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Facebook Ads For Beginners (After Spending Over $40k)

Facebook Ads For Beginners (After Spending Over $40k)

What is up guys this is Joaquin Corrales welcome back to the channel guys if you haven’t yet subscribed I have no idea how you’re watching this video hit the subscribe button Okay, guys. We’re doing a 50 day challenge I might miss a video on a couple of days I’m just gonna make it up on another day But at the end of the 50 days there are going to be 50 videos and who knows maybe I keep it going to a hundred 200 day challenge okay, and guys in this video We’re gonna be talking about Facebook Ads for beginners after spending 40 K. Okay this month has been my highest spending Facebook Ads Month and I’ve learned a tons Tons of different things as I test out new ads as I switch them out as I scale up different campaigns as I create different types of look-alike audiences and use very different types of strategies and in this video I’m gonna go over some of the things that I wish that I would have learned Even at the beginning of this month and when I was a beginner using Facebook Ads, okay, like where to wait What countries should you run your ads in and how should you scale up your ads on and what type of? Audiences your ads should be targeted to as well as how to set up your Facebook Pixel and the importance of it so guys tune in we’re gonna go into my ad account right here And I’m gonna take you guys step by step on a lot of the things that I wish that I would have known starting off So that I wouldn’t have thrown away money in the garbage a few moments later Once we’re in our ad account the first thing that we need to do immediately is we need to come up here to ad manager I don’t care. Don’t look at anything else. We’re going to ad manager all tools pixels. Okay. We need to generate a Pixel okay, what this pixel is going to do. It’s gonna be something that we’re gonna throw into our Into our website, and it’s gonna track every one that Caesar our website And it’s gonna track all the registrations all the add to cards all the people that are purchasing the the whole thing Okay, so we’re gonna add this pixel. I’m gonna show you guys here real quick how to do that. We’re gonna integrate it into a WordPress site. I guess will integrate into a wordpress site as an example here any website builder you guys are using is gonna Have a way to integrate this pixel so so figure out how to do that Contact the support whatever just get the pixel connected This is essential to everything that we’re going to be doing okay this pixel the more data this pixel gets the better your targeting is gonna be and the better your ads are going to run because it’s gonna have a Lot more information. We’ll talk about that in a second, so how we create this pixel here. We got it’s called the billion dollar pixel okay, I got the billion dollar pixel right here and This is my pixel. Okay. There are many like it, but this one is mine, and there’s only one pixel to me hold up I’m gonna I’m gonna go in a different route here a few moments later Gonna, take you through all of this and you’re gonna click on copy and paste code, okay? And once you click on copy and paste code, it’s gonna give you this this information right here And if you have like an HTML website or something then you’re gonna need that Otherwise all you really need is that little number right here this this number so then what we’re gonna. Do here is real quick Let’s go into a wordpress site just so that I can show you guys how to do this thing Okay, so what we’re gonna do once we’re here in our WordPress site Is that we’re gonna come to the plugins section and click on add new plug-in okay? We’re gonna download a plug-in called pics or your site, okay? And when we download this plugins gonna allow us to put our Facebook pixel in their pics or your site? This is what I’m using. There’s a couple of them. Not a big deal So you’re gonna download this this one right here And then once you download you’re gonna come to this little thing here pixel your site, and then what you’re gonna Do is that you’re gonna put in here and this out of your pics yd you’re gonna put this code Not there you’re gonna put this code Okay, so the one for whatever you’re gonna get that code, and you’re gonna put it right here, and what that’s gonna Do is that it’s gonna connect the pic everything else you can leave default just save it what that’s gonna Do is that it’s gonna connect the pixel to your website, okay, so now every single person that comes into your website is Going to be tagged by Facebook, and then later. We’re gonna be able to run advertisements to these people okay We’re gonna be able to run advertisements to people coming to our website and even be able to do cool stuff like Advertise to everyone who’s seen this exact page on my website But hasn’t seen this other page and and things like that and we’ll get into that in a second so after we do that Then we’re gonna be able to do that Okay, cool now the next thing and why this is so important why it’s so important that we do This is I mean it’s important for the people coming to your site But the reason why I like it even more is because you’re able to create look-alike audiences of people coming to your site And I’ve seen a ton of success with these types of ads okay with look-alike audiences of people coming into The website into your site, so we’re gonna come here bum-bum-bum You’re gonna come you’re gonna hit this thing right here. You’re gonna hit at the top left ads manager You’re gonna come to audiences, and you’re gonna get a list of all your custom audiences Okay, so once you have that pixel set up what you’re going to