to track everything and later on in this video I’m going to show you guys how to create a Facebook pixel, and how you’re going to install it on your website And so what the Facebook pixel is is just imagine like a line of code, okay? And this line of code is going to live on your website So here you have your website And your lot your your Facebook pixel is going to live there and what happens is that every single person? Who visits your website from wherever they’re coming from is going to trigger it it’s going to be triggered by? Itself and so Facebook is going to know exactly Who that person is okay? They’re gonna know exactly who that person is that was eight that that came on to your website? And so what we’re going to be able to do by tracking that information Which is extremely easy to track is that we’re later going to be able to run advertisements, okay? We’re gonna be able to run different ads to all these people okay We’re gonna be able to run ads to all these people that came into our website Okay That’s how you see those examples of people of maybe everyone has done this right you go to a certain website And then after you leave the website you go on Facebook and there’s an ad there’s an ad in your face or you go on Instagram and there’s an ad right there in front of you of The place that you just visited this is not complicated at all and it’s also no accident, okay It’s no accident that you just saw an advertisement for Taylor Swift shoes after you were googling for them, okay It’s no accident at all how that happens is through the Facebook pixel? So these websites have a Facebook pixel installed you go on to their website The pixel knows that it’s you right and knows that it’s you that went on there And then when you go back to Facebook This person the the business that whose advertisement you’re seeing has a campaign running. That is Targeting the people that are activated this pixel, okay? and it goes way more in depth in that and way more advanced and we’re also going to cover that in this video right because We’re gonna completely master Facebook advertisement And so not only are we gonna create campaigns that are going to target people that visited your website or did certain actions But we’re also gonna be able to do what’s called creating look-alike audiences, okay? And look at like audiences is where the real money is that and this is extremely powerful And the reason why I look-alike audience is extremely powerful is because imagine that you have five hundred people That for example bought a certain product Okay, these people purchased from you or maybe you have one thousand people that visited your website Okay, and the people that are visiting your website They’re they’re a specific type of person right let’s say that I have let’s say let’s use the coffee shop Business example that we’re gonna be using here if a thousand people visit my coffee shop website More than likely those 1000 people are gonna. Be interested in Right and so what I’m going to do with Facebook is that I’m going to tell Facebook all right Facebook you see, there’s a thousand people that came into my website I Want you to go out there to go out there to on Facebook out of every single person that is a Facebook user and I? Want you to find people that look like them, okay, and that not physically look like them But that are like them right and this is what’s considered a look-alike audience so Facebook is gonna use its super high level and super complex algorithms to generate Millions of people that are like these thousand people right so that’s why sometimes you see people or you hear people say that the more data that you give Facebook the more information that you give them the better your Advertisements are going to run because if you only have five people that purchased from you Then first of all you can’t even create a look at like audience But you could imagine that having five people and going out there on Facebook and finding people similar to them is Going to give you something that is of a much broader range people that are not so similar to them as Opposed to if you have 500 people right because now Facebook has more data to use to go out there and find people that look Exactly like them right that are eggs that have the same Characteristics of these people and that’s how you tap into cold traffic right which are people that don’t know anything about your brand So we’re gonna focus on absolutely everything in this video Let’s get right into it So we’re going back into the Attic on and let’s go over a lot of these different Marketing objectives here so to be honest I have only used maybe a very small fraction of these marketing objectives But the funny thing is is that you will – okay there are tons of things here that you’re going to or there are tons Of things here in our face that we’re really never going to use the ones that I use the most are engagement conversions traffic And I’ve used in the past app installs right because I also own a mobile development company and some clients wanted to run campaigns That focus on app installs, but all of these that are brand awareness reach Video views lead generation messages store visits, I have personally never used those, so yes You could look you could use store visits if you have an offline business But that’s not what we’re gonna cover in this section so the one that we’re gonna use the most are traffic engagement and come And I remember when I first started running Facebook advertisement a long time ago This is this is my train of thought behind this so I wanted people to Download an e-book right so I had an e-book. I mean let me go back on Photoshop for a second So I had this ebook right here, okay? I had this ebook, and I had my website the e-book was on my website And and I wanted to start running Facebook ads to it and so when I was looking at this page right here I thought okay, I could use conversions which means that I could specify an objective I could use engagement or I could use traffic and logically thinking I went with Traffic right and the reason why I went with traffic and maybe you guys would as well is because I thought okay if there’s more There’s tons of people coming into my website from everywhere if I have more traffic on my website Then I’m gonna have more people downloading my ebook, okay that was the logic behind it and what ended up happening was that I was negative a thousand dollars, okay, and Nobody not a single person had downloaded my ebook. Okay. Let me say that again I spent a thousand dollars on traffic advertisement and Not a single person had downloaded my ebook and there was a comp those are stories a lot of mistakes in there that you guys Are gonna be able to avoid and we’re gonna go over in this