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Facebook Ads for Local Business | How to HYPER-Target Local Clients (2019)

Facebook Ads for Local Business | How to HYPER-Target Local Clients (2019)

– What’s going on, guys? Today I’m bringing you Matt
Malby to teach you guys how to target and work with
local clients using Facebook. ♪ Working on a Wednesday ♪ ♪ Then up again the next day ♪ ♪ Some’ll say what’s poppin’ man ♪ ♪ I skip ’em like the leg day ♪ – Alright guys, now we’re gonna
actually dive into Facebook, and we’re gonna see one, how
to find local clients using Facebook ads and two, how to
then market for those clients once you get them in using
the same exact process. Now, for this demonstration,
I’m going to be targeting local dentists and we’re going
to be doing it in the Orlando area because that’s where I’m at. So let’s go into Facebook
and check out an ad account. Alright, so when you go
to your Facebook profile, you’re going to go to
this top right corner, click the down arrow,
and hit “manage ads,” and it’s going to take you to
an ad account like this one. And this is an old account
so don’t worry about any of this stuff; I’m actually
going to hide it so it doesn’t get confusing, and now, when
you get into your ads manager to actually run your ads on
Facebook, this is what you’re gonna see: a nice blank ad account. All we’re gonna do here
is we’re going to create a campaign that’s going to
be targeting local dentists to show them that we can
get them more clients, and then we’re going to use
that same process to find clients for them once
they are our clients. So let’s go over and
hit the create button, and we’ll name this
campaign local marketing, I’m gonna say dash dentist. For the ad set name I’ll just put Orlando and we’ll go from there. Alright, so we’re gonna
keep the setup the way that it was, with conversion,
and then when we go down to the ad set level on this next, whoops, okay, that’s not gonna work. Let me set this to in draft. K. Alright, so now, when we get down to here, we’re going to hit edit, and
we’re going to tell Facebook that we want leads. So you’ll have a Facebook pixel set up. If you don’t have one,
you can just create it. I’m just gonna grab any of these. It’s not really relevant for this. I’m just gonna type in “lead.” So, what we’re doing here,
is we’re telling Facebook that we want, let me get
one that’s actually green. Alright. So we’re telling Facebook
here that we want it to go out and find people that are
going to become a lead, people that are going to put
in their email, to call you, to complete some kind of
registration form, something along those lines, and so, when
you’re sending traffic to people’s websites, they are
usually either going to want leads, people’s emails and
stuff to contact them later and sell them something,
or they want a purchase, and that would be the same process. You just select purchase
right here if they’re selling something. But for this, we’re trying to
get people to get on the phone to call you, so we want ’em to be a lead. Alright, now, let’s go
down to the daily budget. I’m going to go ahead and
put this at 10 bucks because we’re going to be targeting
a really small area, so you don’t need a lot of money to really start off with this. And don’t worry about this error up here. It’s because I don’t use
this pixel and this account and stuff for leads, so
it’s giving me that error, but you’re not gonna have that. Alright, so now let’s go
down, and this is where we’re actually going to do our targeting. So right now I have it set to
United States, male, female, 18+, but I want to
target the Orlando area, and I’m gonna look for people
that are business owners, that have to do with dentists. So I’m gonna go ahead
and just type in Orlando. Alright, and it has a 50
mile, or it’s set to 25 mile radius, we can go all the way up to 50, and you can do this with
whatever area you’re in. Also, if you wanted to
just do the zip code, let’s say you’re targeting
a much smaller area, we can get rid of Orlando and
just target this zip code. That’s really beneficial if
you have a small area that you want to get a certain kind of
clients in that are in that particular area, you can just
use the zip code, or you can, you know, use the full, the
city radius like we just saw. So those are the two
options we have for that, and then also, if you want to
be super sneaky, you can do stuff like, let’s say you know
that there’s a dentist shop or whatever, office, in that
area, you want to run them ads, you can just target
that area, so you know that they’re seeing it all the time. These are the kind of cool
little quirky things that you can do to really make sure
that your ads get seen, and they are shown to the right people. So I’m gonna go back
and just do the Orlando, 25 mile radius. Alright, cool. And now for the ages, 18 is
too low, so I’m gonna go ahead and do like, we’ll just do
25+ because we are targeting, you know, the business owners
and possibly the people that work there, so they could
see it and talk to their boss about it, so we don’t wanna,
