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Facebook Ads For Mortgage Broker Local Advertising

Facebook Ads For Mortgage Broker Local Advertising

– [Instructor] A detailed targeting. Yep, and so you see where it says Browse. Yep, Demographics. Those are the kind of the
four areas right there, Demographics, Interests, Behaviors. And most people, when they think about Facebook advertising, they think about
advertising for interests. But that’s not really
what we’re gonna look at. Because we wanna target people who are sitting in job positions. So if you go to
Demographics, where you did, and slide down there to, scroll down within that window, nope, yeah, it’s kind of goofy like that, because you’re just
scrolling within a scroll. Work, and then, there’s two ways to go about this and, really, you can test two things. So, Employers, you could sit there and
list employers, right, so like, Weichert Realtors, so click on Employers, alright, now just start
searching known realty houses. There you go, click, yeah, yeah, you only
want Fayetteville right? Yeah, because if you go up to, like, well, so here’s the thing though, that’s the whole total numbers, but that isn’t, because you’ve already
limited it by location, that will cut that number down anyway. So you can, yeah, yep, we’ll see what happens
on the right hand side, if you click under that blue box, click out of that, good, just click the X on, nope, keep going to the right,
click the X on that one. Okay, so it doesn’t even
have a number for you yet, so I would add the Fayetteville one. Yeah, you could pretty, right, you could pretty
much add all of those. And then, you know, like Weichert, you just sort of go through a
list of your realtors, right. Like Century 21, right, you just, Coldwell Banker, bam, right, yeah, there you go. It’s just, it’s going to
start searching for you, right, right. Right, so now, now
here’s the next thing is, right now, you’re just targeting everybody who works at
those places, alright. So, click on outside of
that window you were in, the, yeah, right there is fine, okay, now see right below that box where it says Narrow Audience, click on that. Alright, and now you’re going to go into Demographics again, yeah, go Browse Demographics, Work, and then go to Job Titles. So now here’s where you’re
really fine tuning it, like, you know, like, your secretary
works at the front desk, doesn’t matter, so your realtor associate, agent, agent, those are the people that are
going to come to you I think. Does that make sense? Okay. Sure, go ahead. Yeah, just type that in, Office Manager, not Interests, though, yeah, Job Title, yeah, yep. So you’re adding people, like, you’re adding maybe five or ten people, and that whole region,
there’s only so many people who are a licensed realtor, office manager, works at Century 21. And so, you can see on the right hand side that it still says Potential Reach, fewer than 1,000 people, alright. Which is great, and that
goes back into the spending, how much do you want to spend? Right, because you can hit all those for a few thousand dollars every month, or a few dollars, sorry, a month. And then, in the long run, I would save that audience
and name it something, like, Jobs, really whatever is going to work for you, like Fayetteville Realtors or something. Here’s what’s going to happen is now, you can actually replicate, like, you could go back in
and change this to Raleigh, and save the same settings for Raleigh, and you’ll basically get different people. Yeah, yeah. Right, right. Yeah, so.

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