video But the main mistake was that I chose the wrong marketing objective. Okay, so I thought logically speaking okay? I just want traffic and that’s what Facebook did facebook gave me traffic to my website right which was wrong I did I altum Utley didn’t want traffic what I wanted was people to complete a certain action which was to download my ebook Okay So so you guys the lesson there is that you guys need to choose the marketing objective that you need for whatever you want But it had you can’t think you can’t try and come up with your own solution to your issue I guess right if you want more people to buy your product Then you might think that traffic is good because it’s more people are gonna land on your website So logically speaking more people are going to buy. That’s wrong. Okay. You need to follow exactly What facebook says so if you if you literally want traffic then you would choose traffic you would choose? engagement if you want people to engage with your post so let’s say that you you post it on Facebook or Your advertisement and you want people to like it to comment it to view it you would do engagement and the most popular one is Convergence okay. We’re gonna start with an engagement Campaign and then we’re gonna go into conversions but conversions is the most popular one and the reason why that’s the most popular one and it’s the one that I mostly use on a Daily basis is because the conversions campaign focuses on optimizing for a specific action ok So let’s say that you guys have an online store, and you want people to buy your product. You’re gonna be able to create a conversions campaign that Optimizes for Add to Cart or that optimizes for people buying stuff or that optimizes for someone downloading your ebook and what’s gonna happen is that Facebook is gonna start storing data of every single person that completes that action and is going to – to start presenting the Advertisement to other people that are like them ok so what I should have done on that EBook example was not to do traffic what I should have done. Was I should have started a conversions Campaign ok and what the conversions campaign is going to do automatically is that it’s going to? Start showing your advertisement to every single person who you target it right because you have to specify who you want to target But what it’s going to do later It’s kind of it’s gonna know that ok this type of people they like the e-book ok this audience right here they like the e-book so it’s gonna start spending all the advertisement money and targeting people that are here because it’s Optimizing for people that are doing what you want ok its optimizing for the conversions ok Which is ultimately what I needed when I when I wanted people to download that ebook ok So we’re gonna start with an engagement one here and remember the engagement one is for people for for when you want people to comment to like And to do those types of things to your post so we’re gonna click your on engagement and at the bottom It’s gonna tell us to enter a name and so see here We could engage for a bunch of different things so or we could optimize for different things for post engagement do we want people? To engage what they post do we want people to like a page right or event responses? Let’s do it with page likes you’re gonna choose Your name right there, not a big deal and here gonna set up your ad account Okay, so obviously you need an ad account set up And and then once you do that then it’s gonna run it with that one So let’s just say continue here great my ad account set up and you’re only gonna have to do that one time And it’s because I just created this profile so here at the top is where you choose your page remember that earlier We spoke about how you need to have a page, and how you’re going to create it so here We have the best coffee shop And then as far as the ad set name if we go back to photoshop here for a second We’re gonna realize that we already chose our campaign. Okay our campaign Objective was engagement up here, and now we’re here in this middle level where we have our ad sets and remember How we said earlier that our ad sets are going to target different Different audiences, so usually what only my ad set is like the name of the audience so here I’m going to I’m advertising a business for a coffee shop business Okay, so the first people that I’m going to target are gonna. Be people who are interested in coffee plus Starbucks, so I’m gonna call that as my ad set name and let’s go down here through the options and kind of learn what it Is that’s going on here? So here we have the page we already chose a page here we have the audience and this is the most important part because if we’re able to Target the right audience right if we’re able to put this in front of people Who are interested in what we have then we are going to have success with our advertisement, so I’m gonna take this off here We’re going to custom audiences later We’re not gonna do that right now so people who live in this location so usually you’re gonna want to target people in countries of a high GDP right richer countries and the reason for that is because Not all leads are created equal, but in this example, okay? And the example of post engagement what you’re gonna want to do in order to build social proof with your audiences Is that maybe you target the entire world okay? But later on when we start running advertisements for Conversions and for people that are buying stuff from us then we’re not gonna target the whole world we’re gonna be really Specific and that was an issue that I made as well when I started running Advertisement was that I wanted people to download my ebook okay But more importantly I wanted people to download my ebook who had money okay, because I wanted to later on sell them stuff But what I did with my first advertisements was that I targeted the whole world okay. This is earth right here earth I targeted the whole world and that was terrible because What happened was that there were people of countries with very low GDP that were downloading my ebook and then Facebook said oh? Okay, people from these countries really liked your ebook We’re only going to show it to them and so all of my leads and the entire $1,000 that I spent Basically had like one u.s. lead and like two canadian leads right it was it was absolutely terrible and so and So we have to make sure that we choose the right locations But as far as as far as an engagement post it does not matter okay It doesn’t matter because I just want social proof and I want people to like my post I want people to comment I really don’t care where they’re from because that’s not how I’m going to make the money right but once your Facebook post has more Likes and more comments