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Facebook Ads 2017 Tutorial – How to Advertise on Facebook

Facebook Ads 2017 Tutorial – How to Advertise on Facebook

(cheerful tune) So I wanna talk a little
about Facebook Ads and how you can get started
with Facebook Ads very easily if you’ve never done them before. They’re really great for driving traffic and generating leads but they’re a little, they’re not intuitive
so here are a few tips you can use if you’ve
never used them before so first tip if you have never
done a Facebook ad before is try to keep your budget small. I actually recommend you keep your budget to about one dollar to five dollars. Five or 10 dollars a day is usually okay but if you’re gonna spend
it on different audiences, you want it to be a
dollar up to five dollars for each audience. The big reason why you want to do this is that this is going to enable
you to keep your costs down and also enable you to not
blow up a whole bunch of money when you start testing different things. Next tip you want to try is
to create different types of audiences so there are a
lot of different audiences with Facebook Ads so one of
them is custom audiences. These are people who
have interacted with you in some way, shape or form. You know they may have
visited your website, watched your videos. You also want to try
targeting warm audiences so these are things like
your friends, your fans or your friends of your fans and then you also want to try
targeting lookalike audiences which are audiences that people
base off custom audiences so that people who don’t know you but they’re interested in the same things so most likely they’re gonna be interested in what you have to offer. And probably the fourth way and this is one of my favorite ways is to target interests. Now the key to targeting interests is to try and keep it
so that your interests are separated by different ad sets so you want to have for
every type of interest you want to target, make
a separate audience for it in the Ads Manager. Another good tip when you’re going to be using Facebook Ads is try to
think of like a Facebook post. Don’t actually try to
make like a so called ad but try to think of it
like a Facebook post so when you write your text, you want to be kinda friendly. One tip I recommend is to
try and write a question and then write the solution afterwards so you could say, are
you struggling with blank or are you looking for blank so try that when you’re buying your text. When you’re buying your headline, a good tip is to try and start with a verb so say get started
today or try this today, you know, do something that like, use a verb, don’t just say
like free thing or free sale. You know use it to kind
of explain the benefits of what you’re offering so
that people are interested and they check it out
and finally the last tip I’m gonna give you for Facebook Ads is you want to split-test them so look at your analytics after you run it for like 24 to 48 hours and
see which audiences work and which ones don’t work, turn off the ones that are too expensive and then if you’re interested, you can try and go even to the ads level and for every ad set you have, there’s just different
kinds of ads in there, you can take a look and see
which ones are doing well and which ones aren’t so that’s a good way for you to kind of look over your data and make sure that
everything is working smooth and crystal clean. So those are my tips on how you can get started with Facebook Ads, so hope you guys enjoyed those tips. If you would like to learn more, I have a total Facebook
Ads targeting guide that you can get for free. The link is down below in the description. If you like this video, leave a like, comment below and don’t
forget to subscribe so you never miss another one of my videos and also let me know what your favorite Facebook Ad tips are. Best wishes for your ads and
I hope that you crush them. Bye.

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