do the first thing that you’re gonna Do is that you can click on create audience and click on custom audience you’re not gonna go straight to look-alike You’re gonna go to custom audience and you’re gonna click on website traffic, okay? And here you’re gonna be able to select your pixel see my billion at dollar pixel You’re gonna be able to select your pixel right here and And put all website visitors in the last 30 days up to a hundred Eighty days and so once you do that you’re gonna name your audience And it’s gonna create an audience over here and after it creates that audience then we’re gonna create a look-alike audience Okay, we’re gonna create a look-alike audience to that so in the source. We’re gonna. We’re gonna choose in the source We’re gonna choose the audience that we just created and then what we’re gonna Do is that the locations and damn every when I started learning about Facebook ads I didn’t know what places to find okay? what locations to run my ads and listen I’m gonna put on the screen the locations that you need to run your Advertisements because I remember I ran a campaign ones that I spent like $200 on the friggin camp. No. It was not $200 Okay, it was $500 I spent $500 on this frickin campaign, and I was targeting like the whole world or something and literally the whole $500 okay the entire $500 Where of leads from India okay? But you guys notice the the silence there to have a more dramatic effect there were Indian leads, okay? And I have nothing against Indian people But Indian people don’t have a lot of money to spend on the types of products that we’re gonna be selling them okay So I needed leads from other places so the pick the places on the screen are where you’re gonna be Targeting so choose that as your location always okay, and this audience size 1% thing that just means that you want people that are 1% different than these types of people okay that makes any sense that that means that they’re the Closest match to the people that you’re that you’re targeting at the top, okay So that’s what that means so once you create your look-alike audience guys at that point You’re ready to start creating your advertisement, okay? So you’re gonna come back to your ad manager And you’re gonna hit on the create ad at the top and now obviously you’re gonna want to spend a little bit of time Getting visitors to come to your site either Organically or engaging through with people however you guys are doing that right now. You could also if you have no visitors on your site Whatsoever and you want to start getting people into your site. You’re gonna create. You’re gonna start off by creating a traffic Advertisement okay and in that traffic advertisements, just try to put um just some really creative stuff Just be creative and try to figure out a way to get people to want to click on your stuff But uh, but what I’m gonna be focusing on in this video is our conversions Okay Because I want to put a lot of emphasis on getting people’s contact information Because it’s so valuable and I’ll get to that in a second so another thing that you guys need to keep in mind is that? When I first started running Facebook ads, I thought okay? I want to get people’s emails and and so I want to get people’s emails and so I need them to I need a lot of traffic okay because More traffic means more people coming in to my website, and that is freaking okay, that’s right, but it’s wrong. Okay. It’s wrong How I did it because I trusted myself rather than Facebook, and so I started running traffic ads okay And and ads optimizing like four clicks and stuff So I wanted more people to click on my advertisement because I thought that was gonna be more conversions, and yeah, that was another $500 loss like I’ve I’ve saved you guys a thousand dollars so far thousand dollars So I was optimizing for traffic, and yeah a bunch of people were clicking on my stuff but I was not getting any emails at all and Come to see once I realized that hey, maybe I should try these conversion ads and and and I was looking through tutorials I was looking through the wrong tutorials if you guys are watching this you’re looking at the right tutorial right to tell real Conversions okay what you guys need to do is conversions and the reason for that is that Facebook? Optimizes for whatever it is that you’re trying to do so so what we were trying to do was complete Registrations where we wanted people to register To get some free stuff and And so we wanted to optimize for that and basically what that means is that? Once Facebook has enough data of the type of people that are giving you their email, okay? And they recently released an update where now it has to be 50 people in the week. It used to be less So what as soon as 50 people at least 50 people have signed up for your stuff, then Facebook is gonna be like okay? What do all these 50 people have in common? I’m gonna start targeting people that are exactly like these types of people Okay, that was people a lot so there were people a lot But if you guys were able to get on that you guys should rewind that and listen Like five times because if you understand that then you’re golden okay, you need to optimize for conversions, okay? And and once we get to once we hit all be optimized for conversions. It’s gonna ask us here What do you want to optimize for do you want to optimize for Add to Cart or do you want to optimize for complete? registration and guys when it comes to building out the advertisement let me open up Photoshop here I We’re back into Photoshop, so guys when you’re going to build the advertisement When you’re going to build the advertisement you’re probably thinking okay in this example Let’s say you have a store and you guys