and everything then people are gonna start paying more attention to it so down here You’re also able to select the age So how old do you want? your audience to be and we’re gonna learn as we go through this is that we’re gonna be able to optimize our campaigns so when You first start off you’re probably not gonna have any idea what it is that you’re gonna need to to set this at But like for example you’re not gonna know whether you need to only target people from 30 to 45 years old But once we start a campaign and we spent our first two three four dollars. We’re gonna be able to learn Who are the people that are responding to this advertisement and then come back and modify art our campaigns okay? That is always the way to go now as far as language. I’m always gonna select English right. I’m not writing Advertisements in Spanish you would select it in your own language, and then this is really Where the most important part comes in which is in the targeting of the based on interest right so? What do I want people? What type of people do I want seeing this advertisement okay, so here this thing predefined some stuff I don’t want that I don’t even want this Detailed targeting so include people who match at least one of the following so when here I could put like online shopping Let’s just select a bunch of these I select coffee Let’s select coffee houses Okay, I can’t spell coffee houses coffee maker Right so what this going to do Let’s say that I just went with this ad with this audience here that I started my campaign with this audience what this is going To do is that Facebook is gonna go out there And it’s going to see people that it’s going to find people that like coffee makers I like coffee that like coffee houses that like online shopping And they only have to like one of those and as long as they like one of those Then they’re gonna advertise me okay now when we’re when we’re setting this up for this example of the best coffee shop And this is really a mistake that a lot of beginners make is that for example they’re gonna come here And they’re gonna want to come they’re gonna want to target coffee right there And they’re just going to target coffee and as you can see it’s said they’re 363 million people like this is too many people your audiences cannot be this big usually I’ve had the greatest success With audiences um at most having like 4 from 4 to 6 million people targeting, okay And even less it’s better the less you have the better because technically that means that you’re more targeted, right And I’ll show you what that means in a second so here. We’re targeting coffee, okay, but what we’re going to do. It’s something That’s called flex targeting and this is a bit more advanced But it’s important that we start doing it from the beginning because it’s gonna allow our Advertisements to be a lot more powerful so here We’re targeting people that like coffee, but I not only want people I not only want people to see my advertisements that like coffee But I also want to click right here on narrow audience, okay, and I’m gonna. I’m also gonna target people that like Starbucks and As you can see only 49 million people only friggin generally speaking because that’s a really big number but 49 million people like Starbucks, but what this is going to do right here is that it’s gonna target people that like coffee and Like Starbucks, okay, so I did these 49 million people some of them are gonna also like coffee And it’s gonna target them, and you know what something else. I’m gonna do I’m gonna narrow it down Even more is that I’m probably gonna go out there I’m gonna find a brand of coffee maker okay a coffee maker brand or a coffee brand let’s actually do that right now So let’s go on Google and let’s let’s look for the best coffee brands and I’m gonna target people that like those coffee brands because in Facebook you could technically speaking Accidentally be interested in coffee As per their algorithm right, so let’s say that this one day you liked a Facebook post of someone who? Who posted something about coffee right you liked it because you thought it was cool in the moment Facebook might think that you’re interested in coffee But in reality you just like the Facebook post because you thought it was cool, right? But if I target people that are interested in a coffee brand like people are not Accidentally interested in a coffee brand you get what I mean How it’s so specific that uh that if you like that then you’d literally like coffee, right? Let’s say you’re targeting people in the fitness industry, and you want to target people that are into bodybuilding You could just come in here, and you could type in bodybuilding right which is super general And you should never do that 135 million people or you could type here you can come here and type in optimal nutrition C now you have 9 million people and optimal nutrition is a very popular brand of supplements so people who like optimum nutrition are More than likely into bodybuilding like a lot more likely than someone who’s just interested in bodybuilding And then you could do what we’re doing here, which is that you you click on narrow right narrow further? Which allows you to make it so that people are interested in both and let me write Let me draw here a very quick example, so you guys are able to more easily understand this so right here We have people who are interested in coffee Right here, we have people who are interested in coffee here. We have people who are interested in Starbucks ok Starbucks, and so what we’re doing by pressing the exclude option or the the include. What was it was it called Narrow further right when we’re pressing the narrow Option is that we’re doing this we’re grabbing this circle of people who like coffee And then we’re grabbing this circle of people who like Starbucks, and we’re joining them like this okay? and this is the audience that we’re targeting so so now we’re gonna target these people here right who like coffee and Who also like Starbucks ok and so we’re gonna do it even further we’re gonna do it a third level And I’m gonna go on Google right here and type in Best coffee brands let’s see what we could find here 13 best coffee brands and This is kind of the research that I personally do as well as I’m as I’m looking as I’m finding different audiences And what you guys are gonna learn is that you’re never gonna have an audience off the top of your head That’s gonna. Be super effective what you have to do is you have to create different ad sets Targeting different audiences and then seeing how they perform, okay? You’re never gonna come into this and on your first try just hit it out of the park and find the best audience That’s gonna perform The best could you yeah? But the chances are very low