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FACEBOOK ADS BROKEN?! 😱 Will Facebook Ads Still Work In 2019?

FACEBOOK ADS BROKEN?! 😱 Will Facebook Ads Still Work In 2019?

Will Facebook ads actually work in 2019 or is 2018 the last year that you can take advantage of all of these crazy Facebook advertising success stories well Let’s break this down for a second and let’s take a look at several of the facts when it comes to Advertising on Facebook. If you look at the cost per lead or the costs actually run ads that’s going up. Also Facebook Continually changes their algorithm. They’re always changing it always update So how do you know what to actually? Do with your Facebook ads and then a big one that we all know Facebook has removed the demographic targeting. So Do Facebook ads even work still? I mean the demographic targeting like we can’t target homeowners or people based on their income and all that stuff Like why should we even advertise on Facebook anymore? And then to top it all off in 2018? We had the huge data scandal where Facebook was breached and all of our valuable information was exposed So do Facebook ads even still work and if they don’t when should you actually call it quits now? I actually give this question quite a few times on my channel because I have a lot of videos on Facebook advertise on Facebook Marketing, which if you guys want my hundred percent free at Facebook Ads mini-course I’ll have a link to that down below in the description as well as in the top comments So just go ahead grab that you guys can check out a lot of my different Facebook Advertising the ads manager or Facebook pixel all those different things I cover so because I have so many videos on Facebook marketing and how to run ads I get this question actually quite a lot of You know are our Facebook ads still actually worth it Or when should I shut a campaign off or when should I just completely quit and just be done with? Facebook and the truth is guys I want to break this all down and lay out the exact strategy in the actual Facebook Formula that you need to have in place to be successful Whether it’s in 2018 or 2019 or even beyond that so the truth is guys Facebook ads are Just as good as ever Okay They’re like honestly the best way to go through and advertise your business right now and with the Facebook algorithm updates and Facebook pixel They’re just making things better and better and better The thing is though If you want to be one of the top Facebook advertisers You have to keep up with the changes and what they’re doing and what are the algorithm updates in? Okay They took away demographic targeting. How do we actually handle that which by the way guys? I also have a video explaining step by step what they did there and how that shouldn’t even matter for your business if you guys are doing this these things at The right way, so also link that video up here as well So you guys can check that out and see my thoughts on them taking away demographic targeting because that’s been a big one It’s been a popular video because a lot of people think that’s gone. So Facebook ads are gone, and they’re not gonna work anymore So let’s take a look at how we can actually make Facebook Ads work for you and your business whether it’s 2018 2019 2020 or beyond right now the cool thing is this works even if you have an offline business Where it’s like you’re a real estate agent and you need a book Appointment and actually talked that person in real life or if you’ve got like let’s say a shoe store and you need people to come into your store Whatever it might be or let’s say you have an online e-commerce store or you’re selling digital products guys This formula is the same exact thing for every single person But the truth is this starts before we even dive in to the Facebook Ads manager Now one term that has become extremely popular over the last couple of years because of Russell Brunson and click funnels is the term sales Funnel now the truth is their sales funnels that happen a hundred percent online where you don’t have to talk to anybody and it’s just all done on complete autopilot through sales pages and sales videos or There’s also sales funnels where maybe they start online But we’re taking that person offline to schedule a call an appointment with them. We’re trying to get them into your Chiropractic or your dental practice? So successful Facebook ads all start with understanding what this sales funnel looks like whether it’s online or Even if it’s offline, and if you don’t have the sales funnel in place and if you don’t know we’re actually gonna be sending people that Click on your ad and you don’t have a back up sales strategy and sales process in place Then you are gonna fail one percent of the time with your Facebook ads There’s no way you can possibly make them work. And I know it’s hard to hear but that’s just the truth So it really doesn’t matter how many likes or comments that you’re getting on your Facebook post or how many leads you’re getting it all Comes to money in and money out So if you’re spending a hundred dollars on Facebook ads and you don’t know how to make at least 100 dollars back out whether it’s right away Or within the next three months then you’re obviously gonna be losing money and you’re gonna be out of business very very soon so what I want to do with you guys is actually Map this out and show you guys what this sales funnel needs to look like for your business And like I said, I’m gonna give a lot of different examples because it really doesn’t matter what business you’re in This is the key thing that you need to get down before we even dive in to the Facebook Ads manager So let’s jump over and map this all out for you. Alright guys So this is the Facebook formula, so hopefully you guys can see that Alright and my handwriting’s not too bad. But it all comes down to these simple steps right here Now when you go inside the Facebook Ads manager There’s all these different terms and different things that you can look at like the frequency The relevant score the cost per click the cost per lead the CPM cost per impressions There’s so many different things that people can get really Confused on what metrics you really should be looking at when it comes to setting up your Facebook ads Now what we talked about the first thing we want to get down is this sales funnel? Now this sales funnel. It can be an online sales funnel. It can be an offline sales funnel but the core of it is we need to know that if we’re gonna put $100 into our business we’re making at least $100 back out now that might not make a sense to a lot of people putting in $100 in advertising make $100 back out you’re Not making any money. So what’s the point of doing it anyway? Well, the cool thing is is if you go through and set up this right sales funnel Which we’re gonna break down and explain you guys here in just a second is that with that hundred dollars? Let’s say you go through and you’re generating leads for five dollars per lead So from that hundred dollars you’re able to get 20 leads and let’s say you make once from those 20 leads and That one sail brings in $100 of Revenue well That’s great because you broke even but the cooler thing is that you have now 19 other people that showed interest in your $100 products that they might just need a little bit more Nurturing whether it’s via email Facebook messenger tech CMM phone calling them on the phone All these different methods that now because we spent that $100 and we made that hundred dollars back out So we broke even but we now have 19 other people to market to that We can actually turn that into two or three or four hundred dollars So you guys can see this is my fancy little Facebook ad right here But before the Facebook ad before we get any of this stuff in place on the Facebook Ads manager We need to set up this sales funnel so a sales funnel typically starts with some type of Opt-in form getting somebody go through and basically raise their hand put in their name phone number email address or just their email address Whatever it might be and say I’m interested in what you have to offer Okay we usually don’t like to go straight for the sale because If somebody’s never heard of you or your company or your product or anything like that More than likely they’re not going to go through and go straight from a Facebook ad to paying you even five dollars So what we like to do is go through and get an initial opt-in which at that point. That’s where we’re generating the