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Facebook Ads For Dentists | How To Get New Patients, Fast! Free Facebook Ads For Dentists Funnel.

Facebook Ads For Dentists | How To Get New Patients, Fast! Free Facebook Ads For Dentists Funnel.

Hey Everybody! Would you like to dramatically increase your sales and revenue through the use of Facebook ads? My name is Adam Roseland, and I run a Facebook ads agency specifically specializing in dentistry. In the following video, I’m going to share with you the exact campaign I would run to make you a bunch of money, and I’m looking forward to hearing what you think, so let’s check it out Okay, so there’s really cool tools that are given to us by Facebook for targeting purposes And we actually have the ability to get in front of people based off their gender, their distance from your office, Whether we want to target certain zip codes If they’re in any relevant Facebook groups or anything like that But most importantly we can do it on income level! Now, this is extremely important because we get your services in front of people who not only want them, but can also afford them! So again as you can see here what I was able to do was target a certain area And then I can say, hey look, I only want to target the current city or I can target within a certain radius. I can obviously choose what kind of age group I want to target if I want to go after moms… Obviously what I want to do is to you know stay with women if I only want to speak to English speaking people I can make sure that I you know type in English only. I can also start to target by income as I mentioned, so there’s a lot of different income numbers that we can work with? You can start to say, hey look I only want to go after moms with preschool kids, or you can go after moms that have all kinds of different interests or different types of attributes. So preschool, high school, grade school, soccer mom, all kinds of cool stuff that we can target. We can also narrow the audience by saying, they have to be in this group, but they also absolutely have to match something else, so I want to make sure that they have health insurance so that’s really critical for me Or you can say hey You know what I want to make sure that I exclude people that are on Medicare so that we can make sure that we don’t bring in those types of people And then you can just simply save that audience now something also in that’s very cool Is if you don’t want to go after entire you know 10-mile radius of the people around you, if you know you’ve got a very bad neighborhood, well guess what…you can also go in and target via certain postal codes So you can go after just the high income Postal codes that are in your area Which really really makes it very cool to go after if you say hey look I only want to go after a Beverly Hills area But I want to avoid somebody else, then you can only target to those specific zip codes, and that’ll that’ll really help you out So with these tools, there’s never been a better time to use tools for targeting like this And to get in front of the right person! As a matter of fact… I’ve used these exact tools to get in front of YOU right now!!!! Okay, so now once we’ve figured out the right people that we want to target we want to make sure that we get in front of them with an ad Similar to THIS on Facebook and really what this is going to do is say you know and I’ve edited out temporarily here Hey patchogue families… looking for a dentist that your family can trust? I’m doctor so-and-so, and I’m doing something crazy to promote our office today for a limited time I’m giving away your initial exam consultation and yada yada yada for only twenty one dollars now This is not a requirement you can edit whatever price tag you want we can enter whatever feature set that you want Click here to claim your voucher only twenty available And then a link… What our patients have to say, a couple different testimonials about your practice, Click below, enter your name, email, and phone number to receive your voucher Now I would suggest that you have an image of your own office here. I really don’t like to use stock photography What I find is that stock photos tend to be a little bit generic, so preferably what we want to do is we want to have a picture of you treating somebody in your office. It’s just that it’s psychologically, people tend to filter out the the stock photography so a real image of a real person inside your real actual office Usually tends to work. so once we do that we want to actually take them to a landing page similar to this. For our purposes here what we would do is we would swap out your logo We’d swap out a map of your area We repeat that same information from the ad… hey families doing something crazy… that offer Reduce the amount of vouchers available Again testimonials here… when you click give me my voucher A little pop-up comes out. we get the name, email address and phone number, and they click send it. Once They click send it then they come to a landing page This landing page mentions your name Thank you for opting in for your voucher due to the limited number of vouchers available They will be given on a first call basis! Call now to lock in this deal… with your phone number Book in the next hour and get 50% off whitening so we put a little countdown clock for that option But really what we want to do is we want to not have your staff chasing leads when possible!!! Now when they send an email and we know that they’re interested in the offer, we want to obviously get them in the office!!! But it’s much better when they pick up the phone and dial and call your office to book so we want to tell them there’s A limited number of vouchers available, so hopefully they’ll book on that first call basis But we want to give them a little incentive so if they book in the next hour we get them 50% off whitening!! Again, this is editable We don’t have to lock into that pricing But it’s a great way to automatically get even more revenue and again by the time somebody’s had a cleaning they’ve gotten a whitening Usually you schedule the two on two different dates Then they’ve been to your office two different times and guess what now they’re very comfortable, and you’ve essentially established yourself as the new dentist and one final thing for the people who actually came to the Beautifully designed landing page that we had but failed to take action… meaning they they actually visited this page, But didn’t fill out the form What we want to do is, we want to make sure that we still go after them… so what we’re gonna Do is we’re gonna hit them with retargeting ads That follow you around all over the internet. I’m sure you’ve seen them, but really what we’re gonna Do is have one on Facebook… and this an example what it would look like… Hey, We know life can get busy But it doesn’t mean you should miss out on a great deal!! Redeem this offer now because it’s about to expire. your child’s smile can melt your heart but it doesn’t have to melt your wallet. Awww isn’t that cute… anyway… What this does is it keeps your business top of mind so whenever somebody comes on Facebook? We’re gonna be targeting them Constantly with retargeting ads if they haven’t already taken action in other words This is an extremely effective way For you to make MORE MONEY because you’re targeting people that you know are in the demographic target You know they’ve actually visited the landing page already, but for some reason they haven’t taken action. We’re gonna absolutely dominate with retargeting Pretty cool right?? So in the past. I’ve seen campaigns just like this one bring in as many as 100 leads in a 24-hour period Now, here’s my offer to you. I don’t believe in asking for for business I believe in earning business!! So with your permission, what I’d like to do is I’d like to start a campaign just like this one, for you, and run it for a few days for absolutely no charge If you like the results at the end of that campaign what we can do is we can discuss working together in the future But I want you to understand that I can’t take on everybody so I’m only going to be accepting 5 new doctors to work with over the next few days. Now the reason I do this isn’t to create scarcity or create a Buy Now type of mentality… the reality is it’s It’s just gonna be me running the campaign. I’m not some huge Facebook Ads agency with hundreds of staff working I do have a direct link with Facebook I actually have people at Facebook that work directly with me on my campaigns. However it is gonna Be me overseeing your campaign, so to do a great job I can’t take on more than 5 doctors at a time So if this sounds good to you what I’d like you to do is I’d like you to click the link below and schedule a time to speak with me And I’d love to hear what questions you have and discuss YOUR practice specifically!! Again, My name is Adam Roseland, and I look forward to working with you!!

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