so you’re gonna have to do this research here like for example. This says da ma Let’s see if that’s even something that I could choose here and See so it’s not there and actually in the middle of this campaign creation here. I’m gonna Go I’m gonna. Go over something else which is It’s called the audience insights And that’s how that’s another way that we could do research in order for us to find people that are interested in coffee And it’s important that we do research not only before our camp curating our campaign, but even during the campaign Okay, as I’m creating these campaigns. You’re in real-time with you. This is literally what I would be doing so for example I’m going to go on Google, and I’m gonna type in Facebook Insights Facebook audience insights, I’m pretty sure and I’m gonna click here. Just look for something called audience insights. Okay, google it, it’s gonna take you back to Facebook one way or another and Facebook is down All right, so we’re back here, and how I found the Facebook Insights And how I got it to work because it seemed to have been downwards And I just opened up a new tab of this and I went up here to the top left and I hit audience insights Okay, so as we’re creating our campaign here in this different tab. I’m gonna open up I’m gonna always have audience insights open on another tab and I’m gonna use it to find people of different interests so for example I’m gonna come back to audience insights, and I’m gonna type here in this interest part here I’m gonna type in Starbucks And it’s actually gonna give us a whole bunch of information about People who are interested in the entry in in Starbucks right in the interest that is Starbucks? So people that are interested in Starbucks according to audience insights are 77% are women 23% are and these are other things that they’re interested in okay? So they’re interested in children’s first career building out and about relationship status education level So it’s there’s really a whole bunch of infer their is a whole bunch of information here that we could use to create our Our audience right what do we need our audience to like? Because people that like Starbucks are also interested in this specific thing and one of my favorite Places to go to is the page like section right here, so I’m gonna go to the page lights And I’m gonna take a look at the pages that people that are interested in Starbucks are liking and I’m gonna specifically focus on the ones that are that are relating to Starbucks, so here we have Facebook so obviously like Facebook family got a Simpsons So it seems like these are all things that are pretty random Let me see if I could if I could just type in like coffee maker So I’m also going to search for coffee maker let’s see what comes up. I’m gonna take off Starbucks actually Alright, so it seems like everyone who’s interested in coffee likes family I
But that doesn’t help okay when you guys see something like that make sure you don’t come here and like Target Family Guy that has Nothing to do with it so what I’m actually gonna do is I’m gonna go back on Google, and I’m gonna keep looking for some coffee brands so top coffee brands Dunkin Donuts, no maybe Dunkin Donuts, let’s go back and try it So I’m gonna look up and sometimes you guys are gonna come here and look for interests that don’t show up There’s really nothing you could do about that like you can if you don’t see an interest here that Facebook doesn’t give you an option For it, then you can’t target it so Dunkin Donuts know. I want to go more specific Let’s try Maxwell House Maxwell House and and you guys also want to target or want to find like competitors here And see what people are liking that have to do with the competitors, so let’s see what Maxwell House is I’m gonna google that Okay, so Maxwell House is a brand of coffee manufactured great, so it’s a coffee brand Let’s see what people here are doing so it’s still woman So you guys can see here that a big percentage of? the people that like everything to do with coffee or woman so maybe that tells me to come here and Only target people at a woman, but since this is a brand new campaign I’m just gonna leave it on everybody and then once it starts running I’m gonna be able to see if I want to switch it to just woman So let’s see if we could find all right. Let’s try this one Nescafe I think this is gonna be a good one All right, so see 87% a woman. Yeah, we’re probably definitely gonna do that but let’s just leave it like this for now So I’m gonna go to page lights and see what these people are liking so let’s see what tasty is Adam Sandler, Dada Usually what you’ll be able to do as well, and and look this audience size is perfect 900 k21 minutes so let’s come back to our ad sets and we’re gonna do people that like coffee people that like Starbucks and people that like this brand right here, okay, and And so I think this is a pretty good audience to start with up here. I’m gonna also I’m gonna put on who my audience is targeting cuz it’s gonna be easier for me to see from the outside the best coffee shop I got that we’re gonna go in the entire world and we’re gonna do it people that like these brands right here 18 to 65 Targeting all okay, we’re gonna go down and usually the automatic placements. I’ll ream out leave it on automatic right I’ll leave it to post it absolutely anywhere, but later on once we get into more advanced stuff. We’re gonna See how we’re gonna be able to check how a specific advertisement is performing and be able to edit and be like hey I only want to show this on Instagram or I only want to show this here or there right but for now we’re gonna leave it on automatic Placements and we can start advertisements for as little as five dollars, okay? And this this um what you guys have to realize is that as you’re creating these ads The the amount of money that you’re going to spend is going to be at the ad set level and it’s going to be Daily, so how much money do you want to spend on a daily basis? So I’m gonna leave this here are five bucks when I hit continue We found one error. Where are the people you want to reach at a location for your audience, okay? So it seems like we have to have a location here if we even if we want the whole world So let’s just do North America will do South America and Make sure that you guys choose region as opposed to whatever. I just did here so North America see how it says place here, I’m looking for a North America region, so it’s just in South America and North America and maybe was just to Europe to Europe region and Asia Will do Australia Okay great, so see here. We have 1.9 Million people and this is a perfect audience size to start with and the reason for Why this is a perfect audience size is because it’s not an audience? That’s