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Facebook Ads 101 with Mari Smith – Discover How To Run Successful Facebook Ad Campaigns!

Facebook Ads 101 with Mari Smith – Discover How To Run Successful Facebook Ad Campaigns!

Would you like to learn how to grow your
business using Facebook and Instagram? Hi, I’m Mari Smith – Premier Facebook
marketing expert and social media thought leader. Did you know there are currently
80 million businesses with pages on Facebook, out of which only 6 million are
advertisers? And, on Instagram 25 million businesses out of which 2
million are advertisers? Now, why the big difference? Why are more people not
advertising on these two giant platforms? I have a theory! You probably fall into one of two camps, maybe you can relate. The first is you
have experimented and tested with advertising on Facebook and/or Instagram and you’ve not gotten very good results. Maybe you’ve hit the Boost button, you’ve
given Facebook your good hard earned money and you’re not really seeing
positive ROI. It was too expensive, it didn’t really get you the results you
wanted and you just go, “I’m not gonna give Facebook my money.” Or, the second camp is you have never done Facebook ads and you just don’t
know where to start. You don’t know where to get the right
education. You’re unsure of like where to put your money and what to
properly amplify and to whom. and how to place it, how this whole
thing works. And you don’t know where to go to get the education. Well, I’ve got
you covered!! This is my brand new Facebook Ads 101 online training program and who this course is for is definitely beginners hence the name 101 so if
you’re a Facebook ad beginner does definitely also apply to Instagram you
do ads on Instagram and the exact same dashboard it’s the same tool to
advertise on Facebook or Instagram and if you want to learn how to optimize
your facebook marketing and your Instagram marketing this course is for
you and now just check out my notes here yep you could be as I said those two
caps brand new brand new to advertising or you’ve tried and just hasn’t quite
worked the main thing is if you want to learn
how to properly generate leads sales and profits this course is for you we’ve got
nine fabulous modules for you start out with module one we don’t drive straight
into ads it’s actually basic fundamentals of a business page you must
have a business page on Facebook in order to place ads so I walk you through
the basics then we look at insights those are really important for you to
know you’re gonna want to track and measure what’s happening on your page
and looking at your audience then we talked about the boost button now then
the boost button is really interesting because it can it kind of be like
addictive in a way if it was always putting it in front of you
hey this post is performing 85% 90% a hundred percent better than all your
other posts boosted give us $10 $25 $100 and we’ll amplify the reach but does it
really work well I talked about it in depth in the boost module and then I
compared it to the ads manager because I want you after this course to be really
putting 90 percent of your ad budget whatever that budget is into ads manager
and not the boost button and I tell you why in this course and then we walk you
through how to build your ads starting with objectives the targeting super
super important targeting is probably the number one area where advertisers
fail to perform they fail to have their ads get the results that they want
because they’re not reaching the right audience and then placement budget
scheduling and your metrics your analytics which ones you want to
actually be measuring your KPIs key performance indicators so my friends
love to help you come on in and let me help you walk through the fundamentals
of Facebook Ads 101 applies to Instagram too and let me help you grow your
business get started on the path to generating more leads sales and profits
using the wonderful tools that Facebook and Instagram have available for you
with the ads we’ll see you inside

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