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Facebook Ads for Coaches: Top Tips

Facebook Ads for Coaches: Top Tips

– Hey, what’s going on, Coach? It’s Lucas, from LucasRubix.com and today’s question is centered on Facebook Ads for coaches. And in essence the question asked was um, is it too early for me to launch Facebook Ads, and I’m gonna paraphrase that into when should I launch Facebook Ads, or when do I know that it’s time to launch Facebook Ads? I’m gonna answer that
question, and I’m also going to dive into some
details and give you some strategies, or some
ideas, or some tools that you can take, apply, so you can grow, you can build, you can
scale, you can serve, you can have the freedom,
you can have the income, you can have the impact,
and all the fun stuff that comes with a well-oiled
coaching business. If you’re watching this video,
hopefully that’s the end goal that you want is a coaching
business that attracts clients, that you get paid what you’re worth, that the clients are attracted to you. They come effortlessly
and you do what you love, and you coach in the marketing,
or most of it is automated. Facebook Ads plays a
critical role in that. Now, I’m gonna ask you some questions, and as you’re watching this
video feel free to answer them. And if you can’t answer this question or this series of questions
in a short, you know, two or three sentence
answer, you’re not ready for Facebook Ads. On the flip side, even
if you’re just starting your coaching business but you
can answer these questions, we can see success with Facebook Ads. And I’ll get into the details
of what to watch out for. Now if you’ve been running
your coaching business for a few years, Facebook
Ads are a lot “easier,” and I say that carefully. But even if you’re just starting and you want to build traffic,
you want to build momentum, everything and every coaching
business that I’ve started I started with paid
traffic, so I’m a little biased towards it, but I’ve
seen a lot of success with it, and it’s still a massive
driver and a massive engine in our coaching business. So, some questions would be like, do you know exactly who you serve? What is it they really want? and, what is it that they really need? Those are two different questions. Questions like, you know,
what are they really into? Who do they follow? Questions like, what
are some of the things that really keep them up at night? What I’m obviously getting into is client additory work. Having a really good understanding of your client. Do you know who you serve? It’s a huge one we need to know. Because if we’re not razor sharp and specific with our targeting on Facebook Ads, you’re
gonna lose a lot of money because you’ll be going wide. And wide is really expensive cause there’s a lot of competition. The narrower we get in Facebook Ads, the better results you’re gonna see because our cost per
lead or our conversions are gonna be much better. Okay, next thing. You need to know the language. You have to get into their head. What is the story that
they’re telling themselves or that they’re living in? The better we understand that, the better we can place something in front of them that is not an Ad. We’re not launching Ads. They may be called, “Facebook Ads,” but they’re not really ads as
in your typical billboard ad. We need to join the conversation that’s going on in their heads, so when they see it they
gravitate towards it. We don’t want to push them away, we want to attract them. Third, do we have the systems built? Do we have systems built
within our coaching business? Do we have a lead generation system and a sales funnel, or a
sales portion of the system, do we have that built? If the answer is no, Facebook Ads may be a little bit premature,
unless it’s with the intention of testing the message. And finally, one big question I’d ask is, what do you want from your ad campaign? Like what’s the specific goal? Is it brand awareness? I’m not a big fan of that, but it may be you may be testing a message. You may be building a retargeting list, you may be going for video viewers to build an internal list within Facebook and retarget those video viewers. Is it cost per lead,
is it’s lead generation traffic into a lining page
to build your email list? Or is it direct into a conversation? Another good question to ask is what is the lifetime value of your client? When you know that, you
can know your budget on what do I have to
spend for Facebook Ads, and what would be profitable, and when will I know when
I’m running into numbers that aren’t gonna be profitable so I can turn off my
Facebook Ad campaigns. You’ve got to know all that. Just launching a Facebook
Ad to run some traffic to something is not enough. You will get eaten alive because there are there’s way too much
competition to half-ass Facebook Ads right now. You will get eaten alive, and your results will be short lived or none at all. I don’t say that to scare you, but I do want to inject
a little bit of reality into the situation that you’ve
gotta have the foundation. A business takes work. It’s not as simple as
starting an instagram account and launching some Facebook Ads. It used to be, it is no longer,
and that is an advantage for us because we can build the systems and we can treat our
business like a business, and really see results. One more thing with Facebook Ads, and I really want you to take
this and understand it is, it’s you can launch
Facebook Ads in any phase of your business but be very crystal clear on what the campaign goal is. What do you want out of this
Facebook Ads specifically? You’ve got to get down to the numbers. What are you willing to spend per lead, how are we gonna know if we’re profitable, how many leads is it gonna
take to even to a conversation, how many conversators are gonna buy? If you’re just starting you
have to make assumptions, a baseline. If you’ve been at this for awhile, you’ll know the lifetime
value of your client, you’ll know what you’re
willing to spend a little bit with more detail. And you’ll know the
success of your program, and you’ll know that
it’s proven and you can accelerate results a little quicker, but that’s not to say that
if you’re just starting, Facebook Ads are out because they’re not. We just have to build the foundations and we need to build the systems. Once those are built, we
can start running traffic. I hope some of it is landing. If some of it is just way over your head and you’re like, “Dude
I’m not even there yet?” I highly recommend check out the podcast, check out the business building checklist, check out the landing page, check out the sales funnel episodes,
consume anything you can of mine that has to do
with sales funnels, leads, a billion email list, and the foundations of a coaching business. Once we pass that step, we can
start talking about traffic. I truly hope this serves you. @ LucasRubix for instagram
for anything else. If you’re looking for
coaching, if you’re looking for mentorship, if you’re
looking for guidance, if you’re looking for accountability check out LucasRubix.com . Have a look at some of our programs. They are all by application only. They are all live coaching programs. You do get accountability,
you do get mentorship, you do get coaching. The level of program you
join is just dependent on if you’re just starting,
The Coaches University, if you’ve built a little traction then I invite you to check
out The Coaches Circle if that interests you. If it does not, enjoy all future videos, check out the podcast,
and I’ll talk to you soon.

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