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Facebook Ads for Auto Repair Shops

Facebook Ads for Auto Repair Shops

Hey this is Carrie-Lynn Rodenberg Owner of
Turnkey Marketing. And people ask me all the time, “Do Facebook Ads actually work for auto
repair shops?” And the answer is…emphatically YES. If they’re done right, but let’s just talk
about why, when they’re done right, they work so well. First of all its because you can target
each person you want to talk to. Never before have we been able to target specific people, with specific
interests, at specific ages, in specific locations like we can now with Facebook. Two, it’s so effective
because it’s extremely cost effective. It’s one of the least expensive ways to market
that has ever been around and yet it’s extremely effective. And the great thing about it is
that it’s kind of like a faucet. You know how you can turn a faucet on and turn it off when
you’re done using the water. That’s how Facebook Ads are, you can turn them on when you want
to advertise to people, you can turn them off if they’re not working well, or you can pump
it up and turn it on even higher and more powerful if something is working. So Facebook
Ads work amazingly if you do them right. So I highly recommend Facebook Ads, when done
right, for auto repair shops!

2 thoughts on “Facebook Ads for Auto Repair Shops

  1. can you go through how auto repair shops can advertise on facebook? like what kind of targeting, imaging, text etc

  2. So basically you have nothing to offer in the video. We already know it works, I thought this video was going to tell me more ugh

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