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Facebook Ads has CHANGED NOW?! (Watch BEFORE You Spend on Facebook Ads)

Facebook Ads has CHANGED NOW?! (Watch BEFORE You Spend on Facebook Ads)

So, by the time you’re watching this
video, Facebook would’ve removed the ability to manage your ad budget and the
algorithm should now be controlling your budget. So in this video I’m going to
tell you three things firstly what exactly this change is in detail
secondly how to react to this change and thirdly and most importantly how to not
get stuck into the deep void of having Facebook eat up all your ad budgets
without any return on investment Facebook CBO this is the big change that
I’m talking to campaign budget optimization
I’ll talk to what exactly it is but for those who spend money with Facebook or
are planning to spend money with Facebook this is a very timely video for
you and I have spoke about Facebook CBO in the past I have touched on it if you
follow my channel but this specific video and tutorial will be very detailed
and also I’ll give you my recommendation strategic recommendations on what you
should do based on this new new setup so you want to stay to the end of this
video because I’ll give you my tips and suggestions at the end of this video so
what exactly is CBO for those who don’t know the best way to describe it is this
looking at this specific graph here previously on Facebook essentially the
budget was managed on an ad set level right here but now Facebook is changing
that to a campaign level budget what exactly does that mean basically means
that you’re not needing to manage so many different budgets on different ad
sets but rather you’re just managing a single campaign budget and what Facebook
will do is allocate automatically the budget across ad sets instead and then
it’ll trickle down to the different placements that you have within the ad
set so that’s what will happen with the ad placements here whether you’re on
Facebook feeds Instagram stories or whatever it might be or trickle down to
the actual ad placement itself so moving on to my first tip on to the next slide
campaign budget optimization and automatic placements work better
together now in the past I have sided with manual placements
particularly newsfeed placements but nowadays from what I’ve heard and seen
this is coming from Facebook as well by the way automatic placements are the way
to go because campaign at the campaign level budgets are being optimized so
trickle all the way down and automatic placements will hope sort of go hand in
hand with automatic budget optimization from the campaign level moving on I just
want to recap on what exactly CBO is and honestly the easiest way to see it and
think about it for those who are still confused is this line here but your
optimization will consider the audience to allocate the most budget to rather
than who to display the ad to within each audience now previously like I said
when it was managed on an ad set level it would display the ad to within each
audience whereas a campaign budget will optimize against and consider the
audience to allocate the most budget to so hopefully that makes a little bit
more sense and the biggest news is the fact that it’s compulsory from September
this option has been available for advertisers particularly marketing
agencies that I’ve worked with because they have a higher budget span and
they’re trialing new elements like CBO so it’s been around for a while but it’s
going to be compulsory for the majority of us including basically all
advertisers from September 2019 so that’s huge and it’s more reason to
understand CBO inside out and start manually playing around with CBO as soon
as possible before they migrate it over in September and you’re forced onto it
and particularly for those who already run ads at the moment it’s going to be
very dire if you’re not across CBO and suddenly there’s such a big shock to
your current ads which may be performing well as it is so what’s the biggest
takeaway from this so far the biggest takeaway is that Facebook algorithm
remains King Facebook constantly changes their ads manager in terms of user
interface but also algorithm in general so the algorithm
here is essentially managing the budget for you and has far more control over
the budget than ever so how does it impact us okay this is the most
important question how does this all impact us well I all tell you exactly
how this will impact us the first thing is bidding and manual bidding has
changed your campaign level so that’s a large change because previously I was
able to manual bid and adjust what Facebook is trying to do is it’s trying
to automate everything and make things simpler in a way but at the same time
for me personally I found success through managing budgets and bidding on
an ad set level so this is the biggest one of the biggest changes bidding and
manual bidding has changed to a campaign level where it’s more top-line more
overarching than very very granular now facebook claims this this is what
they’re claiming when it comes to CEO and how it will help advertisers now
I’ve included a emoji here because you know we should all take this with a
grain of salt you know Facebook’s ultimate goal is to
make profit so looking at each of their claims they believe that CBO will obtain
more value from campaigns and now I’m a bit skeptical about this because I will
tell you why in the next slide Facebook also claims that it will spend
less time managing campaigns or you should spend less time managed from
campaigns again very skeptical because I’ll show you something on the next
slide simplified campaign management that could that could be disputed
deduplicated audiences so if one adds that has a high audience over that with
another than that budget will be spent in another ad set that from what I’ve
seen is actually true and is actually useful
I’ve void resigned the learning phase this is actually a very useful one
campaign budget optimization does not trigger learning phase when distributing
budget across ad sets in comparison to manually shifting budgets between ad
sets which does restart it so in the past Facebook has claimed that shifting
budgets around to vigorously will restart the algorithm and the learning
phase where is now managing budget from a camp
pain level because there’s not going to be huge changes and shifts across so
many different ad sets and it’s just a campaign level that will avoid reciting
the learning phase however asterisk there the asterisk is you still need to
be very careful with the amount of money that you shift around on a campaign
level because you want to avoid the learning phase the last point is
efficiently spend across audience again this is disputable and I will explain
why so this is one of the videos that I posted about a month ago it was a guide