too big and it’s an audience. That’s Micro-targeted, which means that it’s people that like coffee people that like Starbucks, and they like this coffee brand okay? So these people are more than likely gonna be interested in my coffee shop And and they’re going to bring an engagement to this post remember that yeah Maybe the end goal here is to get people to come to my coffee shop But this is not what this advertisement is for this advertisement is for engagement, okay? I want people to Engage with this post so that they could bring social proof to my post right later on we’re gonna set up different advertisements To sell different products or whatnot? So let’s go down, and we’re gonna hit here continue So we haven’t selected at five bucks and now the section that we’re at right Now if we go back here to photo shop is the advertisement section okay? So now we’re actually we already created we we created the campaign Let’s choose your different color just so that you guys are able to see this we created the campaign We created an ad set now we have to choose the different ads For that ad set and then what we’re gonna do later is that we’re gonna duplicate from here from this point now So let me change the color one more time So what we’re gonna do after after we finish what we’re about to do is that we’re gonna come here We’re gonna duplicate this into another one except We’re gonna change who we’re targeting and that’s gonna be the easiest way for us to test all of this It’ll make sense as we do it, so let’s go on so here. We’re at are We’re at the ad section Which is the final piece of our campaign and after we do this after we confirm this our? Advertisement will go out to the world and everybody will see it so here. We have different options We could select a single image and it’s cool because we could select up to six images and Facebook is just gonna have those on rotation and then later on we’ll be able to kill the ones that don’t work here We have a single video so we could pull one video or its slideshow Which is a looping video with up to 10 images what I usually do about? 99% of the time is that I just do an image sometimes I’ll also do a video it just depends But you guys are gonna have to test with the different ones and see what works best so I’m just gonna find some sample pictures here on Google and To use so let’s try coffee shop Okay cool. I’m gonna take a screenshot of this. I’m gonna come back to my advertiser. I’m gonna upload that image Let’s wait for it to upload here and guys this is live like this is me creating a campaign here Just as I would if I was doing it for myself And kind of giving you guys the entire walkthrough of how everything works out so here. We have the image We have the best coffee shop, which is the name of our Facebook page? We have a picture there of the shop brand 0 lies blah blah blah This is the best Coffee shop ever This is the best coffee shop ever so you have some text there I’m advertising your brand and as you can see this is a paper engagement and we’re also optimizing for people liking our page So that means that Facebook is going to tell us how we’re gonna set up our ads so it’s gonna be like this We’re only gonna be able to provide the text later on when we create a campaign for conversion for conversions Then we’re going to want to specify for example a page for them to go to and so on but now we just have an image so there we go we Have we have some text we have the image we have Everything ready to go I could add more images here I could also hit free stock images And it’s cool because they don’t let they’ll give me access to a whole bunch of images that they have so look I get include Like this one I can include this one the hell There could include that one I could include this one. I could hit done and Look, I’m just I’m gonna be able to use their their pictures there as well, so it’s super cool So so I’m gonna hit confirm here And we’re off our first advertisement is off the ground and oh look it turns out that you need to pay No, you don’t need to pay you actually just need to add your your credit card information so that dirt so that they’ll be able To obviously charge you as your advertisement gets around so I’m gonna finish up adding this up here real quick And then we’re gonna go into how we’re gonna be able to analyze this campaign so that we’re able to take things off to make it better to Optimize it so that we can get the best results for the lowest amount of money And then after that we’re gonna go into creating a convergence campaign All right so after we enter our credit card information then our campaign will be submitted okay, so right now We’re running an engagement campaign so as you guys could see here on these top three levels This is basically where you’re going to live and this is where you’re gonna be able to Analyze these campaigns in order for you to optimize them, okay And optimizing campaign simply means um fixing up who you’re targeting like who your audience is Fixing up the advertisement seeing which ones are working better so that you only leave things running if they’re actually working And if they’re actually making a sense right as far as how much things are going to cost So as far as the campaign you could break things down here by day by week by delivery by location You could have a whole bunch of different columns, but that’s not what we want as far as the campaign is concerned We want to go to ad sets and the reason why we’re gonna want to go to ad sets is because remember that we said That every single ad set is going to target different people so if we separate here this This campaign and see who its optimizing for that won’t be as effective as if we do it in the ad set Section so let’s go to the ad sets right here and in this example We only have one But let’s go ahead real quick and let’s just duplicate that so for example what you will do after you create your first one so Right here. I just finished creating my first advertisement. I don’t only I don’t want to target one I don’t want to have one ad set at a time Because I’m not sure if this is going to be effective right so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna have multiple ad sets running at the same time all of them targeting different Audiences to see which one is going to work best, so I’m gonna come here. I’m gonna duplicate this And hit duplicate and it’s basically going to create another Copy of it and another copy of every single ad but what I’m going to do when I duplicate it is that I’m going to Edit the I’m gonna edit the audience, okay Because I don’t want to target to add sets with the same exact audience right that makes no sense at all So for this example, let’s say that I’m gonna target people that