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Facebook Ads For Local Businesses: Keep It Simple, Make Sales

Facebook Ads For Local Businesses: Keep It Simple, Make Sales

running Facebook ads for local
businesses, it’s probably one of the easiest things to do and yet so many
people get it wrong, after watching this video today you won’t be one of those
people because after watching this video you’re going to be one of those people
that gets it right 100% of the time my name is Volkan Durgac I’m the founder
of RevenueTakeOff.com, the aim of these videos is to expose the secrets of the
world’s greatest marketers and share them with you without further ado let’s
jump into the video go into my computer right here I’m gonna show you exactly
how you can run Facebook ads for your local business you’re gonna keep it
extremely simple it’s extremely simple anyone can follow this process you’re
gonna keep it simple and you’re still gonna make sales let’s jump into the
video I hope you enjoy okay let’s get straight into this video today I’m gonna
be talking about Facebook Ads for local businesses we’re gonna keep it extremely
simple and we’re gonna make sales okay let’s jump into it so question for you
which one is easier running Facebook ads for local businesses or running Facebook
ads for national businesses I’ll give you a second have a guess the answer is
running Facebook ads for local businesses now why is this the reason
why is because local businesses operate within a local area now I know that I
know it has a very obvious statement here me out
so because they operate within a local area the amount of people that you can
reach is very is limited compared to a national company and who they can read
within a local area you’re looking at targeting between 20 thousand people to
maybe maximum four hundred thousand five hundred thousand people whereas a
national company is targeting hundreds of thousands of people at the same time
so there’s a more complexity that’s why running
Facebook ads for local businesses is a little bit easier it’s less complex now
before I dive into the specifics I want to talk about the right mindset I want
to talk about advertising now advertising is a great form of
bringing in customers advertising works and advertising will always work the
platform on which you can advertise and the most effective platform will change
as time goes by but advertising in the modern age will not change advertising
is exposure advertising is getting in front of people and selling them your
product or your service it’s as simple as that
now the secret way of advertising like with anything you do in life anything
you do I challenge you to come up with one thing in life whether it’s a skill
whether it’s a hobby whatever it may be this one thing if you don’t stick to
this one key principle nothing in life works nothing in life that you want to
sustain will work unless you follow this which is consistency the secret with
advertising is consistency why is it that coca-cola is one of the biggest
companies in the world and you see you see their advertisements everywhere
everywhere you go there’s a coca-cola advertisement why is that because they
understand the secret which is consistency they show up every single
day you probably be poor if you leave the house every day you probably see
some form of advertisement from coca-cola every single day I guarantee
it now if that all being said let’s have a look at what I like to call the magic
formula now if you’re running Facebook ads and somebody sees your ad once per
week for out a year that’s 52 weeks so 1 times 52 1 times per week times like 52
weeks that person will see your company you see your brand see your business 52
times within the course of a year now let me ask you this when that person
needs a law who do you think they’re gonna call when
that person needs a dentist who do you think they’re gonna call or even if that
person needs an accountant who do you think they’re going to call I’ll give
you a clue it’s not gonna be the business that they’ve never seen before
it’s gonna be the business that kept showing up that stayed top of mind that
stayed in front of them the business that was always there in the back of
their minds that’s what they’re gonna reach out to now let’s take the magic
formula and let’s expand it you know just because we can the magic formula
two times per week times by 52 weeks if somebody sees your advertisement two
times per week over the course of a year that’s over a hundred times throughout
the year how likely do you think that person is to call you if they need a
lawyer how likely do you think that person is to call you if they want to
get a tattoo how likely do you think that person is to book a birthday pie at
your restaurant it’s not rocket science if you show up more times than anybody
else in your marketplace you win I wish it was more complex I wish it was more
difficult than that unfortunately it’s not it’s just that simple
now if we want to exaggerate this and get in front of the same person four
times per week 52 times a year that’s over 200 times your your in front of
that person they there is no way that your competition can win at this point
this is how you dominate a marketplace a local marketplace if you get in front of
the same person four times per week 52 weeks in a row they’re not going to
anybody else they’re gonna do business with you now I do want to emphasize
going back to the last point the secret which is consistency
if you run Facebook ads for a month you can get results of course you can
if you run Facebook ads for two months you can get results of course you can
even if you run them for four months you can still get results you can still get
more sales but if you want to dominate a local market and you want to be the
go-to business in your local market then you have to stay in front of your your
potential customers every single day if you can and that that is how you
dominate that is how you stop being average and that’s how you overtake all
your competition there’s no competition at that point how is how is there any
