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Facebook Ads, Advanced Targeting and Audience Selection 2019

Facebook Ads, Advanced Targeting and Audience Selection 2019

Hi there, this is Jacob Landis Eigsti, Jacob
LE video production.com. And in this tutorial, I’m going to go into
choosing the right audience for your Facebook ads my company I help small businesses, small
business owners figure out the marketing tactics they can use to get the best results and come
up with a blueprint and a strategy. So please let me know down below Are you a
beginner and all this? Are you a business owner? Are you into marketing? I would love to know. And let me know if you have any ideas for
videos you would like down below as well. So let’s talk Facebook ad audience now generally,
I recommend having a number of different audiences that you test you should be testing. You know, do photos, do better do videos do
better. Does long text with your ad or short texts
do better and also you should be testing the audiences and you generally want to be changing
one variable at a time. So if you want to know if it performs better
for men or women, you keep everything the same and show one and two men, one and two
women, and everything else is the same. So let me go into some really creative ways
that you can set this up. I’m just going to do traffic for this example. So basically, I’m trying to drive people to
my website, you definitely do want to have a facebook pixel set up, then you can actually
track how many people are visiting the page and show additional ads to them in the future. So I have a tutorial on doing exactly that. It’s in the top right corner. And so I’m going to do continue and we’re
going to focus all of our efforts on the audience right here. So you can save audiences for the future which
is really awesome. I recommend creating some and saving some
so you can see the thing we want to look over and over is this up here the potential reach. So right now it’s the entire United States. So it’s 230 million people. So if you’re a local business, the first thing
you’re going to want to change is the location. And like for me, I mainly serve businesses
and Denver. Although I do have some services that can
be national, I’m going to start with Denver, Colorado, because it’s even better if I can
meet with people in person. So under locations, you have everyone in this
location, you can also do people who live in this location, this will as a default,
everyone in this location will include people who are just traveling or were recently in
the location. So I generally like people who live in the
location. You can set the radius around. So just look at the map and be like, okay,
would I go to Boulder would I go to Centennial? I’m going to set this to 20 miles.Alright,
so that knocks us down to 2.2 million people in this area, we’re doing 18 to 65 you have
the option to go all the way down to 13. This is anyone older than 65. You can do men women, you could also do like
Spanish if you want your ad to be in Spanish and target Spanish speakers, which would knock
it down to 330,000 people. So what number should we be shooting for right
here? Well, that really depends because we want
to get as specific as possible because the way Facebook works, you’re going to really
want to try to have your ad be as relevant to people as possible. So if I’m targeting business owners specifically,
this is not specific at all, I have no way of knowing that any of these people are business
owners, I just know that they live in Denver. So your average person, you want a high percentage
of people to click on it, or respond well to it or feel that it’s really relevant and
good, and you’re going to pay a lot more if people aren’t really responding to it. And you’re also going to pay a lot of money
to get in front of people who it isn’t relevant to at all. So it really will depend a lot on how specific
that audience is. It will also depend a little bit on how much
ad spend you have, how much money you have to put behind it. If you’re spending thousands and thousands
of dollars or have the budget to you can start with a lot more people and then narrow it
down to the people who click on it and then show additional things to them. You’ll definitely want a facebook pixel installed
to do that so you can continue to show ads to people who visit your pages. But if you only have like a $200 budget or
something, you’re probably going to want to get as specific as possible. And just select an audience size of, you know,
5000 10,000 and just try to get it in front of everyone at least once or a couple of times. So it really depends how long you’re hoping
to go. And also how much you have to spend because
you want to start with a bigger audience a bigger net if you have a lot to spend and
just narrow it down. Whereas if you don’t have a lot, you may just
want to try to get it in front of everyone. So if I was doing ads, I’d probably shoot
for between no less than 5000 with my spend, definitely not more than a million. Okay, so let’s look at detailed targeting. Now. I could spend three hours going through every
single one of these, you can search for for specific things.Demographics. So, like if you know that people are going
to have a doctorate degree, that narrows it down a ton this down to 11,000 already if
we include associate degree college grad, so that really narrows things down. So I mean, you just want to ask the question,
are people with these demographics or interest significantly more likely to engage with it,
click your link. So you can target people who have a really
high level of the income, high earners, people, different life events, you can do a message
to people on their birthday are in a new job long-distance relationships. So I recommend you go through all of these
you can also search for them. So, people likely to engage with liberal content. And people who are liberal is probably about
40% of the population. But people who are likely to engage with liberal
content is like eight or 9%.So it’s not 40%. Like the population, it’s people who are specifically
likely to engage. So you’d probably only want to choose this
if it was almost exclusively liberals who are a potential customer or if you’re a political
campaign because it drops it down from 2.2 to 240,000. So yeah, it’s about 10%. And you can include several things. So if you say, Okay, well, this one will be