like that same brand here, you would just figure out a different way a different um a Different audience that that applies to the same niche right in this in this case coffee shops first So let’s say, I’m gonna do people that like coffee makers Or that also like coffee beans or that like coffee Coffee talk, okay, I think coffee talk sounds like a like a talk show maybe a podcast or something But two hundred and two thousand people like it so that’s good enough So what this audience right now is doing is that people who need to be interested in one of these things And if they’re interested in one of these and they’re going to be targeted, and I’m gonna click Save and continue, okay And that’s gonna be my new ad set, that’s it. I’m not gonna touch the ads because this is like a science experiment Okay, you only want to change one thing at a time because if you change multiple things, then you don’t know What was the cause of it performing better so what we do and what I always do in every single one of these advertisements is That and every single one of these campaigns is that I have My first one the first ad set that I create when I first create the campaign is going to have either two three four Whatever amount of different ads that I want and then I’m going to come to the ad set section I’m gonna duplicate it and I’m gonna leave the same exact Ads I’m only gonna change the audience okay? And if one of them starts outperforming the other then I know that that is the audience that I need to start targeting okay? It’s not because if you change the ads as well right if you change this end the level right here Then you’re not sure if the reason why those ads are performing better is because the ads are different Or if it’s because of the audience right so that’s why you want to make sure you only change One thing at a time and let me actually edit the name here because this is not the same as that So coffee talk + coffee maker + coffee Was it coffee bean Coffee beer okay, so I usually name my ad set with the name of the audience so there it is There’s my there’s my audience so now I’m spending five bucks on this one five bucks on this one And then if we select them both we’re gonna notice that there’s gonna be six Advertisements and the reason why there’s six advertisement is because it’s three for each for each of the XS right it multiplies But what we want to do as this is running is that we want to monitor it we want to monitor it because we want to be getting a Page likes in this example because that’s what we chose our campaign for in the beginning for the cheapest amount of money, okay And how I’m going to do that is by using this breakdowns feature right here, so I’m actually gonna select buy action And then I’m going to do like for example By conversion device and this is going to show me and right now right now It’s not showing anything because I don’t have any data But it would show me what devices the the conversions are coming from I could also do it by delivery and see what age gender country Impression device and by breaking it down by all these different types I’m gonna be able to drill down into where I need to be showing my Advertisement to who I need to be showing my advertisement to depending on what’s working best so right now It’s not letting me because there’s not a lot of there’s no data here. There’s no data as far As these likes, but what you guys need to do is focus on breaking it down by age So you’re gonna come here by delivery choose by age And you’re going to see from what age to what age your advertisement is performing the best and then all you’re gonna Do is you’re gonna click right here on this edit button and you’re gonna scroll down and you’re gonna edit Who you’re targeting because you only want to target the people that are coming in the cheapest you’re also going to want to come here And separate it by device. Okay, what devices is this performing the best on and then you’re going to come you’re gonna click Edit as Always, you’re gonna click Edit you’re gonna come down and you’re gonna click edit placements Okay You’re gonna be able to select the devices that it’s performing the best on and so that’s kind of like a real quick overview of Optimizing your campaigns right and that is ultimately something. That’s Advanced because you want to be able to create these campaigns quickly you want to be able to target the right people and then you Want to be able to optimize them so that you’re you’re able to to get the most for your money okay now the next type of campaign that we’re gonna create is gonna be a convergence campaign and in this convergence campaign We’re gonna target add two cards and what that means is that let’s come here Photoshop kind of draw it out So we have a better idea so I have this coffee shop and this coffee shop not only is a local shop But it also sells things online and so what I want to do is right here. I have my store, right I have my online store. It’s it’s called the coffee shop, and then it sells different things in there I sell different things in that store and so what I want to do is I want to pick certain items that I want to Advertise so I’m gonna advertise in this case this one. Item right here and here I have Facebook and what I’m going to do in Facebook is that I’m going to create a convergence campaign and that Convergence campaign is gonna be optimizing Right it’s gonna be optimizing for Add to Cart and so what that means is that I’m gonna take this campaign I’m gonna create it. I’m going to create the advertisement and this campaign has an objective of People adding this product to their cart so what that means is that their people are gonna see my ad right? I’m gonna create an advertisement people are gonna see it They’re gonna go into the ad into my website Okay into my website And they’re gonna add this product right here to cart and every time that happens Facebook is going to count it, okay Now you guys might be wondering How is Facebook going to do that so how Facebook is going to do that is by using the pixel okay? They’re gonna use the picture that we spoke about earlier To know when people add stuff to their cart so before we get into creating this actual campaign what I’m going to do is that? I’m going to create a pixel, and then I’m gonna show you guys how to install this pixel And then we’re gonna create this campaign that is going to optimize for Add to Cart Should I recreate the picture we’re gonna come back here to our ad imagine we click on the top left and then click on pixels, okay, it’s gonna take us to this area where Nothing is going to be there or it’s going to lag Awesome though the Facebook manager does this sometimes where it literally does not want to work like it look. It’s it’s literally not