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Facebook Ads For Beginners 2019 – How To Generate Leads With Facebook Ads For Beginners

Facebook Ads For Beginners 2019 – How To Generate Leads With Facebook Ads For Beginners

What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here. And in this video, I want to break down how to generate leads with Facebook ads for complete beginners Now I’ve gone through and I’ve done a lot of videos on lead generation on my channel but a lot of these things are a little bit more advanced and so I want to share with you guys a Strategy that if you’re completely starting from scratch just some ways to simplify the whole lead generation process now We’re gonna dive into the Facebook Ads manager I’m gonna go through and set up a landing page using our arsalan KD software so you guys have a question on many of that stuff just Drop a comment down below and we will help out with any of those pieces So first and foremost, let’s go over and you guys can use any type of lead generation software for this I like to use the arsalan kg software, obviously because that’s what we built custom for all of our users here So what we’re gonna do is just come over here and we’re gonna create a landing page Now if you guys have not watched my previous Trainings the landing page is gonna help you generate about 10 to 20 times more leads than your typical website so if you’ve got a website up and You’ve been sending people to that website or even your blog and you haven’t really been generating leads You probably want to consider going through and creating an actual landing page and the reason why is because if you look at this Will just pull up this landing page right here. This is a landing page Whereas if you separate it from let’s just go to the main Arsenal mkg web site. Look at this. You’ve got I think this is a typical web site, right? You’ve got all these different links. You’ve got testimonials you can scroll You’ve got all these different options Where a lot of times people just get confused and they don’t really know where to go next You got like okay giving me feedback. You got a little live chat thing. You’ve got all this stuff going on So if we come over here The only thing that someone’s gonna see is hey seven simple tips are raising the value of your home before selling now This is a sell these generate seed seller lead generation campaign and they go through hit get the tips They put in their name email and phone number and hit submit. Okay, so that’s kind of the overall concept and idea of Why a landing page is actually gonna work better than a typical standard website because there’s no other distractions on the page but let’s just jump in and let’s uh, Let’s say that we’re going through and we are setting a lead generation campaign with our Facebook advertising setups Okay, so well jump over here to Facebook. I’m gonna come down here to the ads manager Now if you’re a complete beginner, you don’t know how to access the ads manager You can grab it right here in the ads manager or up here in this top drop-down arrow You can go to create ads or manage ads. Okay, so I’m just gonna click right here just because it’s simple and easy and once we jump in to our ads manager now, there’s a few key things that we need to bring up here now if we go to our typical Facebook business page right where people go through and they like and all that follow you and all that stuff Whenever you make a post you’re gonna go through and you’re gonna have a little blue boost post button My computer overload here, okay So see this boost post now when you’re going through and starting a Facebook advertising campaign, they first ask you What is your marketing objective? Okay. Now that’s only when you go through and start it from the Facebook Ads manager back here Whereas if you just hit boost post this is going through and showing the objective of engagement now Facebook has so much data on all the users on Facebook That if you click on this and you go through and spend five or ten dollars to go through and boost that post It’s gonna show your posts of people more likely to like and comment on your Facebook post right now Not necessarily people more likely to opt-in to your website to your landing page actually generate a lead So we don’t necessarily want to do that. Okay, cuz likes and comments are great You can see I’ve got you know a few few likes and comments. I I boosted this one for engagement Okay, we got some good comments right here some good likes and all that stuff But if your business it really doesn’t matter if it getting likes and comments Right like you want to go through you want to generate leads get someone’s name phone number email address case So what we’re gonna do is come back here to the ads manager So now we want to do when we’re here on the Facebook as managers We want to first set up what’s called a Facebook pixel. Okay. Now the Facebook pixel is basically Facebook’s tracking mechanism It’s how your website or your landing page can communicate back and forth with Facebook So they know when a lead is generated kay So all you got to do is it this is very very simple. Very easy guys if you guys can copy and paste on Microsoft Word if you can copy and paste and gmail you can make this happen case So all we got to do is come here to search we type in pixels Okay, so we type in pixels and if you’re brand new if you have never created a Facebook Pixel right here. What you want to do is there’s gonna be a big green or blue button right here You’re just gonna click on that. It’s gonna walk you through step by step, but you can see I’ve already created my Facebook pixels So I’m gonna just going to click on default pixel right here, and then we’re gonna come over here to setup So I’m just gonna click on setup right here and then you can see you’ve got the use of integration or tag manager manually I saw the code yourself or email instructions to a developer. Now. The nice thing is this is so easy You don’t need a developer. You don’t need to pay someone else You can just literally copy and paste with manually install to code yourself. So I’m gonna show you guys exactly how to do this We’re just gonna click right here We’re gonna come down to number two says copy the entire pixel