competition at that point you don’t have any okay now that we’ve talked about
kind of the mindset stuff the strategy behind all of this let’s talk about the
tactics the specifics so you have two options you can either over complicate
things or you can just keep things simple I’m gonna go ahead and assume
that you just want to keep things simple so if that being said how do you target
your potential customers on Facebook these are the only two things you need
to focus on the first one geographic targeting which means if your business
is in one location you want to target people with our Evo five miles out or
ten miles out or 15 miles out depends on how for someone is willing to travel to
see somebody in your industry for example if it’s a dentist it might be
five miles me it might be ten might even be twenty depending on the kind of
location you live in and a city you live in it depends on a multitude of factors
how far out you want to go just use your common sense if somebody has to travel
25 miles for a pizza slice how likely do you think that is to happen
just use your common sense anyway so that’s the first one
geographic tag your graphic targeting okay so the second one is demographic
targeting how old is your ideal customer if you’re trying to sell dental implants
to a 17 year old good luck if you run a luxury car
detail detailing business then you probably don’t want to target 15 year
olds that the client even drive yet and you probably don’t really want to target
18 to 21 year olds because unless they have rich parents they’re not driving
luxury cars so once again it’s just dance a common sense just find a figure
out okay who’s my ideal customer who couldn’t
actually afford my services and what age range are they in now I’ve gone over the
two main targeting components that you need to focus on those two are really
all you need in most cases those two for most businesses dentists lawyers
accountants chiropractors unless you’re a very niche business and you appeal to
a very specific target audience then those two are gonna be fine
just set your radius a at which age group and which gender you want to
target and just let the ads run now those two are the only ones you need to
use unless like I said your business has a very sort of specific demographic like
I was talking about over the luxury cause you probably don’t want to target
18 to 21 year olds and you might actually need to target people who have
an annual income of maybe 75 75 thousands or more maybe a hundred
thousand or more you’d have to test it but you don’t want to target people who
are in the income range of ten to twenty thousand a year because they’re probably
not driving a car worth a hundred thousand same goes for restaurants as
well if you’re if you run a very luxurious restaurant and people pay
upwards of fifty pounds or sixty pounds or seventy pounds per meal then you
probably want to target people who are making at least fifty thousand a year
right because those are the people who have the money to spend on dinner is
that expensive so that’s all that’s all that there is to it you don’t have to
overcomplicate it please please don’t know
complicated just run the ads and it will work now that being said there are some
things to watch out for including ad fatigue what does this mean okay so
we’re in a local area when you’re targeting a local area because you’re
targeting such a limited number of people your ad is gonna get to a point
where people keep seeing the same ad over and over again and that’s not
really great for conversions and it’s not great I mean you don’t see you don’t
really see the same ad from the same company for like a year straight so just
once again it’s just common sense so basically what you want to do is you
want to change up your creative you want to actually change up the images you’re
using and the ad copy you’re using so your messaging and you want to make sure
that you you’re able to take one message and literally spin that and create like
a thousand different variations from one message and then you’re good to go for a
whole year and the second thing you want to change is your campaigns you know
what type of things you’re offering them is it maybe like a discount is it maybe
like some sort of information maybe a consultation whatever it may be you need
to you need to switch up or you’re offering them maybe they didn’t want to
tell you that consultation maybe two months down the line they might want to
take your discount you never know so you have to keep switching up but once again
this only works in the long run if you want to dominate your marketplace in the
long run you have to like I said keep it consistent every consistency is key if
you’ve been hitting the gym for five years straight and all of a sudden you
stop going all your muscles will disappear if you don’t maintain what
you’ve built it’s gonna go away you don’t mow your grass once and then
think it’s okay for the rest of the year that’s not how it works I wish it did
know that I’d be amazing you just do to work once and then all of a sudden
you’re good to go but it’s just not the way life works and it’s not the way
advertising works you have like I said with coca-cola one of the biggest brands
in the world and yet you still see them everywhere
why because they want to stay the biggest brand in the world they want to
dominate their marketplace so if that all being said I want to thank you for
watching this video once again my name is Vulcan Doug hatch the founder of
Revenue takeoff comm I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you got a lot of value
out of it I hope it to actually maybe solve some confusion that you had about
Facebook ads and running it for local businesses I hope that you go out you
try this and I hope you have some massive success with it if you liked the
video make sure to drop a like if you think somebody will find it useful let
you know then make sure the share of them and that’s all I have to say for
today thank you for watching and I will see you on the next video

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