political, but we’ll do liberal or moderate. You can search for things for example if it’s
okay a lot of people who like Tony Robbins are really going to like my content or be
potential customers.Do people who have that as their interests, so you know, that’s 240,000
people, you can add in or exclude other ones as well. So you can do based off what people like that
can be incredibly powerful as well. And you can exclude people. Let’s go to connections for this. So you can do people who like your page, or
friends of people who liked the page who may have some connection, or exclude people who
like the page, like you can do a campaign to get more people to like your page, you’re
not going to want to show that to people who already like the page.On some things, let’s
say you have 10,000 followers. When you post something on Facebook, not everyone’s
going to see it, it’s going to be shown to a small group of people. If a lot of people like comment and share,
it will be shown to more but not everyone who likes your page is going to see that. So if you have a really important question,are
a really important deal, I recommend you post that regularly. So it gets in front of as many people as possible
without spending money. And then you can boost it and show it just
to people who like your page. So then you can know, okay, this post got
in front of every single person that liked my page. So a lot of people are familiar with all of
this demographic information. But what’s really powerful is you can do it
based off people’s interaction with your Facebook or your Instagram or your website or all these
other things. So if you do a custom audience, you can do
let’s say website traffic, and you can use the data from your facebook pixel. To show something to all of your website visitors
in the last 30 days. You can go all the way up to 180 days, you
can do people who spent more than 75% so people who spent the most time on your website in
the last hundred 80 days or you can do people who visited very specific pages on your website. So then you’ll name your audience.Other options
would be, for example, offline activity.So from your events, anyone who’s added things
to your cart, or has done any of these actions, you do want to set up these conversion events. And you can do this for up to 720 days. So you can do people who visited the website
specific pages took specific actions. You can also do let’s say, you have a lot
of action on your Instagram.Anyone who engaged with your business, anyone who visited the
business profile, people who sent a message people who saved any post or anything like
that does not you’re building your audience, you can send additional stuff to, let’s say,
every single person that visited your profile. So that’s really powerful. That’s not just the general demographic, that’s
people who visited you specifically. So you do need quite a bit of traffic to make
this work. Another thing you can do, yeah, if people
watched, let’s say, 10 seconds of your video, you can send ads to them specifically. So these are people already familiar with
you. So it’ll be a lot cheaper not only do you
know they’re probably going to be a target customer but also they’ll have familiarity
with you specifically, the last thing that I want to show you is lookalike audiences. And typically, this is if you have a facebook
pixel, and you have it set up with an event. Be strong to purchase. So you can create an event and any time it’s
like thank you for making a purchase. That’s the page people go to you keep track
of everyone who has visited that exact page. And then it will create an audience based
off of everyone who’s been to that page. So it’ll run all its algorithms and it’s smart
computer things and say, okay, people who buy from you generally fit this profile, and
they’ll know a lot better than you will. So they’re going to create an audience based
off of that pixel. So they’re going to find the 1% of the audience
that is really similar to your pixel. So for the area, you do need to do a full
country because it’s going to take data from a whole lot of people and find something similar. So yeah, United States is probably what you
want to go with. Although if you have like an info product,
you could do you know the whole bunch of different countries if you want a bigger overall audience. Another thing that you can do so you can do
based off your pixel off your website traffic. But you can also create a look alike audience
from let’s say people who like your page. So it’s finding other people who are similar
to those who like your page. So you can create an audience based off that
this is especially good if you don’t have a whole lot of website visitors. But you do have a lot of people who like your
page, the only thing to be aware of is if it’s mostly your friends and family who like
your page. The lookalike, audiences going to be a little
bit bogus, because their demographics and interests are not going to line up with your
potential customers and clients. So anyway, that is everything and this tutorial. I know there’s a whole lot of different things
you can do. I think Facebook ads are a longer journey
of figuring out the exact audience that responds really well. Definitely, have your facebook pixel setup
because you can use all that data from your facebook pixel to show things to people who’ve
already visited your page or visited your Instagram or watch your videos. That’s going to be a lot more powerful when
you’re getting in front of people a second time or third time rather than just targeting
completely cold leads people who have never heard of you before. So let me know what you thought of the video. Please comment cheesecake down below if you
made it to the very end, please subscribe and click the bell to be notified when I come
out with new videos. Thank you so much. I will see you in the next video.

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  1. Cheesecake! Awesome video Jacob! I've been waiting for this tutorial. So to recap, I would have to make a different audience for each ad set correct? Like, Ad set 1 will have different audience than ad set 2 audience and so forth? I also assume this is the new 'campaign budget optimization (CBO) that was just implemented this month?

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