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Facebook ads – 1 day or 7 Day Conversion Window Explained

Facebook ads – 1 day or 7 Day Conversion Window Explained

Hey guys Aaron here from BitBranding
want to walk you through exactly what a one-day click a one-day view a seven-day
click a seven-day view all what all that means on your conversion windows for
facebook and we’re gonna break it down super simple
i feel like this is gonna be a very easy to follow video so that you can make
sure that your ads are running effectively first thing is you probably need
to get to your ads manager however you get to that we go to business book com
inside of our business manager or you could go down here and click manage ads
however you get there is fine i’m gonna go ahead and click our client account
this is not really a client account it’s more of a dummy account don’t worry
we’re not giving away anybody’s information so anyway I’ll reload this
and what we will do if this will load correctly all right so what we’re gonna
do is create a new campaign go ahead and click that green button and click
campaign and we’re gonna optimize for conversions so this is where you have a
one-day click 7-day click one day view and seven-day view we’re not going to
cover any of the conversion information here about where the website is or the
what the pixel is or anything like that but what the pixel is tracking here is
the fire or the yeah the pixel fire for what’s going on or what’s going to
happen with what your objective is but all that being said we’re looking at the
conversion window so this is set for conversions meaning that we wanted it to
optimize for like an opt-in or somebody to make a purchase or or to sell a
product but when we want to talk about here is the conversion window it tells
you this is the time it typically takes for a video, for a purchase to happen so
for example if it’s a purchase of less than 50 or let’s say a hundred dollars
usually within one day somebody’s going to make that purchase decision what this
is showing right now is that in seven days or one day view when seven days
click or one day view is that in seven days somebody’s gonna make this purchase
or a one day view they’ve actually viewed that product
the website or the viewed that product on the landing page and they’ve looked
at it this is a one-day click and we’re working backwards here one day click
review so they’ve looked at it or they viewed it in the last one day the reason
I don’t like the after clicking or viewing at is because the those
audiences are different somebody who clicks an ad versus somebody who views
an ad is at a different stage of the buying process and so you don’t want to
necessarily group those people together that being said most purchases that are
like I said under $100 or not those high ticket items meaning they’re like five
six seven thousand dollars which you can sell those products on Facebook those
are not going to necessarily be a seven-day click nine times out of ten
for most people watching this video it’s gonna be a one-day click
you want to optimize for one day click meaning that they clicked on your
product or your service and within a day they made that purchase so that it can
optimize you want Facebook to be optimizing those Facebook pixel fires
about fifty of those every seven days this will help to optimize your audience
this will help to give Facebook enough data so that it can continue to get you
lower cost per leads if you go to a seven-day click in your products less
than you know say a hundred dollars or it’s not a high ticket item you may
never optimize so you spend a lot more money to get the people who are trying
to purchase that product and you don’t ever really get Facebook to start
lowering the cost for you so make Facebook work for you like I said this
is not a one size fits all but most of the time ninety percent of the time it
is gonna be a one day click somebody sees your product they know about your
business and you’re converting them they’re gonna make a purchase within
that one day if you want to explore some other options then we can
talk about those a little bit later but like I said most of you guys who are
watching this video one day click will work all right so I know that was a lot
of going back and forth just to give you an answer that I feel like will work for
most of you there are specific questions that I know you guys may have so since
this is a YouTube video this is a tutorial or if you’d like more in-depth
information about this specific topic please leave a comment below and if you
found value in this video please make sure that you
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