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Facebook Ads for Personal Chefs

Facebook Ads for Personal Chefs

Attention Plastic Surgeons. Would you love a constant flow of new patients from Facebook ads? If so, keep watching to see exactly how I do it. It’s not good enough to just boost to post. Instead I create a headline, bait, hook, landing page, funnel, and email chain all split testing the demographics. If that sounded like gibberish to you don’t worry, I’ll explain everything in simple terms everyone can understand. Ok so using the powerful targeting of facebook ads, we can get our ads in front of people based off their distance from your office, if they visited your website, as well as income level so we get your services in front of people that not only want them, but can actually afford them. This just scratches the surface but the bottom line is there’s never been a more targeted way to advertise… ever! In fact I’ve used these same techniques to get this video in front of you right now. So we’ve identified a target audience and it’s time to run ads directly to their Facebook newsfeed. You can choose to place ads in different places but I found that the newsfeed get the best results probably because it looks similar to post people see from their friends. Your ad should say something like “Hey spring valley is your skin frustrating you? Well stop worrying because we’re doing something crazy to promote our office. We’re doing $21 micro peels (regularly $69.95) with no strings attached. You’ll even get some expert advice from our head plastic surgeon doctor Sidhu. We only have enough booking space for 50 people so act now. Click here to claim one of your vouchers and then below would be an image of you working with the customer or even better a 15-second video of you explaining your crazy offer. The video will only work if you’re good in front of a camera, but bottom line is more personal the better. Using stock images or video is not a good idea here. So once they click the ad, they’re then taken to the landing page. This page should be very simple because we want visitors to take only one action which is enter their name and email in exchange for your offer. To build a little more trust, we have a picture of your office, location so people know you’re real business, and a few testimonials from happy patients. If you have video testimonials we would embed them right on this page. In the age of Amazon, Google Plus, and Yelp, most people won’t to anything without reading positive testimonials or reviews first; myself included’ Ok they’ve given you their name and email they’re now taken to the thank you page. A lot of businesses make the mistake of only using this page to say “thank you, we’ll call you soon.” Instead we’ll use it to compell people to take action now with something like this. “Thanks for signing up. Please note bookings are given on a first call basis, so call now to lock in a spot. Bonus call now and receive a follow-up micro-peel at only $21 ($69.95 dollars in value) Call below. And of course the bonus offer will vary for each business depending on what services are offered. Now you can also see I’ve created urgency to give people a reason to call now instead of putting it off which usually means never. And I’ve given the bonus offer to sway people are still kind of on the fence to call now. By getting the lead to call you, you not only avoid communication headaches, you also catch them while they’re still excited about your offer rather than next day when they’re emotionally cold and likely to ignore your call. So that’s the basic funnel but there’s another powerful tactic we used to increase its effectiveness. Anyone who visits are landing page but doesn’t sign up for our offer will see our retargeting ads. Some people need a little more convincing so we re-target those specific people with testimonials from satisfied customers. Some people also get distracted or just forget so they’re happy to see an ad reminding them to finish signing up. It usually looks something like this. “The $21 micro pulls are going fast! We do a great job but don’t listen to us, hear from our patient Erica. “To be honest I was nervous my first time in, but the staff quickly made me feel comfortable and taking care of. Doctor Sidhu gave me some great skincare advice and didn’t try to sell me a bunch of stuff like my last plastic surgeons. Glad I made the switch!” Erica if you’re seeing this ad there’s Still one of the 50 vouchers left, call now to book your $21 micro peel. Below would ideally be a video testimonial but if not, a picture of the patient giving the testimonial works as well. These retargeting ads are often super inexpensive because you’re targeting only people who are interested enough to click on your original ad. They are what’s referred to as you’re hot audience. So that’s the strategy in a nutshell you can either take it and run with it or take me up on MY offer. Now my normal fee is fifteen hundred dollars per month not including ad spend paid to facebook which is roughly one hundred dollars per week. This includes the ad creation, video and photo editing if applicable, landing page, automated email follow-up system, and constant split testing and creation of new add-on current ones run their course. But I don’t believe in asking for business, I believe in earning business so with your permission I’d like to run a similar campaign to this one for one week with no management fee. All you need is one hundred dollars ad spend paid directly to facebook. Now I’m only accepting five people to work with me on this offer. I’m only one guy and there’s only so many hours in a day so if you’re interested, click the link below and schedule a 15-minute strategy call in my calendar at your nearest convenience. I’m happy to answer any of your questions. My name is Danny Carlson, Facebook ads and funnel strategist and i’ll talk to you soon. 🙂

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