you know, there’s no need to go to 18+. It’s a bit too low. Now also down here, for the
targeting, we’re going to type in “small business owner.” Now even if the person hasn’t
said that they’re a small business owner, Facebook still
knows that they’re a small business owner just because
of the way that they behave and they really live in their
daily life because Facebook is so smart it just has
that kind of data on people. So we’re gonna go down to
this one, the behaviors, and so, like I was just
saying, these people didn’t say anywhere, or they
probably did in some places, but it’s a behavior, so
Facebook knows, based on their actions, that they are
small business owners, and you can see that there’s
39,000,000 people in this audience in the whole United
States, so we’re gonna use this as our basis and then we’re
gonna put things on top of that. Actually, let’s do it the other way. So I’m gonna put small
business owners down here. Whoops. Yeah, okay, same one. Alright, so. What I’m doing here is I’m
going to put all the dentist stuff up top and then I’m
gonna put small business owner down at the bottom. So it’s saying that anyone
that’s interested in any kind of dentist stuff, but is
also interested in, or is, a small business owner, then
they’re gonna see these ads, and this’ll make sure that we
only show them to the right people all the time. So, let’s just type in
dentist, and we’ll see what we come up with. So dentist is a big one;
28,000,000 people that interest. We’ll do that. Now, since I have that in
there, I’m gonna hit suggestions and it’s going to give me
similar interests to dentists and dentistry. So dentistry, perfect. So we see that one was a job
title, so dentist, job title, we can see it over here to
the side, if it would stop moving on me. Alright, job title: dentist, 21,000. General dentist, we’re just
gonna throw ’em all in there because we’re looking for dentists. So let’s go dentists,
orthodontists, white teeth, pediatric dentists, smile,
toothbrushing, okay, associate dentists, so all
these other things are kind of interests that we see that
people could be related to or like that, you know,
have to do with dentistry but we already really covered
all the job titles and stuff like that, so this is
perfect for what we’re doing. This would be the same exact
process if you’re looking for people that are lawyers,
that own a coffee shop, that are gym owners, whatever
it is, we’re looking for the kind of industry they’re in:
dentistry, and then we’re layering it with the other interests of small business owners. So that’s all we have
set up for targeting, and now we’re gonna go down to placements, and we’re gonna go ahead
and just leave this on auto. Placements is when you tell
Facebook where you want the ads to show up, so you either
want it on desktop and mobile, if you just want it on Instagram
feeds, or Instagram feeds, Facebook feeds, Instagram
stories, stuff like that, but because we’re targeting
the business owners, there is a good chance they’re
probably gonna be on their computer, working throughout
the day, so we’re actually gonna leave this on auto
because we wanna hit both mobile and desktop users. Now we’re gonna go and change
this from value to conversions and we’ll go ahead and leave
this at a seven day click or a one day view. So if anybody clicks your
ad in seven days or views it in the last one day, and then
they go and they fill out your lead form and they
go and give your email and everything and they try
to call you, then the ad is gonna show up that that
person did that thing, so just go ahead and leave
that at seven day click or one day view, and then
also, I should have mentioned this earlier, but going
back up to the targeting, we can see that with all the
dentists we’re targeting, all the people that are
involved in that kind of stuff that are small business owners,
there’s 1,900 in Orlando. That’s a lot. So, that’s, you know,
multiple dentists’ offices. Calm down. Alright. That’s multiple dentists’
offices, that’s probably the person that works at the front
desk, the person that owns the business, all this kind
of stuff, so those people are great to target and it’s
good that we have 19 people, 1,900 people to go through,
because you never know who’s gonna be seeing the ad, and
it might not be the business owner; it might be the chick
that’s working at the front desk but then she sees the
ad and is like, “Hey, we need “help with marketing,” and then
goes and talks to the owner, so it’s great that we have
all of these different kind of interests in here to
target those kinds of people. So let’s keep scrolling down. That really is the full
setup we have for this, so let’s go ahead and run
back through it real quick. So, we’ve got the ad set name. We’ll just do Orlando Dentists, and we have a lead pixel
that’s gonna be firing whenever someone signs up to give us a call. We’re gonna set it to $10 a
day and it’s gonna start today and it’s just gonna run forever. Then, we’re gonna go down to the audiences and we’re targeting Orlando
in a 25-mile radius around the city, then we’re doing
male, female, ages 25+, and then of course we have