going there Okay, so after clicking on this picture like three times It finally works, so it’s going to take you to a page that looks like this you’re gonna click on create a pixel Okay, so I’m gonna you’re gonna. Call it whatever you want. You’re gonna click create and Then that’s it like your pixel is Created right and it’s gonna start tracking all these different events and it’s gonna give you this pixel ID up here so the first thing That I want to the first thing that I want how I want to integrate this pixel first And I’m going to show you guys is on a Shopify store, so if you have a Shopify store This is how you will integrate it into your website, so let’s go here to one of my demo Shopify stores, I’m gonna log in to the admin section Go ahead and do is I’m gonna go to online store. I’m gonna go to preferences and Then right here it says Facebook pixel, okay, and I’m gonna enter that pixel code that I have right over here So I have this pixel code here. I’m gonna copy and paste it right there. Just a number okay I’m gonna press save and that’s it so that is it so Shopify is gonna take care of the rest. Okay. They’re gonna handle everything from Calculating when people add to cart they’re gonna handle everything from people seeing your website and all of that Information right so now every time someone hops into this website into this URL It’s going to be tracked here and later on we’re gonna be able to run advertisements to that so um So that’s how you set up the fix book pixel on a Shopify store now. I’m gonna show you on a WordPress website okay, so I’m gonna come right here to one of our WordPress websites and So what we’re gonna do once inside once? We’re inside of our WordPress site is that we’re gonna download a plug-in called pixel your site Okay, and after you do that You’re just gonna go to the actual plug-in down here and there’s gonna be an area here see add your pixel ID and that’s it you’re just gonna put the pixel ID there and and The plug-in will automatically manage and handle everything that has to do with your store as far as creating the actual Pageviews and sending the data back to a certain extent right the the add to cards you would have to connect that with WooCommerce But then it would be able to do that so after we connected our pixel Then we’re ready to create a convergence campaign so in order to create a convergence campaign We’re gonna come back to I don’t want to go there. We’re gonna come back to our ads manager and Then we’re gonna create a conversion Actually, let’s go on to the same account So we’re gonna come back into our ad manager. We’re gonna create a conversions campaign okay, and here it’s gonna Ask you hey. What do you want to? Optimize for so we’re gonna select the name first we’re gonna hit continue and here Select the conversion right here right so we already have our pixel selected it’s the pixel that we literally just made and up here we’re gonna select whether we want to optimize for Add to Cart whether we Want to optimize for initiate checkout for add payment info for purchase for lead for complete registration right so I personally run a lot of Advertisements ah to get people to register for webinars right so I would optimize for complete registration, but in this example We’re optimizing for Add to Cart and so again what that’s going to do is that it’s going to allow? Facebook to go and grab more people that have completed the specific action, okay? And it’s also going to quantify Your results based on that so you’re gonna be able to see I’m paying three dollars per add to cart and paying $2 per add To cart I’m getting this much money in Purchases right then and you’re gonna be able to that way see whether this campaign makes sense So that’s kind of what I wanted to focus on as far as the conversions is Concerned everything from that point forward is basically the same in all Facebook Ads You’re gonna create your custom audience you’re gonna So you’re going to select your advert your audience down here based on your interest based on the whole thing then you’re gonna select your Daily budget you’re gonna hit continue And you’re gonna be able to create your ads and now what I want to focus on For the next couple of minutes as we wrap this up Is what’s really gonna allow us to drive value from all these different Events and all the data that we’re gathering and what that is our custom Audiences and the power that custom audiences have when it comes to creating our campaigns So we just went over is how do we create an engagement campaign? How do we create a campaign in general and how important it is to create convergence campaigns and campaigns that actually? Have a marketing objective of exactly what we want to do okay, and so what are we gonna? We’ll go now is we’re gonna go into our Audiences section so if you guys hit up here on the top left there’s gonna be somewhere in here that says audiences right there We’re gonna click on it, and we’re gonna be able to use data from our pixel in order to create custom audiences So we create a custom audience. We could create a look-alike audience We could create a saved audience, but in order to create a look-alike We already need an audience so the first thing that we’re gonna Do is we’re gonna create a custom audience, and if maybe you have your customers emails currently right? Maybe you have an excel sheet or some sort of customer file With a whole bunch of emails you would be able to do that by clicking right here on customer file And then that’s gonna be pretty cool because you’re gonna be able to target your exact customers with Facebook Ads Or you could hit right here on website traffic Which is the most popular? And what you’re gonna do when you click on website traffic is that you’re gonna select who your audience is going to be So all website visitors in the last 30 days you could go up to 180 days people who visit a specific wave web pages or visitors buy time spent so for example when you see an advertisement That that gets triggered when you go to a website, so let’s say you visit Katy Perry shoes.com because you really want to buy her shoes, and then you get out you go on Facebook and you see Advertisements that have to do with that same store What that person did the person managing the advertisement was that they created a custom audience of all? Website visitors right and this adding the audience is update by themselves right so it’s not like you create it And then it only gets it with the people up to that point like it’s going to have all the website visitors in the past 30 days including the ones that are coming in Every once in a while so what happens there is that they’re targeting all day They have an audience of all the website visitors And then their campaign is is