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Facebook Ads – Dashboard | Madgicx

Facebook Ads – Dashboard | Madgicx

Hey there and welcome to the very first
video in which we gonna walk you through Madgicx and show you how you can use this
software to scale your facebook advertising and then grow your business…
On the very first video we’re going to talk about the dashboard which is
basically gonna be your home where you’re gonna spend most of your time
using Madgixs and first of all to really understand Madgicx and the whole
philosophy behind it you have to understand or we have to take a look at
the ARR strategy: Acquisition Retargeting Retention, because for every
business to operate profitably and to grow you need to gain your customers
acquisition you need to convert them at a lower cost retargeting and you need to
increase the lifetime value so retain existing customers retention and we took
that whole approach we listened to business owners and we took that whole
approach to build our software and to also build the dashboard which I gonna
show you right now. Whenever I explain the dashboard I like to split it up into
three different segments the first segment is basically the overview part
where you’re gonna get a snapshot and down here and more or less or a timeline
of performances across acquisition retargeting retention so you instantly
have an idea what’s going on and you can make you can make media buying decisions
on a macro. Then down here we have the strategy drill down this is where you’re
gonna spend most of your time that’s for sure because the beauty of this part is
you get multiple matrixes and you can compare performances against each other
so you can way better understand what is influencing the performances you see at
the moment and then at the very bottom we have the total revenue right and you
want to know what’s the money that I’m making and what do I put in… but we’re
gonna go into this in a second, first let’s jump back to the overall overview
part and up here you know no biggie we can have multiple matrixes and we can
select the averages, average performances so you can click on one here and make
your decision on what you want to look at
and compare them against each other again through acquisition retargeting
retention and then to get like a better understanding of momentum and the
development in your account so you can you know make or adjust your
decision-making accordingly you can go down here into strategy status overview,
and the beauty of this is it allows you to take a look at two matrixes and
compare how they influence one another I love to look at ROAS again spend, or
website conversion and a purchase conversion value again spend so I can
really see you know how my scaling attempts are influencing the
performances. But again if you want to look at different things you have the
choice to select them right here, right? So do as you wish, then in the middle
we have the strategy drill down, and this is basically like one of my
favorite features on the whole software, cause to really make effective media
buying decisions you have to understand what’s influencing one another right so
for instance we can take a look at this right here
we have return on ad-spend which is like the bottom-line metrics, spend, CTR and CPM
so for instance this is in a client account, yesterday I got a call
complaining like Chris what’s going on why are the CPM so high right so I said
all right let’s let’s cool down for a second I went into Madgicx I checked all
the different metrics and I saw that yes CPMs were increasing drastically but on
the flip side return and ad-spend performances also skyrocketed right so I
could tell them like hey you’re right CPMs are increasing but on the flip side
return on adspend performances as well so that very likely means that we are
buying high and quality’s audiences for your business so this is, this is just
one case study of the beauty of this feature you can turn on and turn off
matrixes if you want to have a close look at something and obviously change
them right here. Then on the very bottom it’s fastly explained its total revenue
right again spend and the red line you see the spend and then you see for that
specific day the red performances of each audience so for
instance on Thursday the 6th of December you can see ok we spend 2k we got 10k
out of it and you can see alright acquisition brought 72% of that total
revenue right so you get a real understanding of what’s happening in
your business then another and the last beautiful feature of this dashboard is
the reporting structure that we have put in place, right? If you’re in the client
business or if you just like to stay updated on what’s going on in your
account, you can check up here and schedule reports for you or your clients
or your team. You can select daily, weekly, monthly as you wish I go for our three
and then you can select your timing, right? So if you want to wake up to an
email with an update of your performance select your timing accordingly and then
down here type in your email type in your email your clients email or your
team’s email and off you go all right et voila.

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