all our dentists and small business owners, and then
auto placements for desktop and mobile, and then this
thing is looking for people that are going to click and,
you know, get that thing done. So that’s all we have
set up for targeting, and that’s really it for that, and then this is the, you
know, side of targeting, the actual person to get as
a client, but you would do the same thing when you’re
targeting people to actually get them clients, and so, you
would really just remove all of these things, and you could
just keep it in a 50 mile radius because realistically,
everybody needs help, you know, with their teeth and stuff,
so it’s a very general thing, so if you’re not targeting
the business owners, when you go to phase two, and
you’re targeting customers for them, we would just
remove all this stuff and just target Orlando or zip codes
in a certain area or radius to find those kinds of people. So we have all of our targeting set up. Let’s go down to the ad level. So hit this tab over here. Now we have the ad. So we’ll call this Dentist Ad One, and I’m gonna go and grab
my page that I rarely use and so to run this stuff, you
do need to have a business page made. It takes, you know, 30
seconds to make one. This one’s a personal page
that I, you know, run ads off or whatever, but whatever
you want to name this, just name it your business
name, or if you want to be extra extra sneaky, name it
something like, you know, Orlando Dentist Solutions. Whatever kind of person
you’re targeting, you can make an actual Facebook page for
that, so when they see it, it’s not just like you’re a
local agency that is targeting anybody and is gonna work with anybody. With this, you could actually
make a page that’s specific to dentists in your area, so
when they see it, they know that you specialize in
dentists and you can be the one that really help them out because
you’re not just, you know, looking for anybody, but in
reality, you kind of are, but you could just make
multiple pages and stuff if you want to get super granular with it. You don’t have to; you could
just have Orlando Marketing Solutions as your page and
try to target everybody, but it is cool to make a page
that actually is specific to the industry you’re targeting
so that the people think that you are the real deal. So, let’s go down to our ad,
and for this, all we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go
find an image on Google, we’re gonna write some stuff about it, and we’re gonna get the
people to read the text, and they’re gonna wanna
call us based on that copy, the area that is in the text,
and then we’re gonna put our website URL for them
to actually contact us. So let’s go and find a image. So I’m just gonna click Google, and we’ll just type in “dentist.” Go to images, and so all
of these are great images, but I want to go and,
just to kind of be safe, I’m going to only look for
images that are not copyrighted, that I can run as ads
and not get sued for. Realistically, like, you
can run any of these, and you’re probably not
going to run into any issues, especially on a local level. I’ve kind of done this
on like a national level, and run ads that were
copyrighted and stuff. I can’t recommend that, and I
probably shouldn’t have been doing it, but if you do
it, it’s kind of whatever. So, lets go to the setting,
and if we want to make it so that we are only seeing ads
that can be used anywhere, we’ll go to, okay, tools,
usage rights, and then labeled for reuse, and so now
any of the images we see, they have been labeled that
they are not copyrighted, that you can go and use these images for whatever you’d like. So this one is looking good. I like that. Right now I’m looking for happy people at a dentist’s. That could be a good one. Keep in mind that people go on
social media to be, you know, happy and uplifted, so if
you show something like that, that’s gross and dark and
nasty, it’s probably one, not going to get approved by
Facebook, and two, it’s not gonna get you the results you want,
but stuff like this that’s, you know, nice and happy and
clean, they’re both smiling, you feel happy just by looking
at it, this is the kind of stuff you want to go for. So this image is a winner for
sure, and then looking back at the ones that weren’t
copy, or that are copyrighted, that I probably shouldn’t
be using, I really wanna use these two images too, so
we’re just gonna do it. So let’s go grab those
and I’m not gonna worry about this girl. We’ll grab this. Just gonna save it to my desktop. One. Ooh, that’s not the file type that I want. Lemme see. So usually, when you’re
uploading images and stuff, you’re going to want to
change the dimensions on them, the image size and everything,
but Facebook will do it automatically for you. Okay, here we go. So I was looking for the JPEG of this, because it does have to be
a JPEG file, and when I was trying to save this, this
is their way of making it so you can’t do it. It was trying to save it
as some kind of web file, but I know how to get
around this kind of stuff, so I now have the image here. So here’s the actual JPEG, and
