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Facebook Ads Carpet Bomb Strategy (Tutorial)

Facebook Ads Carpet Bomb Strategy (Tutorial)

Hello In this video you will learn how to do more Specific Targeting your customers Your Facebook advertising campaign That helped me To make it profitable Glass my advertising on Facebook And it costs me less You can do the same If it follows Have you not The tactic I’ll show you Like on my page If he goes to Facebook Mobile MLS And see more useful videos like this one On my YouTube channel Asterisk Internet University So I will present you as I mentioned in the introduction of the video A technique Digital marketing Used by advertisers on Facebook It’s about audience targeting Originally intended To reach as many people as possible With certain demographic criteria But end up targeting Make this technique more selective It is called We often use this method when creating a license Advertising campaign Usually for local businesses Health campaigns targeting a specific area Why should it initially To reach more people Instead of a specific category of people It is, of course, preferable to target Thousands of people you know That they are interested in what you have to offer Let’s always target 100,000 people Which is negative And at best cautious But because Facebook ads It usually appears Better in older Audiences First target one that is for example 100,000 But gradually Criteria are introduced Giving Facebook the ability Begin to understand People Of these 100,000 They are going to respond well to your ad Displaying it So prioritize them first See an example A wedding dress shop in Larissa She wants to advertise their new wedding reception The normal It is to approach all the women who live in Larissa By targeting Facebook Audience size is too low So, then The ad may not have much acceptance in this way Instead of targeting women in the city of Larissa You can do this Create a video ad Optimized for clicks How to link to the music store site We target first With the ad Transpose criteria 1st criterion All women living in Greece Why are we targeting all of Greece? Because Thousands of Facebook users Their personal details are in their profile They do not specify where they live Also due to these factors Of course we can not know For example Shoes will end married eventually In Larissa or not It is to choose an age group that is likely to be married And they plan to get married in the next three months For example 25 to 40 years old It’s this ad It must Have an offer Japanese They just can not Denied e-mail to brides And what can that be? It can be a discount It can be a free service It’s free trial of the wedding dress So Even if you start with a very wide audience Which will be targeted People We limit the audience to those who have shown interest Clicking on your ad Applied my own with this tactical targeting They could also be created with individuals They have interacted with your Facebook page Either With people I’ve watched an ad video For a longer time 25% of its total duration She It is the method that can improve the return on investment The work with water Recipe your half If you liked this video You are talking to the social media you have Leave your comment About this type of campaign something with this video Thank you very much for watching this video I hope you find it interesting and useful We’re saying it in the next video

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  1. Γεια σου! έχεις κάνει κάποιου είδους διαφήμιση για την επιχείρησή σου στο facebook;

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