know how this story is coming here. Okay boom That’s a flag my story’s a flag. They say you have a store and your store sells Fishing stuff okay, your store sells fishing stuff like like reels okay reels like freaking fishing Poles okay the whole thing and so what what the normal person might think is okay? I need to start running advertisements with really cool pictures of fishing and really cool pictures of Reels, and I’m gonna target people that love fishing and that is going to generate some money and maybe a long time ago, it would have But uh, but not now okay that it’s too competitive You need to figure out a different way to get customers, and that’s what I’m gonna. Talk about right now, okay? Targeting people that love fishing and showing them reels and fishing poles. It’s probably not gonna work. Okay You’re probably gonna have to spend a lot more money to get a customer as Opposed to doing what I’m about to talk about so the first thing that you guys need to do When you’re when you have your fishing store or your camping store, you’re freaking a cosmetic store I don’t I don’t care it could be anything the first thing that you need to do is that you need to think about a bait, okay, and Dam fishing bait no no that has nothing. I didn’t do that on purpose. Okay. Just a bait Just forget forget that the stories fishing okay the stories not fishing anymore. It’s freaking cosmetics, okay Whatever so we have to find a bait and what I mean by that is that we need to find something that our target Customer is going to love. Okay. What is our think about our target customer, and if we have a cosmetic store and our targets Too probably a woman if we have a fishing story And it’s probably a man that loves fishing and and what is that man going to want? Okay? What what bait? What can we package in a digital product like a very small product that this person who loves fishing is? Going to love and I mean right off the top of my head, maybe well. We could give this guy It’s an e-book on like the top fishing reels to use right like the best fishing reels in the world hundred list of best fishing reels in the world or top five fishes and and where to get them in your State or whatever just a bait like something that is going to attract The person that we’re trying to get and use what we’re gonna do so our advertisements are not gonna be like everyone out there Okay, we’re not going to be running these advertisements that are gonna be like oh look at my fishing reel itself It’s a lot better than the other 900 fishing reels that are on Facebook what we’re gonna Do is we’re gonna run advertisements and tell these people hey, we’re gonna give you this free ebook okay? It’s free digital product of the top whatever in in in fishing. Okay something. That’s attractive I don’t know you you guys will be able to better think of that because you because you obviously know your stores, but for example With contact flow we’re running a lot of promotions now for like a Shopify webinar and so what we do is that we give people like a list of a really profitable Shopify Products right so we want to get people to register for Shopify webinar So we’re gonna give them a list of a hundred Products that are extremely profitable in Shopify you see how someone who wants to get into Shopify Would want that because they want to get into Shopify, so here’s a list of products that are profitable? So what we’re gonna do with that Is that we’re gonna get people’s emails, okay, so they’re gonna come in we’re gonna give them the bait They’re gonna come and they’re gonna get whatever it is that we’re getting and then we’re gonna get the person’s email address Now you might be thinking hey how the hell am I gonna make money off of an email address, okay? I want to sell this fishing pole Fishing pole. I don’t want an email. I can’t go to the bank and cash in an email well listen if you spend money Sending people to your fishing pull ads there are a couple things that could happen okay the first thing that could happen And more than likely this is what’s gonna happen Is that they’re gonna see it, and they’re gonna go away Okay, go away The second thing that could happen and it’s a very small percentage. Okay like a zero zero zero zero zero one percent, maybe maybe higher Is that they’re gonna buy, okay? They’re going to come in and they’re going to buy your stuff from a brand that they’ve never Probably heard of they’re going to buy your stuff, and they’re gonna give you some money But the percentage of that is too small so more than likely they’re going to just see it And they’re going to go away now if you if you give this person a bait, and you’re you’re giving them value okay You’re giving them something so you’re building trust with them in exchange for their email Here the things that could happen either. They can see it and Go away But who’s gonna see something that they really want in which all they have to exchange is their email and go away Right so this is always a possibility But think about how much lower the chances are of someone seen this and going away if they’re really Interested in fishing right if all they have to trade is their email address or something that they really want like what the hell or The second thing that they could do is that they could give you their email right and now the chances of them giving you their email is Basically the same chances, if not a lot more than if they were to see it and go away Okay, so do you want someone’s email address or do you want someone to see your stuff and go away? You want their email address and that let me keep explaining because maybe you still set the top one So now that you have their email address think about this you have