I can upload this as an ad, no problem. Ooh, or can I? It’s hitting me with that file again. Let’s see. So I’m gonna save it as that. Let’s do… See if that worked. Huh, it did, cool. Alright, so I just right
clicked it and saved it, and instead of that webip
whatever file, I did all files, and just typed in .jpg, and
it saved it as a JPEG so that now I can actually use it, and
we see this one had an issue as well. Where’s that? Let’s go to rename this. So I can see at the end, I
was looking for that .jpg, and they have an exclamation
point and a d in there, so get rid of those. Yes. Alright, cool. Now that one works. And then let’s get one more image. This one. This one looks really cool. It’s a JPEG, cool. Good to go. Alright, so now we have three
images we’re gonna use as ads. We’re gonna write the same
copy and stuff for them. We’re just gonna see which
image gets the most clicks, because when people look at
ads, the first thing they do is see the image, and then
the read the headline, and then the read the copy up top. So you wanna have an image
that is captivating, like this, that looks really good, that
makes them stop and read, that is also relevant to the topic, and this is as relevant as it gets. So let’s go back to the ad account, and I’ll select image,
upload, go to my desktop, and we’ll grab this one. Alright, now let’s make up some copy. Let’s see, what do I want to say for this? “Having trouble filling
your waiting room?” Let’s see, what do I want to say here? So I want to call out
the fact that, you know, they need traffic, they
need help getting people in the front door, and I want
to start off with a question, and so that’s why I have this saying, “Having trouble filling
your waiting room?” You may think… Let’s see, hmm. Alright, let’s see. So, “Having trouble
filling your waiting room?” Let’s see. “Finding local…” We’ll say “New local business…” “Business can often be difficult.” Alright, so, I’m going to say, “Having trouble filling your waiting room? “Finding new local business
can be difficult without “the right tools. “We often think that the problem
lies with our location…” I wanna say something
and then our services. “We often think that the
problem lies with our location, “or maybe even the services that we offer, “when in reality, the problem lies “with our lack of marketing. “In today’s world, it is
very difficult for businesses “to survive by simply
using the marketing tactics “that we all grew up on. “In today’s world, it is
very difficult for businesses “to survive by simply
using the marketing tactics “that we all grew up on.” “Without using social media
marketing to our advantage, “we can quickly be replaced
by those who are willing “to capitalize on these new channels.” Let’s see. “Without using social media
marketing to our advantage, “we can quickly be replaced
by those who are willing “to capitalize on these new channels.” Now, a point that I wanna make
here with this copy is that if you are aggressively talking
about you, if you’re like, “Hey, is your business
failing, do you need help, “you can’t make any more
money,” blah, blah, blah, Facebook doesn’t like that,
and they don’t like it if you call out someone’s characteristics
and you make it seem too personalized, so that’s
why I’m using a lot of “we”s and “our”s in here, so that
I’m essentially talking about myself or businesses as a
whole, and I’m not singling that person out, and so these
are, you know, tiny little things that you don’t think
about, but this is stuff that Facebook definitely thinks
about, and so, try to, you know, tell a story, and
address the issue but don’t do it in a way that you’re
directly attacking the person. Like, the line that I have on
top, “Having trouble filling “your waiting room?” It’s a soft ask, and also
it’s kind of vague on purpose because I don’t want to
directly call the people out too much because of Facebook. So, alright, let’s back into this. So, “Without using social media
marketing to our advantage, “we can quickly be replaced
by those who are willing “to capitalize on these new channels.” So, what I’m saying here is
that either they should start advertising through social
media or they’re going to get left in the dust, and a lot of
the people that you’re going to be talking to that are
business owners are going to be older, and they are like, kind
of, you know, scared of the internet and stuff, and as silly
as that sounds, I actually, I went to a dentist like last
year, and I almost ended up doing his Facebook ads to,
in exchange for him removing my wisdom teeth, and it was
gonna be like a couple grand to get it removed, and I was
like, “What if I just run your “ads for you?” He’s like, “Yeah, that’s fine,”
and everything, you know, was gonna go great, and then
he decided that he didn’t trust that he had to put his credit
card on Facebook to pay for the ads and he backed out of
the whole thing, and this guy’s a, you know, he owns a
business that at least does, you know, maybe 500,000 a year,
and this guy was literally scared to use Facebook to
advertise, so keep that in mind who you’re talking to. You are going to be talking