towards the these people right this audience So I could do all website visitors or what I could do here is I could do people who? For example let’s say that you have your coffee shop. Let’s come here to to milk club again I think this is a this is a live store. Yeah, so we have this this product here That’s a bike right so what I could do is I could copy this URL up here And I could put I could put that there right so this is an audience for people who visited This bike and then I could do include more So so hold on I’m gonna exclude right so people who visited this page and then people who? Because I could also do here events where they were So the event actually aren’t going to show because I don’t have any yet, but I’m also going to be able to select here People who did not purchase it right so once your pixel starts getting more events you’re gonna be able to select on this drop-down the purchase Event okay so that means is that these people want to go see this bike, but they didn’t buy it okay? And then you could to create that audience, and you could be like interested in like interested in buy didn’t buy right And then you could show specific advertisements to these people in which you acknowledge the fact that they’re interested in it But that they didn’t buy it maybe you offer them a discount or something of this sort and then where you’re going to be able To do let’s create this audience here of people who let’s just create a basic one of all website visitors. Okay. I’m gonna create this Interested in bike and as we do that. It’s gonna take a little while to populate and So what I want to do is that the more data that I have in here right the more people that are interested in this Bike and that didn’t buy or the more people that are that visited my website And where the real power comes in in facebook advertisement is in creating look-alike audiences? And how you do that is that you first create a custom audience? And then you come here you hit on this little checkmark you click on actions create look-alike okay, and after you do that It’s gonna bring up this screen right here, and you’re gonna select your locations. Okay, what locations do you want to include? These are this look-alike audience from and this just means from clothes from more most closely related to Farthest right so 10% different or 1% different if you leave it at one percent then it’s gonna find people that are as closely related To your audience, okay, so let’s say we have a thousand people that visited our website I’m gonna come here, and I’m going to type in United States, okay? What this is going to do once? I create this audience is that it’s gonna find 2.1 million people right we saw the number there 2.1 2.1 million people Who are like the people that were interested in bike but didn’t buy in the United States okay? So I mean just saying that shows how powerful that is because what I’m able to do now is that I’m able to come back to the ads manager and Then I’m able to create an ad right. I’m gonna create a campaign. I’m gonna select. Let’s actually start over I’m gonna select the conversions here. I’m gonna click continue And then I’m gonna select that I want to optimize for Add to Cart okay And then how you select these custom audiences is down here right you see right here Where it says custom audience so in here I would be able to select the people that are interested in bikes But didn’t buy or that look-alike audience, okay? And look at like audiences is extremely powerful because if you’re able to combine a look-alike audience with Interests then your campaigns are gonna do so much better, or just simply look-alike audiences like eighty percent of my campaigns Or just look-alike audiences like for example. I have a thousand people that registered for a webinar I tell Facebook hey Facebook go and create a look-alike audience of a thousand people are just registered for my webinar And I’m gonna run advertisements just to those people and that’s extremely effective because Facebook does a really good job of finding people that are really similar and so guys those are that’s everything from the basics of Facebook advertising to setting up a brand new campaign all the Way to doing some really advanced strategies that people are not doing at all today as far as retargeting okay? That’s what’s called retargeting How does someone come to your website and then you somehow figure out a way to create a campaign? That is able to reach out to them again in order for you to get them back to your website to purchase again to come Back to your business and it all comes down to a couple of steps right obviously you have to create your profile on business on facebook.com you need to create your Facebook page you need a Facebook page because that’s what the Advertisement is going to be from you need to create the pixel and you need to connect it and it’s it’s important that you maybe even do that first so you could start capturing as much data as possible and Then the most important parts after that is Your your your audience right you need to target the right people if you have a coffee shop And you’re putting that advertisement in front of people who like dogs You’re probably not going to be effective right you need to put that in front of people who are interested in coffee who are interested? in things that have to do with what you’re offering and then to take it a step further and to go really advanced what you Do is that you create these custom audiences based on people who visit your website, okay? So you create a campaign of people who have visited your website people who have visited certain products in your website but have not purchased and then to take it even a step further and to really master Facebook advertisement you do things such as Create look-alike audiences. Okay, you have a thousand people who bought a product 100 people who bought a product You create an audience that looks like those people And then you target them and guys if anything in the video was confusing if you guys need any clarification on anything asked in the comments I’m gonna answer to every single one to make sure that you guys are able to get this that you’re able to apply this from Absolute zero, I hope you guys enjoyed the content. There’s gonna be a lot more entrepreneurship videos how-to videos some car videos here and there because I’m obsessed with cars but Make sure you guys subscribe to the channel hit or like hit a thumbs up hit the notification bell and post a comment below on what you liked most about this video and what type of Businesses you guys have and what you’re going to start applying this into so I’ll see you on the next video tomorrow and thanks for watching

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