the email address of someone Who is interested in whatever it is that you were trying to give them? So if you gave them the top ten reels in the world then they’re interested in fishing obviously, okay? Right so you have to you have to make sure that you put a lot of thought into your bait And it’ll be really easy for you guys to come up with different baits, and if you if you have any questions I guess supposed to comment other people will help you So your bait is gonna determine what type of people’s emails you’re getting and once you have people’s email addresses What you could then do is like unlimited like the possibilities are little little literally? Limitless because you could start sending these people value and start building trust with them through Male right, so they see you as an authority and fishing right they see you as an authority in fishing and you could even send them things related to your store different blog posts that you’re That you’re creating in your store, and then every once in a while you you just shoot them a product Okay You shoot them that real or that Fishing pole that you wanted to sell them and guys this this might not be money straight up like you’re not gonna get the email Just send them straight to freaking hey go buy this But you’re able to reuse this contact over and over and over again whereas if they come here And all you’re showing them is a fishing point they’re just coming and they’re seeing it, and they’re going away you’re wasting a lot more money than if you were to exchange it for an email and get them in some sort of Automations or and it doesn’t have to be three emails it could be like two emails and then you tell em hey so I got this product that I have a discount on here’s your forty percent coupon whatever and And guys you’re able to do this to this person, okay, so now this is now This is someone that you own you own like you don’t literally own them, okay, but you own their email They’re part of your audience your community and you’re able to send them different automations and send them different emails and Contact them and give them information about fishing forever Okay, as long as they don’t unsubscribe from your list then you have this person in your community forever And so that’s it’s pretty obvious there and this turned into like a whole bunch of stuff so guys It’s pretty obviously how it’s a lot more valuable to take this route down here Then the regular route that everyone’s taking of just showing them a freaking reel or a fishing pole just hoping that people buy and that Way and so that’s what I was talking about before that when you guys are running Facebook ads You’re gonna want to optimize like for completed registrations Okay because you’re gonna want Facebook to get people that are going to register into your stuff and and so guys as far as the audiences here you’re gonna select the Look-alike audience that we saw earlier the countries were the countries that we saw before the language whatever you want and later We’ll talk about different ways that you could use interest to track people which is gonna be a bit more expensive But that’s the main idea behind Starting Facebook advertising and and making it as profitable as possible Okay, showing your products right off the bat is not going to be the most profitable way to do it It’s gonna be the most profitable right away Maybe you’re gonna have to be spending more money But getting these peoples no addresses and giving them the bait is gonna get people on your side get people trusting you and it’s gonna Give you an audience that you now control Okay, and the real power comes in after you have so many visitors to your site that you’re able to create these look-alike audiences that We spoke about before where you’re able to tell Facebook Hey, give me an audience of people that look exactly like the people coming into my store And then you’re gonna be able to send Traffic to those types of people right because people that are coming to see your fishing store people that are like them probably like fishing As well so guys it’s a very very simple overview of the whole Facebook advertising how important it is to use the Facebook pixel I? Wish I would have known about the Facebook pixel a lot earlier than I did because I would have just created my site uploaded and started grab Storing that data, which was gonna. Help me a lot more once I started creating the Advertisements and spending a lot more money on ads so it’s something that you guys need to do almost Immediately and as far as creating your ads remember. You need to come up with the perfect bait Figure out a way to get that download to them and guys it could literally be information that you find online Oh look. This is code wrong place. It could literally be information that you find online Okay, you don’t have to frickin pay someone a thousand dollars to create this ebook or whatever you could with like ten Google searches you Could switch up the words around and a whole bunch of different articles or whatever and come up with your own little ebook that you Made in Microsoft Word to give to these people So guys, I’ll see you in the next video if you like this then Comment or maybe don’t comment thumbs down thumbs up subscribe I heard subscribers on YouTube are cool like it’s it’s cool to have a lot of subscribers so hit me with him in with the subscribe

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  2. hey man i have a software company and having issues finding the right targeting and wondering what i was doing wrong, i have looked through all of your videos. Just trying to see what i can do instead of wasting money haha

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