to an older demographic when you’re trying to sell these
people, and, you know, they kind of need to be coddled
a little bit because they are so scared of the internet,
and you know, technology and stuff. So, this is a good way, in this
line, that we’re, you know, addressing the fact that they
are going to be left behind if they don’t use social media
marketing, and now here’s where we come in and say,
“Don’t worry, we’re gonna do it “for you.” Alright, so, “Without using
social media marketing “to our advantage, we can
quickly be replaced by those “who are willing to capitalize
on those new channels.” I’ll say “This is
exactly why we specialize “in social… “In providing high-quality
social media marketing “for local businesses.” “This is exactly why we specialize
in providing high-quality “social media marketing
for local businesses. “We know that your time
is better spent servicing “your customers and
growing your business.” Let’s see. “This is exactly why we
specialize in providing “high-quality social media
marketing for local businesses. “We know that your time
is better spent servicing “your customers and growing your business “than learning the new way…” Make sure to really.. “New way to advertise. “We know that your time
is better spent servicing “your customers and growing your business “than learning the new ways to advertise.” “Let us find you new… “let us find you… “those new customers so
that you can focus on doing “the important things. “The important things that you love.” Bam! Alright. “Let us find you those new
customers so that you can focus “on doing the important
things that you love. “If you would like help
advertising on the world’s largest “social media platforms without
having to lift a finger… “finger, we’d love to chat. “Simply click the link
below to schedule… “consultation?” “Consultation. “Consultation. “See how much more your business can grow “with new customers.” And then I would drop the link right here. Insert link here, and that
link would, of course, be your website, and now,
keep in mind that when you are doing these ads, you’re going
to have to send them somewhere so you’re gonna wanna
send them to your website, and if you don’t have a
website, I would suggest just getting like Wix or something
like that that you can just go and get a template and
just slap it up really easily, swap some images out, do
that whole thing, and on top of that, you could actually
do that as a service, and it’s pretty crazy, but
my mom actually does this, and she taught herself how
to do it, and just makes, you know, $10 a month of Wix
websites and then charges someone a couple hundred
dollars a month to make the website for them and to
run it, when in reality, it is just a pretty theme that was set up in like 10 minutes. So, if you don’t have a website,
I highly recommend using something like Wix that’s
really easy to build, and then if you also want to
take it to the next level, offer that as a service. If there’s a local business
that you see that you wanna run their ads, and they
have a terrible website, you can be like, “Hey, do
you guys also, you know, “we have a full website
package that we do your website “and your marketing,” add a couple hundred bucks or
a thousand dollars on there, and, you know, be their I.T. department, when in reality you’re just
using a website template because no one really knows
anything, and even at a high level, I see companies that
do a couple million a year, that they, they’ll pay someone
20 grand for a website, and they don’t realize
it’s a freaking template that the person bought
for a hundred bucks, and it doesn’t matter what
level you’re at when it comes to this kind of business stuff,
there’s always going to be services that you can provide
that they are more than happy to purchase, that they
have no idea they wanted in the first place, and they
may seem crazy to the person you’re offering it to, but to
you it’s just a couple clicks, like this. So it’s cool to keep all these
things in mind, because you can really do a lot of stuff with this. You could figure out how to
do this well for dentists, and then move on to
chiropractors, and then, you know, coffee shops, gyms,
whatever local businesses. All of this is just a system
and a framework that you can use, and I noticed this
copy, that I didn’t say anything about dentists. Yeah, maybe “waiting room,”
but all of this, you can swap out, and you could use this
copy as an actual template to just apply to whatever business
you want to apply it to, and any niche. So, that’s it for that. We’ll just put a, we’ll just
say whatever, google.com. So this is where your
website URL would go, and then for the headline,
it’s the last thing we’re gonna do. We’ll say, “Get New Local Customers
With Social Media Marketing.” Notice I keep saying “social
media marketing,” because I feel like it has a nicer
ring to it to older folk than just saying, you know,
“We’ll run your ads for you,” ’cause they’re like, “Pfft, run an ad? “What does that mean?” So, social media marketing
is a bit nicer of a term for these kinds of people. So we have that, “Get New Local Customers