lead the name the phone number the email address or just the email address or whatever type of Information you need to actually go through and perform the rest of the sales funnel Now at this point if you’re let’s say a real estate agent Okay If you’ve gone through and you’ve got the Facebook ad you’ve got this opt-in your goal is to Actually get on a phone call with this person and show them a home or take them to an open house or sit down with them and look at when they’re looking to sell their home and the same thing with a dentist a Chiropractor and most local businesses most local businesses are looking to get that person on a phone call So they can sell them on their services so at this point Usually this page. It might be a little bit of a value video where you’re going through breaking down your business how you differ from other people but your adding value instead of just going straight for the sale and Then after this step and I put this arrow here and then I just didn’t add anything because it’s going to be so different for every type of business So after you have this little value video you might take them to a page where you have them Schedule a call with you and there’s a lot of other there’s a lot of software’s out there one that I use that I like is called calendly CA l en d ly com where allows you to go through and Automatically book appointments with your leads that are coming in and it syncs on to your Google Calendar Onto their Google Calendar and it sends appointment reminders to both of you guys So nobody forgets about the appointment. Okay, because obviously that’s a big thing Once you generate the lead you need to actually get them to show for the call And then from the call, you usually want to get with them in person and then take it from there now if you run an online business It might look like they go for the ad they opt in and then right here you might be selling them something That’s kind of a lower ticket item or one thing that I do that you guys probably know Is I take people on to a webinar then webinars about 60 to 90 minutes And then I’m selling a product on at the end of the webinar But the thing is about the webinar or this value video right here is we’re building some rapport with that person We’re educating them. We’re teaching them. We’re building some trust some credibility. So by the time we actually go through to sell them something There it’s not like it’s not as weird because they’re like, okay. I actually know this person they they’ve got good information I trust them they know what they’re talking about. All right, so this funnel really looks a lot different for any business You’re in whether it’s an online e-commerce store, if you’re selling digital products if you’re trying to sell something in person But guys it comes down to three key metrics, okay Now I talked about there’s a lot of metrics inside the Facebook Ads manager. They can really be pretty confusing Especially to a newbie. I remember when I first got into Facebook ads and I was like What’s a frequency and watch that even be at what’s my relevant score CPM? What does that even mean now? Those metrics can be good once you go through and get a little bit more experience But to break it down as simple as possible and really the core things that you need to look at Is what’s your cost per lead? What is your conversion rate? So once you generate this lead right here how many of those leads do you actually convert into a sale so like our example? If we spend $100 and we got twenty lead So it was five dollars per lead and we sold one person So we sold one of the twenty leads that is a five percent conversion rate Okay, so our cost per lead was five dollars Our conversion rate was 5% of those leads converted and our price on that was $100 so at that point we broke even so the big kicker of this is Knowing what the price the sales price or how much? Commission were how much you’re making from every single sale that goes through now many of you guys know I work with real estate Agents and honestly real estate agents are some of the most blessed people in the world when it comes to this model Because their sales price is several hundreds of thousands of dollars. So their Commission that they make Typically is anywhere between five to fifteen thousand dollars Right so you can go through and spend if you’re making five thousand dollars on every single deal You can spend two thousand or even more Just acquire one new client And remember the power of that is we acquire one new client But we have all of these other leads we can go through and remark it to to get them coming back into our business So let’s say we’re generating leads right here for ten dollars per lead. Let’s say we’re in real estate Okay And this is gonna be the same for any type of business. You’re in ten dollars per lead right here and our Conversion rate is let’s say about two to three percent. That’s typically what the average conversion rate is in the real estate space So if we have $10 per lead right here and let’s say we’ve got to generate a hundred leads before we close two deals So 2% hundred leads two deals. So we’ve got a hundred leads times ten dollars per lead So we spent a thousand dollars, but our conversion rate is two percent so from those 100 leads or that thousand dollars that we spent we’re gonna have two deals go through now if you’re only making $5,000 per deal you just made $10,000 in commissions because of your high sales price and so the thousand dollars you spent You just 10x your money. Now if we take a look more at an online example And you look at Russell Brunson with clickfunnels and he talks about the sales phone on having all these upsells and down sells all these Different steps and that’s because usually your ticket price isn’t as high as a real estate agent and so in order to combat that and to go and offset the advertising spend and actually make money you need to offer maybe a product right here for $37 and a product right here for $100 then another one for $300. There may be a down sell for another $100 You take people through this funnel because then you’re able to go through and make that money back on your ad spend and then go Through and hopefully breakeven, and then you’ve got all these leads that you can re Market back to those people with different products and offers once you’ve built a little bit more trust and authority With them so a quick recap guys Facebook Ads definitely are not broken. You should still definitely be using them in 2019 and if you guys want to stay on top of the latest and greatest of Facebook ads make sure you guys subscribe this channel and hit that notification bill because we launch New videos every single week on how to generate more leads Make more money and grow your business and we do a lot of it through teaching you how to go through and use the Facebook Ads manager to market your business we go through Instagram advertise we go through all the different advertising methods that are under the Facebook Advertising roof. So make sure you guys subscribe. Also if you guys found this video helpful, go ahead Give it a thumbs up. I would greatly appreciate that and drop a comment down below We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this video. I hope it was helpful And once again just as a quick recap guys before you get the Facebook ad in place You need to know your sales funnel. You need to know where you’re taking that person next You need to know the sales price of your actual product. You’re gonna be selling that person. You need to know your commissions And so this dish just becomes very simple. What’s your cost per lead? How much money are you put into Facebook? What’s your cost per lead? What is your conversion rate? And if your conversion rate is low the hard truth is you need to get better at sales Okay, the only way you can go through increases conversion rate is You need to become a better salesperson whether that’s in person sales Whether that sales through a video or a webinar or just writing a long-form sales letter you need to get better at sales That is the big thing that is gonna cure all of your problems with your Facebook Advertising and then from there you need to know What is your actual sales price and how much money are you actually gonna be making at the end of the day? So anyway guys, thanks so much for watching this video if you guys found it helpful Once again, make sure you guys subscribe. And with that said I will see you in the next video