code and paste it into the web site header Case we’re just gonna come down here and look it says copy code to clipboard. All you do is click and Automatically copies it to the clipboard. Okay, it’s literally that easy guys So now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna come back over here to our landing page software If you’re using Arsenal, I’m kg then great. If you’re using WordPress Wix all that stuff. It’s the same concept same process We’re just going to go over here to edit the landing page Okay, so we’re gonna edit this page right here And then if you remember back over here, it says paste it in the website header, okay now if you’re using WordPress Wix Shopify Clickfunnels are so like whatever you’re using. There should be a spot where you can easily paste this into the header section Ok now inside of Arsenal if you click on the page section right here We go down to advanced you can see I actually already copied this in so I’m just going to delete that We just click right here, and we just hit command V Okay command V If you’re on an apple or ctrl V If you’re on a PC to go through and paste that in there And then we also want to do it. I want to do on every single page of our website Okay, so we want to do it on the Thank You page right here. So what’s somebody opts in to a landing page? So if they see this page just like right here they type in hey get the tips They put their name phone number email address. They’re gonna be sent to a page is called the thank-you page Which is basically confirming that they became a lead and telling them the next steps in X directions Do you want to take him so I’m just gonna click thanks right here We’re gonna go to page and then once again this typically I already added in there, but it would typically be blank So we’re just gonna paste it in there. So command V on Apple ctrl V on a PC and then we just hit publish Okay, so that’s it says website saved and published and now we’re gonna come back over here. Let’s just refresh this ads manager So now we’ve got the Facebook pixel all set up on your website on your landing page and that’s it. So now that’s going to communicate back and forth with Facebook anytime somebody Visits this landing page or anytime somebody actually becomes elite. Okay, so now we’re gonna come back over here we’re just gonna click this green crepe button right here and So now because we’ve got that pixel set up remember how I told you how the boost post button is Setting up an engagement ad just to get likes and comments. Well, we want actually people to convert into a lead Okay, so we’re going to set up conversions right here and we are gonna go through and we’ll say conversions We’ll just call it a demo on and then we’ll hit continue and Now at this ad set level okay, we can give it whatever name we want But this is where this simplifies the whole thing the whole process right? Typically before if you watched my previous videos you have to go through and I show you how to create custom Conversions and it gets all confusing There’s a lot of extra added steps But the nice thing is Facebook has all of these pre-built Conversions already in the system that you can just leverage you don’t have to go through and create all your custom conversions kay So oh, yeah All you’ve had to do at this point is basically copy and paste that pixel on to your website or your landing page Then now you come in here and you just select one of their pre-built Conversions case you’ve got view content search add a cart the one I like to typically use is this one right here that’s called lead Okay, so we just choose that one right there and then we just go through and we set up our normal campaign So we choose our targeting right here We come down we choose where we want the actual ad to show up if you want to show up in the Facebook news feeds The Instagram news feeds the right-hand column all those different things which you guys want more of those videos just drop a comment down below Give this video a thumbs up and I will share with you guys. My facebook ads mini course where we dive into placements Targeting the budget schedule all those different things. So if you guys have more questions on those that’s a hundred percent free and I’ll just share that with you guys. If you comment down below give this video a thumbs up and Then down here got the budget you set whatever budget. I’m also that I cover that in other videos as well And then we just hit continue you go through you set up your ad So what the image the video the the text is actually gonna look like and then as we come down here We would actually go through and just hit confirm. Okay, so that’s it guys That’s all you really need to do If you’re going through and setting up a facebook lead generation campaign, if you’re a complete beginner And you don’t know where to start Literally just go get your website or ideally your landing page set up remember because a landing page is gonna convert ten to 25 times more Website visitors into actual leads where you’re getting their name phone email. Okay, so copy that pixel just copy and paste and then go through Set up a website a conversion campaign with your Facebook Ads and then when you go through the next step Make sure you go through and instead of having to go through and do all the work of setting up a custom conversion Just choose a pre-built conversion which is leads. And then from there your set up you’re ready to go So anyway guys that’s pretty much it. So if you guys want my facebook guys mini course, we dive into the targeting There’s like all different parts of the Facebook Ads manager. We even dive into more depth with the Facebook pixel drop a comment down below Also give this video a thumbs up I’ll share that with you guys and want to be able to go through and help you with all your Facebook advertising needs So anyway, if you guys found this video helpful, once again, go ahead and give it a thumbs up Also, if you guys are brand new here, make sure you subscribe the channel My name is Jason Wardrop and I launched new videos every single week on how to generate more leads Make more money and grow your business. So thanks so much for watching guys, and I will see you all later

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