to Facebook CBO ad scale in bidding 2020 essentially what I did was I ran a
Facebook ad challenge if you haven’t already watched that make sure that you
watch it because it’s filled with details and information information
knowledge but the aim the aim of the challenge was to scale to five digits
and sales within a single month and I used CBO against manual bidding and
here’s what I found if you haven’t watched this video like I said go back
and watch it after the end of this video but here’s what I found with the CBO
line here which is the highlighted line you can see the CPC and the overall row
s and on top of that the click-through rate these are all very important
metrics now there’s a big difference between these two – ad sets that I was
running ok as you can see here CBO the cost per click was 74 cents I should
also add that the product was exactly the same the landing page was exactly
the same it was simply a split test and I was just basically testing against CBO
and manual bidding strategies and there’s a big difference in CPC as you
can see here and there’s there was a 16 cent cost per click CPC compared to a 74
cents CPC that is a drastic increase and click-through rate as well was
drastically lower using CBO 86% about sorry 0.86% compared to 2 point 17
percent and finally is the overall raw ass was actually higher when I manual
manually adjusted bids so if you go back to this side slide you know the claims
from phase or a bits you’ve got to take it with a
grain of salt so obtain more value value from campaigns what I didn’t see that
personally spend less time managing campaigns
well yeah but I got a less of a return by doing so and efficiently spending
across audiences again a bit questionable consuming these results
here that I’ve been seeing in it on top of that it hasn’t just been me but it’s
also been other people in the industry they’re seeing similar things with CBF
versus manual bid bid adjustments so you know at this point you guys are probably
thinking all right like this is probably you guys you’re sitting in your room
thinking ah shit well everything’s gonna fourth pieces but what can I do well
this is the part of the video that I want you to listen on – here’s my
strategic recommendation from you here’s a few points that I suggest based off
the testing that I’ve done based on the money that are poured into Facebook Ads
here is the top-line recommendations that I have for you moving on to the
first point is literally force Facebook to fairly test all your ad sets here’s
how now before I get into it this is what I mean with Facebook like I said
with CBO the point is that it will automatically test everything for you it
will make a very quick decision as to which ad set is good or not you’re
basically giving a lot of power over to Facebook which they already have they
have a lot of power as it is so what we want to do is force Facebook to fairly
test your ad sets now how you’re going to do that is go on to the ad set level
once you’ve ticked on switched on CBO go on to the ad set level and click more
options right here underneath budget and schedule and then you’ll be opened up to
ad set spending limits now ad set spending limits is very important you
want to ensure that each ad set is properly spending a certain limit
because sometimes the algorithm acts too fast and makes a very irrational
decision as to which ad set is winning as whereas if you believe that a
and that has potential then I highly recommend opening up this option setting
an ad set spending limits and adjusting it so there’s a very small sort of
bubble is that Facebook will allow the ad to spend now you might be asking how
exactly do I know how much to set in terms of spending limits well that is a
good question this is a whole little chapter in itself but basically you moving from an ad set level budget where
Facebook was testing the ads and serving different answer people now Facebook is
not only testing ads but also testing audiences so we need to keep in mind and
focus on audiences rather than ads at the moment and therefore you need to
keep these own inches audiences large enough so Facebook has enough leeway to
play around with the audiences and find the right audience so off the back of
that is it’s now an audience first approach as I just said llas and customs
in other words look like audiences and custom audiences are more important than
ever these types of audiences okay our audiences that will that have a high
conversion rate so you want Facebook to play around with these audiences rather
than simply just interest targeting audiences now this is where you’re going
to get a higher return investment and this is where you should spend your
money in the long term and because of that talking about budget you need to
start with a higher budget now because again your bet essentially pushing all
assets into a singular budget level which is the campaign level you need to
start with higher budgets you’re probably asking Andrew how much do I
start off with my recommendation is at minimum and again from what I’ve seen
this depends on a whole multitude of factors but at minimum you want to be
starting with $100 at this point you want to start with three figures moving
on to the next point is optimized for true business outcomes ie purely
conversion events and this is what I mean you want to be spending your
hard-earned cash on conversion events only there’s a specific way to do this
or watch my facebook zero to 10k challenge if you haven’t already because
I speak to this nowadays in my opinion from what I’ve seen engagement ads are
just not that useful or any more so optimized towards conversion events
don’t waste your money so this was a lot of information to cram into
or video specifically about these big big changes going on
well I’ve spoke to this program that I’m opening up soon and I’ve offered a huge
50% discount for those through pre enroll I’ve extended it because there’s
been so much demand for this program and I’ve been basically spammed for this
discount code essentially on a daily so I’m just extending it for a little bit
longer I’m going to close off the pre-enrollment soon so if you’re on the
fence like I said in the past if you’re on the fence just jump into it pre
enroll today because you’ll get the discount code so later on if you’re
interested once the program opens up in October this year then you have the
opportunity to apply that discount code and go ahead and grab it for half price
but this is going to be an extremely robust program there’s heaps including
this program I’m gonna leave a link down below for those who are interested but
otherwise guys if you’re not interested that’s totally fine I hope you got a lot
out of this video I’ll see you in next week’s video

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