With Social Media Marketing,” we could even say, um… “Let us get you…” Cool. Alright, let’s do that, and then for the newsfeed
link description, you don’t have to put something in here, but if you’re viewing
this on like a desktop, it will show up in little
text at the bottom. You don’t really see it on mobile, but I could just say, “Call us today for a free consultation.” I like putting periods
after, or, exclamation points after everything as you can see. Alright, “Call us for
a free consultation,” and then if I wanted to, I
could change this button down here in the bottom right. I could either remove it,
so that this fills up more of the screen, but the
button actually does work, so I’ll change it to a “Contact Us,” so that they know that
they’re going to contact you, and yeah, so we have, ooh,
I just noticed that “you” is messed up. Bam. Alright, so here we have,
this is our first ad, we have our base copy set up,
and then all we would have to do, is you would just put
in your custom link here, and your link here, and you’re good to go, and now let’s go ahead and
just get those other two ads made as well, so I’m
just going to duplicate, just go up to here, actually,
I’ll hit the duplicate button, and I’m gonna
leave all these the same. It’s asking where I want
this thing to be duplicated. Same place, I just want two of them. Alright. Now we’ll go up here, I’ll
change its name to Dentist Ad 2. Change image. And I’ll grab this crazy one. Done. And now, number three. Bam. That one’s done, so, cool, that’s it. We have all of our ads created. Got our ad number one here,
number two, and number three. So because these were exact
duplicates, it’s an exact duplicate, so everything stays
exactly the same, as long as our links and stuff work,
these are good to go, and as long as we have
a credit card on file, and, you know, on the ad
account, and all this stuff, I just hit publish,
and they’re good to go. That’s it. So guys, we just went and
made our ads to target local clients, and like I said
earlier in the video, if we were now targeting
on behalf of those clients, it would be the same exact
process, we’re just not going to be targeting any kind
of actual interests, or real targeting. We’re just gonna say, whatever
city, your zip code you’re in, with that mile radius
around it, and you’re just gonna find people, and this really
works well for all kind of local businesses. I know tons of guys that have
local gyms that do really well and all of their advertising
is just a couple miles around their gym location, and so,
when you’re actually finding clients for these people,
it’s even easier than actually finding the clients in the first place, but as you saw, that’s not
really difficult anyway. You saw that it was just a few
clicks to set that stuff up. It took me longer to write
the copy than it did to make anything else, and all you
would do is run these ads, see if people are clicking on
them, if people are calling you, if they’re not, there’s
just something you’ve gotta change about the ad. Maybe it’s the image, maybe
it’s the copy that I wrote, wasn’t convincing enough,
but that’s all you’re doing, is making new ads, trying stuff
out, until people call you, and then you actually get
on the phone and close them. So guys, that is it. I wish you the best of luck
in trying this stuff out, and it is really a huge, huge
potential here if you could figure this stuff out and do
it, because there is a load of local businesses out there
that really do need social media marketing, and they
just don’t know how to do it. They don’t know who to ask, and
you now are going to be that person that they come to
for guidance, and of course, they’re going to pay
you handsomely to do it. So guys, that’s it for me. Hope you enjoyed the video. I’ll see ya around.

20 thoughts on “Facebook Ads for Local Business | How to HYPER-Target Local Clients (2019)

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  2. How much money should I be spending on a weekly budget for my small juice bar? We opened about 2 months ago, doing alright without any type of online advertising which is a great sign for us I think… I want to try out FB ads but I don't want to go crazy on a budget… how should I start? Thank you!

  3. WOWOW this is super helpful insight !! Thanks for the great points about ad copy without saying dentist ❤️ thank you again for sharing

  4. 🔥Great video my freind is there away to send me that as a template and I can reword that thanks buddy hope you see my message 👊🏽

  5. Awesome video! Just one question because I think FB ads set up has changed since the video. Initially you selected leads for the ad type. Then later changed it to conversions. Which should I choose or should I use traffic because I am running traffic to a funnel? Thanks in advance.

  6. Great video and content thank you. Only question I have is around the length of ad copy as too many characters will cut out some of the length unless the viewer expands the ad. Do you recommend long length copy or keep it short and let the landing page do the hard work?

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