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  1. Jason, thank you for all you do. You have a lot of great content which is very helpful and it is free. I purchased a digital marketing platform from a guy named Terry Wilson at TW3 for $3,000 with a $97.00 per month admin fee after that, and I have learned a lot, but, haven't made any money yet, but, the platform can be re sold for a generous commission. My question for you is, is your platform just for realtors.? Is there a way for me to learn what you know at a cheaper price? I am also using Russell Brunson's Click Funnels as well. I am determined to generate income online from multiple streams. I also think you should be a guest on Grant Cardone's program. If not Facebook, where would we go to advertise? Google Adwords or Adsense?

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  4. Hi Jason, quick question. When I try to create a lookalike audience, drill down to Custom Audience, drill down to Customer File. I get the message "You're not able to share this audience" and gives me the option to "Create New Business". I am using my personal page, am I right to use the personal page? Any help greatly appreciated.

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  6. For real estate, I also think it’s important to run ads to your friends on Facebook. That’s a huge SOI you can gain leads from. Great video.

  7. Great content as usual!

    I’m in a unique position because I’m a real estate investor and I started a Shopify store.

    With regards to the real estate investing side, I uploaded a list of people I got from a list sourcing company that met certain parameters.

    Is FB smart enough to recognize those parameters for me to create a LAA audience from that custom audience?


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    Should i wait it out or just delete it What's the reason for this and will Facebook ever approve the ad I've never had an ad rejected but should it really be taking more than a day to approve?

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