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Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents | Buyer Leads for $2.59

Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents | Buyer Leads for $2.59

hello this is Fernando from lodomus.com and in this video I’m going to show you how we generated buyer leads for just 2.30
for 35 euros which are 2.6 to the USD this is for a campaign I helped a real
estate agent the targets Barcelona Spain we were
targeting only english-speaking people that means that ad are more expensive
when we are restricting by the language if you have no restrictions then
normally the ads are more cheap let me show you how we did that we had a single
campaign and normally I always create to add set to split test 10 euros for 10
dollars daily and then also inside the ad set I always create two ads I want to
also split test the ad and I find that Facebook normally works better when we
have two or three ads inside of one ad set so this was a relatively small
audience I normally like bigger audiences but I will have only
english-speaking people so that’s why let me show you in here what we targeted
and how we did that I will also show you later on the the real ad and the landing
page that we used very simple one so I’m going to edit the ad set and in here you
can see this is a custom conversion a custom conversion is conversion that I
create inside the inside deal the administrator custom conversions in here by selecting
a URL where the custom conversion should fire it normally it is on the Thank You
page okay so we have it placed on the Thank You page I have another video that
shows how to do that so this was firing I named it with 250 and 500 this means
this was a report of houses between 250 and 500 K euros they just had to click
on the ad and fill the details and then they would be redirected to a thank you
page the potential reach was 680 k which is good not bad normally I like to have
them a big a bit bigger around the medium but in Barcelona we don’t have as
many people talking English so that’s one the daily budget for each ad set was
10 euros okay if it was too small I wouldn’t get enough conversions for this
to work properly to optimize properly I also have a video about the budget I
will give a link above and you can go and check it out okay so in here we had no custom
audiences not nothing just Barcelona and 10 miles radio radius this was very
important for my client since he doesn’t speak very good Spanish so he wanted to
have them we also want to try on Arabic so this
would be your next step for now this was it and in here I excluded every real
estate agent that has in the profile as job title as a real estate agent
and so this was it we also only targeted mobile devices
Facebook on the newsfeed normally it is way cheaper to have mobile devices and
not disturb desktops are usually more expensive but anyways if you run some
traffic you will see that 7080 percent of the traffic that comes to your
website is mobile I didn’t even want Instagram
I just wanted Facebook if I wanted to scale I would use Instagram and
Messenger but we had very good results with this okay so this was it I left all
the mobile devices on and this is it now let me show you the other perform the
best okay so now let me show you the ad we
were running this is the ad which is attached from Barcelona do you know
anyone looking to buy a home in here you would put your the city you are
targeting and we had created a report with the homes for sale between 250 and
500k euros okay so this was it when users are interested in hey we had some
good engagement when users are interested they just have to click on
this link and they get redirected to this page we had two pages split testing
the the two pages this is one of them so when the user comes on mobile he clicks
on here and he is requested to insert his name email and phone
once he filled his form he clicked on the button he gets his data is sent to
the autoresponder to activecampaign the one I always recommend you use and the
user get the PDF link to download the PDF and he is added to a lot
autoresponder so he starts to get emails from us this is what you should always
do with your subscribers with the people looking to buy a home from you with this
campaign you had very good results and we are going to test many more things
like other languages and to test other ads too so I hope this was helpful for
you and you have if you have any questions please leave them in the

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